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  1. We have had interim coaches before. Thats the route we take
  2. What is it though the we failed to do during the second half? Was it bad play calling? Or are we just so simple of a team it only takes a quarter or two to figure out how to beat us. I'm not a coach. I don't know what was different in the 2nd half and what adjustments needed to he made. But if you pat someone 5 million they should know.
  3. Come on. If Ashford had solid libe play and consistently started he be pretty damn good
  4. Those second half adjustments..... The trend continues
  5. Well that makes our lack of recruiting even more inexplicable
  6. I thought Ashford did okay all things considering. It's not like he had any tools to work with
  7. I feel so bad for the players. They have 8 more games ahead of them with this coaching staff behind them. That's an ugly thought
  8. No one is disputing the reason the line is so terrible. It doesn't change the fact that our line is awful
  9. Poor geriner and Ashford. Both deserve better than the situation the line puts them in
  10. The lines are worse. Significantly on Offense.
  11. He is getting well paid at OLe Miss. His only consideration for Auburn would be in how to leverage our insurance interest for a raise.
  12. Coordinator under Saban or Smart that can recruit That's my number one qualification at this point. McGee
  13. Why would Lane even think about leaving Ole Miss for Auburn? It's almost delusional to think he would leave a program on the rise for a program in decay.
  14. Nil money can fix the line quickly. Im curious as to why money wasn't flowing to fiz the offensive line prob sooner. Big name coach doesn't mean problem fixed. We need someone that can recruit the area and put together a staff.
  15. This money brings you to a place that will kill your coaching career when this money talks its saying I will end you
  16. The offensive line is evidently even worse than last year. More experienced and worse. Yes there is a lack of talent. But the fact that this position group has regressed is because of coaching. Can't recruit this position. Can't coach this position. Why the hell was will friend retained?
  17. With this offensive line? I guess you go with the guy that can run for his life. Ashford
  18. easily. he has kept his nose clean and his program clean for the last several years. bring on the freeze
  19. The offensive line is atrocious. I mean do we have a qb problem yes. Would it be manageable if our line wasn't a $hitttttshow? Probably
  20. If calzada gets playing time it's a solid indicator that we are in for a loooooong year with 3rd string coming in week 3.
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