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  1. Not sure why OP put this in here. Longo and Maye are expected to be in Tuscaloosa next year.
  2. https://www.al.com/auburnfootball/2022/12/auburns-hugh-freeze-to-join-espns-college-gameday-on-saturday.html
  3. I want it to look like we practice and game plan during the week. I want our HC to show up and actually recruit in state talent.
  4. Great hire! Hopefully all of you that said you will quit AU football will stop posting tonight. WDE!!
  5. This is turning into a disaster from Cohen. The fact he stalled on Kiffin tells me he has no idea on reality.
  6. There seems to be a vibe he has been #1 the whole time.
  7. Fickle or Lane would be home runs. Franklin at the right price would be good. Deion/Grimes/Freeze are jokes and would say we/Cohen are clueless.
  8. James Franklin is the guy competing with Lane.
  9. Dabos buyout is 6MM if he leaves. It is only remaining contract if he is fired
  10. He has been very vocal against NIL. NIL is here regardless of what the old guard thinks.
  11. I am reading it differently. "Dabo is now the front runner. Lane is interested if we do not lock down Dabo."
  12. Is OP legit? I don't want Dabo and this rustles me.
  13. I know. I am giving two data points that say we are offering close to 12 MM/year and OM won't match. The only difference is years.
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