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  1. He has done great for us throughout his career.
  2. The mentor didn't know LMJ until he was recruited by Oregon and the mysterious $9,000 with no ties to inheritance.
  3. ESPN writers and analyst have been whining and crying and pleading Boise St's case all year long and Operation Bronco NC Bust is at work. These articles and allegations on Cam started right after we assumed the number one and then the number two spot in the BCS. It started out light saying basically that Cam would rather have still been playing at Florida which was a quote of his that was taken out of context. It was supposed to try to get the team riled up and maybe get a split going but that didn't work. Then they post up a SI article saying he didn't want to go to Auburn but to Mississippi St and his father made his decision for him but we really do not all the way know what happened there but we know that was again trying to get the team against Cam instead all of that just made the team closer and add more support. Then more articles come out questioning his integrity saying that he was caught cheating, had serious academic issues, and he was caught stealing multiple times which really isn't confirmed if any of that is true. That was to maybe influence the voters that Cam is not a good person and he never changed but nothing really serious came of that. Then we finally break the Mississippi St boosters and their recruiting practices. Although now there is a lot of proof that Mississippi St was trying to do a PFP scheme that never officially got completed. It is all just speculation and rumors that we had anything to do with that mess and Bama fans and Finescum don't help with making up rumors like Milton McGregor being involved. My assessment is that Cecil changed his mind after Auburn started recruiting his son because he like Cam got nervous about doing something wrong and thought of the easy way out of this is to just sign with Auburn and plus it is close to home and that helps travel expenses because its rough even for them to see his son play and they are struggling with their financial issues. These bs allegations are just trying to create distractions to maybe create an Auburn loss to maybe get lets say a Boise St in the NC game. All this mess has done is make Auburn and its family closer and the recruits on their visits see the emotion that Cam is having and that also helps us. Not only that, you have your head coach taking up for your during your bad times and boosters doing the same thing too.
  4. The part that goes to the BCS says we are third.
  5. If you need a good stream for this game this is the best i have found.
  6. Here's another.
  7. He may hit like him but his coverage skills are far from as good as Berry's. Now give Bates a couple of years of playing then that may change.
  8. Please lowercase the B in bama because it doesn't deserve it, imo.
  9. Tiger Prowl needs to go to Columbus next year too then.
  10. My high school's OL coach went to high school there. He played some his freshmen year and started from his sophomore year on. His name was Jeremy Toungett. His best friend is Kendall Simmons.
  11. I doubt it. It is just a bunch of Arkansas fans trying to mess with us.
  12. Just my opinion, I would believe a word that a turd says right now. For the most part they are just trying to piss you off and have you worried.