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  1. I think he along with the rest of the overpaid coaches have brought the pressure on themselves. When you demand the kind of money they are making the patience will disappear quickly among the fans.
  2. I think those are great questions and also wish they would go deeper with their questions.
  3. I agree with how awful the play calling was for sure. I would like to know if Pettway was hurt. No excuse for not letting him run the ball. I sick at looking at us alerting the defense that we are about to snap the ball.
  4. K State has a beautiful facility and the fans were very nice. T A&M great place to go to a game. I have been before and after addition. Clemson, as much as I can't stand Dabo is a fun place. Stayed in Greenville, fun town. BD is to big. Some of the worst seats I have ever sat in. Could not see the small scoreboards in the corners. As stated before Ga Tech is a terrible place to go to a game. Mediocre stadiums, Vandy, Ole Miss, Miss State. Georgia has a nice stadium, but I will not go back. LSU is a fun trip but my seats were to far up. USCe has a nice stadium. As far as I'm concerned Ga Dome, Super Dome, Rose Bowl and Phoenix stadiums are not great stadiums. You can definitely have fun in those cities but the stadiums not so much. Just my opinion. I enjoy going to all the different venues although sometimes they are dampened by the outcome of the game.
  5. That was a bad hit. I can not believe that they reversed the call. He led with his head and totally blindsided him. Then showed no remorse about it.
  6. I was at the game and I thought the striping was decent. I don't think it was promoted enough to get a great response. I do wear orange some games and blue others, just depends what I am into that day. I don't think it is something anyone should get worked up over. As far as the noise level, I think it was pretty good at this point in the season considering our record. I personally think as fans we should try anything that can possibly lift the team, do I know if striping the stadium will, no I don't know, but I will give it a try.
  7. I thought the decision to kick sucked, no excuses. However, the worse call to me was trying the 55yd field goal earlier in the game. Got a break and tried it again. Damp air, wet field come on.
  8. danno


    Poor coaching in every aspect of the game today and some sketchy play calling. If our kicker was told to squib kick that was stupid.JMO QB play is mediocre at best. Go ahead give me crap if you like but it is the truth.
  9. They were not SEC officials. I felt that they got away with some holding calls for sure. (Louisville ) I will never agree with an infraction being called behind the play. JMO
  10. All of the above. I was at the game which makes it hard to keep up with everything, but it appeared to me that we had a lot of confusion on our sideline during the offensive possessions. I thought the play calling during our second to the last possession was awful.
  11. Be careful buying tickets around the Ga. Dome, my son in law bought two before one game and found out they were counterfeit when getting to the gate.
  12. Logan you should be a politician. You sound like you may be on that path.
  13. Don't have a problem with bars, I drink. That is not the plan take the time like I did to read all of the proposals that are out for consideration. Someone posted the link earlier on this thread concerning future plans. Right now their is a moratorium on any building downtown. The problem is the plans to continue to build apartments at break neck speed. The corner of Wright St and Glenn, the ones that are almost finished on Ross street. Plans for more it has just put on hold for a while. To address the situation concerning bars, if as it was stated " they will make a killing" why are they constantly going out of business in Auburn. Don't try and say that is not true because I can name quite a few in the last two years. The bar you speak of coming across the street from 17-16 is not going to be just a bar according to the owner. What we are talking about is much bigger than a bar scene. The articles are in the paper called Villager I think that is the name of it.
  14. Infrastructure is not there for what is proposed. Traffic in Auburn is horrible now , no way can it handle some of the proposed projects. 100 ft tall buildings. No thank you. I don't mind change and progress when it is done in the right way.
  15. Try the ticket office. I got an email last week about available tickets for that game.