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  1. You’re correct, and it is unfortunate this happens. It drives people away and prevents others from entering and giving their opinions. This subject is very *supercharged* and any statement that is perceived to be not the proper response will be jumped on as my OP suggests. I will say IMO, at the very least, the cop is guilty of abuse of power. The rest will have to wait on the facts.
  2. A symptom of Coronavirus? Dogs can read their humans.
  3. Ok, I came, I sat and I stayed....where’s my treat.
  4. I would like to see the results of an autopsy for starters. Videos just show the actions and you seem to have already determined his intent. He is allowed a defense. Don’t try to lump me in with any other group, I can think for myself. Your response is why a lot of us do not reply to situations like this, you give an honest answer that shouldn’t offend anybody and all you get is virtue signaling.
  5. Heard from a friend, yeah that’s the ticket.....and I’m old enough to remember what they were.
  6. JMO, but the globalists are anti-sovereignty and want open boarders. You can still have alliances, both economic and political, and still protect your sovereignty. The world is not a big Amway party.
  7. I haven’t said anything on this or the Arbery thread as all the facts have not been presented. Most of the posters are running on emotion right now and I prefer to see how things turn out before engaging. JMO.
  8. His definition doesn’t work on a political forum. Now if we are talking the Green New Deal, well, that’s different and would be virtue signaling.
  9. Here is something Sen. Ted Cruze commented on that the opinion piece didn’t even consider. Giving a terrorist organization, such as Iran, a voice in the U.S. is against the law. The first amendment is for U. S. Citizens, not foreign governments.
  10. This is what the HR department is for. I’m not convinced it always works out as planned. The individual is the only one that can know how their motivations will fit in to the new organization and only if they are honest with themselves.
  11. Marriage is a totally different animal, hence the phrase “I’m married to it”. Now, dating fits right in.
  12. It seems a woman of color will be the choice, but Kamala is an ex-DA and Demmings is an ex-cop. Abrams is going to be heard from.
  13. It’s a great thing when your son asks a question that makes you think before you answer. Start Rocker Bench Fairly, not as consistent as Rocker, but had a heck of a motor when turned on (and mean). Cut Brown only because you have to cut someone according to the rules.
  14. The practice of hiring outside talent is a way to grow and progress in your business. If you just hire within, the institution only knows what they already know. As an employee, you would want to get a more broad view of the world. I guess it’s just how you look at it.
  15. Requiring mask wearing in public is a bad move. Legislating morality usually doesn’t work and creates more problems. Just explain your stance and let the people decide what is best. Is this mask wearing only during the outbreaks or is it going to be the *new normal*? If you like this type of control, you like big government.
  16. I can see your point and I hope others do too. The other two posters that liked you post are the biggest pigeonholes on this board. JMO.
  17. If those terms were popular back then, yes you would be. The political scene has drifted to identity politics for awhile now and the Anti- stuff is a symptom of that type of politics. I’m with you on the merit thing and don’t like labels, but here we are. Whenever you first post on here and you make certain comments on here, you are automatically pigeon holed into a certain line of thinking. Go figure.
  18. Wouldn’t this classify you as an Anti-Trumper? Party affiliation has nothing to do with people who think Trump to be an idiot. They can be Democrat, Republican or Independent. Heck, they could be a person that doesn’t even follow politics.
  19. Well, the *groupies* sure were defending him on all the news shows this weekend. They took about 4 hours and defended him and then shut it down as it that is all that was required. The media will shame anyone that brings it up in the future, however, I expect Trump to bring it up in the campaign.
  20. It’s interesting that, as we approach 100,000 deaths of CORVID-19, the conversation by CNN is how Trump is not focused on running the country. Trump has allowed the individual states to manage their own states as they see fit. NY, Ill, Ca, Conn, NJ, Penn and Michigan make up 56% of the COVID-19 deaths in the US. I wonder why CNN doesn’t break down the deaths by state to see how each Governor is focused on running the state? Trump is responsible for running the country and he has delegated duties to each state (as it should be). This is not an excuse (I’m sure Trump will use it as one), but the focus needs to be with each state, not just bashing Trump. I will say, Trump’s tweets are absolutely ridiculous and he needs to stop.