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  1. Maybe we’ll get a twofer this week. Beat Georgia X 2.
  2. I would hope Auburn has the intestinal fortitude.
  3. Come on fifty, Auburn can out bid Minnesota at any level. Fleck is a great coach with genuine enthusiasm for life and football. He!!, he’d be @abw0004 with coaching experience. Who won’t want that for Auburn.
  4. Being the optimist that I am, when it comes to Gus leaving, I’m looking at this as Sexton opens up contract negotiations with Auburn due to Arkansas’ interest. Since contract negotiations are open, we offer Gus less than Arky’s offer without any buy out considerations. Ball’s in your court Gus. I know, a pipe dream.
  5. Auburn HC Gus Malzahn on RB Boobee Whitlow (knee): "You can tell he is getting better each practice out there. We're hoping to have him ready to go." I wonder if there was a set back in Boobee’s rehab due to his playing in the LSU game?
  6. This, so much. It really is the reason people left early, it was all a ploy. Georgia will never see it coming.
  7. That lawyer is probably a Bama grad doing pro bono work.
  8. Well, this will be interesting to see. I guess he didn’t need to do this with Mullen and coach O.
  9. I really don’t think Auburn would fall for it again which would make your scenario a win win.
  10. If we had LSU’s #22 he’d be sitting on the bench next to Worm.
  11. Ok, the catch goes LSU’s way, no penalty on the spike after the TD. It looks like the refs are on LSU’s side. This can’t be.
  12. I had a ‘68 383 Road Runner when I was at Auburn. With Glass packs and it was loud. My girlfriend (future wife) lived on the 5th floor of her dorm and her girlfriends would tell her when I was getting near.
  13. Actually better this year, except U of F.
  14. At least he scored in the 2nd half.
  15. P.J. Fleck has a genuine infectious personality that you can not fake. It is in him much like Dabo. Everybody around him is affected by it. He has to recruit kids that enjoy being coached by that kind of coach. So far he has changed the culture of every place he has been a head coach, he can do it here and bring the fan base together. The dream is alive.