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  1. I think we have enough talent to compete. We can’t easily plug and play and just rely on talent. We need players to play above their heads and buy-in like UCF for instance, but that can be done. Mustard seed our way to the championship! I’d like nothing more than Auburn to prevent the midget from getting his seventh title (ever). I actually couldn’t think of a more story book ending for Auburn with the bammer run of late. War Eagle!
  2. I liked the proposals to end the east/west divisions and play every team every 4 years. Have 3 annual teams played and 5 rotational. I don’t know where but somebody drew up some decent proposals. Splitting into east/west with locked partners makes it so long between playing old traditional rivalries. My 2 cents.
  3. I'm curious about this suggest three plays and pick one set-up. It would seem if you are a pretty good negotiator or manipulator that you could in a sense be calling the plays yourself? Depends on how you set-up your multiple choice test. Three suitable choices with one best answer, 2 suitable and one obvious outlier, or two outliers and one choice. It would seem with some experience you could frame plays you'd like to see run. I'm sure if the play Malzahn was going to call was left out of the set he would just trump it, but maybe if this fails a couple of times he'd stick to picking from the set? Probably just wishful thinking. Well no matter what happens at least we can get on with cruit'n and the bowl game.
  4. I hope you are right but we'll see how this team develops. Last year LSU improved week over week towards the end of the season. We have been on a regression trend and if that continues it may be longer than next season before we're back on track.
  5. I'm just really concerned about the effort I saw yesterday. We're going through the motion sans a few players. Oh well. War Eagle!
  6. Yeah not sure who to believe anymore in regards to who is doing what but I guess maybe we did look good in scrimmages against ourselves. Freeze used a lot of creative plays last night to get his best playmakers on the field. I now have doubts that we're evaluating our best playmakers and getting them on the field.
  7. I'm spending most of the season in Europe for vacation and work. In all seriousness the offense showed a little life in second half but I think LSU had slacked off by that point. K. Johnson was putting in effort and that was nice to see.
  8. I've been reading it will be a bit of both. I'm not sure what will be the base, but I suspect it will be 4-3 with a multiple look.
  9. I wonder if I have enough firewood for camping this weekend. #randomthoughts