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  1. So.. Why do five Auburn coaches visit a committed 3* player right after his official? Seems like that's a little unnecessary. Because we have nobody left that wants us to visit. This year we ran out of prospects before we ran out of time.
  2. Great observations as usual. I thought the defense was very solid overall, especially in the second half. The offense was struggling the whole game. The outlookforthe Iron Bowl is not good. Maybe we can get healthy this week.
  3. I remember that day often. It still burns deeply.
  4. I was born in '51. That's when it started for me.
  5. I'M afraid I have to agree with you on almost everything you wrote. I am also expecting a tight game even if AU plays well. If we don't show up with an attitude - we lose plain and simple.
  6. Good news. Progress can be slow. Hope we don't need him this week. That way he can have more time to get well.
  7. Reminds me of defensive linemen from long ago.
  8. Good stuff!!
  9. Way to go Les. BooYah
  10. Unless someone can catch 50+ passes I don't think they are qualified as a "Top" receiver. We really have receiving by committee at this point. I haven't seen anything special in our wr's since a long time ago.
  11. WHOO HOO!!!!!!
  12. Now if we can improve technique to go with more physical play, we might be headed some where.
  13. Any way to get a Pre "nip" tuial on this topic??
  14. I've been an Auburn fan for over 50 years and an alumni for 40. I love coming to this board for updates and info, and to see what others are thinking. I've been through great highs and terrible lows, but I remain committed to the end. I have a little different take on where I think we will be next week. I am not convinced we will finish as strong as we hope and I would like to see what others think if the unimaginable happens. Who do you think we could end up signing if the following occurs: Foster to UGA Lawson to Tennessee Bower to Florida Alexander bros. to Ole Miss Folston to ND Elder to OSU Adams to UGA/Clemson Golson to Ole Miss Ford to UGA Walton to USCe I know it is unlikely to happen, but what do you think if most of it does. We have a great list of commits now and I will be happy to see all of them in orange and blue, but who do we get if these guys go a different direction. Just asking what if... not saying it will. WDE