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  1. just out of curiosity, what in our track records indicate that we will hire a top coach?
  2. James Franklin wouldn't come Dabo wouldn't come Brian Johnson would be an embarsssment And none of this matters cause anytime someone thinks they know something that don't know crap. (Speaking of 247 sports not your posting)
  3. Ashford gave it all this Saturday. I hope the next coach can develop him as I would love to see him lead our team in the future
  4. The offense has done all we could ask for to be honest. The defense is an embarassment which is nuts considering how much more talent is on that side of the ball compared to the offense
  5. There was never going to be a miracle cure for this team. Cadillac is a hell of a motivator but yiu can't fix 2 years of broken mid season
  6. And neither will the offensive coordinator under Freeze
  7. And neither will the offensive coordinator under Freeze
  8. Effin ridiculous how crappy the fmdefense is playing
  9. If our defense starts pulling its weight..... Could be a game.
  10. Are they deliberately kicking short or is that just our kicker
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