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  1. WarEagle10

    Dixie 1860 Passes Away

    Prayers, thoughts, and well wishes for his family and friends. War Eagle, Jay!
  2. WarEagle10

    Kaleb Kim injures Ankle

    We do have guys dropping like flies. It is a major concern of mine. Hopefully guys will step up. At least there is a lot of time to get ready before the season begins.
  3. WarEagle10

    Official Postgame thread

    A very poor effort by our guys. I don't understand our OL. Some games they show up, some they don't. It's a frustrating watch. I am as big a Gus fan as there is, but he needs to change how he prepares the team for a bowl game. Yet another bowl game where we come out flat.
  4. WarEagle10

    How does AU match up against UCF

    I watched them yesterday for the first time all year. Their QB is very accurate. Our DB's will have their hands full. That O was quite impressive. Their D looks like swiss cheese.
  5. WarEagle10

    Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    O.K., then let me state again.........Gus has won two West Division titles in five years.......with that juggernaut going on the other side of the State. If we don't pay him, somebody else will. Then where do we turn?
  6. WarEagle10

    Do we still protect Gus from Arkansas?

    It boggles my mind at how many gumps we have in our fanbase. I am starting to understand why so many laugh at our fanbase. Gus has won two West championships in five years. "Let's fire his sorry fanny". unfreakinbelievable
  7. WarEagle10

    Thank You AU Players and Coaches

    It has been a fun season. I hate what happened today, but have enjoyed the last five weeks, or so, as much as any football season in several years. War Eagle, to our guys!!!! Thanks for this season.
  8. WarEagle10

    What changed for Stidham

    He is just getting more comfortable with the O. He also sat for over a year without playing a game. He was practicing with HS kids. Kid has talent and it was obvious in the Spring game.
  9. WarEagle10

    FINAL: Auburn 40 Georgia 17

    Absolutely dominating performance on both sides of the ball. I enjoyed every minute of it. Could not have happened to a better bunch.
  10. WarEagle10

    Praise for Coach Malzahn

    Gus is a good HC when we have more talent than the other team. His problem is when teams have equal/greater talent. He does stupid shhhhtuff and fails to make adjustments.
  11. WarEagle10

    FINAL: Auburn 42 Texas A&M 27

    Good win on the road. It was sloppy at times and beautiful at other times. Need to get ready for UGA. This is a huge one.
  12. WarEagle10

    does lsu loss carry over

    I think our guys come out spitting nails tomorrow. They know last weeks "thing" wasn't on them and I think they have some frustrations they need to get out.
  13. WarEagle10

    Anyone talk to Gus

    He didn't talk much about the LSU game. However, he told me he expects a good week of practice this week.
  14. WarEagle10

    Embarrassed or Mad?

    Pissed last night...........numb today. I know what Gus is. I had been in denial but the Clemson game woke me up. I am pissed at myself for believing that Gus had finally turned the corner. I will never fall for that again.
  15. WarEagle10

    Coordinators Silence

    That article is weeks old.