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  1. How was the recruiting for OL going before all the drama..... .? I think its fair to say that recruiting for key positions was bad before the coaching drama and horrendous after.
  2. How would this work if it takes 4 weeks just to schedule with a provider. I would be okay with a 15 week provision if scheduling the service was a that day kind of appointment.
  3. I'm certainly not an expert on the criteria for the senate to pass legislation through reconciliation but it has me wondering. Codifiying the right to abortion would certainly have an economic impact allowing women to continue in the workforce. Icould abortion rights be codified through the reconciliation process?
  4. Exactly. It's ridiculous that with every other school racking in recruits we can't even "incentivize" 3 stars to sign up for the offensive line
  5. I don't think any of the options really reflect what he needs to do. It doesn't matter if he recruits in the top ten nationally if he pulls in another Abysmal Offensive Line class. Honestly that's what determines whether he should get another year (How he does recruiting our most pressing needs)
  6. Can't we just buy some offensive line talent like Texas A&M (sorry not sorry )
  7. i'm not sure eo\ither. my whole point of my post was recruiting would determine his future and not his qb choices. not sure how anyone can argue counter to that.
  8. He struck out in the portal as well. I'm not sure how people can take issue with the viewpoint of how he addresses this critical need will be the biggest factor as to whether Harsin has a continued future at Auburn.
  9. Explain then how Mason and Etheridge were able to pull recruits left and right for the defensive side of the staff under the same conditions and yet harsin and his Boise boys were only able to pull in one lineman. He is absolutely responsible for the failure to recruit for this position. Your excuses are laughable. As I stated if he doesn't fi this failure he will be gone at the end of the year and who he chooses as qb will have little to nothing to do with his continued tenure at Auburn.
  10. There is enough talent to make a decent season out of this upcoming year. However, The collosal holes to fill for the 2023 class are direct result of Harsin's complete failure to recruit our most pressing needs last year.. If Harsin is able to sign a strong class for the offensive line, maybe that will get him another year. picking the right qb is just a trash click bait argument devoid of relaity.
  11. Honestly loved what I saw out of Ashford. Having a qb that us a threat with his legs might mask some of the inadequacies our offensive line presents with run blocking. He looked pretty sharp with the ball and made quick decisions which I liked.
  12. Considering Ashford was playing with the twos he did really well today. He's gonna produce with his legs and arms
  13. Are there any TV options to watch?
  14. Strangely this article said nothing about what it takes to win at Auburn- stellar recruiting and rebuilding a depleted offensive line. That is 99% of what it will take for Harsin to succeed at Auburn
  15. I'm just going to state the obvious. Until some of these recruits start committing is there really a trend upwards?
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