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  1. Hobbs90

    OT: Prayers needed

    Sorry for your loss E.
  2. Hobbs90

    Daniel Carlson - Vote now

  3. Hobbs90

    Auburn vs Clemson Score Predictions

    35 - AU 31 - CU
  4. My Bad, I see where the turds function is Friday night not Saturday.
  5. Is JaCoby Stevens' 7 on 7 tournament (that he can't miss) in Tuscaloosa?
  6. Hobbs90

    2017 4* DE Ryan Johnson

  7. Hobbs90

    HS Players Target Referee

    "Did you order the CODE RED on the referee?"
  8. Hobbs90

    Keep a word - drop a word

    Free Bird
  9. Hobbs90

    Softball note

    Auburn's RPI ranking is #16 in the country!
  10. Hobbs90

    2014 5* DE Rashaan Evans (Alabama signee)

    Is he selling it to a REC member for 5 times more than it's worth?
  11. Hobbs90

    2014 5* DE Rashaan Evans (Alabama signee)

    Kendall Kelly out of Gadsden, AL
  12. Hobbs90

    Kick Bama Kick

    So.....Lightning does strike twice!! WDE!