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  1. We have made a ton of self inflected mistakes the past 20 years. 3 times we had a chance to be the nation's dominate program and all three times the HC made some bone head mistakes in recruiting. Frustrating.
  2. All of you are hoping a 3rd year starter in the SEC with a career (stretching back to HS) 58% completion percentage will finally turn the corner. Bo will turn 40 and some of our fanbase will still be holding out expecting him to actually be QB.
  3. Problem is that is Nix's vs all teams
  4. If Bo gives us our best shot, we will lose by 10. I really despise Gus Malzahn and his roster management.
  5. So Harsin should tell his guys he expects 4 wins? Got it.
  6. What is your point? I stated we rely on our elite RBs and pass to our many TEs. We set goals (every team has goals). 8-10 wins is a reasonable goal to work towards. You are rambling and not making a point or staying on topic.
  7. You have to set stretch goals. Outside of Bama/UGA, Auburn has a similar talent level as everyone else on the schedule (per 247). It is not that off of a goal. Arkansas is in the 50s for talent and they have beat two ranked teams.
  8. We should be a run first team that utilizes the deep pass and 100 TEs we have on the roster. Expectations should have been communicated at 8-10 wins this season.
  9. 48% completions vs a 1-2 SBC team is good. QB says he and the WR coach were good. Oh lort
  10. It is not, however Harsin is holding people accountable. We also can't use that as an excuse past this season. If someone doesn't have the skills to help us, then play someone else. This isn't a charity. Having good character isn't a metric for playing time. It is a privilege to wear the AU uniform and play CFB.
  11. What were you told? Just preface with a rumor tag. You can't drop that then give no details
  12. I feel like some of you (not specifically you OP) are just now feeling and understanding how terrible Gus the head coach was for us. He did a terrible job at roster management. QB room is embarrassing. OL/DL recruiting should have got him fired years ago. Yesterday was years in the making.
  13. I started watching Bo live his Jr year in HS. He had the same issues then. I stated numerous times he needed to set a few season and learn the basics on footwork, etc. Bo has has D1 coaches since he was a child and still he cannot get simple mechanics down. He may never play another meaningful snap at QB again.
  14. Well, Bo has had years. It is past time to give someone else a chance.
  15. Watching the mental gymnastics over Bo is hilarious. He is a terrible QB.
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