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  1. Please, at least let him win the starting job before you start this.....
  2. Kicker - Daniel Carlson Punter - Terry Daniel Punt returner - Mike Fuller Kick Returner - Tristan Davis
  3. Ben Grubbs, remember the goal line situations when he would go in motion. You just know that the opposing defenses were wondering where we were going to run the ball when they ran that play. Seriously, the best was probably Ed West and Ron Middleton both were fantastic blockers and servicable in the passing game. Also loved Lutz as a receiver and decent blocker. I love these "best ever" threads, they take me down memory lane....
  4. I am a fan of Sean White. He has the smarts, the heart and he is an accurate passer on short to mid-range passes. We can win a lot of games with a HEALTHY Sean White. Like several have already pointed out in this thread Sean does not throw the deep ball very well. In order to beat the elite teams on our schedule we have to be able to stretch the field vertically. I think Stidham may just be the guy we have needed to make that happen based on what I saw in the spring game. Combined with a promising but young group of receivers and returning linemen and running backs we should be much improved on the offensive side of the football
  5. Not the glamorous pick but the offensive tackle Marcus McNeil. In all the years he started he gave up 1 or 2 sacks from his left tackle position. Also liked Cadillac Williams.
  6. 1) Frank Sanders - Great athlete, clutch performer, great hands 2) Terry Beasley - Deep threat, great hands, great speed 3) Darvin Adams - Not big enough, not fast enough, not strong enough, never understood how he always seemed to get open. I was always shocked the very few times he dropped a pass, the model of consistency.
  7. I agree with most of the people. Pat Dye needs to go. I appreciate what he did for Auburn but WHY would you go on Saban suck up Finbaum's show and glorify your arch rival? It makes no sense, he knew exactly what the Auburn fans reaction would be. I guess he wanted to intentionally piss off the Auburn fan base.....
  8. I admit that after the Clemson game I was furious. The QB rotation made no sense at all. I've always liked Gus as a person but questioned his sanity after that game. He seems to have turned it around. The two hires of former AU players Kodi Burns and Travis Williams were outstanding, the improvement in our linebackers and wide receivers is obvious to all. Happy to eat crow and admit I was wrong. WAR EAGLE!!!!!
  9. I remember when he was recruited. Knew that he would have to add a lot of weight to be able to compete in the SEC. He must of worked very hard for four years (including the redshirt year) to have this kind of senior season. Wish him nothing but the best....
  10. SEC officials are am embarrassment. Have been for a long time. Steve Shaw (UAT graduate) needs to go!!!
  11. I like WM and am grateful for the job he did last year. The defense improved during the season last year and played well enough to win several of the games we lost. The problem we had last year was on offense, particularly at the QB position. WM also brought a lot of talent to Auburn and we are seeing some of that talent grow up this year. Having said all that I think Steele is doing a great job and I wish WM nothing but good.....
  12. It seems to me that the offensive line has been greatly improved the last two weeks with Gholson at center and James at left tackle. I think the OL should remain the way it is now even when Dampeer returns from the injury. Does anyone agree??
  13. HUAGAC Hurry up ain't got a clue
  14. Best post on the entire thread. Sums up my thoughts. We really do not know enough to pass judgment, but it makes for interesting conversation. Gus is normally ( although i question last Saturday's game plan) an intelligent coach and he was not looking to get rid of his best running back. Something seems to be missing in this story, it took more than one accusation for him to dismiss Robinson.
  15. When did Chandler Cox become a QB?? Worse called game on offense in a long time especially the first half. Then in the second half every time we found something that worked we would quit doing it and bring in another QB. Thought we would have won this game if we would have run at Clemson instead of trying to run around them. I think this team had enough talent to win.....