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  1. shabby

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    much better blocking for the first drive. let's hope it continues throughout the game
  2. shabby

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Anybody got a good feeling about the offense? What's the status of boobie?
  3. shabby

    Offensive coaches

    I agree with all of this but with one objection. Kodi seems to be doing really well with recruiting and coaching.
  4. shabby

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    paying the buyout seems to be gaining traction. Hope Springs Eternal. But it's tough one Auburn fan who wants Gus gone. If he wins another game besides Liberty he'll likely end up staying.. I'm still pulling for Auburn to win out every game all day but it sure is hard knowing that would mean we're stuck with Gus
  5. shabby

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Did PM imply that if Auburn goes 5-7 that the buyout likely won't save Gus?
  6. shabby

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    I would be totally okay with this hire!
  7. shabby

    Staff Changes

    I don't think the issue has been play calling for the offense. I might be in the minority here but I think it's been pretty damn good actually. It's Player Development which is been god-awful
  8. shabby

    It's not that serious

    you are on a football message board. Obviously it is important or why spend so much time here
  9. shabby

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    Well at least none of the players have quit with the exception of Stidham. Apparently he quit during pregame
  10. shabby

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    do you have the power to do that? cause that would be swell
  11. shabby

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    you think? I would think loss of bowl game revenue and half empty stadiums would be more costly than contract buyouts
  12. shabby

    Fire Gus (merged threads)

    People are delusional if they think that Gus's contract keep him safe I don't buy that for a second.
  13. shabby

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    Auburn instantly let's edge rushers come in unblocked and we have a qb that cant hir a screen receiver. the totality of our problems. well that and coaches on the offensive side that cant correct problems that have been present since game one.
  14. shabby

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    if stidham back in the game can we just all turn off our tvs
  15. shabby

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Tennessee

    our secondary is clueless