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  1. I haven’t watched a lot of softball this year, but Perry looks a little gimpy after she turned her ankle earlier.
  2. I think triangletiger is on to something. He would just have to gain about 100#s by Fall.
  3. The opinion that this game will be over by the middle of the 3rd QTR would indicate Gus has had an attitude change. For the last few years he has struggled to even score in the 3rd QTR. I will be happy to see this type of change is Gus’ attack.
  4. I_M4_AU


    Wow, that had to hurt. 2 hours and no response, you’re bringing the A game today.
  5. Well, the man is literally wearing it. You gotta give him credit for that. #Noexcuses
  6. This would be a great idea. They could have guest MODs each day and see how they interpret “negative” comments with a quick hook. I would lurk over there.
  7. I_M4_AU


    But, of course.
  8. Whining about whining is still whining. Some people have not figured that out.
  9. I_M4_AU


    Watching Bigbird sparing with Mikey about the OL is like Trey Gowdy sparing with Peter Strzok. Very entertaining.
  10. I’m not sure how this year will go, but Gus has put himself in the drivers seat on about every level. He will be calling the plays in his offense with his players that he recruited. The QB situation seems to be solid, but I think back to recruiting and Gus pulled out all the stops to try to get Bryant here and failed. What does that say about his level of confidence he had in the QBs? I’m sure his confidence is high right now after going through Spring practice. I hope Dillingham is all he is suppose to be and will be in on the decision as to who will get the nod. One thing going into the fall that is promising; if the starter get hurt, Gus will have a backup he should be able to trust. #Noexcuses
  11. I_M4_AU


    Good luck with this. I retired after a 34 year career that involved a lot of travel, my wife retired the same year from teaching. I begged her to keep teaching, but alas no joy. She kept saying she wasn’t going to leave for work with me still in the bed. I told her I would get up. Still no joy. The first year I realized since I had been traveling, she had made house rules that I wasn’t even aware of. It definitely was a transition. I was reduced to a house boy and had to get hearing aids.
  12. Mooresville is about 2 hrs from Asheville up I-77 and over on I-40, the wife and I have enjoyed visiting your area on occasion. We spend a lot of time in the NC mountains near Wilkesboro as we do enjoy the hiking and rafting. ’Tis the season to get hyped on nothing more than people’s opinion about the future. After years of believing the hype and listening to our leader concerning our potential, I have decided that the wait and see method would be better for my attitude, long term. Every once in a while, I get frustrated with what I have witnessed with Gus and it spills out. The post you quoted was one of those times. I believe the reason you almost forgot about the defense is they are the constant since Steele has arrived. Can’t say that about the offense under Gus. Every year is like a box of chocolates.....you know the rest.
  13. Well, the typical Auburn fan can identify with this statement. It just took a lot longer last season.