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  1. 2018 Softball Schedule

    Just looked at the Ole Miss softball site and admission is free. I might consider driving up to the Chattanooga games if I am not on a hiking/backpacking trip at that time.
  2. 2018 Softball Schedule

    2018 schedule now posted on Auburn Athletics site.
  3. 2018 Softball Schedule

    A coincidence you posted this. Just yesterday I looked at the SEC schedules that were currently posted. We play a total of 8 conference games. Nine of our potential 12 opponents had posted schedules for 2018. We were on the schedules of five of those nine. This should mean that we play the 3 non posted schools, which were Alabama, Ole Miss, and Missouri. The schools that had us on established schedules were: at LSU March 9-11, at A&M April 27-29. Games to be played in Auburn: Arkansas April 20-22, Kentucky March 23-25, Tennessee April 6-8. Three remaining teams with unknown dates/locations: Alabama, Ole Miss, and Missouri. Looking at the finish in SEC last year we avoid #1, we were #2 but play #'s 3,4,5,6 and 7. Whiskey, like yourself, my wife and I had planned to drive up from B'ham to one or both games in Tennessee last year but the weather turned against us. Hope to go to an away game for a weekend this next year.
  4. I feel certain Coach Dean would have some candidates in mind but not a lot of time to get someone to relocate. Don't know if he would be on the list or even interested, but I would love to see Jimmy Kolaitis in Auburn. I know he was mentioned as a candidate for HC by some. He is involved with hitting, recruiting and outfielders as assistant at Oregon. He was on staff at Univ. South Alabama not many years ago. Wonder how the AD "turmoil" might impact this process.
  5. NFCA podcast - Mickey Dean

    Briefly referenced this podcast in a post a couple of weeks ago. Appreciate you making it a topic. I also thought it was a good interview. I listened to the interview with Rachel Lawson the Kentucky coach and it was also interesting. Hope to go back and listen to some of the others. Good stuff.
  6. Coach Dean has clearly stated “it starts in the circle” and he wants his pitchers to throw strikes . Those who follow AU softball know this is a change in pitching philosophy. However, you need a pitching staff capable of executing that strategy. I believe Auburn has that type of pitching talent. Also from attending a couple of fall practices and a couple of fall games it seemed obvious that Coach Dean does not hesitate to steal bases. Some examples from 2017 season stats may shed some light. Looking first at JMU 2017 (60 games with record 52-8). JMU pitchers accounted for 374 strike outs while the opposing pitchers had 175. AU pitchers accounted for 239 SO. JMU had 76 stolen bases out of 93 attempts while opponents were 14 steals on 19 attempts. Last season AU had 28 steals on 32 attempts with opponents 33S/46A. It may be easy to say that the Colonial Atlantic Association is not the SEC but it is worth noting that JMU had a win against Missouri and Auburn; the two SEC schools on their schedule. However, being a bit of a SEC snob, I would not expect their conference competition to match SEC. Looking at some SEC stats: Georgia had the highest batting average at .338 but finished near the bottom with a pitching era 2.73. Florida had batting average of .299 (3rd) but had 2 fantastic pitchers and conference best team era 0.81. AU was 3rd with 1.74. In the SEC conference standings, Florida finished #1, AU #2 and Georgia was last. Georgia led the conference in steals 105S/121A. Georgia seemed to have some good slappers and good speed on the bases but were doomed by their pitching and last in the conference fielding % .954 and highest errors of 71. Florid not only had the great pitching but also conference best fielding % .985 and lowest errors at 27. Auburn was mid conference at .970 with 56 errors. SEC strike outs: Florida pitchers led the way with 683. Bama was next with 551. AU, with pitch to contact strategy, was near the bottom at 239. One area where AU really excelled was in double plays with 47. The next closest was Ole Miss with 28. Georgia last with 9. There many statistical categories one can explore. A lot I looked at found AU roughly mid conference in ranking. I think it speaks highly of Coach Myers game coaching that we finished 2nd in the conference. I may miss the pitch to contact concept because I really enjoy good defensive plays (by AU of course). Coach Dean has stated that “we will come to a happy medium” regarding his philosophy. Should be interesting to see how this unfolds. War Eagle.
  7. There are many offensive and defensive plays I enjoy seeing executed (by AU of course) but will focus on defensive plays so as not to totally hog the topic. I would be hard pressed to rank them in any particular order so here are my random picks. Runner on 1st with ground ball to 1st base player who throws out runner going to 2nd and then covers 1st for the throw- back double play. Runner on 1st and 2nd with ground ball hit to 3rd baseman who takes steps back to get force out at 3rd then throws out runner at 1st. Almost any play by catcher with put out at home plate, catching runner stealing 2nd or one of my favorites a snap throw to get a runner off 1st base. Throw in by any outfielder to get runner out at any base; especially home plate. I suspect others have thoughts about their favorites on both offense and defense.
  8. 2018 Softball Signees Announced

