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  1. George Soros Support of Liberal Causes

    Rich liberal donates lots of money to liberal foundation founded by said rich liberal, conservatives lose their minds. Can you, PT, give me some more specific information about the evil that he's done or is doing? Simply donating to his philanthropic organization doesn't really for the bill.
  2. Great Day for Sessions

    You're ridiculous. Nobody here has proof of anything related to Obama, Clinton, Trump, Sessions, etc. They have what they've read and what they've heard. You're no different and your previous comments are simply a BS rhetorical device.
  3. Great Day for Sessions

    Ok. Apparently you lack the ability to read them. Maybe I should have behaved like your beloved Donald. Let me try again... @HVAU I have tapes, very incriminating tapes, very bad, very bad, of the Trump adminstration telling lies, so sad, very, very sad. They better hope I don't decide to release them...it would be hugely, bigly bad for the Dishonest Trumps. #dishonesttrumps #magabagasackofturds #absurdtwitterpolitics
  4. Great Day for Sessions

    I'm not denying that the kickbacks and bribes surrounding the Russian deal are a big deal. I've yet to see anything connecting Mueller in any significant fashion. The CFIUS, as stated before, is a large regulatory body. The transaction was multinational in that more than just mining properties in the US were being transferred, and the company being sold want even an American company. Any role played by Mueller was most likely minor. The Clintons may have played a more central role, but they would only be influencers, again, due to the number of agencies required to sign off on the deal.
  5. Great Day for Sessions

    The Kush: https://www.nytimes.com/2017/04/06/us/politics/jared-kushner-russians-security-clearance.html After being caught in the lie: http://thehill.com/homenews/administration/341844-kushner-updated-disclosure-to-add-more-than-100-foreign-contacts The Kids: http://www.businessinsider.com/donald-trump-jr-testimony-chris-coons-statute-lying-congress-2017-9 A little help from their friends: https://www.salon.com/2017/10/16/from-russia-with-love-memo-tries-fails-to-exculpate-donald-trump-jr/ Real estate forays: https://www.vox.com/policy-and-politics/2017/10/4/16418766/ivanka-trump-donald-jr-indictment Sessions: His lies fall under the plausible deniability already discussed. Trump himself: Well I don't have the time to document all of his lies tonight, but I'm sure you can go to his Twitter feed anyone you like for quick run down.
  6. Great Day for Sessions

    You mean one of these boards? Composition of CFIUS The Secretary of the Treasury is the Chairperson of CFIUS, and notices to CFIUS are received, processed, and coordinated at the staff level by the Staff Chairperson of CFIUS, who is the Director of the Office of Investment Security in the Department of the Treasury. The members of CFIUS include the heads of the following departments and offices: Department of the Treasury (chair) Department of Justice Department of Homeland Security Department of Commerce Department of Defense Department of State Department of Energy Office of the U.S. Trade Representative Office of Science & Technology Policy The following offices also observe and, as appropriate, participate in CFIUS’s activities: Office of Management & Budget Council of Economic Advisors National Security Council National Economic Council Homeland Security Council The Director of National Intelligence and the Secretary of Labor are non-voting, ex-officio members of CFIUS with roles as defined by statute and regulation. Source: https://www.treasury.gov/resource-center/international/foreign-investment/Pages/cfius-members.aspx
  7. Great Day for Sessions

    Can you provide a link to your references indicating Mueller benefited from the Uranium One deal? I'd like to see what connections you're referring to.
  8. Great Day for Sessions

    On the Uranium One deal, I'm going to reserve my opinion until this latest round of information is well digested. The CFIUS had, if I recall correctly, eight separate, independent agencies involved in the approval of the sale. The sale involved a foreign company (Canadian) owning and operating mines in the US being sold to another foreign entity (Russian). So far, I've seen no connection to Mueller in any reputable sources. As regards the Clintons, all accounts indicating funding being funneled to the foundation show that it was done in an indirect manner. In other words, millions of dollars were paid to an American entity, that money was dispersed to various influential functionaries, the foundation being one. Does this mean the Clintons were knowingly accepting bribes? I don't know. It's certainly possible, but they are a very savvy political family, and I imagine if they were engaged in wrongdoing they structured it in a way in which they'd have plausible deniability. Back to the Trumps, unfortunately for them, they haven't been so savvy in their communications with the Russians, and they've been caught in many lies. On Sessions, I don't know him. I don't agree with him in his support of Trump, his stance on for profit prison, his adherence to an outdated mindset when it comes to the drug war, his actions regarding voter rights, his positive attitude on civil asset forfeiture, etc. He, unlike Trump, is political savvy enough to cover his lies in plausible deniability, which is exactly what occurred in the Franken exchange.
  9. Great Day for Sessions

