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  1. New catch phrase to CYA is the situation was "fluid"
  2. Just an FYI, all of you with "sources" don't actually have sources. You are just talking to idiots with zero working knowledge of the university
  3. Harsin will need to work on his soft skills if he wants to survive big time CFB.
  4. This has dragged out too long. We need to assume Harsin is our coach and move on. This isn't healthy and killing our brand. Best basketball team in school history, and we pull this BS.
  5. And UF played for a SEC championship in 2020. Gus had to go. 6-4 was a good year, per Gus. Abysmal OL recruiting. But we will hear this angle until we win.
  6. Someone had to sign off on hiring him. Did they not do any due diligence? Boosters do not have that authority
  7. If we fire Hrasin over BS, get ready to over pay for the next guy. Like 10MM up
  8. Lots of random OT talk in this thread. Any actual news on the Harsin situation?
  9. Nothing is more Auburn football than trying to fire a coach in February after signing him to a 25MM contract. Those of you who are new to AU football need to understand we do this about every 20 years.
  10. Just letting everyone know we are a f-ing cluster as a football program.
  11. Wonder who Freeze will snag as DC?
  12. Unrealistic pick: Dave Aranda Realistic: Grimes and Bill Obrien Oh hell no: Freeze, Muschamp and Steele.
  13. What if he is fired with cause? A football coach is still a job. You have to hit metrics and provide value. There are plenty of people who will try their hand at coaching a kids sport for 5 MM per year. They too will need to actually hit metrics to stay employed
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