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  1. I believe there are a few on the board that would disagree, however, they are also Olympic Gold level mental gymnasts, well trained in the sport of suppressing all evidence of reality and the art of fine self-delusion.
  2. Trade War!

    Well that didn't work
  3. Sorry for the long hiatus

    The SCOTUS failed to provide a check on the legislative branch with the Citizens United. We are now starting to see the results of allowing corporations to blur the line between business operations and electioneering operations, funding campaigns of politicians with very limited oversight.
  4. Sorry for the long hiatus

    I would hope an honorable politician would sit down with a lobbyist, listen to what they propose, and, only upon confirmation that the desires of the lobbying group align with the principles of the politician, accept campaign contributions. I know that's a bit utopian.
  5. I just watched a House Democrat call for a parliamentary motion to consider discussion on gun violence. The Republican Speaker of the House stated some procedural crap and scrambled through a BS vote that wasn't even counted.
  6. I think we actually agree on something. As long as the dollars flow from the lobbyists and politicians need it to get elected very little will change. One of my main reasons for leaving the conservatives is this exactly. I want to see Citizens United overthrown and I want to see transparency in campaign finance.
  7. This is exactly what I was thinking. There have been prohibitive laws that emanated from the Federal government despite State policies. What keeps this from happening with common sense gun control, in my opinion, is money. The gun lobby has gone off the rails to protect the profits of gun manufacturers, and many legislators have gone with them to protect their campaign funds. There is a Pandora's box scenario frequently posed, but we've got to start somewhere. The other option is to just accept that we're a violent society, and, while people (children) are important to us, they're not important enough for us to try anything that might upset the political apple cart.
  8. Access combined with attitude seems to be an issue.
  9. why do some people like trump so much?

    That's one way to keep regular. Be sure to eat a couple of hard boiled eggs with it. A man will have that Charles Bukowski body in no time.
  10. why do some people like trump so much?

    It's all good. Enjoyed the debate. These are helping me temper my hyperbolic nature by forcing me to find, analyze and source data.
  11. why do some people like trump so much?

    I didn't state that Trump was a racist. I think you're blending posters. I'm certain both men have prejudices cultivated by their culture and life experiences. I'm against Trump's environmental deregulation, but I won't argue that from an economic sense, at least from an immediate perspective. Longer term? In my opinion, they're short sighted and will have negative economic outcomes. We will see.
  12. why do some people like trump so much?

    This is what you said: "A perfect pull from the leftie handbook. "Anything good that happens - thanks Obama!!! Anything negative - thanks Trump!!!" I didn't attribute any negatives or positives to Trump. I did, however, suggest, and supplied data to support my suggestion, that the trend of lower unemployment among the black population began during the economic recovery for which the Obama administration is partially responsible. I also stated explicitly that the Trump administration's dismantling of the previous President's policies could have negative results, considering the success of those policies. As for your last question, I'm not stating it implicitly. I'm being very explicit about it. A recent high for black unemployment was 16.5% in January '10. In January 2017 that number was 7.8%. In January 2018 that number was 7.7%. Obama was President for 98.8636363% of the 8.8% change in unemployment among black people. Trump has been president for 1.1363636% of the 8.8% change in unemployment among black people. Trump bears little, if any, responsibility for the change in unemployment among black people. https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000006
  13. why do some people like trump so much?

    I didn't cherrypick my data, and I didn't bash Trump on the subject of unemployment numbers among the black population. You can choose to put words in my mouth, or you can actually read what I said and reflect on the greater trend that was occurring longitudinally. The upward trend in employment for African-Americans, and in the population as whole, began during Obama's years. His policies were an instrument, not the only one, for achieving this economic success. What will Trump's legacy be? I don't know, but seeing how he constantly seeks to disrupt the successful policies of the previous administration, I am skeptical.
  14. why do some people like trump so much?

    As well he should. Trump should also be saying thanks Obama, or he could, just as you are, continue to ignore the trends that reveal fact. http://www.macrotrends.net/2524/black-unemployment-rate-history-chart https://data.bls.gov/timeseries/LNS14000006 Maybe Homer should take a page from the conservative playbook and start decrying the numbers because they don't reflect under-employment of the black population.