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  1. shabby

    2018-19 Bama GT C Brandon Kennedy

    so would he be a take? what's the upside to this guy?
  2. Not to be a Negative Nancy but I sure hope he is firm in his commitment to us
  3. shabby

    Starting QB Rankings for 2018

    Nope. you're not alone. Reminds me of a certain Jeremy Johnson hype train? I mean, maybe he could actually start a game and win a game before being ranked top 5?
  4. shabby

    Opponent Preview: Washington part 2

    Last year our defense showed up prepared to handle the challenge of Clemson. I feel good about them being ready this year. I'm hoping that a second year into the system with Lindsey will have Auburn better situated offensively than they were last year. I think Grimes helps as well. That said, I won't have a bit of faith in our offense coming to play on game one until I actually see it. Our running game will be fierce. Count on it. The guy stated Auburn will have to rely on the passing game. Uhmm, has he watched an Auburn game. Doubtful that will be the approach we take.
  5. so we're looking for two tight ends this class?
  6. shabby

    Gus is ranked 16th on the hot seat

    Gus could have a losing season and still keep his job. He is nowhere near the hot seat. The new contract makes that clear. Auburn is more ready to compete each year than it ever has before. No more years where our talent will be low. He has gotten us to a point where it's pretty much we will simply reload. That's a big deal. It's how programs like Alabama and Georgia have consistent success. They recruit to a level where there is little drop off the following year. This is what Gus has accomplished and its worth noting.
  7. shabby

    2019 5* OT Devontae Dobbs

    I would think it would be an easy decision if you want early playing time and a coach that can coach you up and get you to the pros. I just feel like Grimes is that guy. I hope that auburn starts recruiting lights out for the offensive line.
  8. shabby

    2019 5* CB Andrew Booth

    what reason do we have to believe we are in consideration? I'm not questioning it. I'm just ignorant of what the story is.
  9. shabby

    George H.W. Bush

    He's a good man. If it is his time to go, I hope it is a painless transition back to the loving arms of Barbara
  10. So I've heard. I think we are in much better hands this year. And I'm also one of the rare few that thinks the offensive line didn't look completely awful against the defense at A day. I though run blocking actually looked better than expected. We'll know soon enough I suppose.
  11. I think this goes a long way towards indicating that Grime s can recruit and recruits recognize him as someone that can help prepare them for a pro career. but maybe I'm overly feeling the hype right now
  12. shabby

    A-Day thread

    okay I get that the qb play was bad. not helped a bit by the dropped passes but the run game looked really good and the offensive line looked decent all things considered. I'm seriously trying to understand what I'm missing. everyone seemed to think the offense was terrible and I just didnt see it that way.
  13. shabby

    A-Day thread

    rewatching. Run blocking look pretty good. Also I think our running backs going to be just fine this year. ASA Martin wow future is bright. and Tolbert..... will he be entering the competition for carries?
  14. shabby

    A-Day thread

    you're not looking forward to this season because...... A day? umm okay. Bama looked like hot garbage last spring game. we know how tgat turned out. Auburn is looking at starting the season as a top ten and you're not looking forward to the season because of the spring game. I'll never understand this level of doom and gloom and hope i never do.
  15. shabby

    Visitor's list for A-day

    I haven't really been following much with recruiting so far but Thought the emphasis was going to be on offensive linemen this class. Isn't that our highest need area?