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  1. So the bookstore closed its doors for 5 protesters? Or could it be that the bookstore in Portland feared more than just 5 dumbasses could cause much more damage like they saw in the 100+ Days of unrest in that city recently?
  2. It is better to correct a bad decision before it becomes too late to do so. A lot of times people wait too long to make a decision and it results in decision by in decision. Welcome back Christian Tutt.
  3. I don’t know how the press would have treated Tubs, but some of the hard hitting press did ask Biden what flavor ice cream he was eating. When asked about his son Hunter he shut down the conversation. Biden’s leadership, or lack thereof, is concerning to me. But now that he has the vaccine I would expect him to be more visible.
  4. Portland seems to have issues and their leadership is in question. Antifa really has no political affiliation as they just hate the government. It’s interesting to note that one of the Portland murders was when right wing protesters showed up and an Antifa crazy shot him in cold blood. I would hope the rounding up and arrests of the Capitol insurgents will greatly decrease the possibility of the alt-right mob violence.
  5. This part, except it was a ‘D’ instead of a ‘R’ and hid in his basement until the polls started to turn against him. I guess it worked for both candidates as we don’t know what we have with either. Of course it’s JMO.
  6. @homersapien, you’re a Politico fan, what’s your thought on Ben Sharpiro’s Thursday’s Playbook newsletter? Both the letter and your thoughts if Politico should have published it?
  7. But this could never happen anywhere else, right? And Antifa is only an organization.
  8. When you go there see if Andy Ngo’s book is available. If it’s on line I would think it would be until it is culturally cancelled. I’m sure if it’s available somewhere you don’t see a problem with it.
  9. Not from Alabama, but wasn’t his campaign strategy a lot like Biden’s?
  10. It feels like Caddy is recruiting to me.
  11. It could be worse, you could be half French and half German. Your mind would be conflicted all the time. 😂
  12. This is a great example of the left hearing dog whistles. There was nothing in that 59 second clip that indicated he was referring to white privilege, nothing.
  13. You are the best at missing the point. No one is defending Trump in this thread, I am pointing out that the opinion expressed in the OP tying Trump’s quote “I alone can fix it” is referencing to white privilege. That in it’s self is misleading at best. A lot of leaps in logic from that opinion piece.
  14. The OP opinion piece suggested the Trumps quote “I alone can fix it” refers to the losing of white privilege by upper middle class white people. See, you didn’t even question the opinion, just believed it to be true. You even posted another article to back it up. The left blows a dog whistle and you find an opinion piece to post.
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