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  1. Let's wait until the new guys atleast take some snaps in the spring. As far as the sec goes I would have us and LSU 2a and 2b behind bama
  2. Why I feel really good about this team.....we all assume Stidham wins the job but a healthy White guided us to some key wins.....point is regardless who starts we will,actually have a REAL backup QB
  3. Pretty sure Hood was a kid a lot of teams wanted
  4. Just like last year this team will love and die by the qb
  5. For starters you compared him to an average joe and even insinuated that he's only gotten where he is by knowing the right people and shaking hands. You never would admit that White was statistically one of the top QBs at multiple times throughout the year and post some snippets you find using your best friend Google. You try and message me personally stating to take the stick out my *** bc evidently you can't handle being wrong. You think you know insider info on recruiting but I honestly skim over everyone's input on that minus a select few. You used some made up numbers before the season as to why we would be lucky to win 4'games bc we had no running back. I could go on but I'd rather watch grass grow in the winter
  6. I'm not gonna take my time and quote 100s of pages of bs from you but ✌️️
  7. Dude you make up crap all the time or take select snippets of a quote to support your claim....worse than CNN covering the news
  8. While y'all are still complaining about everything auburn there's a great basketball game goin on.....guess we should just stop playing that too since we're terrible and all
  9. Are you seriously that naive or is there something going on that none of us are aware of
  10. Guess guys like Malzahn, Pruit, Smart, Fleck, Norvell, and Kingsbury just all knew how to shake hands then
  11. But he needs more proof on being called out 😂...... Can someone link this to google since apparently it's our friend
  12. You don't just move up coaching ranks that quickly by being an average joe 🙄
  13. I'm calling you out on it right now
  14. Dude you use the same "bush league" tactics countless times 😂😂😂😂.....just can't handle when you get called out on it
  15. This has been my exact thought