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  1. JMassie11

    Place All Transfer Inquiries In This Thread

    Seems to be a perfect fit for them lol. Also seems to be a head case
  2. JMassie11

    January 11-13 Visitors Thread

    Griffin will be a stud.... really hope we get him over MAR
  3. Tbh Auburn’s name being thrown in the mix for all these transfer qbs is pure speculation....Nix or Gatewood will be the starter
  4. JMassie11

    Bama GT QB Jalen Hurts Picks OU

    I’d bet he goes to Florida
  5. JMassie11

    Prince Tega returning

    I know much has been said about Gus on this board and by myself included. That being said the fact that Gus is banking on himself and these guys coming back for their senior season should be very telling. If we get the QB play needed next year we will make a run.
  6. JMassie11

    Derrick Brown returning!

    Would almost guarantee his brother takes the offer
  7. JMassie11

    2019 2* LB/HB Kameron Brown

    Not to derail this thread but if we’re looking for diamonds in the ruff take a look at the kid from wetumpka
  8. JMassie11

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    There has to be a way around this.....can’t we just contact the same people Tua used? 🤫
  9. JMassie11

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    Hey I’ve used that....good stuff 🤷‍♂️
  10. JMassie11

    Manny Diaz to be new Miami HC

    Good hire given the situation but I think they hire someone else next season.
  11. JMassie11

    article: noah cain on tigerland

    I still want Griffin. IMO he’d be the best back
  12. JMassie11

    Which Players are Leaving?

    This is true....I remember recently Cory lemonior I think was a projected 1st round and that failed miserably listening to these guys
  13. JMassie11

    Gatewood in only

    It’s not ludicrous when he throws a pass on a run play. Either A. He hasn’t grasped the playbook or B. he chose to pass on a run play purposely. Trust me I hope Gatewood is the next great thing but my opinion he would be better off at a different position.
  14. JMassie11

    Gatewood in only

    Be being a coaches son most likely will grasp it more quickly. Gatewood obviously hasn’t and Willis has been limited for one reason or the other. So what’s your point?
  15. JMassie11

    Gatewood in only

    Well the one pass play was supposed to be a run also but to answer your question yes