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  1. screamingeagle

    2018 4* DE Kayode Oladele Commits to AU!!!

    I picked up a weight one day. It was heavy so I put it down.
  2. screamingeagle

    2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    Agreed. Hope he can do it before the season begins. I still think he is a take.
  3. screamingeagle

    2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    Just disappointed with his technique.
  4. screamingeagle

    2018 or 2019 Grad Transfer OT Calvin Anderson

    Disappointing to say the least. If we could have him for 2-3 years he might could make a good lineman - probably a guard.
  5. screamingeagle

    Demographic Curiosity

    66 male Fayetteville, Ga. Class of 1974 - civil engineering
  6. screamingeagle

    The silence is deafening.

    As of this past weekend, I believe that remaining prospects are going elsewhere. We will be lucky to attract any big time players without changes at the top. We may even lose a few of the ones we already have on board. We will probably finish out by adding low three star or two star players (not that they can't be potentially good players for us). However that would require a better head coach.
  7. screamingeagle

    Things I Think I Saw (AU vs LSU).....

    Very poor coaching always leads to lackluster play and poor performances.
  8. screamingeagle

    Heath Evans for HC

    Wouldn't work. He would never compromise what he believes or cower down to anyone.
  9. screamingeagle

    This Orgeron Quote Tells the Tale

    Unfortunately our playbook resembles a comic book.
  10. screamingeagle

    My apologies - I set it on FIRE

    The first four on the list are way too smart to come here since their names are always floated for jobs that have less interference than this one. Maybe someone from the remaining names could be coaxed. I personally think it would be someone even less well known who would be willing to do whatever he is told, if anything happens at all.
  11. screamingeagle

    next Head Coach

    We are screwed. Ineptness breeds ineptness and that breeds discontent. Any new coach will have to be an up and coming coach who wants to move up to a higher level of competition and is willing to do what ever is necessary to get his name in the same circles as the top level coaches. Unfortunately, this would be a mistake. Unfortunately, this is where we are.
  12. screamingeagle

    I Am Auburn

  13. screamingeagle

    Prayers Please

    Sorry for your loss. I, too, lost my dad recently. He was a devout Auburn fan for all of his 92 years. I'm sure htey are both cheering the team on. Prayers sent.
  14. screamingeagle

    2017 3* DT Alec Jackson signs with AU (Updated)

    So.. Why do five Auburn coaches visit a committed 3* player right after his official? Seems like that's a little unnecessary. Because we have nobody left that wants us to visit. This year we ran out of prospects before we ran out of time.
  15. screamingeagle

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs Georgia....

    Great observations as usual. I thought the defense was very solid overall, especially in the second half. The offense was struggling the whole game. The outlookforthe Iron Bowl is not good. Maybe we can get healthy this week.