    You are amazingly loyal and supportive in the face of overwhelming, damning evidence. Numerous lies have been told by Sessions, Trump children, Kushner, other surrogates and Trump himself, when it comes to Russian conversations. Will it add up to collusion or consequences? None here know, but there are lies in abundance.
  10. Either way, I'm hoping his power is being appropriately checked by his administration and Congress.
  11. Invited Speakers at Universities

    My two cents, from the left side... I believe that protesting the appearance of invited speakers is unproductive. If these students have the conviction to oppose the speakers, and the intelligence to debate them, they should attend the speeches and vocally challenge the speakers. If they are unable to do so, they should either attend and try to learn something about their opponents or not attend. The mob mentality is a little strong though. I find people like Yiannopolis and Spencer despicable, but they have a right to speak up to the point of inciting violence (I think that is the current litmus test). Just a personal note to you and those that perpetually say things like "ooh the other side sure is quiet on this issue", not everyone feels the need to weigh in on every political matter that gets posted. Sometimes it is because they agree with you on that particular issue. Sometimes it is because they don't feel a need to speak for others and their actions. Sometimes the issue at hand has been offered up simply as an another divisive collection of articles to pit left v. right. Not all of us on the left feel the need to defend everyone else on the left. I'm sure you don't feel the need to defend the actions of everyone on the right. There are good, thoughtful liberals and good, thoughtful conservatives.
  12. I find it funny that someone aligned with the right, the affiliate of the GOP, that promotes and consumes Fox news, supports Donald Trump, etc. criticises anybody from the left for their outrage. As far as policy goes, considering the state of the economy in 2007, I'd say some of the ideas from the left have been proven effective. Hopefully the trend continues, but looking at the cycle that economics has fallen into historically, and considering the current leader's adherence to the tripe that is trickle down economics, I'm skeptical. As far as the ACA, you'll get no apologies from me. Maybe if the Republicans would have negotiated in good faith, or implemented the state exchanges properly, instead of purposefully sabotaging the mechanics of a policy that was found by the center right SCOTUS tobe within the constraints of the Constitution, we would have better functioning health care. Trump has decided to take it a step further, since he can't repeal/replace it by working with others and it wasn't failing naturally, and executive order the ACA into the death spiral. His main motivation being that it was policy of the previous administration, and that outrages him. I seem to remember a lot of outrage of executive orders a few years ago. Also, over golf trips. I wonder where that outrage went. The policies from the left may not always be perfect, and there is frequent, misguided outrage, but if you want constant outrage, blind and furious policy decisions with little concern for anything except the donor class, look no further than your boy Donald Trump and the coward lap dogs like Nunes, Ryan, Onionhead Gowdy, et al. War Eagle
  13. Stop subsidizing NFL

    I wonder if you even did a search for the JPH article. We're not going to see eye to eye on this, so there is no point in me linking articles and studies that you won't read. Your gentle ad hominem is very sweet though. I do believe I've misjudged you to be less partisan than you are. See you next time.
  14. Stop subsidizing NFL

    "What injustice" and "what tyranny" remarks are more willful obtuseness. Like I said before, without really knowing you, your other conversations lead me to believe that you're more intelligent than that, but if you really need it spelled ok. The Journal of Public Health released a study last year indicating that black and Hispanic Americans were, respectively, three and two times more likely to die as a result of police force than white Americans. That is fact. Similarly, studies have also found that black drivers are 20% more likely to be stopped by police in a discretionary manner. In other words, racially profiled. Now, the right can point to the higher rates of crime in minority communities and that's a fair topic to discuss. There's a whole can of worms we could discuss there if you want to. But for you or people on the right to play coy about exactly what the purpose of their protest is is asinine. On top of that you posted a quote that literally states "to show pride in a flag FOR a country that". This indicates that Kaep understands the flag to be a representation of the nation. It's, again, willful self delusion that you don't.
  15. Stop subsidizing NFL

    Flags typically don't do anything, however, the nations and their institutions, represented by the flag, are capable of harming individuals, communities, other nations, etc. The kneelers are using the patriotic ceremony to point out injustice in their communities. It's not disrespectful, it's not a slap in the face to veterans and soldiers. It's engaging in a spirit of change that is indicated, and celebrated, in the Declaration of Independence. Calling out tyranny and oppression is American to the core. The Right's perpetual, willful obtuseness in this matter is silly.