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  1. “Yup that’ll do it “
  2. Positives council at center looks to have beefed up the line just enough negatives ask me after the first drives of 2nd 1/2 also still losing TO battle
  3. Amazing what a literal extra second and downfield passing can do
  4. Watch bengals on offense, given up 15 sacks this year but schemed around it
  5. And supposedly the PTB want Freeze which means after a hired search firm and months of research we end up with Helton
  6. That coaching staff is littered with former NFL players and or former NFL coaches
  7. His current staff and not to mention Mike Zimmer as an analyst
  8. Could you imagine him and Bruce paired at the events
  9. Saw clip the other day of his QB looking off 3 WRs before making the throw. Now granted the QB had more than 1.5 seconds
  10. Drove a car off a cliff when with Dallas in the 90s. Walked away from a burning vehicle with barely a scratch
  11. You can’t call someone with high charisma self centered, arrogant and so on especially without anything to back it up. People laughed at him going to JSU and he instantly turned the program around. Dion has a way of reaching and relating to this generation. I’m all for it and the most Auburn thing would to NOT pick up the phone and make the call.
  12. Bring in Paul Johnson for the short term 🤣
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