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  1. If Jared makes that free throw or the double dribble gets called I think we win it all without Chuma. Case closed with him.
  2. Unfortunately, I believe the word desperate is appropriate here. We need a 2 in a bad way right now.
  3. I'm confused now. @ellitor just said today that we were a long shot for JK and have been for more than a month.
  4. I'm very close to Gate City. I remember when Mac was playing high school ball and wishing he would go to AU. Mac would be a great addition. If he does, would that mean we are out if room for JK?
  5. Shoot, for a million he absolutely should go play in the G League. Took me 3 years of work to make that kind of money.
  6. Good luck to JG. I wish him the best and hope this really is the best decision for him. As for Auburn basketball, we will be fine. I'm excited to see who we will fill this spot with.
  7. Sorry for the double post. I almost feel like this is trolling now.
  8. Well I was hoping that I would wake up to new that JG had changed his mind and was coming to AU.
  9. Instead of JG using hats he should put on a facemask to commemorate the times.
  10. You got that right! I'd love to rock that!
  11. It sounds like we miss on Green and Brown. I know it looks good for now with JK. Who else would Ramone be talking about?
  12. Good thing there aren't many more days to pass.
  13. I saw a tweet that Kuminga's family said that was false information.
  14. If we get GB and JG we would be out of room for JK right?
  15. I couldn't get the link. Who is the reporter?