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  1. Can somebody please photo shop a six pack of PBR resting in that belly?
  2. I agree with this, it's the people behind the "radical Islamic movement" that are using a misrepresentation of religion to motivate people to give up their lives to enter paradise. The leaders are a radical sect, most Muslims who follow Islam are peace loving people, those peace loving people need to reign in the radicals, in the mean time the world tries to eliminate the threat. Christians have done the same thing in the past, remember the Crusades? A quote from Wikipedia: Volunteers became Crusaders by taking a public vow and receiving plenary indulgences from the Church. Some were hoping for a mass ascension into heaven at Jerusalem, or God's forgiveness for all their sins. Others participated to satisfy feudal obligations, obtain glory and honour, or seek opportunities for economic and political gain. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Crusades If you can separate the motives of the "leaders" from the religion, you will see my point. You don't have to agree. It seems the Christian religion has evolved since the Crusades, but we're still refining.
  3. Agree. And in my best a4e voice, we've had too many of these type of videos lately.
  4. Queitfan, if you put the deaths of individuals in categories and not look at the motivations, I can see your point. However, the deaths you posted were all random acts of violence, most from work place, domestic or thuggery violence and totally unrelated to one another. When talking Radical Islamic Terrorism violence, these acts are coordinated by a central entity and are inflicted to make the most out of their acts striking at the heart of the free world to bring their governments to their collective knees (remember Sept 11, 2001). This has been publically stated by the likes of Al-Queada and ISIS along with a few others. I am glad you're not "trembling in fear or hide in my home" at these attacks, but the reason for that, IMO, is the world's intelligence agencies are constantly vigilant when it comes to this terrorist threat. When they do happen and there is whole in the protective net, people can sing "cum ba ya" and recite "Image" and believe in all that's good, but thank God there are people looking out for this type of violence. By the way, religion is not the issue here. There have been evil people that want to gain power, land and wealth use religion in order to inspire people to give up their lives for a cause, through out history. The ones wanting the power are usually charismatic leaders that people gravitate to. JMO, I could be wrong.
  5. I'm going to start following Trump on twitter.
  6. Did you know it was raining by looking outside or did you see it on TWC or CNN. Personally, I have a weather rock. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_rock
  7. Thanks for posting, Golf. Watching that video while eating my breakfast sausage and thinking about what else was in the meat was a little difficult. I didn't enjoy my breakfast as much today. I'll get over it.
  8. The OP said Paris has a Muslim mayor, I was clarifying that London has the Muslim mayor not Paris. And you admonish people for their lack of reading comprehension.
  9. Just for clarification, the Mayor of Pairs is Anne Hidalgo who is an atheist. The mayor of London is a Muslim by the name of Kahn. https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anne_Hidalgo https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mayor_of_London
  10. As mentioned in another thread, those predicitions in the 70's weren't from real scientists, they were from people like Al Gore. IMO, when scientists wanted to raise the awareness of global warming/climate change, they enlisted the help of polititians to "sell" the concept (scientist don't how to market as they only know facts). The politians know if you want to market anything you have to make it spectacular and took the scientific facts and stretched them as far as possible and presented that information as fact. This is known as "Science Fiction Fact" to borrow a line from Jimmy Buttet. It really hurts the credibility of the original concept of Global Warming/Climate Change.
  11. I miss toggle swithes. With a toggle switch, you knew if the system was on or off just by viewing the switch and when you threw the switch there was no mistaking if was on or off because it had enough resistance you knew by feel. ETA: It made the look of a sports car, sporty.
  12. Good story, Ramblin. My neighbors owns a TR 6, love to hear it crank up when he takes it for a drive. It's in nice condition, British Green (I wonder if the Brits know there are other colors in the spectrum?).
  13. Interesting thread. Like all the threads in this particular forum, the sides are divided into extremes. The ones that state "remove all monuments of the Civil War/slavery" and the "if you remove the monuments, you erase history" side of the equation. No middle ground, no real debate just my thoughts are what really count. After Memorial Day, I happened to look into the Arlington National Cemetery and its origin. I don't know if many know, but there are 482 confederate soldiers buried in section 16 known as the Confederate Memorial. This portion of Arlington was approved by congress in June 1900 in this spirit of national reconciliation. Later, the United Daughters of the Confederacy petitioned for a memorial and it was granted in 1906. The article follows: http://www.arlingtoncemetery.mil/Explore/Monuments-and-Memorials/Confederate-Memorial Even more interesting is how Arlington came to be. The land was originally owned by Robert E. Lee, whose wife's family owned the property (George Washington Parke Custis was GW adopted son and passed on to Mary Custis Lee) and the land was illegally confiscated by the US government. Through the courts, Lee's descendants were properly compensated for the property and is now legally government land. The land was basically a "potter's field" of casualties of the war, the first burial was in May of 1864 as General Meigs decided to use the property of Robert E. Lee as a cemetery so the land would be uninhabitable after the war. Evidently, Meigs didn't like Lee's decision to fight for Virginia and the South during the war. If you are interested in the origin of Arlington National Cemetary, link below is a very interesting read. http://www.smithsonianmag.com/history/how-arlington-national-cemetery-came-to-be-145147007/ The bottom line is, in the spirit of national reconciliation section 16 was established back in 1900. I am sure congress felt back then that they were doing the right thing, for the greater good. The phrase "for the greater good" has become obsolete in this "all about me" world. And that is a shame. Let them RIP. JMO, I could be wrong. Fire away.
  14. Well, that brought back memories. Love the state of the art graphics at the time. It seems we had a hard time scoring touchdowns in the red zone during the first half. Nothing new for Auburn.
  15. @Bigbens42 Congrats To you and your wife. Always a special time to see your child enter the world.