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  1. kdog0405

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Did not Gus stop calling plays because it was not working and he was getting killed? Why would it be different now? Every DC has read his book and figured out what he is doing. I believe without him shaking things up, he will fail again. If I know what play he is going to call 90% of the time so does everyone else. You can say it is about the execution, but if you know what play is coming you got a great chance of stopping it. Hope he looks in the mirror and figures things out.
  2. We have had eight months since our last game to come up with an offensive identity. If that is the best Gus could do, he should resign. Defense looked like a stout college program. nice job. Offense looked like a mediocre high school program. Shame on you, coach Malzhan, this is all on you.
  3. kdog0405

    Staff Changes

    I am absolutely impressed by the level of secrecy that Auburn is showing. In my 30 years of being a fan, I can't remember this kind of radio silence. Either CGM has absolutely no leads on a DC, or, as I believe, he is just waiting to announce. Though, I want to know who it is going to be, yesterday, I am impressed with the discipline.
  4. kdog0405

    2 UL vs AU Tickets for sale

  5. kdog0405

    2 UL vs AU Tickets for sale

    I have 2 tickets available in the Mezzanine, section 227 row 3 seats 7/8 for sale. $150 each.
  6. kdog0405

    Looking UL/Auburn tickets

    I have 2 in the mezzanine level. Section 227 if you are interested.
  7. kdog0405

    Duke Williams Update

    Wow, I have been away for a little and came back to see a 26 page look at a player's weight. This is sad. Judge not unless you be judged. As soon as he makes one acrobatic touchdown pass, all of this will be forgotten. I think some of us need to get an off season hobby and take a break from this for a while.
  8. kdog0405

    2015 5* DE Byron Cowart commits to AU!

    I think it is pretty pathetic that people on this board are living and dying on the decision of a seventeen year old kid, All I hope is that Byron Cowart makes the decision that is right for him, right for his family, and right for his future. From all I have read, he appears to have a good head on his shoulders and has conducted himself in a honest and mature way. I wish him all the luck in the world, wherever he chooses to go. In closing, as an Auburn man, I hope he chooses to come to Auburn. I know it is a decision he will never regret.
  9. kdog0405

    Micheal Barrow Candidate to Join Staff at AU

    I think coach Barrow will look great in O/B.
  10. kdog0405

    Feel for Adams

    This team just did not seem to have any swagger.
  11. kdog0405

    Offensive Coodinators

    I hope our offense looks different next year! Our tendencies now are way to transparent. If I can sit on the couch and know what play is coming, so can everyone else. I love NM but he could not go through progressions. I hope JJ is as good as I think he can be.
  12. kdog0405

    Defensive Coordinator Diiscussion

    Will who?????
  13. kdog0405

    Defensive Coordinator Diiscussion

    Two words: Lache Seastrunk