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  1. Nick Marshall

    Since when does cheating make something better? IMO, all athletics should be a function of God given ability and hard work. When you introduce a wild card factor like PEDs that one person may take and another may not, you skew the playing field into an unbalanced and unnatural environment. In a way, I would think it detracts from a sport, not make it better.
  2. Will we beat Clemson this year?

    I think we beat Clemson based on the QB position alone. Stidham has taken live game snaps and their RS hasn't.
  3. Where does the 2017 AU roster rank?

    First, throw the Scout rankings out because they are typically way off. Second, LSU has out-recruited us the last 5 years and even with questionable coaching have averaged over 1 more win per season and one less loss. Third, only the last 5 years matter because that's who makes up these teams leaving us with an average composite ranking of 8.4 vs LSU at 4.8. IMO that's a talent advantage. Throw in the NFL departures from both and clearly LSU has had more draftable talent. And IMO, Guice is better than any running back we have or have had since Mason. They always have great WRs (maybe just lacking at QB to get the ball to them but I don't know about them this year).
  4. 2017 QB thread (Merged)

    We don't need to stop hyping players, they need to start performing to expectations.
  5. Pettway says he is coming back

    I think you are comparing reasonable game plans to ridiculous game plans but that's just my opinion. Whoever is calling the plays has a penchant to run up the middle on first down a very high percentage of time and often for limited gains, to not exploit the middle of the field in passing and in general to call and to be predictable in general.
  6. Pettway says he is coming back

    I don't know that I would call it "very good". We won games against bad defenses despite the play calling sometimes.
  7. So how do you explain the $puat game, I think last week, where Foster put the crown of his helmet in a return guy's earhole in front of God and call because the player was not "defenseless".
  8. Team Rankings by Recruiting

    The naivete for some is incredible. Saban himself is quoted as saying he isn't that great a coach. Any coach with the stockpile of talent they have should never lose a game.
  9. Moving Forward

    JJ hasn't been put in to pass in the redzone much if at all as I recall. And if he had it was a sack more often than not. SW has 2 goalline INTs that I know of off the top of my head.
  10. OK, let's play the Lane Kiffen is a great OC game. So what you are saying is if he was OC at Auburn Saturday we beat Clemson? Certainly it wouldn't have been the cluster**** we saw but he isn't going to make Leff an all american or White into Joe Montana. Don't underestimate the benefit of getting every recruit you want AND a defense that can stop most teams cold. Seems to me that $puat actually looked pretty pedestrian on offense until the defense handed them the ball a couple of times.
  11. Moving Forward

    For everyone preferring SW as starter, I asked about stats vs Power 5 opponents and someone provided the following from last season and Clemson: Sean White 83 - 147 * 56% * 1139 * 1 TD * 5 Ints. * 14 Sacks Jeremy Johnson 64 - 111 * 57% * 644 * 5 TD * 6 Ints. * 11 Sacks Is the yardage what makes the separation to everyone because I look at the TDs and at least JJ has thrown a few,
  12. So did we not practice the game plan?

    I thought at the time that kid has kangaroo DNA in his genes somewhere. It was a beautiful throw that 99% of the time is a TD provided the WR doesn't drop it.
  13. QB: Slight improvement - Sean has some experience now so things should slow down for him, I'm hoping for better than slight improvement or else this year will be forgettable HB: Little bit of a drop - Losing our best RB sucks but I think Pettway and Miller will have success along with Johnson, Franklin and Martin FB: Improved - Same guys, more experience. I expect great improvement TE: About the same - We use TE's? WR: About the same till young guys have some experience - We will probably miss the blocking more than the catching from last year but much improved catching OL: Improve - I expect a slow gel, may be a push DL: Big improvement - Lord I would hope so, we have talent LB: Improve - Not expecting that at all, little experience aside from Tre and Dean CB: About the same - Much improved Saftey: About the Same - Much improved Defence should be a lot better. - yes Offence could go either way. - yes
  14. Satisfied? 10 wins (regular season) or more which would include 2 of Clemson, LSU, UGA & $puat. Realistically I accept that we may only win 8 games and struggle to do so at that (regular season).