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  1. You are definitely a jock.....a jock strap 😂. Now that is really funny!
  2. Then my job was done perfectly. You will never get the time back you waste reading my posts!!
  3. This is certainly no surprise to me. I've been reading your posts for a few years.
  4. What the hell are you talking about? It was a j-o-k-e, and it was really funny as well. You see, the guys in the pictures were part of the team that just won the SEC basketball tourney by shooting three pointers (that is the reason they have their hands up). I can explain more if you need it.
  5. Man, I haven't seen so much white meat since Thanksgiving...Those are some white legs.
  6. Well, now that I know this is a "racist" symbol, I'm going to boycott watching these guys play in the NCAA Tourney this week!!!! Of all the nerve!!!!
  7. BTW, the F-4 is the meanest looking aircraft ever!!
  8. Anybody want to hazard a guess at why the former Obama aide wanted the FBI to take the lead on this investigation? I'll give you two guesses but you'll only need one 😂
  9. Does Putin have dirt on Pelosi?......By the way, this guy has a Pulitzer This is my favorite part....some on this board should be leading the march....... "Perhaps Democratic politicians & their media allies have been knowingly feeding the party base & cable viewers unadulterated, deranged, unhinged buillshit that they now can't carry through on with the power in their hands because it was all self-serving, manipulative dreck?" he said. "Anyone who has ever believed Trump is controlled & blackmailed by Putin to the point that Putin makes Trump treasonously sacrifice America's interests for Russia's - and there are a lot of you - should be marching in fury in the streets over Pelosi's refusal to impeach Trump."
  10. CNN will be sued this week for at least $250M by Lin Wood, Nick Sandman's attorney.
  11. Dude, the only thing you “wounded” is your crybaby reputation. You post all kinds of crap and when you get called on it you scream “quit lying about what I posted.” If that play doesn’t work then you go for “my comment was too nuanced for you.” Everyone that reads this board knows how you are and you can’t have it both ways. You have a good day! #CLUELESS
  12. Hey, before I read more of the articles you post, I need you to state unequivocally whether or not you agree with what is in the article. I’m just trying to guard against your “nuance” defense.....#CLUELESS😂
  13. You must not have understood the nuance in my post. It is obviously above your head 😂