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  1. Not sure of his "ties to law enforcement" but he is the grandson of the owner of a prominent book store in Auburn. You can look at the kid's first name and guess which one.
  2. It definitely exists. While in the Air Force in 1987, I was at the Tonopah Test Range conducting site surveys for a couple of Cinetheodolite Cameras that we were going to use to track Aircraft and Missiles during program testing.......(this was the very beginning of GPS.....we also had the first "man portable" GPS system....it was backpack size!). Needless to say, on top of some of those hills around the area, where we planned to put the cameras, you can see all manner of things flying around. I saw the strangest airplane flying in one of those valleys. I had never seen anything like it be
  3. I'm not up on Pop Culture enough to even comment on most of these but are you saying that you don't believe Area 51 exists?
  4. I lived in a nearby town to Duluth (where George went to High School) through my 9th grade year. My brother was a senior when I was a freshman.....George was one year older than my brother so during my brother's junior year he played against George Rogers. At 18 years old, George looked 30. It was like a man playing against boys!
  5. Come on Golf, you have to cut me some slack. I happen to know @1auburn1 personally and I was just busting his chops....sort of payback. Back around Christmas, I posted a trivia question on a thread (don't remember what the thread was but I think it was about the Atlanta area), where I asked who could name a Heisman Trophy winner from the Atlanta area without using Google. I had lunch with @1auburn1that day and told him about the post.....well when I got back to my office from our lunch, he had revealed the answer on that thread. Anyway, this was an attempt to pay him back a little. As
  6. You shave? I figured you just put some milk on your face and let the cat lick it off 🤣
  7. Are you kidding me? Trump answered more press questions than any other President ever!! They were mostly impromptu things, like on the Whitehouse lawn going to or from the helicopter, but there was never “months of no press briefings” during his administration. Trump did stop the formal press briefings, because they were being used as a place for biased reporters to act up, but he wasn’t always at those briefings....like Biden is not there when Jen Psaki takes questions.
  8. Here's why he is avoiding the press..........the guy can't even remember the name of his Sec. of Defense!!!
  9. I surpassed my total miles for last year this morning with almost 1.5 months left in this year. 7000 miles this year should be a piece of cake and I might shoot for 7500!. In 2020 I have 290 rides with over 400 hours on a bike. If you care enough to ask about Feb....I was on a work trip for over a week (without my bike) and I got the flu (not Covid, tested and confirmed case of influenza). Because of this I missed almost 14 riding days in Feb.
  10. Well, it's obvious to other guitar players (like me). She can sing and play really well!!
  11. So, I thought this guy shared a name with a fairly famous YouTube guitar player that sings rock-n-roll cover tunes............I was mistaken as her name is Jess Greenberg but you're welcome anyway!!!😎
  12. Wow, what would happen if he changed the rules of how intelligence was handled, and "unmasked" high Biden officials and leaked all kinds of information to a sycophantic press, and then in addition to spying on the Biden campaign, implemented an "insurance policy" involving the FBI to try and bring the Biden administration to its knees? Oh wait........
  13. Damn, now I’m wishing I didn’t tell you about this at lunch today!!! You would have never wandered over here if I hadn’t mentioned it.
  14. So for all the discussion about Norcross and Duluth....I grew up in Norcross when it was out in the country, and the food options were not what they are now..... Name a Heisman Trophy winner from Duluth? Don't cheat!!!
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