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  1. How dare some media have a differing opinion.
  2. This is a great example of you mixing words to create a narrative. 1, I don’t consider myself a Trump apologist,, only want the truth via a trial to come out. This hearing is obviously one sided, which is what it is supposed to be. To what end? You tell me. 2, I clearly said people are more concerned with inflation and gas prices, but you twist it to be personal. You are clearly a lying manipulative person;
  3. I don’t need to discredit this hearing, it is doing that all by itself. Not many people are even watching this mini series, they are worried about inflation and gas prices. If you believe people are worried about this, you are kidding yourself.
  4. Please tell me what my sources of information is. I would like to hear it. You’re as bad as Homer in Ass.u. Me ing
  5. I don’t like to be mislead or manipulated and I will not trust that person or entity again, including Trump.
  6. So, I guess intentionally misleading the public is OK. What other reason would Cheney have by not vetting her witness. I did like the hug Cheney gave her star witness after the testimony.
  7. He might have intended to appoint a new AG, but it didn’t happen. He basically ran out of time. His intentions were not honorable, but does it rise to the level of a crime?
  8. Not really, but do you believe everything going on in this committee is on the up and up? Remember it is a made for TV production.
  9. Or in this case; not wanting to participate in a witch hunt.
  10. Get it through your head. Fifty, Trump is not President and I don’t want him to run ever again. I am not taking up for him and realized he is not good for the country after the 2020 election.
  11. I am not too worried about the split on these terms. It will only take a generation or two before all the babies will be aborted and the *males and females* will be sterile and the whole woke and left culture will die out. I’m actually for it.
  12. Missed the point. I do want the facts, I don’t want speculation like we have now and that’s why I want AG Garland to step it up if he has anything. If the Republicans take the House, in January of 2023 the committee will probably be disbanded, but Garland will probably still have his opportunity. I am unaware that taking the 5th is automatically a sign of guilt. Or is this just your take?
  13. Have you ever had a client that went against your council? There has been no direct connecting of the dots between Trump and the rioters. If and when that happens, without speculation (and I know many on here have made up there minds), it will be a deal changer. This committee’s sole purpose seems to be making the 2024 election about Trump if he runs. Unfortunately, Trump will fall for this trap and want to *clear* his name and will lose if he does. I am ready to move on as Trump’s sh*t show has run its course. JMO
  14. Benghazi in reverse, but this time they will convince themselves there is proof out there somewhere.
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