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  1. I have spent the season watching Auburn play and I see little hope in the near future. There is not a highly athletic lineman in the bunch. I'm sure they are all good Auburn guys, but that doesn't win games any more. None of these guys could start anywhere else and almost all of them would be third teamers, at best. Tega is playing tackle because we have no one else. Driscoll was a good player at his previous college, but that doesn't work in the SEC, especially with his injuries. Harrell and Horton have been banged up so often the past two seasons they are physically unable to perform and I have my doubts they will ever return to their previous levels of play. Troxell had possibilities but his two knee injuries have so limited his mobility he is now ineffective at the level we need him to be. Kim and Brahms are just not capable players due to injuries and also due to lack of physical ability. As far as the rest, if they had a lot of promise, they would have seen a good bit of playing time already. Folks it is bleak now and even bleaker for down the road. More games will not erase the shortcomings but will only make them more visible to other teams. I am afraid it will take 2 to 3 years of good recruiting to give us a good line, albeit with no reliable depth. Unfortunately Auburn has allowed Gus to hire people he can command rather than quality football recruiters and coaches who can find and develop players. Fortunately his meddling with the defense has been less of a problem.
  2. Not gonna happen. Anything that might give us a break at the possibility of weakening UGA or ua dominance is not in their interest.
  3. There's no way we hit 8-5. I see no way we beat A&M or OM. Losing to UGA and the turds is a given. I'm also concerned about being bowl eligible.
  4. Based on yesterday's performances, none of the linemen will go in the first round and maybe not in the second. To be drafted that high, you have to show continuous high level performance. They seem to be too up and down and not consistent throughout the season.
  5. Stidham is so far out of the Heisman race, he will not be invited to watch the ceremony. In fact, there are multiple QB's better than him at this point. That's not considering many more players at other positions that would show up before him.I will offer that he is strides better than most of our recent QB's, he is not a real candidate for the Heisman honor.
  6. Washington's OL is talented and very experienced. I think this will go a long way towards neutralizing AU's defensive line. Our LBers should be able to fill the holes, the question is can they stop the outside runs. With no pressure on Browning it will be easy to pick our secondary apart. I think our offense will have to carry us in this game.
  7. I picked up a weight one day. It was heavy so I put it down.
  8. Agreed. Hope he can do it before the season begins. I still think he is a take.
  9. Disappointing to say the least. If we could have him for 2-3 years he might could make a good lineman - probably a guard.
  10. 66 male Fayetteville, Ga. Class of 1974 - civil engineering
  11. As of this past weekend, I believe that remaining prospects are going elsewhere. We will be lucky to attract any big time players without changes at the top. We may even lose a few of the ones we already have on board. We will probably finish out by adding low three star or two star players (not that they can't be potentially good players for us). However that would require a better head coach.
  12. Very poor coaching always leads to lackluster play and poor performances.