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  1. JMassie11

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    I’m with you in this. Will probably see a lot of this next year in the college ranks and we just happen to have the guys to run it very well
  2. JMassie11

    XFL making comeback

    Another reason I think it succeeds is social media and the athletes now in general. There’s a lot of guys at q.v. for example that are very talented just undersized
  3. JMassie11

    XFL making comeback

    I agree a more professional approach would go a long way as would taking a few more safety procedures like the no halo rule lol
  4. JMassie11

    XFL making comeback

    Yea but if they have the opportunity to make 50-100k a year for 3 years playing vs not there will be some that do it
  5. JMassie11

    XFL making comeback

    As some of you have seen already the “XFL” is planning a comeback. First off I’m excited bc I actually enjoyed watching it. That being said it’s being rumored that they could be allowing amateur athletes to play and be paid right out of HS. How much would this change the landscape if any of college football?
  6. JMassie11

    Teammates: Davis made decision to sit out

    For selfish reasons we all wish he had played but at the same time you’re always one play away from ending your career so I don’t blame him
  7. Not to mention with his frame, he could easily add 20-30lbs
  8. JMassie11

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Sky isn’t falling and if you wish to jump off the bridge go ahead. Grimes will bring back the mean streak that hasn’t been present the past couple of years.
  9. JMassie11

    Herb Hand to Texas

    So Kodi is responsible for the philosophy on the route trees? 🧐
  10. JMassie11

    Herb Hand to Texas

    Why wouldn’t Kodi stay?
  11. JMassie11

    All things rankings

    He’s likely to stay but what a disaster if drafted in the 1st round especially with Eason gone
  12. JMassie11

    2018 3* RB Kavosiey Smoke

    Almost certain he would
  13. JMassie11

    2018 4* RB Harold Joiner Commits to AU!!!

    Lol have to call talent like I see it......just has that cut ability I think we need mixed with power and speed. Could easily be 225lbs and a true every down back
  14. JMassie11

    2018 4* RB Harold Joiner Commits to AU!!!

    I'd rather have smoke
  15. JMassie11

    Moving on

    My biggest concern is the Oline