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  1. Bashing Gus

    I am not necessarily a Gus supporter, but I think we need to see how the next few games play out before we completely abandon our faith in him as HC. I am frustrated with the last two years as well, but there also was a considerable improvement between 2015-2016. We'd have finished with 9-10 wins in 2016 had it not been for injuries. We can still do the same this year. I doubt we compete for a NC, but the rest of the SEC is pretty down. If we make it past the hurdle of MS, our season looks promising up until Bama.
  2. Player Development

    "I guess Gus just ruined them so bad they couldn't possibly succeed anywhere they went!" - half the fans on this board
  3. Bashing Gus

    Like another poster said, putting up 500+ yards against two weak teams is hardly wetting the bed. Additionally, bro... We're 2-1. We don't know yet that this is gonna be an 8-4 season. Chill the eff out. Our one loss came by a touchdown to the defending national champions for Christ's sake! We don't know enough about this team yet to determine if Gus gets a pass/fail grade for the season. The next two weeks will determine that.
  4. Receivers want to be best in the nation

    Exactly, and I think that Gus's offenses have largely been predicated on fooling the defense to where the receiver is wide open (a la Stanton Truitt against Arky last year). Now that defenses aren't fooled so easily, we have to realize that perfect throws in tight coverage are going to have to happen, especially against the big fellas on our schedule. I also think that Kodi is the problem. Trooper Taylor annoyed me tirelessly, but at least the receivers looked a lot better. And our receivers now are exponentially better than they were when he was there. He wouldn't have NCM and Kyle Davis looking like they are right now.
  5. The Woes of Malzahn- Insights and Looking Forward

    Minus 97 when our running game made it about as far as Lt Dan in a foot race. Dameyune Craig was that offense.
  6. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    One thing about Bobo, he knew how to make adjustments. Being a Falcons fan and watching that offense, I wish we could have something that methodical and capable of exploiting whatever the defense is trying to do. I know that no team in the NCAA could ever be at that level, but something similar would be nice. I see Bama, Clemson, and Louisville do it. Instead we have the same ole gadgetry that teams adjust to after a quarter. If CL can do that, and Gus let's him (big IF), then we can contend. I think Gus would be a great coach if he just quit messing with offense. He's not an offensive guru like we thought.
  7. New Feature: Our Picks

    I agree. This is "Our Picks" thing is off to a VERY poor start! 😭
  8. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    We don't know enough about either to put them above Gus. They may not be doing any better here under the same circumstances.
  9. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    We should suggest it to JJ
  10. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    I feel like you're taking this conversation about tinder way more seriously than I am hahaha
  11. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    But then it's just a hook-up, and most classy college coaches are always gonna say in their bio, "If you're here for a hook-up, swipe left!"
  12. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Idk you can't be a single football program like you can be a single dude. There's no tinder for college athletics.
  13. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Maybe so, but I doubt either of those guys do a lateral move here, and as other have said, I wouldn't want to come play in the SEC if I was a top flight coach in another conference. I'd stay there and enjoy essentially a 3 game season and let the pawns in the SEC hopefully knock Saban out of the race so I wouldn't have to play him.
  14. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    I don't think they get any better until Saban leaves. At least not if the carousel continues. Continuity is huge for a program. Half the teams in the SEC have newer coaches than Gus and none of those schools with newer coaches have a better winning percentage than him. I find it hard to believe the solution for us is to just get a new coach. It's not that simple.
  15. Let's expose the excuses and face reality

    Sadly, I think that Gus is either the 3rd or 2nd best coach in the SEC. It's obvious who number one is, and Mullen is either second or third. This season is far from over. We are fortunate to have mediocre teams coming up that could allow us to get in a groove. Be patient.