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  1. Would say his offense is too prictable and not direct enough at press conferences
  2. People just need to be patient and let the search play itself out....we live in a world of instant gratification and people are always thinking the grass is greener instead of just watering your own grass
  3. We were picked by many outlets to finish last in the sec west, the STARTING QB was injured nearly HALF THE SEASON, we have a ton of talent returning yet everyone is complaining as if we just went 2-10 getting blown out in every game
  4. Completely missed the point.....your right , why even field a team next year 🙄
  5. I've never seen more doom and gloom from a fan base of a team that for starters exceeded most people's expectations, secondly went to the sugar bowl despite having a healthy QB the last 5 games of the season, and lastly returns a ton of talent next year. To be honest it's sad and embarrassing.
  6. No the "why can't we recruit 10 5* recruits" crowd will come out just in time for signing day. You forget Auburn has the worst coaching staff in the country
  7. What's bad is this is like the 3rd time I've seen this lol....once about every 30 pages
  8. Broncos walked away the winner even though they missed the playoffs on this one
  9. Not the reason they were terrible but I laugh at all the people throwing these pro style guys names out there
  10. When Hilary Clinton becomes president
  11. No I'm not serious 😐. A select few however would argue how he's a terrible fit and doesn't have the credentials .
  12. Honestly I thought he would go back to the state of Texas...I just got the wrong school ( Baylor)
  13. Has Kyle Shannahans been mentioned yet?
  14. 😂😂😂😂 off topic but entertaining. On topic we will have a name soon and no one here that's actually posted has a clue who that is yet.
  15. Didn't think so.....just from the names thrown out I think Chip is the best fit though I question how good of a recruiter he is bc I honestly don't know. He definitely has ties to the state and Ga which is always a plus