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  1. It is amazing to me that you can disagree with my "simplistic stats." Some people call them facts. Every time it has been tried, cutting taxes (letting Americans keep more of their own money) raises tax revenues to the Federal Government in the long run. My guess is it works that way because an economy is not a "zero-sum game. I'm sure that people allowed to keep more of their own money find ways to use their money to grow the economy. I'm not an economist, I happen to be an engineer, so I can't explain it better than my simplistic stats of Federal Tax Revenues INCREASED (almost doubled in 8 years) during the Reagan years. Anyway, I hope you have a good rest of the day.
  2. I have neither the time or the inclination to demonstrate the Washington Post is lying or manipulating numbers. In my original post I linked to verifiable numbers as well showing that tax revenues to the Federal Government almost doubled during Reagan's "Trickle Down Farce" as described by an upstream poster (since that poster got no admonishment from you I guess you agree with that sentiment). My only point is that taxes were cut and revenues increased. Checkmate. The Washington Post fact checker can say whatever he/they want....revenues increased. BTW, Pres. Kennedy similarly cut taxes in 1964. Guess what....revenues increased. Seems like a pattern to me. For the third time I will state that I don't believe I can change your opinion with my posts and I know for sure you won't change mine, so lets disagree agreeably. Have a nice day.
  3. From that "Bastion of Truth" the Washington the last three sentences of my post😀
  4. Actually, if you search on the web for total tax revenue collected by the the US Govt., by year, you will see the following. The tax revenue that the US Govt collected from tax payers almost doubled from the time that Reagan came into office until the end of his second term. I would say very clearly that trickle down actually worked. As someone who is old enough to remember the economy of the Carter administration, I can tell you the economy boomed during Reagan's administration. The revenue almost doubled because people that got to keep more of their own money invested it in new business and hired a bunch of people that were not working before. All of those new wage earners began paying taxes and you get a doubling of the tax revenue. Anyway, just my two cents. If the same thing happens here that usually happens on the inter post will not change your mind. And just to make it clear, any subsequent post from you, will not change my mind. Have a good day!! Tax Revenue by Year.tiff
  5. B. Feldman interviews CGM

    47-17-1 and an SEC West championship along the way to being fired (or quitting) after starting 1-5 with your top two (three?) centers going down before taking a single snap in your final season says there's a wee bit more to it than that... Been reading this board for years but this is my first post. 47-17-1 does not sound that bad unless it is framed by the first 22 games where his record was 20-1-1. So 17-16 really sux and we should all be able to agree on that!