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  1. Moore or Jones?

    I worked very briefly to bring coffee and doughnuts to a North Huntsville polling place today. The anecdotal reports I heard were that the turnout was similar to Obama 2008.
  2. Moore or Jones?

    Agree. I've been off the board until now. I decided to spend my free energy helping the Jones campaign. It's the first time I've felt compelled to do so. Another win, if it holds, is that voters are energized to stand against the Moore/Trump politicians by actually voting. I heard real enthusiasm on the phone banking and saw real enthusiasm at the polls.
  3. Moore or Jones?

    Expanded sex education, expanded access to contraception and childcare/maternity leave initiatives are things that I believe reduce the number of abortions in our society. Jones's support of these initiatives makes him vastly more "pro-life" in mind than GOP style candidates. Jeff, haven't forgotten you. We'll have that other debate when I've got time to give you quotes.
  4. Moore or Strange?

    I can try. Christianity is based on the teachings of Jesus. A large part of those teachings focused the castigation of wealth hoarders and sanctimonious legalists. Another large area of focus was inclusion of those that were outcasts due to their religious transgressions or their foreign origins. One other is the promotion of peace even in the face of offense. As the saying goes we all fall short of these, but when a candidate runs as the candidate of piety while vocally expressing views counter to all of these Christian tenets opponents of religion are supplied with plenty of ammunition to level criticisms of hypocrisy. A counter to this usually comes from the single voter pro-life contingency. In other words, all of these issues I've raised matter not until the issue of abortion is addressed. That holds very little esteem to me when that contingency refuses to see the logic on increased access to both control methods that have been proven to reduce the numbers of abortions. I'm going to be very busy today. I always enjoy our discussions, but I may be slow in responding this week. Cheers.
  5. Moore or Strange?

    I think you're right about this particular race, but the constant needling by Dems via social media during the 2016 race contributed to a turned off electorate. To many the constant bickering most likely gave people the feeling that one party was no better than the other. That may in fact be the case, but it's easier to win when a party can convincingly take the high road. That Moore is even in the general, even without the recent allegations, is a black eye on the state, and illustrates, in an extreme manner, why so many view Christians as hypocrites.
  6. Moore or Strange?

    All the footage/audio I've seen/heard of Jones has been geared against Trumpism, i.e. Jones is making overtures of civility, respect for government as an institution and bipartisanship. The policies he advocates are definitely aligned with national Democrats, but he's been willing to give a rationale for his support of the policies. He's also offered to debate the policies in public. Whatever comes of Moore's scandal and Senate bid, I will still consider Jones the more qualified choice.
  7. Moore or Strange?

    You're right... War Damn Eagle
  8. Moore or Strange?

    I really would prefer Jones to stay out of it. The more people touched by this the dirtier it has the potential to get.
  9. Moore or Strange?

    You could always write in Strange. As far as "sleazy does not equal illegal" I agree, but , just my opinion, sleazy does equal unfit to represent me in the Senate.
  10. Appreciate it, but it really is all in the past and probably not as traumatic as all that. We've all been through similar situations, I'm sure. At a fairly young age there were just several losses and a close call that really turned me off on guns. As a result I react negatively to guns in general. Cheers.
  11. Sorry about that. There were several negative gun related situations that occurred in my childhood. I'm not a fan of firearms for fun.
  12. I really never have understood the need to collect this type of weapon. It has always seemed to me a way to assuage insecurities about one's masculinity. I'm all for hunting rifles/shotguns, even a pistol for home protection. AR style weapons are just a way to make oneself feel powerful.
  13. Moore or Strange?

    I'm not up on the Menendez situation. Is there more than the bribery and corruption charge?
  14. Moore or Strange?

    Maybe because kids are not psychologically equipped to make adult decisions. Kind of why we have laws against this particular scenario.
  15. Moore or Strange?

    Sorry to be the guy just throwing everything that pops into his head out there, but... What does this mean for Moore's ability to be effective as a Senator? He's already a disliked figure in DC, if anecdotal reports are to be believed. Now, potentially, he's heading to Washington with this generations' scarlet letter pinned to his suit. It's difficult to imagine anyone working with him to craft legislation. Just an empty suit, and a Freedom Caucus vote.