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  1. I think emotions got the best of the players a few times last night. Instead of playing smart they wanted that final dagger play but just missed on them. Overall shot better but missed the important FT that you have to make down the stretch. Some of the shots Bama put up I still don’t don’t know how they went in but we came out on top in the end.
  2. Hands down the most underrated was Kenny Irons followed by CAP. Numbers wise was Tre bc the system they ran was to perfection. Underutilized easily Jacobs. Bust was Dyer and biggest disappointment Pettway
  3. Unfortunately without names nothing will happen
  4. I guess imo if he’s still going on an uov that means he’s either there just for the game or wants to soak in the experience without all the coaches around. Either way a strange event if he shows up.
  5. This is who I think takes over. I thought when he was hired he would be the oline coach within 2 years as long as gus is still around
  6. My point is myself and others said when he was hired that Grimes would be stepping down within 2 years and Simmons takes over. Imo it’s a no brainer here. I’ve personally never seen him coach but to me he is well qualified and knows what to expect and look for in a player.
  7. What’s the point of having Simmons on the staff if we don’t take a serious look at making him the new coach
  8. Bottom line is we got whipped on the los on BOTH sides of the ball
  9. Snap muffed yet they allowed the play to continue for what atleast 10 more seconds?
  10. Refs don’t even know what quarter it is smh
  11. Third time they’ve tried that same screen pass
  12. Biggest issue on offense is the oline continues to get beat on every play. No running lanes and the completed passes are Bo using his feet and/or within 5 yards of the los
  13. How is his foot not touching orange?
  14. Gonna have to pass to set up the run. Keep rolling Nix to the right then hit them with the draw to the left as Nix rolls right. Simple.
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