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  1. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    I have that one put up. It's been quite a while since I have been through all the ones I have kept over the years. I need to go through them one rainy day. Thanks for that reminder.
  2. scrimmage updates?

    What difference does it make if Gus states who the starter is publicly? We all know who it is going to be. I would bet money that every single player knew a week ago who the starter is.
  3. scrimmage updates?

    It wouldn't bother me if they waited. I think we all know who the starter will be. Let Ga. Southern wonder.
  4. Great News - OT

    Fantastic news. God is good!
  5. Teams AU has never played

  6. Teams AU has never played

    Thanks. I would not have guessed that with 100 tries.
  7. Teams AU has never played

    Bottom row, in between Umass and Utah.........who is that and what is that?
  8. 2017 Fall Camp - Mon, July 31 (First Practice)

    There is something about the air that feels different today. Put me in Coach.
  9. Fall camp is near

    For it to be over so we can get the season started already.
  10. Favorite AU Player That Wasn't Everyone Else's?

    Lawyer Tillman. It seemed like every time we needed a play, Lawyer would make one.
  11. What happened to the forum?

    I'm not sure what happened, maybe it was the Russians. It logged me out for some reason and I can't seem to log back in. Craziest thing ever.
  12. Best AU player ever besides the Heisman winners?

    Lawyer Tillman was always a big favorite of mine. Tommie Agee comes to mind also. Two guys who don't get mentioned a whole lot..........but were a couple of my favorites. Just went through the thread.........can't believe Tracy Rocker hasn't been mentioned yet. Fairley was great, but couldn't carry Rocker's jock.
  13. Other than Bo Jackson, who is AU's No. 1 RB?

    Honestly, too many to narrow it down to just 5, IMO. We have had some absolutely outstanding RB's wear our uniform over the years. *we took a brief hiatus during the Tater Tot years
  14. Al Borges new Offensive Analyst

    I'm glad he came back. I enjoyed watching his O.
  15. All things Jarrett Stidham (merged threads)

    I had a dream last night about Jarrett. He stole my Prom date and I didn't even care. I would have offered him my sister........if I had one.