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  1. Well done article on the NK situation presented objectively. https://www.theatlantic.com/international/archive/2018/05/north-korea-denuclearization/560774/
  2. HVAU

    Trade Win for Pres. Trump

    Two articles on the subject: http://m.scmp.com/news/china/diplomacy-defence/article/2146176/why-chinas-vice-premier-liu-he-has-most-difficult-job http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/business-44187975 Two articles that contribute to a better understanding of what's going on. As you said, it's somewhere in the middle.
  3. I grew up in the same time, and I agree that guns appeared to be more prevalent and accessible. But, I don't run with the same social groups that I did then. Many of my friends either don't own a gun or only have one. When I go visit my family in West Alabama or Shelby County the prevalence significantly increases to levels I recall from childhood.
  4. I just saw the WaPo article related to today's gun violence: "The school shooting near Houston on Friday bolstered a stunning statistic: More people have been killed at schools this year than have been killed while serving in the military." I recognize that some may criticize the article for political avocacy through emotion, but that juxtaposition is a seriously difficult pill to swallow.
  5. Haven't gun sales increased during that same time frame indicating a higher prevalence of guns in society. I'm not for an all out gun ban and I don't know what the solution is, but we've got recognize that a higher prevalence of guns in a society increases the incidences of gun violence.
  6. Let's also consider raw numbers, not just deaths per 100k citizens. I'm using the highest number of deaths in a given year since 2009 except for the US. I'll use our lowest. Norway 142(2012) Serbia 285(2009) France 1861 (2009) Macedonia 38 (2010) Albania 83 (2008, source has incomplete data since 2009) Slovakia 106 (2009) Finland 206 (2009) Belgium 203 (2011) Czech Republic 224 (2011) United States 31347 (2009) The contrast is stark and, in my opinion, shows a significant bias in the article's reporting of the numbers. The trend in the US is also disappointing. 2009 was our lowest and it's risen every year up to 2016 (when my source stops). Data: http://www.gunpolicy.org/firearms/region/united-states I agree with the sentiment that guns aren't the only thing to blame, but they sure do facilitate gun violence.
  7. HVAU

