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  1. Damn, now I’m wishing I didn’t tell you about this at lunch today!!! You would have never wandered over here if I hadn’t mentioned it.
  2. So for all the discussion about Norcross and Duluth....I grew up in Norcross when it was out in the country, and the food options were not what they are now..... Name a Heisman Trophy winner from Duluth? Don't cheat!!!
  3. I don't know why you think this borders on comical and as someone who regularly makes sales calls on NASA (and sells them products regularly), they are not scrounging 8086 processors. The fact is the ISS has been in space since 1998. It would be a natural assumption that computers used would be from years prior to launch. The environment in space is way different than here. Parts have to be RadHard (protected from radiation) because radiation wreaks havoc on silicon semiconductors. As the silicon geometry gets smaller, radiation has more of an affect. In other words silicon parts made today are way less survivable in a high radiation environment than parts made 25 or 30 years ago. Semiconductors made from other materials, like Gallium Arsenide handle radiation much better than silicon, but it is about 1000 times more expensive to make Gallium Arsenide than it is to make parts out of Silicon. The state of the art RadHard Single Board Computer (SBC) (for instance) that I sell, is based on the IBM PowerPC 750 that was introduced in the early 2000's. If you (and I mean the government because they of course don't have any money, it it your's along with anyone else that pays taxes) want to buy my RadHard SBC, it can set you back up to about $750K for 1 SBC based on the testing that you require. This SBC is used on most of the satellites that are being launched now.....Here is the product brief if you are interested in buying one. SCS750XXpb.pdf
  4. So Trump has co-opted the Justice Department? I guess Obama didn't co-opt the Justice Department by spying on American citizens and initiating a "counter intelligence" investigation with zero evidence? The recently declassified testimony from all of the Obama Intelligence officials (all of them) said they had or saw no evidence of the Trump campaign working with anyone from Russia or anywhere else. If they saw no evidence, why did they start the investigation? I can see Mueller on the first day he walked into his office and called all of his partisan investigators into the conference room and said....this thing has been under investigation by the FBI, CIA, DIA and every other 3 letter agency in DC, where is all the evidence? I'm sure he was shocked at the sound of silence! Luckily there is a guy out of Connecticut that is investigating all of this. Hopefully Justice will be served!!
  5. “You’re an easy mark, David” coming from the guy that bought into the whole Trump is a Russian spy BS. Also, all of the “under oath” congressional testimony from Clapper, Brennan, Rice, Power, Mcabe and Lynch was declassified and released. Interesting that they said much different things under oath than they did on CNN night after night, day after day for three years. All of them said they saw no evidence of anyone in the Trump campaign working with any foreign govt, which includes Russia. But on MSNBC they all said things like “what does Putin have on Trump?” Anyway, thanks for the laugh, and remember @DKW 86 you’re an easy mark!
  6. So basically, you can act any way YOU want and I can't point it out? But I'm the one that needs to grow up, huh? You are a tiny little man. You don't have to ban me, I will choose to quit posting on my own. Someone please hold Homer to his bet with me about not posting on the either political forum for 6 months after Trump wins re-election!
  7. Firstly, someone with Mod powers has altered my typing. When I type "CurrentPresident'sNameTiger" it displays as "I Suck" once I hit Submit. Either you or someone else with Mod powers altered my ability to post my own words. Secondly, you threaten to ban me all the time. Point out one Board Rule that I have broken? I don't believe pointing out that you acting like the rear end of a horse (when you do) is against board rules.
  8. This my daughter riding one of her horses. I put your nickname over the part of the horse you act like. The fact that you have to use Mod powers to change my posts, speaks volumes about you!!
  9. (You SUCK)😂😂. I guess you’re not smart enough to play fair.😎
  10. You should understand why. Absolute power corrupts absolutely.
  11. Wait, so you’re a Christian and a Republican? Could never guess either of those from your posts!😂