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  1. I've read all of this, "a woman's right to choose" and "jurisdiction over a woman's body" and "murderer." Why can't we all just agree that if a man and a woman chose to use contraceptives (which are readily available all over the place) this issue may go away altogether. My issue with abortion is that I believe it is mostly used as contraception, when the man and the woman are too careless to use another form of birth control while in the act of conceiving!!
  2. auburn41

    serious question........

    Well, I went on Temporary Duty (TDY) to Army Bases all over the United States during my first assignment at Eglin AFB. We were working with the beginnings of GPS and we were traveling around testing at different Army, Navy and Air Force base Test Ranges. Every time I traveled to an Army Post and stayed in Bachelor Officer's Quarters on Post, I had to sign a waiver stating that Army housing was Sub-standard for Air Force Officers. I will also tell you that the coldest I've ever been was at Ft. Hood in Killeen Texas. The GPS satellites were not in view until about 1:00AM in late Jan or early Feb in 1987 so our test ran from about 1:30AM until about 5:00AM. The space shuttle that exploded in Jan 1986 had several GPS satellites in it that, of course were not deployed, so there were only about 4 satellites that were in orbit and worked at that time. I don't even think is was below freezing at the time but all the Army guys were out in the field with their BDU's and boots and parkas. Being stationed in Florida, all I had was the stupid polyester pants with a blue dress shirt and a very thin jacket (think windbreaker with no lining). The fact that I had not slept for over 24 hours I'm sure contributed to the bone chilling cold I felt. Anyway, when I returned to Eglin, I filled out the paper work for my boss to sign to get me BDU's, boots and a filed jacket issued. He signed and I was the first guy in my unit to have all that stuff. We were issued the olive drab (fatigues) when I in processed at Eglin, but the Air Force considered that a work/utility uniform and I could not wear that away from base.
  3. auburn41

    serious question........

    I'll be the first to say I served as an officer in the US Air Force during Desert Shield and Desert Storm. Being in the Air Force is "almost" like being in the Military (That is a little Air Force humor for you). I was only "stateside" and did not get deployed. I was an engineer that worked in the Acquisition of Electronics for the use of the guys that actually fight.
  4. auburn41

    31% Think Civil War Likely Soon

    Wow, it seems to me the exact same statement could be made about you and your liberal friends. A conservative person's reasons for being conservative are as valid as your reasons for being liberal. Wishing things would change for "ultra-partisans" (like HVAU above) is wishing things would change for you as much as the other guy. Can you see my point?
  5. auburn41

    Anthony Kennedy is retiring

    What about 68-31 and 63-37. The Rs do play that way as both of those were Obama appointees. And don't forget that Joe Biden was the first not to want to confirm a SCOTUS nominee during an election year.
  6. auburn41

    Anthony Kennedy is retiring

    To be fair, Reid did not have to use that option for Obama's SCOTUS nominees. Sotomayor was confirmed 68-31 and Kagen was confirmed 63-37. No way a Republican nominee will ever get over 60 votes in the Senate now or even in the future unless there are more than 60 Republicans in the Senate. The Dems don't play that way! The SCOTUS is traditionally how the Dems get their policies enacted. They will do all they can to keep a firm Constitutionalist off the court.
  7. auburn41

    Anthony Kennedy is retiring

    Well with the so called "Nuclear Option" already invoked and used for Gorsuch, I'm not sure the Dems can do anything about it. The Republicans only need a simple majority to approve.
  8. Interestingly, there were no FBI agents internal e-mails or texts brought to light that were positive about Trump or negative about Hillary. I'm pretty sure if there had been any uncovered they would have been included. It appears that if there are right leaning FBI agents.....they did their job without foaming at the mouth about how they were gong to "keep Hillary from becoming President." It would be great if the left leaning agents did their job in the same way!
  9. auburn41

    National Championships

    I used to have discussions with buddies about this subject. I ran across an Alabama Media Guide from 1983 about 10 years ago and snapped this picture. This was the year before they started claiming all the additional titles. This picture just makes me smile!!
  10. I believe you really believe that, yet you call me "clueless." So, I guess all the people at DOJ and at FBI that no longer work there, or have been re-assigned have nothing to do with any nefarious/illegal investigation of the Trump Campaign. When all this is done, there will be many people in jail from the Obama administration. You don't have to bother replying, I think I already know how you will respond.......pretty much the same as all the 31K other posts. Man you must be tired from all of that typing!!
  11. Then it is settled. Trump will be happy to test your theory that the respective presidential candidate will welcome that type investigation. What is good for the goose......of course, I thought this was the United States and that we were all protected, even Presidential candidates, from an obtrusive government. I hope Trump doesn't turn Big Brother loose on you. Good luck!
  12. OK, then I'm sure you will have no problem with the Trump Administration putting FBI informants (call them whatever you like) in the opposition party's Presidential campaign in 2020, right? I'm sure Trump and his people will promise not to do anything with any information they uncover that will help him get re-elected. You see how this works? Nothing to see here folks.....many should go to jail over this. My one question is....what did Obama know and when did he know it (I guess that is technically two questions)?
  13. auburn41

    Top Ten Happiest & Unhappiest States...

    Yeah, there is an election coming up soon in 2018 and 2020. I wonder how the press and the Democrats will react when the Trump administration utilizes the US Intelligence Services to spy on and monitor the Democratic presidential campaign? I guess the precedent has been set, right? I know one thing for sure, the mainstream media would not accept that behavior as OK or be apologists for Trump and the Republicans the way they have been for the Obama administration and Democrats!
  14. Since when is OK to call half the US voting population retarded. Is this the "Smack Talk Forum?" I would not call US Citizens that vote for a Democrat "retarded." It is too much of an insult to retarded people!
  15. auburn41

    Professor Blasts CNN

    So how does this affect CNN's ratings as far as the number of viewers they get based on having TV's in the airport (so called Out-of-Home)? No one actually watches it. I guess when you have a captive audience that is not paying attention, it still counts for something, right? Nielsen has announced the addition of two new subscribers to its Out-of-Home audience measurement service: CNN and Turner Sports. Under terms of the agreement, both CNN and Turner Sports will get weekly reports that include daily data for program and commercial audience estimates for TV viewing in offices, airports, gyms, bars, hotels and basically anywhere one can watch television outside of the home.