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  1. Note on Auburn Passing Game (First down)

    Right? Navy passes more on 1st down than we do...
  2. With as many VP's Jacobs has hired in the past 10 years and bloat in the dept., Tubs maybe could run athletics. Just, if he doesn't do well, that may ruin his folk hero status. I'd prefer he retain his fold hero status. Foley sounds good to me, but I don't know many names in this arena
  3. I wish I was surprised 😔
  4. Questions: If we get up by 30 (assuming a lot), do we keep JS in just for reps? if not, is MW next man up?
  5. Mutually exclusive events - they don't run the same routes
  6. Hoping I can get ESPN to stream now. I missed most of the first quarter. Sounds like some of it was for the best haha. Let's go!
  7. European Tour

    Wonder if anyone will be periscoping it. But yeah, as much as I want to see it, it's probably a smart move
  8. Ole Miss is a trap game for us IMO

    The big contrast I'm hoping for is perhaps the ability to pass when the defense is daring us too. I would surmise, many would be happy with the results of us running the ball 80% of the time if the opposing team is willing to leave just 6-7 players in the box. The issue is, we need something for when there are 8-9 in the box. Being able to manufacture completions in obvious passing advantage situations has been a limitation for us the past couple years.
  9. good call
  10. I'm with you - a way better pick. A pick bred from dysfunction though. Don't get me wrong; I'm not particularly rooting for dysfunction, but it's there. Technically, what Flynn did was illegal, but it didn't break a law that had ever been used to convict anyone (the Logan Act of the late 18th century). One could also make a strong case that the initial rollout of the 7-country temporary ban was rolled out awfully, leading to its demise in court. The Trump administration is to blame for that one too, as they pushed it through without vetting it.
  11. Even if one was to state that the White House is now doing more what they desire that it used to, the Trump administration is NOT running better. Flynn' dismisal is evident of that
  12. Players moving positions

    Fast is talented in football
  13. Men vs. Tennessee - Game Thread

    well, we don't play well on Tuesday..