    I could see how that would happen. With the negative press related to Myers retirement, unknowns regarding a new staff and the fact that Auburn has a very good freshman player at her preferred position. I would like to have Sikes but can see some logic in her choice to play close to home.
  9. 2018 Softball Signees Announced

    From what I can tell Nillen committed in 2014 and Moseley in 2015. Godwin was listed also as a catcher in the article I read. Nillen stated she was recruited as catcher but can also play corner infield positions. Per Flo softball rankings this class ranked 11. The ranking system favors teams with more signed players and they stated most teams signed 2 - 6 players. Per their ranking, Tenn #2, Fla #3, LSU #8 and Bama #9 (tie). Sounds like some good players at positions of need. Welcome aboard.
  10. 2018 potential lineup speculation

    I have edited my original post and excluded names. Also added a "?" as it was intended to be a question for comment. There was no automatic assumption that anyone would leave. These gals love to play and most have put major time and effort getting to this point. As you noted, not unheard of for someone to seek playing time elsewhere ie. Blaire Bass (Louisville) and Laney Joyner (Michigan State).
  11. 2018 potential lineup speculation

    I am very concerned for Tannon Snow. Out last year and seen very sparingly this fall. I would like to see her play but most of all I would like to see her healthy. I have the same feeling about Olszewski. May not be an instant starter but may be a contributor. I believe Schiele was a near equal to Taylon Snow in terms of skill at her outfield position as well as being a threat at the plate and on the bases. I wonder if we have a couple transfer (maybe Gutierrez and Nutt). Also could there be someone to transfer in at this late date who might shore up catcher position. Let me mention here that if you have not seen the recent video of Bree Fornis in the weight room take a look. It is linked off the Auburn Athletics site -softball-twitter. So funny to watch how excited the rest of the team was cheering her on and their response when she completed the lift.....especially Victoria Draper.
  12. Softball Recruiting Areas

    "Mostly I just hope he keeps on giving Patrick Murphy heartburn " That's funny AU64. I found him much easier to tolerate after we began to beat him.
  13. The lineup for 2018 could be interesting. I feel pitching will be strong and all our pitchers are capable of making contributions with Carlson and Martin being the starters. I might put Harris at #3. Catcher is not settled. I would prefer to see Shea behind the plate and have Veach playing one corner and Snow the other corner. Lets hope Tannon Snow will be 100% by spring. Other than Veach, it seemed Tissier got the most back up work behind the plate. We have good back up at corners with Perry and McCrackin. I have not seen McCrackin make the throw from 3rd to 1st but I have seen some good fielding on her part. Also feel hitting is improved. She seems like such a team player…really like her. At second I gave the nod to KK Crocker. Dowell is not far behind. Both are pretty good with the bat. Left field Podany. Status of Greenwood unfortunately undetermined due to injury. We have not seen Schiele but she was very highly touted out of high school and could be a factor. Draper in Center with Fornis as backup. Rivera of course in right field. Olszewski and Maresette are other options as backups. I wonder if a couple of players might seek playing time on another team. Thoughts anyone?
  14. Softball Recruiting Areas

    Listened to a podcast interview with Coach Dean (On Deck with the NFCA) and he mentioned that Coach Glasco's family is still in Texas but there have been a couple of recruiting trips to Texas which have allowed him to "go home". So maybe we are looking in that area. He also said that in regards to recruiting that he would prefer to have a player who want to come to Auburn rather than have to go out and find one. He talks a lot about establishing a "Culture" and the " Process" to get there. Sounds like he wants to move forward in predetermined steps.
  15. LA -Lafayette Softball Coach

    His name and the names of the 2 assistants have vanished from 2018 roster.