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  1. This is the new normal. Its gonna be a weird year of football and a lot of 2nd and 3rd string players are going to get a lot of experience
  2. Why are you posting this here? AUBURN football boards.
  3. I thought Gus' statement on the cases was well done. The last i heard practices were cancelled and supposed to resume on Tuesday. Has there been any reporting since Gus last statement last week? Did practice resume?
  4. Actually it's both. that's why we have laws including mask mandates in this state. Safety s a combination of personal responsibility and societal responsibility.
  5. My parents live in Auburn are both over 80 years old and haven't been able to leave their porch for 5 months. these students aren't oblivious. They know the risk their behavior creates. And yes I expect them to make better decisions. I feel we do a disservice when we say young people can't help but be selfish cause they are young people. i expect better and i think 50 years ago college students would be less self absorbed and care more about the community we live in. society is changing and this is reflective. if the students don't make healthier decisions then i hope the school shuts down for
  6. This 100 percent. Students are so damn selfish. They take zero responsibility for ensuring the safety of others and will be the first to whine when school and football gets shuts down Proud of the way Gus is handling this
  7. Word for the day? Was there a practice? Anyone in the know?
  8. I thought fall practice was set for Monday. Yet it seems real quiet. Is this still a go or do we not know?
  9. you mean you support making voting easier so as to increase participation? You monster!!!
  10. The fact that some are proposing that players if asymptomatic should play is terrifying. Are you really advocating putti g the lives of football players and their families that they interact with at risk simply to ensure the football season is played? We have had 115000 deaths with about 5 percent of the population infected (antibody testing data). Someone on here said let this run out til 90 percent of the population is infected. Thats 20 x the population and if lethality remiains the same you woul be looking at 2.5 million deaths if that was to happen. Safety first. Safety before football.
  11. The WHO has walked back that conclusion. It seems to me that if several players tested positive that this will be a reoccuring problem. Now on to putting 90000 fans right next to each other.. yikes
  12. This season is going to be a mess. Players will test positive. Everyone they have come 8n contact with will Be quarantined. Massive numbers will miss playing in games. Games wil be cancelled. I just dont see this season happening if not for the huge revenue it brings in
  13. I'll continue to say war eagle and he can choose not to. If that's his belief then thats his belief. Why do we get so caught up on how others percieve things like this. Each to their own
  14. We have no idea where we will be at that point but i imagine their will not be any sports and packed stadiums until a vaccine is out
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