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  1. It took Cardwell a little while to adjust and acclimate. Gotta keep in mind he didn’t play his SR year of HS.
  2. Pretty sure Turbo leaving puts us at 13 next year. I could still see Franklin leaving and going after another PG.
  3. He lost Kira from last year’s team. He returned several highly ranked, veteran players and got a transfer from another. Bama has been recruiting an a very good level in basketball for a while. They’ve just had a stretch of coaches who couldn’t do anything with it. I like Oats and think he’s good, but he walked into a good situation there. All of that is irrelevant though. We just went to the final four and had a team last year that would have been dangerous in the tourney even though they weren’t super talented. The worst thing we can do is start comparing ourselves to a program that
  4. He was our best shooter today. I’ve been down on him a lot this year, but limiting his minutes isn’t going to magically fix this offense. Cooper is the only guy we have that we can count on to score on a consistent basis. We’ve got numerous guys that can go off in a game (Flanigan, Johnson, Thor, Williams, Cambridge), but all of them are also even more likely to vanish.
  5. I agree with you and I think he would too. Expecting better next year.
  6. I agree we aren’t where we should be or where BP wants us to be. There were people I’d hope to see step up more that have fallen off (especially Flanigan). They do look like they are still figuring out chemistry, which I’m willing to give them to benefit of the doubt on this one and attribute most of it to never playing a game with a full roster and your lone PG missing two and a half months worth of practice with the team. I’m not surprised we aren’t good on defense, but I did expect them to take steps and they still seem lost. Offensively I think we are really close to be elit
  7. This is a very good point IMO. Teams have just now had a chance to get adequate film on Cooper and study how he responds to different things. Usually players and coaches have a lot more time to adjust, but with Cooper’s condensed season it feels like things are just spiraling being so late in the season. I’m still in optimistic, wait and see mode.
  8. You don’t know who is worse between a team that is 5-14 overall, 0-11 in conference, on a 12 game losing streak, and has numerous upperclassmen vs another team that is 11-11 overall, 5-8 in conference, on a 1 game losing streak, and is the youngest team in the country? Hahahahahahahahahaha
  9. My guess is it’s just the way he constantly changes their defense. It slows teams down a lot, which really hurts teams like us.
  10. If one bad call causes you to fall apart then you don’t deserve to win. This team is mentally weak.
  11. Yeah but Gilbert isn’t in the portal yet and the tweet stated that the player was about to enter the portal. Could be the O&B glasses but I just don’t see the Tank stuff moving that quickly, where as there has been smoke around Gilbert for a while.
  12. Could very well be talking about Gilbert at LSU.
  13. So you think the best course of action is to fire our fairly new AD with zero cause, just to fire the football HC, so both roles can be filled by our interim president? 😂 This isn’t really Greene’s decision to make until the big money decides they are willing fork over the money. Once they do that, then it Greene even begins to have a say in the matter.
  14. So you think he’s a one and done level player but “can’t shoot a lick”? Hah
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