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  1. I don't care how bad Purdue is. They are at a minimum UT level. Chip seemed to have held us back.
  2. I don't undersand all the OL hate. They played well enough to win. Stidham needed an absolute brick wall to feel comfortable and not make stupid decisions. That won't happen anywhere. A QB has to make plays. JS is so overrated, and I for one will be glad for him to transfer.
  3. We will do sometjing stupid amd hire Muschamp.
  4. Paw is saying the world is ending. I am having a mini panic attack.
  5. I think people are just tired of the cycle. If there was a proven coach available, then yeah go for it. However, if firing Gus means we hire Neal Brown (who is rumored to be the target) then that makes me sad.
  6. Now Davis knows how I felt when UGA was gashing our D on the ground.
  7. Was it? I clearly remember Joe B. looking like Payton Manning.
  8. Very good points. Moving forward, I hope the suits making decisions have more of a business mindset, and implement strategic goals and formal planning processes.
  9. Everyone has crapped on the O all year, but the D has been equally as bad. Very disappointed in the unit this season.
  10. JJ was a Chiz guy. Can't blame that all on Gus. That was a late recruiting cycle when Gus was hired.
  11. Yeah, but is he not aware of his surroundings? Or did he just luck up and had first movers advantage to his system? Clearly he doesn't adapt well.
  12. Please save the smart ass remarks for the other "Fire Gus" threads. Gus had so much potential and momentum post 2013 season. Seems he fell victim to the same mistake Chiz had in changing philosophy. It is so mind numbing. Saban said he changed his strategy specifically becuase of Gus' RPO play, yet Gus converted to Saban's "old man football" approach.
  13. I have been pissed off at how s***ty Gus has been. However, I want to keep him. All of you can downvote me. I feel the effects of the sunk cost fallacy, amd I think he will learn and adjust.
  14. Edge rushing and CB play has been average. IMO, we have a talent shortage there.
  15. Maybe they get their s*** figured out in Jan-Aug rather that taking 1/2 season to see what works.