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  1. shabby

    ESPN way too early too 25

    Why? They did well in the last 4 games of the season.And all are returning. People keep knocking this line because of the way they played throughout much of the season but want to give zero respect for what they accomplished against two of the best defensive fronts in the nation (Georgia and Bama)
  2. shabby

    2019 Offical NSD Thread

    Great news if I'm wrong but right now we only have 21 recruits signed. Is that it? How many spots open exactly was Gus planning on leaving
  3. shabby

    2019 5* WR George Pickens Flips to UGA

    not surprised In the slightest and feel we dont need someone that displays that kind of attention seeking behavior. we don't need him. we are loaded at that position with talent.
  4. shabby

    Derrick Brown: Why I Returned

    Pro teams are gonna eat up this kind of attitude when he declares after one more year.
  5. shabby

    Carnell Williams new RB coach

    I love the hire. He knows what it takes to make it to the pro's and more importantly his name and career will have recruits signing up! And yes he has limited coaching experience (high school) but still some experience right?
  6. I imagine the offensive line play will be quite good next year. Not sure why all the negativity
  7. shabby

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    I agree so much with this. The last few regular season games they did a decent to good job. I expect much better play next year. If only we could get recruiting going.....
  8. shabby

    Feeling better about next year

    I am very optimistic that the team as a whole will be much better this coming year. However the schedule is brutal
  9. shabby

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    Any idea who may be on our radar for the 1-2 undergrad transfer?
  10. shabby

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    is there any legitimate info out there to lead us to believe there will. be any staff changes? seems all talk is about should they change a coach but what reasons do we have to believe there will be any changes
  11. shabby

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Are they on staff?
  12. shabby

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    How's Dillinger as a recruiter? I'm wondering if the there was he could develop QB's and recruit the area well. I agree Job number one needs to better line recruiting. But it's a team approach to recruiting. If Grimes can continue to develop our players (which i think he has) i'm kind of okay with him staying on
  13. shabby

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    I thought we were happy again with the prospect of an improved offensive line for next year? Why do we want to fire anyone?
  14. shabby

    Purdue Game Report Card

    that surprised me that we only ran 4 yards per carry. I felt like the running game was working really well.
  15. shabby

    Gatewood in only

    I dont think Willis makes very good reads. but to be fair the job is much harder when defenses know he ain't throwing the ball