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  1. I_M4_AU

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    MW had a better 2017 at QB than 2018. I’m not sure why he regressed. The one time I know he had a true RPO was in the UGA game in 2017 where he hit #17 McClain (I believe) for a nice gain. Gus yelled at him the next play “don’t throw it” from the sidelines. The times Gus gave him the stink eye when he left the game are the ones he didn’t make the correct read. Other than those two instances it’s hard to tell if it’s true zone read or a predetermined play. The 2013 reference, I would think, would be earlier in the season because NM was a magician as he gained experience. Gus needs to find a QB he can trust as much as he did NM.
  2. I_M4_AU

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    Yep, it doesn’t matter the skills of our next QB, he has to think like Gus on the field. Otherwise we get the Gus stink face on the sidelines.
  3. The Crimson Tide is ebbing to a Low Tide. Can Saban change the force of nature? One can hope.
  4. I_M4_AU

    qb's - who will start in 2019?

    Be honest here; were you involved in the 2016 Clemson game planning?
  5. I_M4_AU

    Bama GT QB Jalen Hurts Picks OU

    AUDub bringing the sauce. Nice.
  6. I_M4_AU

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    Pure speculation, but CCL was a buffer between JJ’s insistence in Gus allowing his OC to call the plays and, with a new AD, transitioning to Gus taking over the play calling duties himself. Gus was just waiting out the retirement of JJ. A true conspiracy theorist opinion, so fire away!!! ETA: It probably wasn’t the plan initially, but was revised as the 2018 season unfolded as discussions with the new AD and President advanced.
  7. I_M4_AU

    Chip Lindsey Discusses Leaving Auburn

    Great discussion, guys. Just have to correct one thing; didn’t Truitt start off the 2016 season as a QB in the Clemson game?
  8. Or Nick Marshall part 2. In 2013 Gus had nobody he trusted on the roster at QB and took a chance on NM. JJ was a true freshman, like BN will be this year, and was the heir apparent. A lot of parallels here, just don’t know what’s in Gus’ head about what he thinks about his current QB roster. It definitely would be best for a GT to be able to participate in Spring practice, but not essential.
  9. I_M4_AU

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Sounds like there were too many chefs in the kitchen last year. Seems Gus is actually taking more control of things and not just play calling. I’m not getting sucked in, I swear. I will resist all off season.
  10. I_M4_AU

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    That’s the one. Now I feel really old. Thanks
  11. I_M4_AU

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    I was referencing that I remember the ad when it first came out. However, I was on the skinny side in HS.
  12. I would like nothing better than an open competition, however, looking for a GT QB doesn’t sound like it would be opened if we get said GT. Looking back at Gus’ QB battles in the spring; It wasn’t opened in 2015 (JJ was it from the get go), 2016 (anybody but SW), 2017 (JS was the shoe in) or 2018 (there was really not any competition). Gus seems to go into the spring with a definite front runner and usually sticks with it. I just have no idea what Gus will do with the talent he has on the roster. So, as usual, I will just watch and observe.
  13. I_M4_AU

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    Another way to look at this move is Horton was under contract with a one year buyout, so Auburn is honoring this while Horton looks for another job. I have no inside info on this, but it doesn’t make sense that Auburn would pay an off the field coach that kind of money on a year to year basis. This, of course, assumes Horton is getting paid his “coaching” salary.
  14. I_M4_AU

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    Man, how old is that reference? Unfortunately, I remember it when it was first used.
  15. It was just one year as 2017 we got JS, but to your point that year was nice. There’s not much of an excuse for this, but it’s the way Auburn has recruited QBs for half of the 6 years our current HC has been here.