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  1. Well, since you asked......just about everything you post! 😳 Have a good day!
  2. Music trivia........... This song was written by Bruce Springsteen and released on his first album in 1973 (although his version was commercially unsuccessful). Manfred Mann's version reached #1 in Feb 1977 and remains Springsteen's only #1 single as a songwriter.
  3. Spoken like a true WHITE SUPREMACIST!!! No wonder he was labeled as such by the main stream media!!😳
  4. You are correct. I just found this. The 125 troops were part of a "Limited Mobilization" that supported infrastructure, such as utilities and fire stations.........
  5. Well #2, you are all-knowing. I could be wrong but I posted based on media reports such as: https://www.channel3000.com/wisconsin-national-guard-troops-ready-for-mobilization-to-kenosha/ Last summer, Gov. Tony Evers deployed National Guard troops to the city following a violent night of protests during which Kyle Rittenhouse shot three people, killing two of them. Often the media is wrong (Russia for instance). If I am wrong, it is because of them!
  6. The fact of the matter is that the Gov of Wisconsin, a Democrat, should have called up the Wisconsin National Guard to insure order after the Blake shooting. Remember Trump was President at that time and the Democrats thought the protests/riots were a good thing to keep Trump from getting re-elected. The shootings involving Rittenhouse happened on the third night of protests/riots and if the Guard had been involved there would have been no need for citizens to get involved in protecting businesses. Something like 20 vehicles had been burned the first two nights at that car lot. I fin
  7. What does this mean to you? You know the US has an INCOME tax and not a WEALTH tax, right? Since there is no WEALTH tax currently, what the hell do you mean by "higher wealth taxes?"
  8. Try Stitchworks (https://stitch4u.com/store/index.php?main_page=product_info&cPath=1&products_id=1). They made many custom Jerseys for me over the years while my son played High School and College football. His mom loved to wear a jersey that looked identical to his while watching from the stands. Anyway, I used Stitchworks to make replica AU jerseys for Christmas gifts the year after AU won the natty (they looked identical as I ordered the SEC patches and Fiesta Bowl patches from e-bay). They do excellent work and they were started and are owned by Auburn graduates. Sometimes ther
  9. I wonder if he was happy about the people that died of AIDS. That was certainly caused by making bad choices on their part and was completely preventable!(at least the people that got it from unprotected sexual contact)!
  10. These history lessons are nice but the fact remains that a white woman dressed in a gorilla mask attacked a black man running for Gov of CA and the press largely didn't report on it because the black man was a Republican. We still don't even know the woman's name. If a white conservative did the same to Stacy Abrams (or any other politician of color) the media would still be talking about it as a lead story and would have released the attacker's name, what job they had and already interview acquaintances. This is nothing but typical media hypocrisy. The same hypocrisy that happen on this
  11. I'm pretty sure you meant Van Tiffin and not Kiffin. Just wanted to set the record straight for any younger people who were not alive at that time.
  12. Hey #2, here is your chance to be obtuse again and act like you don't understand my point like last time! What would the press response have been like if this was a person on the "right" throwing an egg at Stacy Abrams or Maxine Waters or someone similar??? https://nypost.com/2021/09/09/media-ignore-racial-attack-on-larry-elder-because-hes-republican/
  13. Well, he has been vaccinated and is showing no symptoms. This is from the NYTimes. You can google it if you want to read the rest of it yourself..... Gov. Greg Abbott of Texas tested positive for the coronavirus on Tuesday and is receiving an antibody treatment, though he has no symptoms, the governor’s office announced. An ardent opponent of mask and vaccine mandates, Mr. Abbott, a Republican, has taken his opposition to such requirements all the way to the State Supreme Court. Mr. Abbott, who is fully vaccinated, will now be isolated in the Governor’s Mansion while receivi
  14. Here's a nice little tidbit for you.........remember Bowe Bergdahl https://nypost.com/2021/08/16/taliban-leader-was-freed-from-guantanamo-in-2014-swap-by-obama/
  15. Here is a pic of BHO's house. It is right on the coast and is not 311 feet above sea level!
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