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  1. Something I don’t think has been mentioned but even though the conversions didn’t pan out just step back and think about what that said to the team to continue to go for it on 4th and goal and all the other 4th down plays vs UGA. To me it shows that the coach believes in his team and he is there to win and not just settle. Granted would have been nice to take points but everyone in that stadium would agree you don’t beat Uga with FGs
  2. Said in another thread that all those complaining about the defense need to take a serious step back. By all means is it what we want? No however a few things they’ve accomplished are ahead of schedule with the lack of depth we were left.
  3. Still better than Vern and Gary and not even close
  4. And even more interested in this UK vs UGA matchup
  5. Arkansas has only been held less that 25 points 3 times this year including today....JS
  6. The difference was pushing the ball downfield. Maybe Bo needs to be practicing without shoes more often
  7. That’s a classic Mike Bobo play call right there
  8. Could it have been blown dead prior to the suplex?
  9. You have a QB like KJ that can run you have to play contain on the edge. You won’t be able to play overly aggressive or he will start running wild
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