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  1. thewhiz7

    What they are saying..

    I don't think Arky or TN will win a conference game. Ole Miss will get one conference win against Arky.
  2. thewhiz7

    What they are saying..

    I was having a discussion with some friends as to who was the worst team in the SEC. I think it is between Arky and TN for the bottom.
  3. thewhiz7

    Unispired, unprepared, underachieve

    We underachieved to be certain. We just did not execute and that's at the player's feet for the most part. Losing that game was almost inexplicable. While I realize I have O and B glasses on I think if we played LSU 10 times we win 8 of them. LSU deserves some credit too. They are not a bad team, we are just better but did not show it.
  4. thewhiz7

    Player Departures 2018-19

    Goes to show how little I know about football. The Stidham I see is a good college QB, not great, and not an NFL QB. I have not looked at the box score but I have a feeling the QB at LSU had similar numbers and I don't think he's on the draft board. This is not to dog Stidham in any way. I just think if he was really as elite as the hype, we would have won yesterday's game by 21+. To be clear, I am not laying the loss at his feet, just saying, if he was a top 3 QB in the nation we likely go to the playoffs at the least.
  5. thewhiz7

    Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    My first reaction was shock. He is not going to get drafted. However, I do not think him staying next year or the year after that will improve his position in getting into the NBA. He is good enough for overseas play. If he is not cut out to be a college student then he should go make some money playing somewhere.
  6. thewhiz7

    Men vs. Charleston

    We will get something to fall then it's going to rain on CoC
  7. thewhiz7

    Men vs. Charleston

    Bryce is struggling but I hope he keeps his confidence and works through it. Getting Harper back in the 2nd half should help.
  8. thewhiz7

    Official Tournament Thread

    SEC doing work. Let's join in on the fun!
  9. thewhiz7

    Pearl's emotional journey

    I know I've said it many times on here but I LOVE BRUCE PEARL!
  10. thewhiz7

    Men vs. Florida

    I can't remember a loss in basketball hurting. I'm bummed!
  11. thewhiz7

    What a team!!!

    When talent meets a blue collar effort=impressive wins That's where we are right now and it is so fun to watch. I have seen more AU basketball games this year than I have in all the other years combine. That is both embarrassing on my end but also a praise for how well this team is playing. War Eagle!
  12. thewhiz7

    AU - Legitimate Final Four Contender?

    Any chance at what? Winning a game? Getting to the sweet 16? 4? Winning it all?
  13. Incognito works perfectly! May have put in a lot of votes today.
  14. Currently in 4th. Keep the votes coming!