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  1. As long as he's guaranteed Maryland, duke, Virginia, wake forest the first few yrs of rotation! He and slive will make it happen. Would not want the SEC dictating out of conference regular season games. Would like to see Auburn play some PAC-12 teams. As I understandit, These games would count as defacto conference games. The ACC / SEC are contemplating this (8+1) instead of going to 9 game conf. sched. (At least according to WJOX) *** edited to clear up language ****
  2. Donald "Dee" Ford weighed 190 lbs. when he came to Auburn and he red shirted. Tsande07 is correct. Ford didn't redshirt as a freshman. He redshirted in what would have been his Jr year in 2011. <a href="http://onlyfans.cstv.com/schools/aub/sports/m-footbl/mtt/ford_dee00.html" target="_new">Dee Ford INTERCEPTIONS G No Yds TD Lg Avg/R Avg/G 2009................ 13 1 3 0 3 3.0 0.2 TOTAL............... 13 1 3 0 3 3.0 0.2 ALL PURPOSE G Rush Rec PR KR IR Total Avg/G 2009................ 13 0 0
  3. If I remember correctly, It's kind of the same as giving walk-ons scholarships. If a kind transfers, (or a walk-on given a scholly) before their 3rd (RS-Soph/Jr) year, it counts against the 25.
  4. Per BM from 24/7, Clint is warming up on the sidelines.
  5. .... Zeke Pike says your point is not valid. Try again. Watch out, Westie. Some on here think that Pike is a dual threat QB. No he's considered a "pro-style QB" but it shows in his highlights that he can run if need be. So Could Barrett Trotter, and no doubt you could probably get clips of Chris Todd running for big yardage in High School. But it's High School.
  6. Academics are more important in this than many realize. Right now the top two criteria for expansion are 1) expanding the SEC footprint for TV revenue and 2) Academic Rep. Things like tradition, on field performance etc , while they matter, are a distant third. Which is why Missouri is getting such love from the SEC office, -- St Louis, KC markets and they are an AAU school. Or so little birds say.
  7. That was a one man route based on FAU defense, notice the shift of the formation to pull single saftey to shade opposite side, leaving Blake 1 on 1 v. CB, you don't need to look off the saftey, when there is no saftey to look off, The CB izs playing man so sn't looking at the QB so doesn't know where QB is looking.
  8. another un-named in-stste recruit told one of the 24/7 guys that they thought Kwon would end up at AU.
  9. On field (maybe off field too) grad assistant slots are for two years at any one school. I'm not sure whether or not he could have moved to an off filed spot or not.
  10. According to an article on AU247 a couple of weeks ago, Coaches offered him when they went up to see Blackson.
  11. A poster on another site (AUC) did the homework on this a couple of years ago. He looked at it over about 5 years, and came up with ~91% of early commits eventually sign with that school. This included only switches between the top level schools from the SEC and some other conferences. IOW he didn't count a kid who had committed early to say Southern Miss who gets a late offer and commits to AU.
  12. because we had cam newton and he is a freak of nature. Wrong. We ran in the wildcat a LOT last year. We probably ran from it about 12-15 times per game. It's just harder to notice with Newton still taking the snap. The wildcat formation is defined by the unbalanced line (TE lining up where a Tackle normally would with the tackle lineing up on the opposite end next to the other tackle) in combination with the jet sweep motion, usually towards the heavy side of the line. It has nothing to do with who is taking the snap. Oftentimes it is someone other than the QB simply because it is
  13. The only former walkons to currently have scholarships are Christopher & Harris and both will be Srs next year, so giving them up or leaving before the season won't change our #'s for next year. However, if you would have asked me a week ago, did I believe we lost a lot to attrition over the last year, I would have said no. But after doing some digging, we actually had 10 or 11 players leave the team before their eligibility was up. So, even in what I would have deemed a slow year for attrition, we had quite a few.
  14. Looking at the roster break down by position & class, the only position that is an absolute necessity is every-down running backs. All the other positions are pretty well covered. So build quality depth, and best players available.
  15. We'll have 11 Sr.s next year. That's including Wade Christopher who may or may not return for his last year. If Cyrus signs, that will give us 84 total on scholarship assuming they all make it into school. How will we only have 11 seniors? We had like 20 something juniors this year. I know that Bonomolo redshifted but no way the others redshifted or haven't yet. We have to be around the 20 mark for seniors again. Because only 12 (Bonomolo being one) of those 20 something Jrs. were on scholarship at the end of the year. Bonomolo redshirted, so we will have 11. This spredshe
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