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  1. Best AU WR ever (besides Beasely)?

    I love Courtney Taylor and Frank Sanders but my favorite is Ben Aromashodu or Devin whatever his first name was lol
  2. 2018 5* QB Justin Fields (Update 6/6/17)

    Well I would have to make sure we weren't going to play 15 different quarterbacks in one half😐
  3. This 100% good luck to them!!!
  4. Spotlight on Auburn's "screen" game.

    Am I the only one who can't see the play?
  5. Biggest needs

    Completely agree , I would add LB next.Every year regardless!!
  6. Is there a non apple version of this?
  7. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Route combinations that have more than one primary receiver and this change per defensive set...THE END😎
  8. Men vs. Ole Miss - Game Thread

    Fat bald ref is screwing us!!!
  9. Potential offensive changes coming

    I hope hope hope...change something please!!!
  10. Braden Smith returning

    Huge huge!!!!!
  11. Best dual threat QBs

    Nick was a run threat that could catch safeties cheating
  12. Best dual threat QBs

    Mariotta the best overall and best balance of both if memory serves.Though I am a Titans fan!!
  13. I see 1 problem with firing Gus

    SW did have a bad game and if not we probably win.Thats the problem with this offense,if your not a run threat your not able to have an off game😡
  14. I see 1 problem with firing Gus

    Gus just needs to bite the bullet and hire an OC and let him employ a good QB coach that fits his offense.I just think his offense has become stagnant and it has never had much of a pass threat.I mean we're talking about the wheel and quick curl or out.But what the hell do I know... WDE anyway!!!!
  15. REREAD: NOW who should be the starting QB for LSU?

    I would be all for putting Woody in if it weren't for ruining him with a crappy offense(Jeremy Johnson). Sean is completely competent he is just forced to look incompetent.