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  1. I hope this game kills recruiting

    It is very upsetting that we lost this game but I certainly do not hope it hurts our recruiting. We just need a new HC.
  2. Washington State vs Cal

    7 turnovers. Wow
  3. 3 injured players expected to practice

  4. A Quick Look at Stidham's Numbers

    Clemson has improved a great deal since we played them. I think as of today we would still lose but would be another close one. The intermediate passing is what is lacking. We saw a little bit against OM. Add in a pair of healthy RB's and we could get dangerous.
  5. Heisman Trophy

    Not happening and he's not going to the NFL next year. Maybe we are not watching the same QB. He's improving but far from this type of talk.
  6. Chip admits to calling all plays

    All I know is I can not tell a difference between last year and this year.
  7. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    I'm very disappointed in this offense. Gus says this is the most talented team yes had. We get a supposedly great transfer QB. Looks as bad or worse than last year. Very disappointed.
  8. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Clemson doesn't need another point to win this one. I hope the offense makes me eat crow.
  9. ***AU vs. Clemson -- Game Thread***

    Stidham does not look any better than Sean White. This looks like the same team from last year.
  10. Herbstreit on JF3

    All this talk about his character. Yes the doc made him seem very arrogant and immature. Most of the rest of the team was that way also. My concern was that he sat at FSU, then goes to Juco where again he could not win the starting spot and sits.
  11. Herbstreit on JF3

    I just watched it and I'm surprised we offered. It must be a really dire situation at the QB position.
  12. 2016 4* OT EJ Price (USC Signee)

    Let's go win the NC next year and put this to rest. So back to price. How are we feeling today? Any updates?
  13. How long will it take for Auburn to be decent again?

    I see no reason why we can not be very good next year. There are several on this board that noted this is Muschamp's first year, lots of freshmen but talented. I could be wrong but I do not think the sky is falling and going to crash down on us. There was good improvement on both sides of the ball today. The heart/fight was exciting to see. Sometimes there are moral victories.
  14. I hear you, but that's part to the problem, living in the past. What I was saying had nothing to do with living in the last. The point I was making is there are a lot of similarities. In '03 we were ranked #1 by Sporting New preseason and top 5 in most all of the preseason polls. Loaded with talent, young and inexperienced. LSU blew us out (I remember watching that game) and I believe we went 8-5 that year. Much like this team, lots of hype, very young, lots of talent but inexperienced. It would come as a surprise to me if we went 8-5 this year but I could see just 1 win shy at 7-6. Next year could be a very good year. Perhaps everyone was off by a year again.
  15. I haven't seen anyone compare this team to the 2003 team but that is what I'm hoping for with the 04 team next year.