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  1. I_M4_AU

    AU hires new Swimming and Diving Coach!

    The wife and I stopped by Auburn on the way back from a New Orleans weekend trip on Monday. We ate at Acres, (first time we have been, very good and they are proud of their food, the price shows it) we sat by a student and an older gentleman talking German. After eating my wife, being the outgoing person she is, strikes up a conversation thinking the older gentleman was her father and he was there for graduation this weekend. He was actually an member of her country’s Olympic team and were discussing her participation in the Tokyo Olypics in a couple of years. She is a sprinter and I happened to ask what she tought of the new coach. She was a little concerned only because he seems more of a distance type of coach so she has a wait and see attitude when it comes to the new coach. I’ll be rooting for her in Tokyo, nice young lady.
  2. I_M4_AU

    replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    As my broker says: “past performance does not reflect future earnings”. Each team and each season is different. So, you do have concerns. Good to know.
  3. I_M4_AU

    replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    I mentioned before that as the season goes on, I believe the RB position will work itself out, I’m only concerned about the period it usually takes for someone to distance himself from the pack. It usually doesn’t happen during Spring and Fall camps. I also believe that as the season goes on the OL will develop to be serviceable, but the Washington game is a concern.
  4. I_M4_AU

    replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    So, given this history you don’t understand the concern I have with the OL and RB for the first game against Washington?
  5. I_M4_AU

    replacing 4 starters on offensive line

    This statement is a reason some believe Gus can’t get away from his tenacity to hire or re-hire from his coaching tree on the offensive side of the ball. Gus doesn’t seem to like to get out of his comfort zone. As WDE states; Have a feeling we are going to be pounding the ball a lot. It’s a shame that one of our strengths on offense is the WR group and we have a QB that can chunk it, but it seems the OL may not be able to protect the QB long enough to take advantage of our strengths. On top of this, we have unproven RBs and someone will have to step up early. I hope we can identify a RB that will be ready to perform starting with the Washington game. Another interesting season of Auburn Football shaping up. Time will tell.
  6. I_M4_AU

    spring practice primer: Quarterback

    I had actually put that out of my mind, but you’re correct. Why would Gus not play MW in the opener and not have a scholarship back up QB to play against Clemson (if needed) just to turn around and play him vs Mercer? If he had played MW in the opener, Gus could say it was to get him some experience going into the Clemson game. Playing MW when SW was available, sent a clear and distinct message to SW. SW didn’t react to that incentive well.
  7. I_M4_AU

    spring practice primer: Quarterback

    Where did I post that Gus wanted to RS MW after SW was dismissed? The post you quoted was in reference to the time period between the first week of the season to the Clemson game. Gus had no choice but to take the RS off of MW after SW was dismissed.
  8. I_M4_AU

    spring practice primer: Quarterback

    I agree, I wanted MW ready to backup Stidham for the Clemson game as SW was suspended. That was my concern, Gus wanted to RS MW even though we had no scholarship QB as a backup. At that point Gus didn’t trust CCL, I hope it has changed.
  9. I_M4_AU

    spring practice primer: Quarterback

    We shall see, time will tell. ETA: IIRC, at the beginning of last season CCL said he was putting a premium on having qualified backup QBs after what he went through as ASU. That plan must have changed. If was fortunate we didn’t need a backup.
  10. I_M4_AU

    spring practice primer: Quarterback

    Love the QB hype, it happens every year. The fact remains; Gus hasn’t developed a QB straight out of HS since he has been coaching at Auburn. I’ll just sit back and see how the 2018 season unfolds with regard to QBs.
  11. I would go with the latter.
  12. Physically or mentally?
  13. I_M4_AU

    Offense Needs to Change

    I can’t agree with this more. To go a step further, some coach will have to be in Gus’ ear when things appear to be going south with alternatives. It will be Gus that will have to determine if plan A is not working and go to plan B. When things go perfectly, there is no in game adjustments (coaching) needed, but when things aren’t “normal” is when a coach earns his reputation. That is the essence of a good (successful) coach. Gus has had the tendancy to ride the plan until it’s just too late to make a difference in games.