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  1. caleb1633

    Next year

    Exactly. His understanding of exploiting a defense is elementary at best. If he did any of what we've discussed in our last two posts, we wouldn't have lost many of the most frustrating games the last 4 years.
  2. They're missing two big ones: Jeff Holland and Tray Matthews. I'm amazed people overlook Holland so much. In my opinion, he was superior to Carl Lawson. Dude wreaked havoc along the line in 2017; just ask Jake Fromm. Tray Matthews may not have had incredible numbers, but he was the Quarterback of the defense in 2017 and did an excellent job. Everyone else was a good pick.
  3. caleb1633

    Next year

    Al Borges' most genius move as our OC was getting Carnell and Ronnie on the field at the same time. I'm amazed more coaches haven't adopted that philosophy. Gus needs to quit thinking so much about the plays and think more about the players; by that I mean doing whatever it takes to get the ball in the hands of his best playmakers. His best success has come when he's done that (Nick Marshall, Cam Newton, Tre Mason, Kerryon Johnson). If Shivers is a playmaker, do all you can to get the ball in his hands as much as possible. Same with Joiner, Schwartz, Seth, etc. Don't just have some specific plays drawn up for them that utilize them a few times a game. Scheme to get the ball in their hands as much as possible.
  4. caleb1633

    Next year

    Agreed that UGA is definitely the toughest game. Alabama at their house is the type of game that Gus lays an egg in though. It's a safer bet than thinking we'll win.
  5. caleb1633

    Next year

    Kevin Steel will have the defense ready. I have learned to never doubt him. The big question mark will be on the offensive line. UGA and Bama are likely losses. LSU could be a win since it's at home and Burrow will be gone. Worst case scenario: 8-4. Best case scenario: 10-2. Most likely scenario: 9-3.
  6. He has us on the precipice. I think the frustration with Malzahn lies with the fact that for 4 straight seasons now, we’ve been 3-4 games of semi-competent offensive play calling and execution away from being in the playoffs every single year.
  7. When you look at Saturday's game as a singular event, it was spectacular; however, if you look at the context of the game and where our program stands, Saturday's victory does little to address some of the glaring concerns many of us have with the program. Consider this: Since Saban has been at Alabama, every Iron Bowl victory we've had has been followed by a lackluster season the follow-on year (2008: 5-7; 2011: 8-5; 2014: 8-5; 2018: 8-5). While that hardly makes next year's outcome definite, given the issues we're facing, it wouldn't be at all surprising if things next year quickly take away much of the joy we currently feel surrounding this victory. Ultimately, this victory may mean very little for our program in the long run. I am not trying to be a negative Nancy, but I'm also not going to put my blinders on to what could potentially occur. I'm hoping for the best, but prepared for the worst. War Eagle!
  8. I hope only for what’s best for our program, and if a loss one year to our bitterest rival could lead to many more victories down the road, it doesn’t make me a bad fan. I just have a different perspective on this matter. Malzahn may have been retained after tonight, regardless of the outcome. He always manages to keep his job every year, and this victory may be one of the arrows in his quiver he pulls out next year to justify his retention.
  9. Bittersweet victory. It's always great to beat Bama, but the short term joy may be to the longer term detriment of our program; as I had originally stated. We'll have Gus back next year, and people will be calling for his head again. We'll likely lose to 2 out of our 3 big rivals again next year. Hate me for feeling that way, but I'll remind you of this post next year.
  10. “Alabama just made a stupid mistake!" Auburn: "Hold my beer!"
  11. Q: What do you get when you put 32 Alabama cheerleaders in a room at once? A: A full set of teeth
  12. Tuscaloosa: Where and Tinder are the same thing
  13. Give the board your best Alabama jokes! For starters: Q: How can you tell if an Alabama fan is married? A: There's dried tobacco spit on both sides of his pickup
  14. As a whole, Auburn football has been very frustrating to watch this year; however, the defense has been thrilling to watch. I would be willing to argue that this Auburn defense is on par with the 2004 defense, and the reason is because of how well it performs against offenses that are far more prolific now than what we were facing in the early 2000s. I never want to lose Kevin Steel.
  15. Bama - 23 Auburn - 13 Our defense will play lights out except for a few plays when their WRs break away. The offense will be exactly what we've come to expect of a Gus Malzahn offense in big games. I expect the one touchdown we'll get will either come during our first drive when we catch Bama off guard, or it'll come late when we're just trying to make the score respectable.