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  1. Look man, you state on here all the time that you get confused on things.......You are confused about this. Sorry but you just are. AG Barr has appointed a United States Attorney named Durham to investigate the reason the supposed "Counter Intelligence" investigation started in the first place. Here is a link from CNN that talks about it. As for the Stones........
  2. So if they spying was predicated on the salacious Steele Dossier that was used illegally (because it wasn't verified and it was opposition research paid for by Hillary) to obtain the FISA warrant, it was spying and it very well may be treason. That is what the new investigation will tell us. The people that did are still flabbergasted that Hillary lost and the attempted coup did not work. If Hillary had won, this would all have been covered up. Oh well, buckle up boys, the ride is about to get bumpy for Comey, Clapper, Brennan, Strozk, Paige, Rice, Yates, McCabe, Lynch and maybe even Obama. BTW, there was a very interesting interview by Bill Hemmer of AG Barr. You guys should read it (I'm sure with the news sources you guys watch and read you wouldn't know about it) and pay attention to what Barr says. I was born in a cross-fire hurricaneAnd I howled at the morning driving rainBut it's all right now, in fact, it's a gasBut it's all right. I'm Jumpin' Jack FlashIt's a gas, gas, gas
  3. Yeah well, I guess if I were black, you would alter how you normally address me or what you might say, right? Sounds like the definition of a "RACIST" to me. You see, I don't care what color you are, it does not matter to me. I would not change anything I say or the way I address you in any way. Just one of the many differences between you and me, and I'm really glad for those differences. Call it good upbringing. BTW, I'm purple. Do you really think that term came from black culture? Man you are more naive than I thought. I guess you think "grandfather clause." "sold down the river" and "peanut gallery" come from black culture as well? I guessing you also think that 'long time no see" comes from Native American culture and "no can do" comes from Asian culture? Oh, and "uppity" just means someone that is stuck up or how about "Uncle Tom," is that OK to use? Oh, how about "Sambo" and "Aunt Jemihah," those are just from black culture too, right? What about "cake walk?" I could go on but I grow tired of showing you up. For someone that claims to be so smart, you've still got a lot to learn!!! Oh, and I see that this is happening........Can't be good for Lynch, Yates, Comey, Brennan, Obama, Clapper, Strozk, Paige, McCabe, Rice...I know I'm forgetting some names but you get my point.
  4. Not joking in the least. This is actually a big step forward for you...usually you rely on the whole "stop lying or you're inferring, or the nuance game, this time you rely on your ignorance. I'm very proud of you and there may be hope for you yet. And just for the record why don't you tell us where the term "shucking and jiving" originated. Now I've got to get back to my job, I have many taxes to pay and of course your Social Security, oh, and I knew you would not answer my questions,. That's just the kind of guy you are. Remember, HRC is still not President.
  5. Well, thank you sir. While I don't often agree with your political opinion, I appreciate the fact that you can see both sides (unlike so many others that post all of the time) of a discussion. You add a lot to this board. Again, thanks!
  6. And just for grins, you’re right after 1964 Fullbright, Byrd and Clinton all became Republicans😂😂😂😂😂 as usual you are batting .000.
  7. Well I figured it was to nuanced for you to understand but using “shucking and jiving” as a description of someone’s actions could not be anything but racist. I know, anytime someone says something about you that you don’t agree with you trot out the “stop lying about me.” Well as you also say (all the time) this is a WRITTEN forum and everyone can read it for themselves. I expected as much from you!!!!
  8. Still waiting on your answers. I get that you're busy. Your sheet probably needs to be pressed and starched right? Or maybe you have some crosses to burn around town, could that be it? In the Democrat party that will get a bunch a buildings and bridges named after you in some the venerable Robert C. Byrd or how about Bill Clinton's mentor J. William Fullbright? Or maybe Al Gore Sr????
  9. Kind of reminds me of an interview by MSNBC with Mo Brooks (Alabama Congressman from Huntsville) that he used as a TV commercial for the last election.......
