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  1. WDE ladies, great come from behind win. Let it rain, let it rain, let it rain.
  2. I think the ump saw the initial bobble and that is what he called. We can argue all we want about her not tagging her with the ball and we would be correct. No matter what, she was safe and the run scored.
  3. Happy Birthday, Golf. Mine's on Monday and I'll be.......well a year older than last year at this time. Suffice it to say, I feel your pain, or at least most of them.
  4. Is this the definition of troll?
  5. Well, Bama has a history of this type of situation. Forest Gump comes to mind.
  6. Sorry for your loss, Barnacle. “If there are no dogs in Heaven, then when I die I want to go where they went.” Will Rodgers
  7. KF was the first "red flag" that popped up concerning CGM QB evaluation of a HS QB. Gus has yet to have a hit from the HS ranks.
  8. @homersapien, I agree in that change has to come within the religion itself. Most Islam detractors have fled to the west to try to affect a change, woman's rights maybe a catalyst for change, but like you said it will take generations. Their culture is so different than ours with regard to freedom of religion.
  9. What's interesting to me about this article; is the title and the content of the article are at odds. A quote from the article states: The Trump administration has yet to formulate a strategy for Afghanistan. If the Trump administration has yet to formulate a strategy, its a leap in logic to assume that the administration wants a new surge in Afghanistan. So, the whole article is based on an assumption, as many emotional pieces are in these days of journalism. When the author chose several times to use the F-bomb in the article, this tells me he is going for the emotional angle and has an agenda he is championing. The author also misses the point that the escalation is against "terrorism" and not against Afghanistan per se. It is interesting to note that Afghan is a theocracy along with Iran, Saudia Arabia, Sudan, Yemen and a couple of others. It's been well established, by several administration, these governments have been deemed "sponsors of terrorism" and Trump has vowed to fight terrorism as a campaign promise. Interestingly, the Vatican is also a theocracy, however it does not support terrorism (some here may disagree with this). The article mentions: After the well-documented “nation-building” failures in Afghanistan and Iraq, counterinsurgency is now a discredited doctrine. It appears that Iraq is on the verge of successful "nation-building". Mosul should be liberated from ISIS in the very near future and is a nation that has been removed from the proposed travel ban in recent weeks. Remember, ISIS took control after US removed troops from Iraq and there was a vacuum of power in which ISIS took advantage. An important fact is that Iraq has accomplished this by using their own troops with strategic help from the coalition. The difference in these governments is Afghanistan is a theocracy and Iraq is not. The difference between the theocracy of Iran and Afghanistan is Iran can be controlled through sactions, as it is a richer nation. Afghanistan, not so much. If we pull our troops from Afghanistan and ISIS or the Taliban become stronger; does any act of aggression toward them for acts of terrorism constitute an act of war (similar to post 9/11)? Then we will be right back in there with a stronger foe. I don't know the answer to this or if we should stay in Afghanistan. As AUUSN mentioned, they can wait us out. This has been the trend the US has demonstrated since the WWII starting with the Korean War. JMO, I could be wrong.
  10. Wow, game on. Your turn Salty
  11. "Healthy", interesting choice for the title. If I had any say in what Auburn's Football program does I can agree with @GwillMac6, alas, I don't (which is good for the Auburn Football program). Therefore, for my mental health, at the start of any football season I look for at least 8 wins at a minimum. My expectations changes when Auburn plays its first game and changes with each successive game in the season. It is fun to speculate, but I wait to see if the hype matches the product on the field (see the 2015 season).
  12. Just poking some fun at ya Everybody does it when someone hits a "trigger".
  13. Just a few days ago someone posted the following in the Trump Terrorism thread: "Can anyone in this forum in the right discuss something without hurling insults?" I guess the answer is; NO.
  14. We are not far off on our views. It took well over 200 years for the US to embrace the concept of separation of church and state, but is has to start sometime. Many detractors of Islam live in the West and are making strides in that area. The one thing I am hopeful will make a difference is the outcry from women groups against the discrimination of Muslim women. That could be the catalyst for change. It's going to take time and Muslims willl have to take the lead.
  15. Have you ever been to an annual EEOC "Zero Tolerance" seminar at work? I know you have followed what is happening at Fox News lately. Fox News has a cultural issue, but that cultural issue is perpetrated by the staff not speaking up when they see discrimination occurring in the workplace. This site is a good culmination of people with varying backgrounds and experiences. I have learned a lot here as long as I can get past the snarky remarks some posters make. So let me share an example of silence means concent that happened at my former place of work some 30 years ago. The Captain and FO were in the Flight Deck while the Flight Engineer was doing a walk around between flights. A Flight Attendant (female) entered the Flight Deck that the crew had a good rapport with and a little banter ensued. The Captain proposed a wager; he said he could touch her breasts without touching her shirt and bet a dollar. The FO was all in. She thought a while and finally agreed to the wager. The Captain took both hands and touched her breasts by touching her shirt and said "you win" and gave her the dollar. They all had a good laugh and went on their way. Two days later the front end crew were called into the Chief Pilot's office and fired on the spot. The Flight Engineer subsequently got his job back because he was not present at the time of the incident and could not raise any objection. I never forgot that and it set an example for the rest of the workforce that the EEOC was serious. How about this scenario; you're a passenger in a car and notice the driver is about to rear end the car ahead because the driver is not paying attention. Do you just sit there and be silent, or do you speak up? If you noticed in time for the diver to stop and kept quiet, do you have some responsibility in the accident? Luckily we live in a country that has the first amendment and that gives us the right to free speech. You and I can sit back and let some of the groups admonish innocents being killed by cops and civilians killing cops. This will allow the authorities to address the issue as a lot more things are transparent than they used to be. I'm not sure Muslims feel they have the freedom to speak up against their religion in Muslim countries. In any event, true change from radical Islam has to come from within that culture, no one outside of Islam can force that change.