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  1. UCF RB, "AU in for Rude Awakening "

    I have been very unmotivated for this game. Thank you Mr. Killins for now getting me back in the game. Let's get focused!
  2. 24/7: Holland coming back

    I have not looked at the draft boards but I would assume Holland would be early 2nd round? That will be hard to turn down but I will be happy for him to stay. If we only lose KP and CD we are in some nice shape next year.
  3. Did kj win sec player of the year?

    Martez Ivey is wearing the wrong O&B. I am still sick he did not sign with us.
  4. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I live in NE TN and the fox reporter for UT sports just said he's hearing it is unlikely to be Steele. I'm thrilled!
  5. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    Hired at Tennessee?
  6. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I do not think that will be a popular choice on this board but your statements are true.
  7. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    My apologies. I thought I saw posts to hire him as the DC.
  8. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    I think that might be point. Who knows? Do we want to put a Who Knows in as our DC? I love TWill and think he is and will become an excellent coach. It just might be a little early for a DC spot at a top 10 school.
  9. Tennessee targets DC Kevin Steele

    This seems like a terrible hire for Tennessee and a tough loss on our end.
  10. The LSU loss was a very tough loss on the Auburn fan base. I know it is the game I still think about. It is tough to put behind me. However, as the season went on, it turned out that losing that game did not matter. Or did it? Had we won that game it got me to thinking....would we have made the 4th spot in the playoffs over Bama? 1. We would have won head to head against Bama 2. Only 1 loss by 8 in the regular season on the road to the #1 team and defending national champions. 3. Much stronger schedule than Bama. Would have beaten the same teams they played but won against #1 UGA. 4. No bad losses like OSU. Both of their losses were blowouts. Just something to think about. What are your thoughts/opinions?
  11. Projection: Peach vs. UCF

    If Bama gets in wouldn't we go to the Sugar?
  12. A little perspective, please

    I would add that if you don't want to fire Gus after a loss then you don't demand excellence. Can't win them all, not even Saban can do that.
  13. Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    Great season! Hold your heads high and let's win our bowl game. War Eagle!
  14. Should we extend Malzahn's contract?

    Those 2 wins against UGA and Bama sure were worth a lot of $$$. Probably to the tune of at least 1.5mil/yr more in base salary and another 3 years added. If he had lost both of those games, I wonder if Arky still would have come knocking. When I step back, there has been a huge turn in Gus' image because of 2 games. I am all in favor of keeping Gus and I have never been off his bus, although after LSU I was very close. However, I am not for AU giving him a blank check. 6.5mil/yr would be ample. At some point the question has to be asked, at the currently salary are we not already expecting you to win again our rivals? Are we not already expecting you to get us to the SEC title game every 4ish years? Why are we paying more for accomplishing what we are already paying you to do?