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  1. gman87

    6-6 next year

    Brother, they don't even have a glass.
  2. gman87

    Reap what you sow

    Did he have any before the Stoops story. The guy is a canker sore.
  3. gman87

    Not that it matters, but...

    One, I could give a s*** about what their fan base, or anyone else says about me. I know what I know, and I know a rigged deck when I see it. We got some calls in 2010 and 2013, it's just how it works. The truth is the truth no matter how anyone tries to spin it but yet again, you deflect from the original statements because I assume, you know I'm right and can't counter it based on fact. And that's all I've got to say about that.
  4. gman87

    Not that it matters, but...

    I said nothing about whether we won or lost due to officiating but if you can't see that $puat gets 10x the benefit of no-calls, generous spots, generous reviews and calls against the opposing team then you have lost all credibility as far as I'm concerned.
  5. gman87

    Not that it matters, but...

    This statement is like comparing grilling hamburgers to the Camp Fire in Paradise CA.
  6. gman87

    Did Chip Lindsay "coach" this year?

    Not in my mind. The biggest problem we have is the O-line and it isn't even close. Give us a decent line and I think we have several RBs that can get yards. The second biggest problem is lack of experience at DB. You can't do anything until the OL is addressed.
  7. gman87

    safety CJ Harris ineligible

    Having done a modest amount of research, it sounds like a little clarification may help. CBD oil contains no THC...the stuff in marijuana that gets you high. It's made from hemp plants which are extremely low in THC to begin with. Medical marijuana is a whole different is pot that can get you stupid high. CBD oil like many supplements isn't tested in the sense that they have a "ingredient" list that's verified. It has been scientifically tested to treat epilepsy and reduce seizures in some people but many of the other claims haven't been verified. State by state legality is in question and by some accounts, if the contents are sourced outside of the US, then it is legal in all states. Like has been said, this isn't something that provides a competitive advantage, it doesn't get you high, I can't think of of single reason the NCAA is making a fuss over this when there is rampant cheating going on at at least 1 top team with documented evidence and it gets completely ignored. The NCAA is the poster child for ineffective bureaucracy.
  8. The USC thing didn't work out because an "agent" was linked to it and a rival agent ratted the deal out. Also, A $puat coach was directly proven to have given a player $500.....but because he had a receipt written in pencil, he was able to pay it back with no penalty....which flies in the face of what you stated earlier about if the school could be linked to it they would be penalized. Just cleaning up some facts, please resume.
  9. gman87

    replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    AUIHI, if I wanted to hear constant bitching every day I could have stayed married. Why not wait until we lose the A-day game or something before you crank the negamode up.
  10. Fair enough, I would have liked to get a couple more highly rated linemen but some years just don't pan out. All that means is the coaches have to work harder making the most of the players they do have.
  11. So the opinion of some is just cheat like hell, get busted and go on probation? Brilliant. Things that work for the state schools in places like Alabama, Georgia and Louisiana don't work so great for Auburn, and we generally do pretty well. Some people need to put on their big boy pants and expect our coaches to work harder to get our players conditioned, tough, and smart. Sheesh, what a bunch of defeatist.
  12. gman87

    Football Only Facility

    I'm not that up on the economics of it but I'm pretty sure football brings in 100MM per year.
  13. gman87

    The most difficult schedule in 2018

    There are 2 scheduling changes I'd like to see. Get $puat and UGA back to home and away every year and eliminate 1 pointless OOC game which does absolutely no good other than the scrub team draws a paycheck. Just add another bye week if need be. Now if they did see fit to go to a 10 game schedule, adding another round to the playoffs may become possible but that's another discussion.
  14. gman87

    Nick Marshall

    Since when does cheating make something better? IMO, all athletics should be a function of God given ability and hard work. When you introduce a wild card factor like PEDs that one person may take and another may not, you skew the playing field into an unbalanced and unnatural environment. In a way, I would think it detracts from a sport, not make it better.