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  1. IF we do land JG, does that improve our chances with JK and GB? Do we have an idea when JK might decide if he is going to reclassify?
  2. I love the Bball recruiting forum. The posters here have much more to add than the football. Heck, I go just to drop in a couple times a month in FF, I live here!
  3. I completely agree. Just playing devil's advocate here. We are losing our top 6 players. So winning here is certainly no guarantee.
  4. I think what he is asking is if we have a little more than a pipe dream chance of landing all 3.
  5. I see the optimistic side but the pessimistic side says we are in 2nd place in both scenarios.
  6. I would be very interested in reading this report. Do you happen to have a link?
  7. That was what I expected. JG, go ahead and make that commitment to AU please!
  8. It looks like that AA game may not happen.
  9. The double T's are what got us. We came back from 7 down at the half and then went from leading to being down all in that one possession.
  10. Refs tonight = me speechless. 🤐
  11. I'm going to trust Pearl on his recruiting. He seems like he's pretty dang good at it.
  12. I wonder how they view AU as far as winning goes. We are going to lose our entire starting 5 but if JG comes, we already have SC. That would be 3 big impact players coming in. Shoot add in the possibility of Kuminga too! Would that look like a winning team to Mr. Brown vs his other top choices?
  13. Suntrust and BB&T merged to make Truist. Which I think is a dumb name. I bank with Suntrust and now want to move just because of the name.