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  1. So basically, you can act any way YOU want and I can't point it out? But I'm the one that needs to grow up, huh? You are a tiny little man. You don't have to ban me, I will choose to quit posting on my own. Someone please hold Homer to his bet with me about not posting on the either political forum for 6 months after Trump wins re-election!
  2. Firstly, someone with Mod powers has altered my typing. When I type "CurrentPresident'sNameTiger" it displays as "I Suck" once I hit Submit. Either you or someone else with Mod powers altered my ability to post my own words. Secondly, you threaten to ban me all the time. Point out one Board Rule that I have broken? I don't believe pointing out that you acting like the rear end of a horse (when you do) is against board rules.
  3. This my daughter riding one of her horses. I put your nickname over the part of the horse you act like. The fact that you have to use Mod powers to change my posts, speaks volumes about you!!
  4. (You SUCK)😂😂. I guess you’re not smart enough to play fair.😎
  5. You should understand why. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  6. Wait, so you’re a Christian and a Republican? Could never guess either of those from your posts!😂
  7. Oh, and you're not where Trump is concerned? You have got to be kidding, right?
  8. The whole point is....I’m fairly sure it wasn’t a **** up.
  9. Yeah, it appeared to be from Syria but it was from Kentucky.....these people are unbelievable!
  10. How can anyone believe anything they see from the main stream media, especially where Trump is concerned?
  11. While you are correct that being a never Trumper doesn't necessarily mean one is a leftist, I can assure you in this instance Popovich is. That is my opinion. If you disagree, you can post things he's said and try to change my mind. I'm amazed that sports figures (athletes and coaches), actors, musicians or anyone from Pop culture comments on Politics. The way the US is today, you are guaranteed to upset about half the population, thus making ticket sales that much harder. It just defies logic. Pop and Kerr are the worst kind of leftists. They talk badly about their country (one that affords them the freedom to do so) and won't say a word about China because that would be bad for business. Don't want to upset the Commies you know, cowards!