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  1. These are great. If only science was the driver of policy......
  2. Polls smolls. Makes no difference. Russia will pick the winner and that's who it will be. Seriously France is already reporting Russian fake news stories.
  3. This is very misleading. Yes there is a waiting list for new borns. In part due to a shortage but also in part to ensure prospective parents are sure about the process and the decision as well as to ensure the fitness of the parent. What you don't mention is the enormous number of children in forster care in need of adoption: "About 104,000 children in the foster care system were waiting to be adopted as of July 2012, according to the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services."
  4. Let him speak and no one show up. That would be the ideal response.
  5. I think Carlson returning for his senior year is the biggest keep of the season and it Isnt even close.
  6. Did I see a pass to the tight end. It's a new era
  7. Why risk an injury when we clearly know what we got with him.
  8. No you didn't. you think Auburn is some magical land where kids don't have sex, smoke weed and make stupid decisions? Sleeping with a married woman is a stupid decision. Leaving a team mate unconscious after carrying him and dropping him off is a whole new level. If you can't see the difference between those two acts than perhaps you should get off your moral high horse and come live in the real world for a moment.
  9. could care less about the married woman stuff. Leaving a team mate unconscious is disgraceful. Taylor could have died for all Jovon kne and he left him for dead. thanks to the coaches for getting rid of him.
  10. Unless you have the actual questions or anything that disputes the account, then you are simply flapping your lips whenever you bring up Fake News. If you have evidence that this story is manufactured, then present it.
  11. Is it really so hard to see the pattern? If something is a threat to Trump perpetuating his policies or alternative facts they will be attacked and discredited. It's exactly why he is attacking the judiciary branch. It is why he is attacking the 4th estate. Trump can say whatever he wants. It doesn't make it appropriate.
  12. Doesn't this seem to indicate that Gus put the brakes on the offense as far as tempo goes?
  13. Resorting to the whole fake news defense is just your way of saying I can't defend my point of view.
  14. Trump is making his first call to the Russian president as President of the United States and he doesn't know what the START treaty is before calling. 5th graders know what that treaty is. That's just plain stupid on so many levels. Then he says the treaty is a bad treaty though he knows nothing about said treaty. So basically, he has the responsibility for promoting an American agenda in world politics but couldn't bother to do even minimal preparation before making that phone call. The fact that anyone would defend this level of incompetence is just another example of how easy it is for some people to place politics above the interest of the nation.
  15. I have to go with Rand Paul. The Aqua Buddha is consistent with his viewpoints and will stand up to his own party