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  1. If he learned from "the best", they won't be kicked off the team. There will be an internal investigation and the punishment will be handled accordingly.
  2. Ahhh, the James Bond car, nice. If you are really interested in getting a MGB, look up the many MGB car clubs, they can point you in the right direction as to what to look for in a restored MGB. The true sports cars are fun to drive.
  3. I love driving in the mountains with all the curves. Wife enjoys it too, but our reasons are totally different. When she's with me, I have a audio governor, as the speed increases, she starts telling me to slow down so she can take in the view. One drive we will be taking this spring is the "tail of the dragon" in NC/Tennessee. If you are unfamiliar, it has 318 curves in a span of 11 miles. I understand there are many areas that the cops sit and wait for enthusiast like me can get caught speeding, so I'll take my wife. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Deals_Gap,_North_Carolina
  4. Looking at the situation from a "chick's" point of view, maybe having no back seat was a plus?
  5. The whole essence of the car experience is what you said, "I loved driving this car". BTW, IMO it's interesting that the British Green color only looks good on a British car.
  6. Quick Kurt Busch story; I was visiting a contractor that was restoring my '62 Vette back in 07. I pull in his parking lot and attempt to back up into a parking spot. I put the car in reverse and about to let out the clutch, I look in the rear view mirror and its full of black BMW. I put on the brakes and the BMW zooms by. I parked and got out and stare down the drive and he returns the stare. I asked the guy working on my car who that was and it was, of course, Kurt Busch. I would have been pi$$ed if it was a Joe Blow a$$hole, but it was an a$$hole with some skill.
  7. I have to agree with this, when I was shopping for the M4 I stopped by the GM dealer to test drive a new 2015 Corvette. They told me they wouldn't let me drive a new one but they had a used one I could drive. Started driving it and the low fuel light came on and the salesman said it will be a short drive. Basically just around the block, it drove a little better than my '62 with all the mods I have on it. I went to the BMW dealer and he let me drive the M4 in the M mode up to about 100mph, then down a less travelled road to do a accelate/stop test. I accelerated to 60 and back to 0 and we didn't travel very long at all. Very impressive demonstration, I've always had a manual transmission, but got the dual clutch in this one and it is nice. To be honest, I do miss the manual a little.
  8. I'm sure the '67 "purs like a kitten till the lake piper roar". There is no way I could have driven that Corvette while I was in school, I don't know how you did it.
  9. Did that take the sting out of the loss?
  10. An interesting article on the BMW 2: https://www.bmwcca.org/news/we-finally-get-m2-limited-edition—-not-enough-them
  11. JR, on the local news (I live in Race City USA), said if he wins the title this year, he will retire. He even said if he doesn't, he still may retire. He is listening to his doctors on this one. I didn't realize, but he is 42 and he is putting things in perspective.
  12. I hate to admit this, but I remember when the Ford Falcon first hit the market. One of the first compact car made and appeared during the last years of the big finned cars of the 60's.
  13. I did notice and I appreciate it. I should have, thanks.
  14. @Auburn 6, to clarify, I picked up my M4 at the Greenville, SC plant. I had been to the facility in Munich many times and driven in and around Germany on several occasions, so it wasn't worth the wait for the car to take the European Delivery option. At GSP they do let you drive their cars around the track in a well supervised environment. BMW delivers the car from the boat to GSP and you pick it up from there. They put you up in a local hotel and start you off in the morning driving for an hour and a half or so, lunch, plant tour and personalized car introduction and delivery That Italy trip sounded great, I've only been to Rome and wouldn't dare drive there. I don't know the rules of the road in Rome, the lines on the road separating the lanes are just suggestions over there. Enjoyed the story.
  15. Not quite, Auburn Fast is the 40 times Auburn posts in the spring. There's the true 40 times posted and then there is the Auburn Fast 40 times. The Auburn Fast 40 times are at least .03 faster than the true 40 times. I'll post a link when I find it.