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  1. Said it back In January when doom and gloom spewed from the same people that outside 2 maybe 3 OL transfers who would have game in and took a starting job away from some of the guys that are using the extra year?
  2. Easy fix is give him more than 2 1/2 seconds to throw. Not rocket science
  3. When TJ has time he makes pretty good throws. Problem is him having to make a decision in less than 3 seconds most the time.
  4. This was a no brainer but glad it’s actually happening
  5. Said this before and will say it again that majority of the season this team had alot of success driving the paint and drawing fouls left and right. Around the mizzou game , the league began to allow more physical play and it hurt our style of play big time. Guys started settling for deeper shots and we were not a good shooting team. Is what it is
  6. Team fell apart when they could no longer drive the paint and get the fouls called. This led to bad looks beyond the arc. End of the day we had big lengthy guys that lacked the physical type of play we saw being allowed at seasons end and into the tournament.
  7. This team has struggled when other teams are allowed to play physical all season. They just have to buckle down and dish it out too but not get reckless
  8. Finally a foul called under the rim
  9. Guys are gonna have to man up and get physical but play controlled
  10. You can’t call that foul smh, guy was twisted up falling
  11. We’re getting mauled at the rim on both sides of the floor
  12. Smart foul on Williams , KD needs to sit
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