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  1. I would go with the latter.
  2. Offense Needs to Change

    I can’t agree with this more. To go a step further, some coach will have to be in Gus’ ear when things appear to be going south with alternatives. It will be Gus that will have to determine if plan A is not working and go to plan B. When things go perfectly, there is no in game adjustments (coaching) needed, but when things aren’t “normal” is when a coach earns his reputation. That is the essence of a good (successful) coach. Gus has had the tendancy to ride the plan until it’s just too late to make a difference in games.
  3. A different perspective; Doesn’t this incident point out that it’s all about the person behind the gun, not the gun? I know it was the deputy’s job and he was trained for this type of situation, but no matter how well you have been trained, you don’t know how you will react until you are faced with this type of situation. Neither does your boss, but you would hope your boss wouldn’t throw you under the bus to the media.
  4. Great win last night. As for the football player’s dance performance; I had no doubt they would do great, they are excellent at sticking to the script. Meant for levity.
  5. Pettway is a mess

    I totally agree with this, it’s not about the specifics, it’s about the issue. We as fans don’t need to know the why, but we are entitled to know that our coach is speaking the truth, not the whole truth, but the truth. By this I mean in recent years we had the “breaking of team rules” reason for not playing. I hated that excuse, but I have grown to appreciate the reason behind the statement. @passthebiscuits Mentioned that he wished he had not made some of the mistakes he had made when he was younger, I think everybody does. However, without those mistakes we are not the people that we are today and it seems PTB is a successful person. The difference here is PTB learned from his mistake in a timely fashion, if people don’t feel there are consequences to their wrong decisions, learning has not taken place. IMO, protecting the player only enables the wrong doings. The player needs to understand the consequences, in a timely fashion, to be successful in his life. Kicking the can down the road hoping he straightens out is risky for the both the institution and the individual. Having said that, it takes the player to come to the realization he needs to make a change to in his life, the ole “leading a horse to water” thing. The question the coaches have to make is how many chances do I give the player before I cut him loose? A very hard decision. On another note; looking at problems from just a fan’s point of view and understanding the current Opioid epidemic, I can see someone seeing the injury issue related to substance abuse.
  6. Reuben Foster...Again

    Yeah, I don’t think Saban has any interaction with many former players. He just wants to use them to show recruits that they have a better chance to get to the NFL through him.
  7. Reuben Foster...Again

    I can agree with this, Saban seems to have his process that is based solely on win/loss. Just get them to the NFL so Saban can use it on the recruiting trail. Who cares what happens after they leave Bama?
  8. Reuben Foster...Again

    This would greatly depend on the viable options Gus had at the position. Don’t be fooled.
  9. Jarrett Stidham has surgery!!!

    Yeah, but which tailback? That is the question.
  10. Looking Ahead: Washington

    To the bolded part, isn’t this exactly what DAG is saying. We are not a good road team when the crowd is not hyping the players up. On the road, isn’t it the team’s responsibility to hype the crowd up as opposed to the other way around? If we only perform when the crowd effects the players, isn’t that the definition of home field advantage? If we want to take it the the next level, our team is going to have to mature into a well rounded team that does not rely on emotion to win games. I’m not saying emotion is not part of the game, but championship teams are built by doing their job even though they’re are in a hostile environment.
  11. Looking Ahead: Washington

    I realize fans do not have any control over what Gus does and, you’re right, we can say and have said that for years. The or what will not have any affect for at least another two years or so. The point is that starting with Washington this year, the Gus apologists will have to step up their game if (or when) Gus collapses during the season. To his contract, it was a “perfect storm” type of scenario. Gus beats our two biggest rivals, Arkansas shows interest, we have a lame duck AD and Auburn bought into a self imposed deadline. The contract does not change what Gus is, it concerns me that after he received a huge raise, he puts a product on the field like what we saw in the bowl game. We’ve been waiting for the Gus evolution since the 2015 season. It hasn’t happened yet.
  12. Looking Ahead: Washington

    Looking back is fun to do and everybody can put up different scenarios as the season unfolds. There are a lot of ways a season can go based on certain critical games. To me, the LSU game was THE catalyst for Gus to “put up or shut up” and definitely changed the rest of the season. Without that loss, I believe Gus would have not been as agressive in the rest of the season and lost to UGA in the regular season. Gus slipped back into his pre-LSU game style for the SECCG and the (business trip) bowl game and that puts some of the fan base (me) into a wait and see position for next year. All the hype that will build over the off-season will be very encouraging, but the bottom line is what kind of product will Gus put on the field against Washington. Gus needs to “put up or shut up” during next season starting with Washington.
  13. Please pray

    Prayers sent.
  14. Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    You’re correct that HIPPA laws restrict revealing medical conditions without consent. However, Gus has difficulty telling the truth to the fan base in his pressers about injured players. The first example I can remember is Carl Lawson was “day to day” for about 3 weeks until he was out for the season. Why perpetuate a lie to the fan base? If he is trying to keep information from the competition there are others ways besides telling falsehoods. Besides, if you execute the game plan, it doesn’t matter who plays, right? Gus has grown in this area, he no longer lies, he washes his hands of the matter and blames it on the med staff. If the player is “banged up,” the fan base has no idea if he will play because of injury or suspension. See Pettway at the end of the season. It’s all in your perspective.