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  1. Anyone talk to Gus

    He didn't talk much about the LSU game. However, he told me he expects a good week of practice this week.
  2. Embarrassed or Mad?

    Pissed last night...........numb today. I know what Gus is. I had been in denial but the Clemson game woke me up. I am pissed at myself for believing that Gus had finally turned the corner. I will never fall for that again.
  3. Coordinators Silence

    That article is weeks old.
  4. Personnel Assessment

    Our O used to be very unpredictable. We would catch D's with their pants down all of the time. It's like Gus lost all but two pages of his playbook. It's baffling.
  5. Most Deflating Loss in a Long Time

    I can't remember the last time I saw a team dominate the first quarter, then not be able to get out of their own way the remaining three quarters. This one stings.
  6. FINAL: AU 23 LSU 27 -- Postgame Thread

    That was a tough one. I wish we could figure out how intermediate routes work. LSU made adjustments............we didn't. It's that simple.
  7. FINAL: Auburn 49 Mississippi State 10

    That was a thing of beauty. This team is fun to watch. Solid D and the O is now doing what we expected from the start. Jarrett Stidham may be the best pure passer I have ever seen at Auburn. Our D is really really good. The OL looked the best they have all season long. Still need to improve for UGA/bama, but our guys have shown that they are improving every week. My only gripe about the game.......what the heck was ESPN doing switching the game over to ESPN NEWS? That was about a crock of serious crap.
  8. Chuck Person

    If their suit gave money to the parents, it's the same situation....only worse for bama. Their guy was in the AD. The FEDS are still trying to figure out if he pocketed all of the money or if he did indeed pass some along.
  9. I am hoping Pearl survives. It is pretty obvious that Person was rogue.
  10. Chuck Person

    The Pitino situation is much different than ours.
  11. Chuck Person

    We get busted for paying players to leave. And the guy doing it is an Auburn legend. Only at Auburn.
  12. ***FINAL: Auburn 51 Mizzou 14***

    It was just Mizzoo, but I don't think we could have asked for more. The O looks to be improving. The D played well. The Leg is getting back into true form. Gus didn't wear that stupid sweater vest. It has been a good day!
  13. Gus sent a 'message' yesterday

    I think he got so many carries because we were struggling against Mercer. If we were up 4 TD's, like we should have been, Gus would have been calling for me to suit up.
  14. Where is Kam Martin or Malik Miller?

    It would have.........but we needed to play our starters the whole game so we wouldn't lose to Mercer.
  15. Rate your disdain

    Gus has lost me. I'm over him. The team either can't hit water out of a boat or they show they aren't a disciplined team. It just depends what week and who the opponent is.