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  1. Where was he anytime a SEC team other than Alabama LSU Auburn or Florida won a title?
  2. Why do you expect no i.provement on the lines. The offensive line play has developed significantly this year. The defensive line has improved as well. You really don't see that?
  3. This year we have two very young offensive lines. What did you think this year would be like. 5 and 3 playing only conference games with zero experience on either line. So yes. Next year.
  4. i agree though i suspect we lose one of the next two games. Gus isn't going anywhere this year. It is delusional to think he will be fired. Next year sets up nicely for a run at it all. if it doesn't manifest I'll join the chorus of fire gus but he has done enough and shone enough to make me believe this team will be pretty damn special next year.
  5. People have been running on Alabama all year. So im gonna have to disagree here. The alternative is to rely on Nix behind a sub par line. Nope
  6. Honestly I feel like the game plan was fine. Try to establish the run. Sadly our offensive line was beat up and played terrible. And I have no words for how awful Nix accuracy is. Coaches are responsible for recruiting and developing talent so that's where the issue is.
  7. One ball. His accuracy has been pretty terrible in general
  8. Bo called Mac Jones a game manager. I wish we had a game manager
  9. Because you are looking at one or two teams vs the totality of games Auburn plays. Were the teams Auburn played inflated or deflated by the great polling conspiracy? Which teams on Auburns scheduke were stronger that year than the polls indicated. The truth is Auburn had a weak schedule in 2004. It doesn't really support the argument you are trying to make
  10. Bo sure loves to throw the ball behind his recievers.
  11. He is a good receiver. He is not abgreat reciever
  12. Because college football was high school football in 1913. And calling polls popularity contests just makes your whole post laughable. Ibam not claiming Gus to be the best coaching Auburn history. But he is playing against tougher competition than prior coaches.
  13. New rule.. its only holding when its not Alabama doing it.
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