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  1. I'm just glad it didn't happen against us. Arkansas jumped on that grenade for us.
  2. In his defense, he forgot what we always seem to forget: Gus only coaches when his job is on the line.
  3. I'm thinking (and hoping) that the fanbase has gotten to where they can look past a single victory against our most hated rival and realize that it doesn't cover up the hemorrhaging that is occurring within our program
  4. Neither of you have any evidence to support your claims, but I HIGHLY doubt no other options were available to Chad Morris. I've seen OCs with worse resumes get high level gigs. As to the OP, here's what I think will happen: the offense will show flashes of brilliance next year, but Gus will again have the influence to disappoint us enough to where we want him fired, but not enough for us to actually be able to fire him.
  5. Next year will be the fourth straight "make-or-break" season for Gus. Spoiler alert: He'll save his job by appealing to the emotions of sunshine pumper, only to disappoint us again.
  6. You aren't wrong! Minnesota deserved that victory. Their performance was FAR superior to Auburn.
  7. A true fan wouldn't root for keeping a coach who has us losing to MINNESOTA.
  8. We lost to Minnesota.... Minnesota.... Let that sink in. I wanted to lose the Iron Bowl so we could get rid of that bubble gum chewing dotard walking the sideline, but everyone was cool with keeping him so long as we beat big brother every few years.
  9. I remember telling people to simmer down after the Iron Bowl and that we may regret that victory because we're stuck with this loser who gets beat by subpar teams regularly.
  10. What a garbage effort by our secondary much of this game.
  11. Our players have tackled like Chizik was HC
  12. I've not been this disappointed in the way Auburn's players are performing since UCF. I hope someone puts a foot in their ass at the half.
  13. When did Ellis Johnson become DC again?
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