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  1. Wonder if some five wide/empty back sets could see more traction if we don’t like what we’ve got at RB or OL early in the season. Contingent on stidham being back, of course. Another year on film study for JS and with returning talented depth at WR, we should be able to sling it around a little
  2. It’s a motivation thing. Let’s show we want this game
  3. I could foresee a situation quite easily where a decision to sit out could be anything but selfish. If a player is (I don’t know Carlton or his situation) thinking about ensuring a monetary future for his family, which may very well be impoverished, over a bowl game, I’d be hard pressed to lose respect for him. Maybe gain it under those circumstances
  4. To be fair, those were accurate odds for the election and likely are now. Something unlikely happened. The odds for all those teams are likely pretty accurate. If I said, "the odds are 25% I can flip a coin twice and not flip 'heads,'" I would be right regardless of outcome. Odds aren't result dependent.
  5. Team looks good! Side note: Barkley is being a great sport tonight. Been taking pictures and signing throughout most of the first half from his seat on the baseline
  6. Right? Navy passes more on 1st down than we do...
  7. With as many VP's Jacobs has hired in the past 10 years and bloat in the dept., Tubs maybe could run athletics. Just, if he doesn't do well, that may ruin his folk hero status. I'd prefer he retain his fold hero status. Foley sounds good to me, but I don't know many names in this arena
  8. Questions: If we get up by 30 (assuming a lot), do we keep JS in just for reps? if not, is MW next man up?
  9. Mutually exclusive events - they don't run the same routes
  10. Hoping I can get ESPN to stream now. I missed most of the first quarter. Sounds like some of it was for the best haha. Let's go!