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  1. Warehouse Bistro was recommended to me tor try on one of my trips to Auburn. It seems to be a little out of the way in an industrial area and wondering if Auburn/Opelika residents know about it and what they think about it.
  2. Looks to me from the outside looking in that we are dropping the read/option offense this year and going with something else that better fits our quarterbacks. Something the Webb guy can also fit.
  3. now this is class!!!

    JJ's remarks about JJ could help boost JJ's confidence level. Could be the reason that JJ included JJ in his speech rather than someone else. Kudos to JJ &JJ.
  4. Spotlight on Jeremy Johnson

    What if auburn4ever were give his/her own section on the forum and that was the only place he/she could post.
  5. The article on the original post said that when he got sick he lost weight from 212lbs to 168lbs in three days. That's almost 15lbs a day, what did he have wrong with him?
  6. 2016 Coaching Staff

    Bring his son to Auburn as a G A
  7. We Need to Give Malzahn Time

    I just plan to continue to enjoy being an Auburn fan like I have since the late 60's. I hate to see what some AU fans have become, in it for now and not in it for the long run. People these days just want to blame someone for whatever in Life does not suit them.
  8. Kevin Steele (it's official)

    I'm sure somebody knows something about auburn4ever, I remember strange/odd posts from him way back before the two forums merged. There was a thread where he opened up about himself but I did not pay much attention to it at the time.
  9. Staff Changes

    Even a blind squirrel can find a nut every now and then
  10. Auburn Oaks at Samford Park

    I like it.
  11. It's time to move the web cam back to the roof of Toomer's Drugs
  12. That was fast, I decided to call myself and the Lady with the City said she would pass it on to IT department. By 10am when I checked again it had been done.
  13. Anybody with the right contact(s) to get the camera lens cleaned on the webcam. Seems all the dirt and dust from sawing the bricks has stuck to the lens. Makes it look like the center of the intersection has little dirt clods all over it. Did not realize it was the camera until a green shirt walked past and a dirt clod went to his shirt.
  14. The story of the original tiger paw in Toomers corner intersection War Eagle Reader
  15. Dontavious Russell and Andrew Williams

    I don't see those that rushed to spread questionable information rushing back to admit they said things not true and say they are sorry.