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  1. 2023 will require us to fatten up the place kicker to hold a spot on the offensive line. Our most pressing need and this staff has failed miserably to address it.
  2. People views changed towards the end of the season with notable improvements on defense and with recruiting
  3. The recruits likely stay. Most of them anyways. But 2nd year in and we are already at 2 coordinators down. Where is the stability?
  4. The offense is likely to be hot garbage for the next couple of years with one of the worst offensive lines in the SEC thinning out even more for 2023. The one bright spot was the prospect of a stellar defense. This hurts. There is no spinning this otherwise.
  5. I heard it stated often that a 5 and 8 season was understandable because of the poor state of the offensive line left by Malzahn. It looks like it will continue for at least another couple of years and Harsin now shares in that responsibility. Recruiting has been abysmal on the offensive side of the ball. Harsin and Mason deserve a lot of props for what they have done on the defensive side in regards to recruiting. However if the offensive line isn't recruited better and coached better then Harsin will be gone
  6. Is it that the staff isn't taking 3 star recruits or is it that even the 3 stars aren't interested?
  7. you're on the wrong board. Please come over to the political boards so you can be properly demolished.
  8. I'm hoping that with veterans back on the line we get better play. It's just a question of is what we saw all we will get or is there potential for further development. I believe and hope its the later.
  9. If Will Friend can't excel at recruiting the position which is our most substantive problem then why was he retained? Seems we have a tremendous need for an elite recruiter on the offensive side of the ball considering how we have done with defensive recruiting. Until that happens we will eternally be half a team.
  10. The people posting that mean fans are keeping recruits away are the same people posting about how soft today's generation of kids are. Make it make sense.
  11. Exactly. People forget that fan is short for fanatic. Go to any other site and read their boards. Is a common experience
  12. I'm not understanding why having an elite QB would be much of a factor for an OLINE recruit. I would think it huge to know you likely will start and Likely will look like an elite compared to the talent around you. Auburn should have a lot to pitch to these young men. "Just because we haven't heard anything doesn't mean that process isn't underway." It doesn't mean it is underway either. People defending this season's losing record stated that there was no way to expect Harsin with the lack of talent on the offensive line to have much success. To give him time to turn that around. I'm totally on board with the you get a few year's approach to turn a program around. But so far what's occurring with recruiting at this key position is troubling. It's baffling that the coaches have had so much success recruiting other areas but when it comes to the offensive line its Tumbleweed city.
  13. Hopefully Jimmy makes it Ranes #NIL #fingerscrossed
  14. I believe Zach can be a servicable SEC QB with proper coaching and development. That's my hope at least because thinking a top tier qb is just a visit away is delusional. What's the recruiting pitch. "Hey we have the worst offensive line in the league but Milos is giving out free NIL buy one get one free Ice Tea coupons" #teamZach
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