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  1. HVAU

    Congressman Ellison Accused

    This seems apropos...
  2. HVAU

    Congressman Ellison Accused

    Do you want to discuss the Booker opinion, and support your position?
  3. HVAU

    Congressman Ellison Accused

    In political discourse if you can not provide a rationale for your position, even those related to opinion, you are considered wrong by those that support opposing opinions with logical arguments. It isn't enough to merely say "that's my opinion" and carry on as if you are vindicated. Also, you admitted to causing the confusion, so, though I think you could have handled your error in a more magnanimous way, I'll drop that issue.
  4. HVAU

    Trump Ctiticized For Hugging Child

    Yes. We are all critics, but a news organization finding non-newsworthy critics and disseminating that as news is ridiculous. Is Jesse Waters the guy that does the man on the street interviews to point out the stupidity of liberals?
  5. HVAU

    Congressman Ellison Accused

    The way in which you caused the confusion is a wrong. You inaccurately read a posters comment when that poster used your original post in quotations to respond to the thread. Then you responded in a way that appeared to recommend that the poster had made an error. You ignored your own error, and criticized Titan of being "lost". So on and so on. Also, I understand it is just an opinion, but let's remove Booker v. Kavanaugh from the political realm for a moment: Scenario A. A young man and young woman are making out. The young man gropes the breasts of the young woman. The young woman asks the young man to stop. The young man stops. Scenario B. A young man and his friend get drunk at a party. The young men take a young woman to a bedroom. One of the young men forces the young woman onto a bed despite her protestations. He covers her mouth and uses his body to hold her down on the bed. He unsuccessfully attempts to have sex with the young woman. So, in my opinion, these two scenarios are, other than the most obvious similarities of youth and sexual relationships, nothing alike. I hold that as one of your wrongs as well. However, if you can present a rationale that makes sense I'll entertain the argument.
  6. HVAU

    Congressman Ellison Accused

    The fact that once you were called out on your error you slip recurring criticisms of Titan as being unfair to you or nasty. I do disagree with your take on Booker. The Kavanaugh allegations are not similar in the least to Booker's scenario. The act of trying to draw the parallel indicates that you're either not researching matters before you use them in your arguments, or your just Gish galloping. Maybe I'm wrong on that, but I think we all, me in particular, can do better to engage in honest dialogue. If that's not possible for some, their political discourse should be limited to the Smack side.
  7. HVAU

    Congressman Ellison Accused

    It's ok to admit that you are wrong from time to time. It is much more respectable than becoming defensive whenever a poorly chosen position is shown to be such. I think you should check out some Sam Harris. One of the early lines he uses in his "Waking Up" podcast is something to the effect of "I don't want to be incorrect in my positions any longer than I must, so please if you have a better, more rational position educate me."
  8. HVAU

    Congressman Ellison Accused

    Exactly. If the Democrats would like to posture as the anti-corruption, transparency party they must deal with the bad acts of their members honestly. If Ellison is guilty of the allegations and he becomes a casualty of his former misdeeds so be it.
  9. HVAU

    Trump Ctiticized For Hugging Child

    The article doesn't name the critics. Are you certain that these critics are valid to any real political discussion at all? Is this really worth starting a thread about on the political talk board?
  10. Where does this say anything about four people? ETA:. Nevermind I missed some rebuttals.
  11. Yes. If the investigation procedure set by precedent in the Thomas confirmation hearing is completed, and she is given an appropriate amount of time and options to present her story and chooses not to, the proper thing would be to commence with the confirmation process.
  12. I'm talking about the "nobody likes me, think I'll go eat worms" routine. Sheesh.