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  1. So I’ve purposely avoided this board since Saturday as I can only imagine what was said. That being said here’s my thoughts on who to “blame”. 1. Bo had the worst game of his career. Not entirely his fault but he certainly made some bad throws and decisions. 2. Crowd noise absolutely affected the game. This completely affected the play calling and Gus HAS to do a better job not going vanilla here. 3. Defense played good but not great. In their defense, it’s hard to be great while you’re top 2 pass rushers are being held nearly every play. 4. Oline. Bad, just bad. How much was due to crowd noise? No clue but you can’t play like that and expect to win. 5. Shivers. You have to think the scuffle before the game cost him playing time. No reason for him not to get carries or a screen at the least. Good thing it’s all fixable but the questions is will it be fixed?
  2. Why is play calling so vanilla?
  3. Just being honest Oregon’s defense is better. Florida hasn’t exactly played a daunting schedule. Their toughest opponent was a mediocre Miami team and they should have lost to Kentucky.
  4. It’s possible. Also I don’t remember us running the wheel out of the backfield either. Maybes it’s a combo of him not being 100% and wanting to keep film limited on him at the same time? Who knows really.
  5. Unis are ok but completely disrespectful to be the homecoming game
  6. Wow.....can’t remember the last time the offense has clicked like this!
  7. To give you a better idea here are some stats with in red being his most productive years. In these years he had 4-8 rushes per game and 3-5 catches per game.
  8. Biggest reason he’s not a 3 down back is his blocking ability. That’s just part of the territory with his size. He still has a high ceiling as a Darren Sproles type just gonna have to get there.
  9. TBH if he stays here and his versatility grows his playing time will only increase. This will just lead to him be drafted more likely than just being a “system” QB.