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  1. I think I've literally seen this exact same thread posted the last 4 seasons.
  2. I hope him being a freshman doesn't prevent Bo from starting. Jalen Hurts and dude at Clemson both started as freshmen and were highly successful. Hopefully Gus is smart enough to reward him with the starting position IF he earns it.
  3. I despise the argument of, "Well, you shouldn't have put yourself in that position in the first place." No kidding. That's an ideal situation, much like it's ideal that a football game never comes down to a kid having to make a last second field goal. However, these people have jobs for a reason, and when the game is on the line is when they should be doing their best work.
  4. Time for the refs to hand this one to the cats
  5. I'm gonna need to see a cardiologist after this one
  6. I guess it takes getting an elbow to the face before Kentucky gets a foul called on them.
  7. Nothing different. I hold no hope for next year anyway. Auburn games will be an excuse to drink. Always faithful nonetheless.
  8. I went from happy, to sad, to angry, now I just don't even care
  9. We think we're getting Stoops, but instead we're stuck with Double Bubble another year. It's like getting catfished on tinder.
  10. You ain't kidding. They beat the crap out of you and verbally abuse you, then they're sweet for a little while, only to go back to having the crap beat out of you again.
  11. If this is the case, I'm done. Not watching Auburn football anymore until Malzahn's gone. I love my Tigers and will always root for them; I've gotten up every Sunday morning between 1:30 AM and 8 AM the past 4 years to see them play from Japan, but this season just wasn't worth it. I can't take the incompetence, especially from the school's leadership. My God. I love my Auburn Tigers, but I also care about my mental health.
  12. Like many others on here have said though, it's the most enjoyment I've gotten out of this forum since September. Hell, maybe since the Muschamp hire.
  13. I guess I can't go more than 30 minutes without checking this page, lest I have to read through 8 more pages just to realize nothing has happened yet.
  14. I would love to see Kyle Shanahan come in, but I doubt he'd leave SF, even if that is a ship that can't be unsunk.
  15. Socialism is like trickle down economics in the sense that they both look good on paper, but neither take into account human nature. No one is going to want to be paid similarly to someone who works a less skilled job, and wealthy businessmen will hord money because that's human nature. Like someone on here said, it's a balance. There's no perfect solution and it certainly isn't found in the extreme left or extreme right. If we can balance the provision that comes with socialist policies with the competition that comes with capitalist policies, then we'd have a system that runs like a well oiled machine.