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  1. It was pathetic and both teams were doing it. Tennessee coaches on camera pointing to the ground. Flop fest in Neyland
  2. This feels good! Its a strange feeling as an Auburn fan lately. 🤣
  3. Game stat. 18 minutes of offense for Auburn. 27 minutes for Arkansas. The defense with a lack of death is gassed. A sustained drive with 7 points would be rather nice about now
  4. The downside is our defense has got to be gassed. 3 straight drives to defend with zero breaks. This is worrisome
  5. How anyone can say Bobo is calling a great game.... I mean seriously. How
  6. Another 1 yard pass play. That will get them off the line
  7. This is bone headed. Staking the line but auburn gonna run the ball or throw short. Makes sense
  8. Yiu think 14 points of offense in the half is good? Vandy fan i see
  9. An offense that can't score more than 14 points against one of the softest defenses in the SEC?
  10. Arkansas has 10 points at the half. Off of an interception no less. Auburn's problems arent related to the defense right now.
  11. He threw to the wrong receiver on that one. Throw to the inside man and lead him and it wouldve been 7
  12. Not sure what was done with our receivers but please keep it up.
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