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  1. auburn41

    Take That Pelosi

    Had I been the President, I would have let Speaker Pelosi travel to Afghanistan and then postponed the return trip for a while😂
  2. Are you referring to the Soviet Committee for State Security? Surely, you can't be serious....I know, don't call you Shirley, right? That is a fine example of projection there Tex. I'm getting the impression that you are all hat and no cattle. Every post I make in this moronic thread makes my IQ drop 20 points. That means I have 5 more posts before our IQ's are equal. I will enjoy my weekend, thanks.
  3. Right, I’m the one that didn’t understand. Whatever. You are wrong to think anyone you have had conversations with is cooler than I am. That I can tell you!
  4. Here is my last try. There is a 1700 mile wall in Morocco, there is a 700 mile wall in Israel, there is a wall around the Vatican (it may have open gates now but it was definitely erected to keep people out originally), there is a wall around the city of Melilla in Spain, the Great Wall of China, Mexico has a fence on its Southern border...I am sure there are others that I am missing. If the US was anti-wall, why do you not hear from our government about these walls? Because the US is not anti-wall. The US was against the Berlin wall because it was a manifestation of the Communist leaders in Eastern Europe. Does that make sense? If not, I'm done, I tried!!!! By the way, I'm glad you had conversations with military personnel that were stationed there while it stood. While I was never stationed in Germany, I was on active duty when the wall was torn down. Does that mean you will view my opinion with the reverence you show those "military personnel?"
  5. That was exactly my point in this whole stupid discussion. The wall worked for it's intended purpose, but Communism was defeated. Thanks for agreeing with me...that's the first time I can remember you getting something right!!!
  6. As usual you are wrong. Communism was defeated in the cold war. The wall was not defeated.
  7. LOL, I’m typing this extra slowly so you can understand it.....I’m saying the US was anti-communist. I don’t know how else to say it. If the Berlin Wall was a wall put there because the people of East Berlin had voted to build it, the US would not have an issue with it. That is what I’m saying.
  8. What are you talking about....I never said the US supported the Berlin Wall. I said the US was anti-communist. The wall was a manifestation of Communism and trying to keep all the people in East Berlin from leaving the hell that was/is communism. I mentioned the US cemeteries only to point out that for all 200 plus years of the US we have given our young men and blood along with money to help other countries be as free as possible and to beat back tyrants and dictators. Communism and Socialism are responsible for the deaths of 100’s of million people. If it were not for the US there would have been 100’s of millions more dead. Texans do have the freedom to choose weather to put a wall up. That choice is called an election which Trump won. If Texans don’t like his policies they can vote him out in 2020. Too bad the people of East Germany didn’t have a say in their wall huh?? Lastly, I’m glad you are old enough to remember the Cold War and that you seem to think highly of Pres Reagan. I am old enough to have been in the military while he was President. My oldest daughter is even named after him. I thought highly of him as well.
  9. The US was not "anti-wall" as you stated above....The US was Anti-Communist/Socialist (or used to be) and wanted people to be FREE to make their own decisions within their own country. That is why there are grave yards all over the world full of US troops! There are US military cemeteries in France, Belgium, UK, Philippines, Panama, Italy, Luxembourg, MEXICO, Netherlands and Tunisia. All the rest of your post is just fluff.....Put a wall where it makes sense and use other means where that makes sense. The bottom line is the US needs to secure its borders, period. This whole thing is just politics and frankly I'm tired of it. BHO, Chuck and Nancy have all given speeches that I've seen recently replayed where they called for a wall at the southern border. They are for it when the politics are right to be for it and against when the politics are right to be against it. While we are having this battle, lets shoot for term limits for the House and Senate. All of the people in Washington, both R's and D's need to be changed.
  10. Wow, I guess all those people in West Berlin were trying to gain entry into East Berlin, right? But you make a great point that could be used against all the anti wall people.....the Berlin wall certainly worked for it's intended purpose. It kept the poor souls in East Berlin from immigrating into West Berlin very effectively. Anyway, I could bring up other places that walls and fences work (like the DMZ) but I am leaving myself open to being called anti-immigrant. Before that charge is made I will tell you that my father was a first generation American. His parents came to the US (legally) in 1919 and he was born in South Carolina in 1923. I very definitely am against ILLEGAL immigration!
  11. auburn41

    Stock market has lost all its gains for 2018

    Did something change in early November?😎
  12. Do you realize how IRONIC this is coming from someone who posts constantly about RUSSIA, RUSSIA, RUSSIA! I get such a kick out of you!
  13. auburn41

    Migrant Caravan Failing?

    Are you really advocating that non-citizens should be allowed to vote, or am I mis-understanding your comment?
  14. Well my comment was directed at people that actually break laws..........
  15. Absolutely STARTING AT THE TOP!!!!!!!!!! If the Special Counsel investigation (or any other investigation) proves that laws were broken by the President, he should be held accountable to the full extent of the law. Likewise, the DOJ, FBI and others, involved in the FISA process, that may have broken laws should be held accountable to the full extent! Since I want the law followed in every instance that makes me NON PARTISAN on that point, right?