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  1. Softball at Southern Miss

    Not so fast AUBwins. Go back and look at the original "Woman Crush" thread and notice I picked KK and McCrackin (I like the idea of a harem). We may have to meet in mortal combat over this. LOL.
  2. Softball at Southern Miss

    Nothing surprises me with these radio broadcast.
  3. Softball at Southern Miss

    Good to see some other pitchers getting more experience in the circle. Announcer wrong about kk......she played 1 inning in left field earlier this year.
  4. Softball vs. LSU

    If you are referring to the blocking/obstruction call, I have seen them practice that play according to the new rule. I believe it was one of those plays that happens in the heat of the moment. I suspect everyone knows it and practices the correct position but we are going to see it get called some more this year. There is still going to be controversy as to what constitutes obstruction in terms of when the catcher received the ball. Those plays happen so fast. Like yourself, I did not understand not walking the .440 hitter in that situation. What has bothered me a bit is that when I see the team in the dugout they do not appear to have the spirit I have seen on display in years past. Don't get me wrong, I don't like to see players acting silly/crazy but sometimes they appear almost disinterested or not involved in the game. Maybe I am trying to over analyze.
  5. Softball vs. LSU

    Also, it is not as though we were a great hitting team last year and our best returning hitter transferred.
  6. Softball vs. lsu (game 2)

    When I attended some early season practices, the catchers were setting up in front of home plate and would receive the ball and immediately spin around with arms/glove extended to 3rd base side as though trying to make a "sweep tag". Did not see any done with live runner at those practices. Definite advantage to runner in my opinion. I am for player safety and recall Carlee Wallace getting clocked during a home plate collision; however, this rule will likely greatly reduce one of the most exciting plays in the game and put the play in the hands of the home plate umpire beyond the fact was the player tagged prior to touching the base.
  7. Softball vs. LSU

    Good point and you have likely followed this sport much longer than I have but I think Harris is such a style change that we will see her at some point in a game during this series. Likely pretty intimidating when someone pitches in their first conference game.
  8. SEC Time

    Sometimes Martin appears to get in a bit of a funk and get frustrated. Overall I really like her pitching. When she is on she is really good. I think our #3 pitcher is better than their #3 if that happens to factor into the equation. I think we are overall a bit better hitting team than LSU. This series should tell us a lot about where both teams stand at this point in the season. I agree, they have played a couple of quality opponents beyond what we have faced.
  9. SEC Time

    year to date Carlson era 0.60 with 69.2 innings pitched Martin era 1.23 with 57 innings pitched Harris era 0.38 with 18.1 innings pitched
  10. Softball in California

    Long beach state 9:30 CT. PITCHING rotation could be interesting
  11. Softball in California

    Tied at 4-4 end of 3.
  12. Softball in California

    AU line up shows Olszewski in place of Rivera. Dowell still at SS. As above, likely start about 30 min.
  13. Softball in California

    Oregon State next up (2:30 CT) as first game of Saturday double header. This year they are 9-5 with losses to Georgia, Louisiana Lafayette, Tennessee, and two losses to LSU. They beat Oklahoma State earlier in the year and appear to have played a fairly challenging early season schedule. Most of their players are from California. Coach Berg is starting 6th season and has record of 135-123-1. Their last game was the 3-9 loss vs Tennessee yesterday.
  14. Softball in California

    Doesn't,t look like Taylon in starting line up.
  15. Softball in California

    Game today against San Jose State Spartans. They are 8-3 with close losses to Tennessee (7-6) and LSU (4-0). I suspect we will see their freshman pitcher Caroline Bowman who is 5-0 with 3.23 era and 23 so in 30 innings pitched. Really need to get bats going and cut down errors.