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  1. caleb1633

    My most favorite Auburn team

    I'd say 1A and 1B are the 2004 and 2013 teams. 2004 was amazing to watch because they were just so dominant. 2013 was a magical year and completely unexpected. Even though we fell short, I still remember the season very fondly. 2 would be the 2010 team. I was a junior at Auburn at the time, so it was phenomenal experiencing that. It's slightly tainted because of the coaching staff and because of all the controversy surrounding it. Plus we talk about TEAM, well, Cam was that team.
  2. caleb1633

    2018 Hype Video Thread

    Why do people feel like every hype video now has to show the crappy things that happened the year before at the beginning of the video? Seriously, it's a hype video!
  3. caleb1633

    Gun Control vs. Second Amendment

    Lol I had a nice run-in with the side of a C-130 in Ft Benning.
  4. caleb1633

    Gun Control vs. Second Amendment

    They're highly trained and closely supervised to do it as part of their job. Plus the military is a young man's game. You want to get them younger cause they're more impressionable and easy to program. It's a lot easier to convince an 18 year old right out of high school to charge at a Machine Gun position without questioning orders, whereas a 21-22 year old who's lived on his own and been to college is potentially gonna question such an order. An Infantryman also has a shelf life and you get a few more years out of them when you get them at 18 than you would if they were 21. I'm 30 years old and can tell you, the lifestyle destroys your body. I have arthritis in every joint in my upper body, inflamed nerves, and partially separated AC joints. You don't want guys my age storming the beaches of North Korea lol.
  5. caleb1633

    Did we win the war in Iraq?

    Well an interesting thing to consider is what would Iraq look like today if not for OIF? I'd guess it'd be a similar situation to North Korea. Kind of off topic, but I don't think we actually want to win in Afghanistan. I think we wanna stay there so we have the capability to strike China from the west.
  6. caleb1633

    Gun Control vs. Second Amendment

    Yes, the states rights to own slaves haha. Though that wasn't really as prominently discussed until the emancipation proclamation. Lincoln implementing that is what won the war. Slaves fled the south in droves, crippling their economy, and it prevented the British from siding with the Confederacy due to Britain having just outlawed slavery themselves. Nonetheless, slavery was the one common thread among most of the documents the states submitted to succeed from the union.
  7. caleb1633

    Did we win the war in Iraq?

    I agree that we definitely shouldn't have gone there in the first place. Saddam was an excellent balance of power against Iran. I think that the country is definitely in the best state it's been in since we crossed the border of Kuwait in 2003. I also think that ISIS currently poses no legitimate threat to the stability within the region. Like @homersapien said, it depends on how you define "win", because our goals changed multiple times during that conflict.
  8. Question: With the announcement of the ISIS caliphate having been defeated in Iraq, can we now say that we won the war in Iraq?
  9. caleb1633

    Gun Control vs. Second Amendment

    Ok, let's the just go ahead and set the record straight on the whole argument of "Well, the Afghans beat that superior technology with AKs and Pitch Forks! The Viet Cong beat us! The Americans vs. the British.", etc. First of all, there is a SIGNIFICANT difference between defeating an invading force versus defeating an occupying force. Secondly, every successful insurgency has had two critical similarities: 1- Significant geographic features which greatly hindered the superior force from asserting its dominance. 2- The support of a power that was of near or equal capability as the insurgency's opponent. If you want a better example, look at the Civil War. The states rose up in defiance of a "tyrannical" government insistent on taking their right to own slaves. They said, "You can have my slaves when you pry them from my cold, dead fingers!" And guess what? They pryed their slaves from their cold dead fingers. Furthermore, do you really think the military is gonna pillage and burn their own homeland? Get real. I agree with @homersapien. The opposition of a tyrannical government by the populace is nice in theory, and so is communism, but neither will work in practice.
  10. Gentlemen/Ladies, In light of the recent school shooting in Parkland, FL, I was curious as to what all of your opinions were regarding the never-ending debate between gun control vs. second amendment rights. Go!
  11. caleb1633

    Looking Ahead: Washington

    Here's an idea: Let's beat UGA, lose to Bama, then sit home during the SECCG and fill in the #4 spot on the playoff bracket. Worked for Bammer.
  12. caleb1633

    Bama vs Georgia

    Which is more annoying? A vegan crossfitter who trades bitcoin, or a Bama fan after winning a NC?
  13. caleb1633

    Bama vs Georgia

    2017 was such a terrible year in sports! 2018: "Hold my beer!"
  14. caleb1633

    upside and downside of 2 QB system

    Below is the list of positives for moving to a two QB system: Any questions?
  15. I don’t need this poor treatment! I see all the time on the internet that there are singles out there dying to meet me!