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  1. I will never forget living in Atlanta during the 90's as my community and my friends lost loved ones to a raging AIDS epidemic. As painful as it was, we also endured Sorry human Beings like Rush Limbaugh that actually celebrated on air the deaths of gay men. Today i have zero compassion for him. I hope his death was painful. and I hope that those that he mocked in their suffering, now hold the keys of entry to the golden gates of Heaven. maybe they will be more merciful than he ever was
  2. harsin closed out this class in a strong fashion. considering where we were and the limited interactions he had i'm thinking he is gonna do just fine recruiting
  3. Seems to me that it will be increased incrementally over several years like the last one. Also, the fact that the minimum wage accounting for inflation is lower than its ever been set for since its inception would mean historically businesses have paid close to 15 dollars an hours in today's value. 15 dollars isn't a tremendous leap from what the minimum wage should have been... also Doubling the minimum wage isn't what will actually be occurring. Very few businesses pay the $7.25 an hour. Most are already paying 10 to 12 an hour.
  4. the problem with this approach as reason to not increase minimum wage is the fact that these current sub minimum wage jobs will still require workers. Someone will have to work them. There will be a permanent class of people working forty hours a week and living in poverty. Also, historically, there has been minimal correlation between minimum wage increases and unemployment rates.
  5. It truly felt amazing to listen to a president that sought to instill calm with his words rather than a perpetual chaos storm of word salad from 45. I didn't know how much I would appreciate the calm. Today has felt hopeful again. Hope for a nation. Hope that we can return to honest dialog and a world where: truths matter again. Rationale responses are celebrated. And integrity matters.
  6. This just in. Biden will no longer be taking a train to the inauguration due to security concern. Trump has created a situation in this nation that endangers the lives of so many. It's time to start making examples of people. The senate must impeach. Those that stormed the capital must be captured and charged with the maximum charge possible. You don't move on by forgetting it happened. you move on by making sure it never happens again. https://apnews.com/article/biden-inauguration-capitol-siege-joe-biden-donald-trump-ba7bcefad3a65bf9432e9178633baadd
  7. Could we add to the list number 5) Cause he incitied an armed attack on 1 of the 3 bodies of governent I mean isn't really as simple as because he committed an obvious impeachable offense and every member should forever go on record as to how they responded to this attack on government. (side note- the fbi released a memo stating that 50 armed protests are planned at various state captols) it's time for Republicans in congress to exercise some moral conviction and stand up to this BS
  8. What we know so far about the capitol insurrection is bad. Imagine what is still looming. Why did the national guard take so long to intervene? Who told them to stand down? Why were FBI warnings ignored? Who funded the get out the protest. What orders were given to certain protesters? Who gave these orders? Things already look bad for Trump and his allies based on what we know. Can you imagine what information is still forthcoming.
  9. why is a gus a conversation here? i'm merely asking about the offensive output from our new coach. Am i missing something?
  10. i was referring to the 2019-20 and 2020-21 years yards per game. my numbers were incorrect though. here's how they ranked for yards per game 2019-20 ranked 48th 2020-21 ranked 98th scoring offense was much better and should be the stat that matters. should have researched more before posting this thread 😳 apologies to all
  11. Not being critical but seeking information. Do we have reason to be hopeful that Harsin will bring offensive improvement? Looking at Boiase in 2018 and the ranked 20th in the nation in total offensive stats but then in 2019 and 20 their rankings significantly plummetted out of the top 100 offenses. Yikes. What happenned? I know very little about Boise and Harsin as an offensive coach other than he did well win loss-wise. But seeing the offensive struggles leaves me less than hopeful. I'm sure i'm missing somehting here and that's what this thread is for. Why do we expect offensive improvement
  12. I had no idea Boise last two season had offensive squads that were statistically some of the worst in the nation.
  13. I think its better stated to say the right needs to move to the middle policy wise and denounce faux info sources. The left did that with Biden policy wise and our politicians call out rioting instead of inciting it. Yes there are flakes on the left but they dont run the party.. And Seriously what is radical about the first 100 day agenda? You might not agree with the policy but is it really radical? Also what radical actions have the left taken. I may not like the positions of all the Bernie Bros but they aren't spouting off qanon Theory and disregarding medical science. Thats the radicalizat
  14. I am hopeful that all it took for Republicans to hit a breaking point was an attempted coup. I am also hopeful that McConnel needs Biden to help him save his radicalized party/ more than Biden needs him to pass legislation. There is a need on the right to look moderate again. we will see what that brings
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