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  1. If we win Saturday, then we will have momentum. Until then, we are in a long list of teams that are unbeaten. We are ranked in the Top 10, but that means little; the next game means everything.
  2. Coaching? Isn’t that what coaches are suppose to do, improve the student?
  3. Did you happen to see Boobee in the Oregon game? He ran, I think, 3 plays in a row and was gassed and wanted to come out. Gus kept him in for the WC at the 3 yard line. He ran the WC to the 1 and laid there totally gassed. If you keep a player in when he is that tired, he has a tendency to make mistakes such as fumble the ball. Every player is different and I don’t think Boobee is a back that can run like a Bo Jackson. We’ve seen this before with other players. Will Hastings in the 2017 bowl game was called upon to be the primary receiver late several times in a row in that game and was gassed and he is used to running on every play. Sometimes your body tells you what it’s going to do. JMO
  4. One other minor point; he is concerned about OL depth. Man, that’s crazy talk.
  5. That was Malik Willis that threw the pass on a RPO. Gus was visibly upset at Willis for doing the right thing.
  6. Actually, Gus didn’t give Bo the “Malik Willis” stink face, he actually communicated his thoughts by words. Good to see.
  7. With Gus isn’t all of these vanilla with the exception of the cute Gus in the red zone (no one likes that)? I mean every defense knows these plays and defends them with ease.
  8. Gus has never seen this as an issue. He plays his players like they will not ware down and are alway fresh. See Boobee in the Oregon game when Boobee wanted to come out and Gus kept him in because he wanted to run the WC. There are several other examples too numerous to mention. Gus has no, and I mean zero, in game situational awareness when it comes to his players. He also has never had a contingency plan if a QB goes down (maybe, until this year, we will see).
  9. When Nick Marshall took over I was wondering the same thing as he was not even close to the same metrics as Cam. Worked out well for Nick, as the season plays out we will see if Bo can lessen the affects of the blows as well as Nick.
  10. This is the game that I voted for as the most pivotal in our season. It’s Gus’ fourth and we know, by his previous seasons, this is the game he puts his offense all together. There will be no more vanilla offense, he won’t be able to beat T A$M with vanilla, and the defense will have to play up to their potential from the start. I am sure Jimbo will make Bo beat them by trying to take away the run. With our OL problems this could be a concern and Bo will have to grow up fast. Gus could sprinkle in a little Gatewood to keep Jimbo guessing. Who knows what Gus is going to do? I would think this game is a revenge type game for T A&M and a showcase for Gus to see what the team is made of for Auburn. Should be a good one. Hoping for the best because I don’t want to see CDC puffing his chest out and running up to Gus to confront him after the game.
  11. You will be fanscolded for this blasphemy, stand by.
  12. Trump is helping the economy in ways we never thought of. People have made a cottage industry out of his likeness.
  13. I think it makes Beto uncomfortable, he talked about how horrible America was in the debates Thursday night.
  14. Personally, I’m looking for a drama free day. War Eagle.