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  1. 80% of first down plays were runs... Please tell me this shifts at least 10% the other way this season.
  2. Why does Will Hastings get so much playing time?
  3. The Twirly Bird is the football equivalent to the Affliction clothing line. Isn't and never was cool.
  4. Hence why his buyout is $20 million as opposed to $5 million or however much Gus's is. I'm just saying, it is not uncommon for coaches to have large buyouts these days. I saw an article where almost every coach that's at a Power 5 school has a steep buyout. We can thank our very own Coach Tuberville and the Jetgate incident for that one. Also, I send my regards to A4E. With news like this, it appears that Tuberville won't be taking over as our AD anytime soon
  5. I'm sure this is in reference to the buyouts he incorporates into his contracts. Almost every major program does that. Jimbo Fisher's buyout is $20 million for instance.
  6. Had the honor of watching the 2013 LSU game with him at Blackfinn Ameripub, which closed off half the bar for the DC Auburn fan club. Great dude and had great things to say about Gus. He actually showed me texts back and forth between him and Gus. He said that night that Auburn was back. Now, the real question is, "Who is going to play me in the movie about his life?"
  7. You guys are aware that there's programs out there that help people recover from alcohol problems, right? People make mistakes and recover from them all the time. I'm sure every one of us has some ugly skeletons in our closet. To write Sarkisian off because of past issues, that he's most likely recovered from, is some self righteous horse s***.
  8. I remember Al Borges talking about having to change the offensive line's blocking angles cause Kenny's cuts were so quick.
  9. Gus will look like the biggest idiot if this happens. It'll be the Cox twirlybird of hires.
  10. If you're thinking of offing yourself and just need a little nudge off the ledge, start at page 1 and re-read this entire thread.
  11. Obviously, since most of a4e's posts involve sputtering off asinine or obvious sentence fragments and setting things on fire.
  12. Well, mine got dethroned really quick lol
  13. Lache Seastrunk reported to be the OC!
  14. If this were the only format, we'd be at 250 by now 🙄 Why do I keep visiting this thread hoping for news? Lol
  15. Can someone just wake me up when this s*** show ends?