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  1. Excellent run and I'm so proud of our guys. War Eagle!
  2. That Error hurt pretty bad. I hope they have some trouble in the rain and we take this game back.
  3. So to the topic, do we happen to know if we are recruiting Mark?
  4. Can Harper come back? I hear somewhere that you can only declare for the Draft once and come back. Can you do it multiple times?
  5. I honestly feel like we would have won tonight and should have.
  6. Wow, I could not sleep and feel arguably worse now than yesterday.
  7. I agree completely. My memory is failing me right now but dont we have a transfer that is eligible to play next year?
  8. Yes, I was surprised when I saw him guarding Guy.
  9. I did not even think of that. Goodness we were a free throw or missed double dribble away from playing for it all. And I think we would have a very good chance against TT.
  10. Why would Wiley dip? Okeke I think comes back because the injury is going to set him back in the draft. He actually will have a lot to gain by coming back and showing he's recovered. Should be a 1st rounder next year.
  11. I agree completely. Furthermore, if you look at the play before he's guarding Guy and Samir does not even put his hands up. I'm not dogging Samir, just not great defense in the last 7 seconds.
  12. Yes, Samir just needed to jump straight up. Would have been more effective than a quarter jump with his hands down into the shooter.
  13. Harper is possible to get drafted but outside of unforeseen transfers I think all underclassmen will ultimately return. Just my very uneducated opinion.
  14. Cole I really respect your opinion. The foul at the end was not smart but what else was dumb? I cant think of anything that really sticks out.