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  1. Plenty to choose from. You would hope the Illini are looking for a new oline coach too
  2. Honestly depends on what he’s looking for. He could be a 1000 yard WR at Okie St.
  3. Seems to run good routes and had a nack for getting open...good hands and able to adjust his body well. Should be a play maker for wherever he goes
  4. There are several O linemen that we could potentially talk to including a few starters that are available. There’s also a safety from South Alabama that was once a ND commit that caught my eye. Thoughts?
  5. Gotcha....I’ve missed that amongst the pages of threads. I will say there’s some intriguing o line in the transfer portal
  6. Whatever happened with the Wisdom kid
  7. I have to say I agree with you on this. Before the grad transfer we really needed one. Having him allows one of our TE recruits or brown to learn this role. I’d love to have Griffin but not our top concern
  8. Former NFL running back that had success in the league for starters
  9. Sorry but I don’t think it’s a lazy hire and I actually really like it. Time will tell obviously
  10. Their new coach is gonna do big things there
  11. Seems to be a perfect fit for them lol. Also seems to be a head case
  12. Griffin will be a stud.... really hope we get him over MAR
  13. Tbh Auburn’s name being thrown in the mix for all these transfer qbs is pure speculation....Nix or Gatewood will be the starter
  14. I know much has been said about Gus on this board and by myself included. That being said the fact that Gus is banking on himself and these guys coming back for their senior season should be very telling. If we get the QB play needed next year we will make a run.