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  1. apparently our first round draft picks chose to come back for their senior year. 😁
  2. I think he has. Everything is a process. I think the big change maker for our team will be the ability to develop quarterbacks under Dilly. I honestly think that has been the biggest missing piece.
  3. Well, won't the Aday game give us a clear picture of Number 1 and Number 2 QB? In 24 hours we will know the pecking order
  4. not sure of many track stars that make millions post college. he has nfl written all over him
  5. But the argument has been way more than a simple Auburn isn't recruiting well. No one argues that. But there has been a persistent critique that Grimes is not able to coach the talent he has. I don't think the facts support that. I found notable improvement in line play later in the season. It's left me optimistic. If this line plays really well its a great sign going forward. It seems that the recruiting issues are being addressed as well. Yes 2020 will be a young line. But it's looking more and more likely as if there will be some recruits in the wing. Until then I am optimistic about next year and hope this line lives up to their potential
  6. I'm buying it. This line will be great next year. Cant wait for the continuous naysayers to eat their words
  7. Back to AOC. she represents the worst aspects of millenialism. This all or nothing approach to goals accomplishes nothing. it's a pipe dream. it's not policy. it's just petulent attention seeking. Climate change is real and needs real plans to address it. AOC and her ilk ensure that those that genuinely care about environmental issues are seen as wacky AOCers.
  8. after all the doom and gloom around Auburn recruiting of linemen I'm thrilled to see the staff make addressing this area a priority and seemingly a reality. Good job. The work of coach dilly I imagine?
  9. Why? They did well in the last 4 games of the season.And all are returning. People keep knocking this line because of the way they played throughout much of the season but want to give zero respect for what they accomplished against two of the best defensive fronts in the nation (Georgia and Bama)
  10. Great news if I'm wrong but right now we only have 21 recruits signed. Is that it? How many spots open exactly was Gus planning on leaving
  11. not surprised In the slightest and feel we dont need someone that displays that kind of attention seeking behavior. we don't need him. we are loaded at that position with talent.
  12. Pro teams are gonna eat up this kind of attitude when he declares after one more year.
  13. I love the hire. He knows what it takes to make it to the pro's and more importantly his name and career will have recruits signing up! And yes he has limited coaching experience (high school) but still some experience right?
  14. I imagine the offensive line play will be quite good next year. Not sure why all the negativity
  15. I agree so much with this. The last few regular season games they did a decent to good job. I expect much better play next year. If only we could get recruiting going.....