  10. That says nothing about the question I asked. It's shucking an jiving around the truth, which is that the highlighted statements in the OP were all based on stated principles, not on the legal framework.  I always knew you were a racist. Nice “dog whistle” language. Is it OK to use racial epithets on this forum now? Of course you already said I’m not worthy of being a citizen of the US. You are a real piece!! I’m doing no such thing. I don’t agree with the premis of the OP and stated my opinion. The hypocrisy is on the Democrat’s side and I have plenty of background as to why I believe that. Chief among these reasons is that Mueller got all the information he needed as no Executive Privilege was invoked. This House stuff is all a big joke. I’m sorry if you don’t like that but I also don’t care, so you can take your racist self and go crank your tractor.
  11. Read much? See the second paragraph above.
  12. So let me ask you a series of you believe the Trump administration hindered the Mueller investigation in any way? Did they claim any Executive Privilege during the Mueller investigation? Do you think Nadler’s crew can find information that Mueller, with unlimited funds, 40 FBI agents and 18 Democrat lawyers was not able to find? Your answers should be interesting. The hypocrasy between Clinton and Trump comes from the Democrats because they changed the Independant Counsel statute to the Special Counsel statute after the whole Starr report was released and they didn’t want it released. They did not want another D President to have to live through that. Now of course they want to continue the investigation themselves when the “most respected” man in Washington couldn’t find anything to charge Trump with, so yes there is hypocrisy from the Democrats. Oh and of course they want the AG to break the law they wrote and release the whole Mueller Report. I hope Mueller does testify in front of Congress. It will be good to get him under oath and ask when he knew there was no collusion/conspiracy. My guess is it was way before the last election which would have changed many of the votes cast last November that allowed the D’s to take the house back And one last thing, it pisses me off to be told by a college deferment boy that I am not worthy of being a citizen of this country because he disagrees with me over politics. I’m a veteran, and a taxpayer and you can stick it. I joined the military so imbeciles like you could say stupid crap on message boards in 2019. Have a great day and remember HRC is not the President and that makes me smile 😃 You can’t see the forrest for the 🌲
  13. You have lost your mind because you are such a partisan hack😂😂😂😂
  14. You know what dude, I have told you a couple of times that I would admit when I was wrong (something that you never do BTW), and after re-reading my post above, I have to say I was wrong and I owe you an apology. I am really sincerely sorry for typing "Me and Mick." Proper grammar would have been "Mick and I." Please accept my apology😂😂😂😂 Everything else in my post is 100% correct. I can't begin to understand how miserable your life has been to have the views you have on things. I know the last two and half years for you have been really bad. Hopefully you'll get used to it soon.😎. The investigation of "Crossfire Hurricane" has started and people will probably go to jail. Mark my words.
  15. Dude, get over it. It was a contrived investigation based on false evidence and now the Democrats are trying to damage AG Barr before he begins the investigation of the investigators. Trump did not invoke Executive Privilege during the Mueller probe......(unlike your boy Obama during the Fast and Furious stuff). Mueller found nothing because there was no underlying crime and the Trump administration gave unfettered access to the Mueller team. 1.4 million documents, the friggin White House Counsel was interviewed for 30 hours. Give me a break, you and your friends in the main stream media are butt hurt that the coup did not work. I feel sorry for you when you post this kind of crap!!!! I feel even more sorry that people at the WaPo would print such drivel, but then again I guess I should consider the source (at least it wasn't from Vox or The Atlantic or the Huffington Post)😂😂😂😂 The highlighted paragraph above is an outright lie. Bob Mueller had unfettered and un-rivaled access to all the information. It was investigated and Mueller could not charge so it was not "documented beyond a shadow of a doubt." I'll say it one more time.......NO EXECUTIVE PRIVILEGE was invoked for Mueller, none. Me and Mick continue to sing....I was born in a Crossfire Hurricane and laugh.