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  1. I started a free trial of paramount plus thinking that would get me access but no. I'll take a look at fubo.
  2. I want to watch this game but so far have not found a way to see it. Ugh
  3. Let's go Chris Moore! Have yourself a game Sir
  4. He fouled so quickly I didn't even know he was on the floor
  5. I can only assume we will win this by 20 in the 2nd half. Clean this sloppy play up.
  6. I have not read all these pages but Dabo would be beyond a HR hire. Yes, he went to Bama but considering his success and age I'm not sure there would be a better hire period.
  7. I was thinking tonight, aren't there some 5 win teams that make it to a bowl? The extra practice time that a bowl team gets is the real bonus.
  8. If Coach Lac could have been the HC during the off week, 2 weeks to prepare, I think we win at Miss St.
  9. The game plan is why we won. We have a QB that should not be a QB. So they took that away and ran the ball. Is it ideal? No but the coaching staff did the best they could with the personal they have. We lose this game if Robby passes it 25+ times.
  10. The D has given up exactly 0 points. I'll take that every time.
  11. I'm more pumped for this game than I have been about a game in years! Side note, Carlson needs to be benched.
  12. Agree completely. Not downing the team at all. I'm very excited for this year. We will get better.
  13. As a team this was not a good showing. I thought Tre played well. Flan was better than I have seen him in a while. Good to get a W, but we have some work to do.
  14. This loss is miles better than the Missou "win". Team showed grit and left it all out on the field. I think they had fun too. I wish Caddy was HC ready. He's not, but I sure love him!
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