    The view from China

    I could be wrong, but I think he NK the topic, not the location.
  8. I feel pretty lucky. Living in Huntsville and I feel about as happy as anybody has a right to feel.
  9. Back to the campaign for a moment... Trump has updated his financial disclosure to include the Cohen payment. Hush money to Daniels relates to Trump's electability conferring campaign finance requirements on that money. In that case, every lie that has come from Trump, Gulliani, etc. can be thrown into relevant status.
  10. Trump on the Muslim Ban: https://www.theguardian.com/us-news/2015/dec/07/donald-trump-ban-all-muslims-entering-us-san-bernardino-shooting https://www.cato.org/blog/dozen-times-trump-equated-travel-ban-muslim-ban https://mobile.twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/683277309969694720 This one is kind of nuts: https://mobile.twitter.com/realdonaldtrump/status/713012045214531584 More later...
  11. Let's start here since I've got a minute. Your question wasn't about what is required. It was about whether or not Trump specifically lied. He did. https://www.politico.com/blogs/2016-presidential-debate-fact-check/2016/10/trump-has-broken-his-committment-to-release-his-tax-returns-229138 https://www.nbcnews.com/meet-the-press/video/donald-trump-i-will-release-tax-returns-607836227723
  12. Justice Alito said that the travel ban did not do a very good job of excluding Muslims. https://www.nytimes.com/2018/04/25/us/politics/supreme-court-arguments-trumps-travel-ban-annotated-excerpts.html . Health Care-I don't know if it constitutes a lie or an inability to execute his policy promises due to diplomatic incompetence, but Trump guaranteed positive changes to healthcare that would result in care for all and reduced costs. HealthCare - two points: he has made positive changes...he killed the mandate...again, you don't like it...that doesn't make it a lie...but the program is imploding all on it's own before that...less than 10m signed up this past year and the exchanges are unsound...so, again, , no lie Second point...been president less than 1.5 years...as to his effectiveness on getting the policy enacted, we'll look at this in a couple years... Economic Goals and Manufacturing-Trump can hang his hat on the positive economic data of the day, but the trend was established under Obama. We've had one full quarter of economic data after the Trump tax bill. So far so good, but I agree with many economists (if you disregard the Voodoo cultists like Laffer) in their critiques of the cuts. Economics...so no lie...again, you just don't like it...all the American's that are getting tax cuts, bonuses, wage increases and jobs now think it's pretty OK. I'll take real results over your and "some economists" opinions. ....so, no lie, again The Campaign-Trump has yet to reveal his financial entanglements. The Mueller investigation has resulted in more than 20 indictments of campaign affiliates. You can argue the witchhunt perspective and disregard all of the crimes revealed thus far. Campaign - not required to disclose his financials...Mueller investigation ....well, let's just see where that lands...we'll see if anyone is actually convicted of anything...other than the FBI and DOJ personnel involved....and based on the IG report, that list is going to get bigger....so you really didn't point out a lie here either... Summary....I see one "lie"... on deficits...or maybe, he just believes economic growth will be higher based on OMB and others assessments...but you didn't do much of a job supporting your premise of him being a liar...just admit it...you don't like his policies...I get it...but you be honest...because someone disagrees with you doesn't make them a liar...it means they have a brain....this is why the liberal left and never trumpers are in the wilderness...the last week has shown the absurdity of the "resistance"...the entire mainstream press is hoping the NK talks stall, are openly supporting Hamas and defending MS13 for crying out loud...how ****** up are you guys ? That was a rhetorical question...pretty ****** up... For your Obama question I think it's necessary to look past the components of the current press corp which would be reflective of the press corp under Obama, Bush, Clinton, etc. Obama - You could just provide one tangiable example to support your position...just one example of Rachel Maddow calling Obama a liar for "if you want to keep your Dr" etc...one? Don Lemon? one? I'd concede pretty easily. I'm glad you finally have taken the time to respond. I may choose to do so as well when it's convenient. You are absolutely ignoring the lies that are implicit and explicit in the topics that I addressed. For instance the Muslim ban. You know damn well that Trump and his team called it a Muslim ban, considered it a Muslim ban (many in his base voted for him understanding that representation of the policy despite it's level of constitutionality) and only altered their jargon when the legality of it was questioned. There's also a willful ignorance on your part to consider why countries in which Trump has business developments, yet many if these same countries produce more Islamic extremists, aren't on ban list. Your inclusion of Alito's comments are derivative as they were made in not Spring of 2018 and disregard Trump in his own words. Like I said, I address more later, but I think your defenses are mostly horse***t that purposefully gives Trump pass on every lie through your awkward rationalization.
  13. HVAU

    Creating more terrorists.

    I wonder how much of this relates back to oil prices. Turmoil in the region definitely benefits Saudi Arabia and Russia as an upward trend in oil prices have begun. Iran gets a piece of that pie as well. With Kushner courting MBS in Saudi Arabia with a healthy dose of corruption, and the administration making the Jerusalem move while simultaneously turning from the JPCOA, Israel rattling sabers at Iran's operations in Syria while Russia, and to a lesser degree, China, looks on, and Bolton and the hawks off the bench, a lot of profit is available in the theatre of conflict. If it blows up it'll take some medieval tactics to prevent a new surge of terrorism. Edit: In other words, from the perspective of the powers that be, Palestinians are expendable pawns in the oil game. If anyone is up on it please let me know, how downward pressure on prices is going with the newer extraction technologies/discoveries? Are the above concerns all chicken little when that's factored in?
  14. Thanks man. I thought I was going to catch some hell for my pie in the sky, bleeding heart liberalism. Trump has sort of leveled the playing field when it comes to which party is basing election decisions on emotion.
  15. I don't see them as attempts to increase reliance on the government. Rather, I interpret such programs as attempts to give an impoverished people tools to aide in a climb from poverty. I understand the criticisms of this perspective, i.e. political naivety. Populism is populism, and a certain amount of trust is required by an electorate for Obama-esque populism to work as a political strategy. In Obama I saw little reason to doubt that his professed intentions were genuine. Relating that Trump's brand of populism, I saw a wealth of reasons to doubt his intentions. From Flynn to Manafort, Kushner to Cohen, Saudi loans to Russian laundering, xenophobia to trickle down, I feel that my doubts about his intents have proven to be well founded. That's not say that Trump hasn't had successes. I don't know the breakdown of his successes, but I suspect some are due to Obama's legacy, some are due to corruption (have a look into Kushner's dealings with the Saudi prince, I think it's MSB), some are due to positioning by powers that feel a Trump presidency ultimately weakens the influence of the US, and some are due to actual, competent strategizing by the administration.