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  1. 2017 Fall Softball. schedule released

    From looking back at some older you tube videos and news articles I would say roughly the 3rd week in September for "official practice". It was around 9/21 in 2015 and 9/17 in 2013. I believe last year there was an announced open practice Oct 1 the day prior to the Alumni game although I get a sense that all practices are open.. Auburn Fall Semester classes begin August 21.
  2. Schedule is up on Five of the teams from junior college ranksand a couple from division II. Game dates October 14, 20, 21, and 28. Looking forward to seeing how the new players fit in as well as how the regulars look.
  3. Tannon Snow cleared to return!

    Good to hear this for Tannon and for AU softball. She was knocking the cover off some balls prior to her health issues.
  4. Carlee Wallace granted release

    Removing Carlee Wallace from the roster from last year reminds me of George Orwells book is as though history has been altered.
  5. Carlee Wallace granted release

    I hesitate to bring this up but something I noticed yesterday while looking on the Auburn Softball web site. Carlee Wallace is no longer listed on the 2017 Roster. She played the entire year so it would seem that she should be listed even if she transferred at season end. I understood that Whitney Jordan would not be returning but her name remains. Coach was quoted as saying "We hate to see her go, but wish her well. She will always be a tiger". Something very strange there. In the archives, she is listed on the 2016 team. Also put me in the camp that thought it unusual that she did not mention the coaches in her farewell statement.
  6. Carlee Wallace granted release

    I know she had high school experience but it would seem she has a lot of value at one of the infield corner spots. Not doubting OP'er but what is the source for this info. She did not play catcher last fall or this last year and team not practicing at this time as far as I know. Not much longer until fall ball and we will have some looks at who is going to fill some of the positions in question. Interesting to recall that Carlee and Courtney were rotating starters as freshmen. I remember when I first saw Carlee her freshman year (may have been fall ball or early regular season game) and I thought ..."it's nice she is getting to play some in these early games because she's too small to get playing time in the regular season"....shows what I know about softball. She was a tough one and will always have my respect.
  7. Nice article in Auburn Undercover (free content) from June 9 " A Different Approach: Auburn's Myers Plans Return to WCWS". Sorry not to provide link....above my skill level. Discusses a change in batting philosophy as well as where and how some of the new players may fit in.
  8. When I went to some of the fall practice sessions, I recall Ward at 3rd base in some of the drills and she looked very unsure of herself and appeared way behind the other new players. Joyner, on the other hand appeared to give a good account of herself at SS. I was surprised we did not see her worked in during some of the early games. May be a long term strategy? Guetiarrez likewise seemed to be picking up the system. Clearly there was no need to waste her this year with a couple of very good juniors in front of her. I agree with boomstick in that I am anxious to see Schiele as well as Snow. Some of these gals may allow us to play more of a small ball game when required. At times it seems to be a good approach against some of these elite pitchers.
  9. Softball vs. Ole Miss - game 3

    Since unearned runs are not a part of the ERA this leads to the aberration. A number of those unearned runs have really hurt us 1 vs Florida. Must be a heart breaker for pitcher like Carlson to lose a game like that due to an infield error after such a good job on the mound.
  10. Softball vs. Ole Miss - game 1

    I saw a bit of the game with Rebels vs Arkansas State where Lee went 12 innings with over 170 pitches in the 1 - 0 win. The opposing pitcher also went the distance. Impressive by both. Lee has emerged as their primary pitcher having pitched (as of 4/7) 108 innings with ERA 2.32 with 58 SO. The next two pitchers, Bruce and Clayton have ERA's 2.40 and 2.80 and have together totaled 106 innings with 64 SO.
  11. Thanks for that update. Lets continue to hope she can get this under control with medications and return to Auburn. Look forward to having it Snowing in Auburn.
  12. I suspect the ticket price has to do with the fact that the game is being played at Spain Park this year rather than the Samford campus field.
  13. Corey Myers Steps Down

    Agree, the pattern of events would cause one to speculate the usual narrative but I choose to let the facts develop rather than add my own guesses. Really feel sorry for Clint Myers, this has to take a toll on him. Unfortunate for all involved.
  14. order tickets through Samford ticket office. or I believe you can call the ticket office directly. They went on sale at 9:55AM today. No rain check/refund. I ended up with 2 reserved in Samford section. Good luck. Reserved seating very limited.
  15. Both of her older sisters played at Florida and were dismissed from the team for some sort of an incident. You might google something like Fagan sisters dismissed from Florida softball to get the info. That is likely what led to Haley going to South Alabama her first year. I suspect there is no love lost between the Fagan family and the Florida coach and I suspect it spilled over in the post game. Too bad we did not take two instead of the way we lost game 1.