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  1. plunk-it

    2015 Preseason Practice - Scrimmage No. 2

    That is my point as well ironman. People are acting disappointed in JR, we have 3 studs... we will need all 3
  2. plunk-it

    2015 Preseason Practice - Scrimmage No. 2

    It couldn't be that Auburn is just stacked at RB? Why is it that hard to believe that we have 4 top RB's on our team... we have had it numerous other times. Last was Ronnie, Cadillac and Jacobs... all 3 went pro and did well...
  3. plunk-it

    How Malzahn courted Muschamp

    Gus knew his career was riding on coach EJ and it was killing him. His offense was producing and we were losing winnable games. Malzahn is too competitive to let it continue down that path. In comes his second opportunity to hire a DC. He did not disappoint. COACH BOOM!!!!
  4. plunk-it

    New Scoreboard - Construction Progress

    My family and I went through Auburn this afternoon and both of my boys were in shock. Pictures do not show the scale of this thing... it is truly amazing and something we will be proud of on Saturdays
  5. plunk-it

    SEC Rival School Color Reversals(Uniforms)

    The Florida as FSU doesnt look bad... lol... the rest are awful!!!
  6. plunk-it

    The biggest bust ever

    Bust at Auburn- Success after Auburn Brandon Jacobs (behind cadillac and RBrown on depth chart)
  7. plunk-it

    The biggest bust ever

    Sammie Coates overachieved. 3* WR
  8. plunk-it

    The biggest bust ever

    Bust= 5* Elijah Daniel
  9. plunk-it

    2014 Tiger Talk - Week 1 Edition

    Gus is usually not one to sugar coat. This team must be the real deal. Ready for Saturday! War Eagle
  10. plunk-it

    Game Week

    Plan on spending some time with my family, but making sure at 3pm central I have found my way back to the house to watch Auburn kick some Arky @$$. Then I am going to flip over during commercials to watch WV put a scare in the redneck nation. Sunday and Monday you will find us out on the lake soaking in the long weekend! WAR EAGLE EVERYONE and have a safe weekend!
  11. plunk-it

    SEC NOW, Rushing Attack Rankings

    They did not rank coaching schemes guys. They ranked rushing attacks based on players returning. We do not have a proven running back yet. We will. All those teams have 1 thing in common----- returning starting RB. Hopefully we have a RB step up and carry the team like Tre did
  12. plunk-it

    Chase Robison

    I think that is a testament as to how good the freshman DE's are doing. With injuries and illness hitting the dline, he would have been able to make a move. Coach Garner will have the boys ready to fight
  13. plunk-it

    ESPN's Colin Cowherd: Auburn will win the SEC

    This can't happen either. We play UGA 3 weeks before SECCG. We have a big say in who represents the east this year. We play both USCe and UGA
  14. plunk-it

    Really, SEC Network

    That plays into Auburn's hands. Auburn plays better when people say they CAN'T. Thanks BSPN and SECN for motivating our team. Hogs don't stand a chance. Gus said tonight the team has been very focused and working hard. War wagle