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  1. Perfect example of a circle jerk right. 12 guys standing around in a circle getting off on each others negativity. You do know the rest of the fan base is nothing like you?
  2. yup- this place is unbearable with the exaggerated negativity.
  3. What's that game called again? SEC CHAMPIONSHIP. oh and did you mention we just came off two back to back victories against number 1 ranked teams with our number one back injured
  4. I sure know how to spot it though. 10 triggered want to be fans all upset because someone is satisfied with finishing 14th in the polls.
  5. I wasnt aware 2017 was 6 years ago
  6. Your welcome. I mean I would define loser mentality as being constantly whiny.
  7. Oh so we didnt have a freshman phenom surrounded by the best receivers and offensive line in the nation. Oh lordy Why didnt we finish 1st. Yall are ridiculous. Sorry. Not everyone gets to be number one. We got there in 2010 and real close in 2013. Gus played a huge part in that. I'm okay with top 20 finishes with shots at glory.
  8. 14th is a good not great finish for a team with a freshman qb. The hyperbole is everyone makes it out as a terrible season or a mediocre season. It was not. It was a good season. That was a few close games away from being a great season as the original post stated.
  9. Did Mississippi finish in the top 20? i'm confused. must have missed that. Why are people so prone to hyperbole?
  10. Ending the season ranked 14th isn't a moral victory its a victory.
  11. should be a strong season. i could easily see a 10 plus win season with decent line play
  12. Who do they anticipate moving into the 3 spot?
  13. Could have gone out strong. Didnt. Should be fun around here for the next 7 months.
  14. Yiu know it's gonna be nothing but runs and you cant stop the run
  15. How do you adjust ton2 seconds t know throw the ball?