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  1. Only way would be a possible at large bid
  2. It depends on the need on improvement at a certain key positions or atleast the attempt to improve honestly for me. The other side of the argument I’ve always had is who will you get that without a shadow of a doubt would be better?
  3. Bo played a very good game and didn’t let the moment get too big. Also, can’t really complain about the play calling as a whole. Was a few here and there that could have been better but overall very good. Defense stepped up to make some key plays even though it was clear going into the half what the pace of the game would be.
  4. But also both ranked teams bama played this year they lost to 🤷‍♂️
  5. Play before hit him square in the hands for the first down
  6. Swing pass was covered....would not have mattered. I’ll take the points. Now D needs to step up
  7. Missed another block in the back smh
  8. That was the same play we didn’t convert vs Uga
  9. That’s why I pointed out the LG pulling. I believe it was a missed assignment. Go back and watch and Boobie was basically forced to his right by the LG. Had the LG blocked down you pick up the 2 yards.
  10. What killed this play is the LG pulled and was in the backfield blocking air
  11. It’s not as much that we have lost but how we have lost. All three loses the offense has looked completely unprepared and Gus refuses to adapt to the players he has. Watch the game tape and you will see all the missed blocking assignments and just flat out dumb play calling the 1st 3 quarters which for this group is inexcusable.