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  1. you mean you support making voting easier so as to increase participation? You monster!!!
  2. The fact that some are proposing that players if asymptomatic should play is terrifying. Are you really advocating putti g the lives of football players and their families that they interact with at risk simply to ensure the football season is played? We have had 115000 deaths with about 5 percent of the population infected (antibody testing data). Someone on here said let this run out til 90 percent of the population is infected. Thats 20 x the population and if lethality remiains the same you woul be looking at 2.5 million deaths if that was to happen. Safety first. Safety before football.
  3. The WHO has walked back that conclusion. It seems to me that if several players tested positive that this will be a reoccuring problem. Now on to putting 90000 fans right next to each other.. yikes
  4. This season is going to be a mess. Players will test positive. Everyone they have come 8n contact with will Be quarantined. Massive numbers will miss playing in games. Games wil be cancelled. I just dont see this season happening if not for the huge revenue it brings in
  5. I'll continue to say war eagle and he can choose not to. If that's his belief then thats his belief. Why do we get so caught up on how others percieve things like this. Each to their own
  6. We have no idea where we will be at that point but i imagine their will not be any sports and packed stadiums until a vaccine is out
  7. well, he's been doing this for the last 5 years, it might be time to pull the trigger
  8. Obviously there were no racial intent. But seriously you have to be completely tone deaf to the history of the south to not know this could be offensive to some. And by some I'm including potential recruits
  9. No surprise here in the playcalling department. Everytime Auburn has an offensive impact play the next play is always hurry up hand off up the middle. Every freaking time And everytime it goes nowhere. I'm doing the shut in watch every au urn football game from the last season and I don't think this hurry up play has every done anything positive. So why? What is the thinking here. It seems.obvious that it's a catch guard thing but if every play is the same it defeats the purpose. Was there a time this play was effective? Anyone recall a time where Gus mixed it up and actually passed the ball? Any thoughts as to why Gus repeatedly goes to this play?
  10. If republicans wanted the physical act of voting to be easier then egg has early voting time been reduced in most states with republican governors?
  11. I imagine there will be a prolonged practice this summer. Next season will be interesting. Will it happen? At least by then we will have more information about the threat posed.
  12. Isolation now and precaution now will determine how large the outbreak will be. Typically flu season dies down during warmer months and its hopeful this will too. I'm afraid next season will be dicey as well but pray we are better prepared. I applaud the sports industry for taking thos seriously. It's not a joke. It's not overblown and it poses risks. Precaution is warranted
  13. I was going to inquire / discuss on the main boards but i'm sure politics would become involved so i'm posting here. I'm glad sports are taking the risk serious and applaud many leagues for putting safety before money. I expect college football spring games will take the same route and expect that fans will go without this year. Thoughts?