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  1. Thanks for the link, it seems BLM is all over the map with their objectives, not a narrow focus at all. You might want to send Homey that link, he came up with the "unwarranted police violence to people of color."
  2. Homey has a tendency to stray from the original thought, I was just trying to get him to focus. The unwarranted police violence to people of color was not my question. I understand that part of BLM, I was wondering if they had branched out in their nature of opposition. If he can't or won't answer that; who is being obtuse?
  3. Is this response what is known as being a weasel?
  4. I thought the nature of their opposition was unwarranted police violence on people of color. If their nature of their opposition has changed, maybe they should clearly state their new objection.
  5. Can anyone explain why BLM was at the Charlottesville protest? If, as stated previously, the BLM's nature of what they are opposing is unwarranted police violence on people of color; why was that organization even there? Are the lines being blurred as to what is their nature of opposition? Are they evolving as a group? Don't label me as a latent racist, I'm just trying to get to the real issue.
  6. Good Read on Antifa

    After reading that article, I can see both sides were at fault for the violence. Let me repeat that, both sides were at fault for the violence. You can argrue all you want about the moral upper hand, but it doesn't excuse the violence.
  7. Speaking of chanting, "What do you want?" "Dead Cops." "When do you want it?" "Now." Just to be balanced.
  8. I missed a year with Trotter, I knew he quit with a year's eligibility left, but I thought it was in '13. As to the Rollison and Pike years, the plan B for QBs could have been better. It seems Leoffler was too inexperienced to be able to build a system around his players. I'm not sure Loeffler was CGC first choice, but as Mcloofus stated A good year to forget.
  9. Robert E Lee Didn't Want Statues or Flags

    This is from the Akron Law Review concerning the use of the 14th amendment to free Jefferson Davis: General Ulysses S. Grant set the tone for leniency at Appomattox when he said, “The rebels are now our fellow countrymen!”40 Robert E. Lee was not imprisoned and his officers and men “were allowed to go free under parole by Grant’s easy and generous terms of surrender, in which, as one knows by a careful study of the sources, Lincoln had a prior hand.”41 Although some Confederate leaders fled the country in what has been called the “flight into oblivion” and some few were imprisoned for brief periods of time, all went free without standing trial.42 The one great exception was the case of Jefferson Davis. Davis, along with all the other Confederates, were pardoned by President Johnson on Dec 25th 1868. President Carter reinstated Davis' US citizenship in 1978.
  10. Robert E Lee Didn't Want Statues or Flags

    The bolded paragraph is part of it, or it was several years ago. Now I think it has more to do with these radicals know what the hot buttons are and will push them to get the reaction they want. Unfortunately, a lot of people are falling for it. Back in the 80's and 90's these groups would show up at cemeteries and statues and there was not much notoriety. Now we have deadly clashes.
  11. Ole Miss

    The real question is; did Gus and Hugh take any recruiting trips together, being friends and all? I bet someone from Auburn has looked into this, probably Kristi.
  12. Obviously I didn't make my self clear. Even though I was talking about Frazier in the paragraph above the quote, the quote was meaning to include all of the QBs left on the roster. I understand that a Dual Threat QB brought up in Gus' system doesn't have a real good shot at a pro style offense, but the others were pro style QBs. What was he to do with Clint Moseley and Barrett Trotter? Do you consider those as talented QBs that can face a SEC defense and succeed? We ended up playing a true freshmen with a lot of heart down the stretch. The cupboard was bear for his type of offense, or anybody else's for that matter, the weak OL had a lot to do with the lack of producivity of the offense that year.
  13. Take it down, it was built by slaves.
  14. I really don't think he needs your help.
  15. Who all is going to the Missouri game?

    So, what position does she play? Two gentlemen are discussing the best attributes of each state. As they discuss Alabama, one gentlemen pipes up and says: "the only good things that come from Alabama are whores and football players." The other gentlemen, in disgust, retorts; "Hey, my wife is from Alabama!!!" Whereas the first gentlemen replies; "So, what position does she play?" I use this a lot as my wife is from Alabama.