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  1. I was referring to other countries in the world. Sorry for the confusion.
  2. Neither China nor Germany have abandon capitalism, they just use it in their social market economies. Their governments have too much control, something the Constitution tries to limit. There is a balance, but it can’t be one sided like the left is heading toward. I know once a candidate will emerge as THE candidate things will shift a little to the center, but the intent has been stated. The *Squad* is the voice of the party, it seems.
  3. It means clean up our own house before attempting to be everything to everybody in the world. Not necessarily an isolationist at all, but concentrate on the US.
  4. Last question first; they are both social market economies that are raked 67th and 16th respectively on the list of per capita of GNP/dependencies. These rankings are an indication of the standard of living in each country. The US is 8th. I’m glad it seems to work for them, but in China’s case the standard of living seems to be much less than the US, and that is what is important for the people living in that type of system. Too much government control. It will be interesting to see how Hong Kong reacts to the takeover of the Chinese social market economy as opposed to the Free Market System they are used to. For my 34 year professional career I was a member of a union, that is socialism to me (not necessarily a definition). The mantra of the union is to squeeze everything you can out of the Golden Goose without killing the goose. The people that run the union do so *for the good of the group*, but succumb to the need for power (absolute power corrupts absolutely). The leadership convinces the members that only they can deal with whatever problem you have with the *company* and this leads to group think, and eventually a single minded purpose. If there is not problem, they will make one up to make you feel they are needed. This may not be in the best of the membership. See Easter Airlines, the steel industry and the Teamsters. Let’s look one of our socialist Presidential Candidates, Bernie Sanders. He campaigns on socialism and is trying to convince the population we need a $15 dollar minimum wage. His campaign staff’s union reaches a deal with the Golden Goose for a $15 an hour wage and the socialist Bernie Sanders becomes all capitalist and cuts their hours to maintain his expenditures. If you broaden this out to say, Medicare for all, paying student debt, open boarders, etc. you can see how we can become China with their low standard of living. By the way, the Golden Goose can only provide good things when the goose is healthy. The unions can only get great deals when a profit is made. This is why teacher’s unions are usually just a social club with no teeth. It is why PATCO (Professional Air Traffic Control Organization) was broken by Reagan. When the money is gone, you end up like Venezuela. I can’t believe some of our elected officials are arrogant enough to think they can make socialism work. JMHO.
  5. Capitalism vs Socialism and America first for all Americans.
  6. There is not a person on earth that I support with out doubt except my wife. And sometimes I wonder about her. Trump, to me, is more inline with America’s values as I see it. AOC is a socialists and she does not share my views of how America should be. I have mentioned before that AOC is just like Trump in that she will throw things out based solely on emotion and doesn’t back down. The “drinking out of the toilet” is one of those things. ETA: thanks for not jumping on my obvious spelling/grammatical errors in the original post. How embarrassing for me.
  7. I believe her rhetoric is just as harmful and incites violence as much as Trump’s. I don’t believe either is to blame if some nut job decides to fire bomb an ICE Detention center or a Mosque.
  8. I didn’t reference these two and the #metoo movement, however, RKelly is back in trouble again, so we will see the difference now that he is in the #metoo movement when he will be brought to trial.
  9. It’s not that we don’t teach the QBs to go through their progressions, it’s how long they stick with the primary before they move on to the other option.
  10. Let’s see, an Hispanic man that has been labeled a *white* man by this woman (and the media) for political reasons, that is also a democrat is now a racist. No wonder that word is no longer relevant.
  11. Disagree. Her “concentration camp” rhetoric was mentioned in a manifesto by the antifa activist in a domestic terror attach last Sunday.
  12. Thanks for the answer. I think the Orthodox Jew’s are taking it as anti-Semitic as opposed to the Jew’s by heritage only. I’m not saying what Trump has been saying is not offensive, but AOC’s diatribes seem to be on the same level and not much is being said.
  13. I don’t thing Bradshaw was unaffected though: