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  1. Following one’s religion is not limited to the physical church. If a person that owns a business discriminates again their customer base, they won’t last long in business. Maybe in a limited rural area, but not in a well populated area.
  2. How do you feel about the freedom of speech argument going through the court now? The Supreme Court heard oral argument on Monday in the case of Lorie Smith, a website designer and devout Christian who wants to expand her business to include wedding websites – but only for opposite-sex couples. Smith is challenging a Colorado law that prohibits most businesses from discriminating against LGBTQ customers. Requiring her to create websites for same-sex weddings, she argues, would violate her right to freedom of speech. At the oral argument, Justice Sonia Sotomayor asserted that a ruling for Smith would be the first time that the Supreme Court had ruled that “commercial businesses could refuse to serve a customer based on race, sex, religion, or sexual orientation.” But Chief Justice John Roberts countered that the Supreme Court has never approved efforts to compel speech that is contrary to the speaker’s belief, and his five conservative colleagues signaled that they were likely to join him in a ruling for Smith. https://www.scotusblog.com/2022/12/conservative-justices-seem-poised-to-side-with-web-designer-who-opposes-same-sex-marriage/ And I know they punted, but we have a new case now, your thoughts
  3. No, you’re missing the point. You’re assuming the baker is discriminating against gay when he is just denying service to a gay couple wanting to get married because of his religious beliefs Like I said, if they denied service because they are gay or black, for that matter, it would be discriminatory and would have not made it to the SCOTUS.
  4. That isn’t what is stated. The Colorado attorney is trying to make that case, but it doesn’t matter. If the marriage is between a man and a woman, no matter what the race I believe the baker and web designer would sell their works. If not, clearly discriminatory. Do you know this is the baker’s and web designer’s beliefs. Nothing is ever given in this world.
  5. Being black is immutable, being gay is immutable; is gay marriage immutable also? I would think not and that is the stance of the web designer from Colorado. She is not refusing gays from her web design business, just gay marriage as I understand it. It similar to the baker from Colorado. The Colorado lawyer is trying to tie interracial marriage into his argument, but this has noting to do with that. This issue is the proposed law may or may not protect religious freedom and free speech. If it doesn’t it would be forcing everybody to celebrate something they are not comfortable doing, is it not?
  6. Do you think this reaches all the way up to Trump? I hope so and he is put in jail for 2 and 1/2 years, his campaign would be difficult to run from some posh country club jail. However, Biden did it from his basement, but he had internet and media attention. It would be a win win.
  7. I can. I would wait to see how fast Biden told the union to go back to work. If Biden wussed out, he would be scorched.
  8. Some how I feel no guilt for someone else’s perceived sins. Any amount of your shaming will not work.
  9. I believe japantiger was in Namibia and he did things legally. Zimbabwe is, as you say, corrupt and not a good comparison to Namibia. As a financial consultant would you encourage your clients to *invest* in the Zimbabwe currency? It is totally worthless for a good reason.
  10. Trump has always been his own worst enemy and it is coming home to roost. Just in time, I might add.
  11. Trump lite????? I don’t believe Trump has ever spent time behind bars. Still looking for the first time and the Dems just can’t do it. Facts only please.
  12. Its not only stupidity, but also having a short attention span. Oh, and never saying you’re sorry.
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