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  1. we are top 15 team. Thanks mostly to a stellar defense but a top 15 team none the less
  2. We will put up 30 plus points on Bama
  3. junior college transfers are almost never 5 star. we got some of the top recruits coming in from that route correct?
  4. Auburn is a 9 win team once we beaT Bamma
  5. I really don't think they are rated the same and believe they have more upside. we shall see/
  6. I saw that too. that was frustrating. but dang. true freshman and against top notch defenses
  7. I kinda of thinking this is the worst offensive line he will play with at Auburn......
  8. he played a solid game against probably the best defense in the SEC with little to no running game to support him. I'm baffled how anyone could take issue with his performance
  9. Nix played really well against arguably the best defense in the SEC. I see great things from him.
  10. well damn. war eagle. Great comeback. almost. beat Bama
  11. truth is the pieces are there on offense. the frustrating part was it was obvious we needed to take some shots down field and add some tempo to start moving the ball. it took way to long to adjust. that's on Gus. But damn does bo have some potential