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  1. The EC was initiated when there were more then just two parties and it made sense and to me it still makes sense. It would be nice to have a third party, but that would require a third way of thinking and that will be hard to do with our mind set at this time. We, as the public, are hard wired to *you believe what I say or you are total wrong and the enemy* type of identity politics. It is sad.
  2. To me AOC was much worse, as at the time, she was the fresh face of the Democratic Party and her personality was the talk of the town. Several publications opined her sincerity and intelligence to the point they made excuses for the unbelievable stupid thing she said. She is the typical New Yorker, all bluster and no substance. She is more like Trump at an early age. Trump has been the *carnie-barker* for a long time and most people know it. It’s not the person that most conservatives would want in the White House, but the policies are what’s important. All politicians use the photo op, some are better than others at it, the difference is how the media presents the photo op. Trump was soundly beaten around the head and shoulders for his Bible thumping while AOC was praised until the real photos showed up and the media has to address it and most didn’t.
  3. Congratulations Cole, life just keeps on getting better.
  4. That’s what I was thinking and it would be nice to know it you test negative now so you can resume your life.
  5. The cuts will have to consider Title 9 sports and it could reach more non-rev men’s sports that we would hate to see go.
  6. Unfortunately, if you’re like millions of other American males, you’ll grow into them.
  7. Good to hear you are feeling OK, will you be tested again soon?
  8. Just seeing this, I’m glad the surgery went well, prayers for the recovery.
  9. It doesn’t matter which party is screwing with the elections by committing voter fraud, it’s the ease that it can happen.
  10. There are studies that indicate young kids do not transmit the Covid-19 as an adult does. Kids' coronavirus transmission rates Stefansson explained that his study showed that "if (children) were infected, they were much less likely (than adults) to infect others." This applied to kids infecting both adults and fellow children, he said. When asked why there appears to be such a discrepancy between kids' and adults' transmission rates, Stefansson said there's no clear answer yet. Dr. Rick Malley, an infectious disease pediatrician at Boston Children's Hospital, told TODAY that one possible explanation for this difference between kids and adults relates to the body's immune response to the coronavirus. Because adults may have had more exposure than kids to similar viruses prior to infection, their body could react in a stronger way, he explained. Dr. Allison Agwu, a professor of infectious diseases at Johns Hopkins School of Medicine in Baltimore, Maryland, pointed to the difference in size between kids and adults as another theory. "When you think about an adult whose lungs are bigger ... they sneeze or cough, and there's bigger spray than a little kid, who may not be able to generate that much force," she told TODAY. "The mechanics of big people versus little people may be a big part of it." We might be able to open up elementary schools and let middle and high schools do distance learning.
  11. This only happens when you start using *Super Viagra*, you know, the one that works at home.
  12. I still remember a lot of good jokes but, you just can’t tell them anymore. It will offend somebody and you could get cancelled.
  13. The issue would be; teaching everything from whose perspective? And who gets to decide? A statue is to provoke thought about a person or moment in time. If one is truly yearning for the truth, they need to do the research. Name any topic and you can see people on this board reference different publications that have widely differing viewpoints. Just curious, would you wonder around the Confederate soldiers that are buried there? Look at their monument and wonder about why they gave their lives to their cause?
  14. Capitalism wins again. He is such a staunch leader of the oppressed: