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  1. I believe that applies to classes but currently athletics cancelled through end of March: at least that is what is showing on the SB schedule.
  2. Guess I will have to finish my taxes since there are not any qualifying distractions.
  3. I thought I understood that they practiced hitting twice a day; a format Coach Walton observed from the tennis coach, not that they used tennis balls? They were not a very good hitting team last year but had good pitching and played good defense with few errors.
  4. Her control has improved a lot in terms of wild pitches compared to last season. Errors and failure to produce runs does not give the pitchers much room for error.
  5. Looking at SEC season stats (all games) AU is next to last in fielding % and Batting Average. We are 3rd from last in ERA. The fielding % is what disappoints me the most.
  6. We are in total agreement on that second statement.
  7. Came in for Swindle in 5th. Looked better. Faced total 5 batters. One K, one infield fly out and three well hit balls caught in the outfield. AU has such a small margin for success that any errors/mistakes really hurt us. Would not have made a difference but I believe we had a dropped ball at 1st base and on a steal at second base (may have been a bobble). Also one deep hit to Outfield appeared to me that it could have been caught but not sure. We were credited with only 1 error I believe. Not getting many hits but I believe we are making contact more this year than last. Seems there were more strike outs last year.
  8. Since you brought it up seems reasonable you might have a basis for the comments. I have been surprised at the success Mississippi State has had to this point but have questions about their schedule. Have not studied the conference stats from last week to see if I feel the recent weekly awards are reasonable, so wondering if you have something factual that might cast some light on other players who might have been considered. Ultimately, the cream will rise to the top as the season progresses but that appears to have been a very good performance by the players mentioned even in light of the overall competition..
  9. Best I could suggest is to keep a check on the AU Athletics site. Not a lot to promote as AU women have only a 25% SEC win percentage. The stats today indicate they are about on par with the men as far as free throw skills (56.5% to Vandy 90%). Appears a major reason for the victory was due to fewer turn overs (15 - 25) and more steals (14 - 9). Hansen was not listed on the game roster today so may have been sick. Scheduled to play Arkansas 1:30 tomorrow, SEC network.
  10. According to article by Phillip Marshall Snow and King were sick and unable to play. Also mentioned Rivera was fighting "stomach bug" but obviously was able to play. Was good to see her get hits with a smooth swing instead of trying to "kill the ball". Nice catch by Perry at the wall. I liked the excitement the team showed for Yarbrough at end of game. I remember seeing her in the first fall game she pitched this year and she really struggled. She has obviously made steady corrections and improvement. Good for her and the team. Her rise ball has been a good pitch for her. Looking at her bio, she actually had a pretty good batting average in high school.
  11. Article by Phillip Marshall in Auburn Undercover today noted several players were sick; apparently a couple did not complete the series ( I know the announcers specifically mentioned King) and a couple continued to play. That runner left early call appeared to be imagined. We won the battle of the errors with 5 vs our opponents 0. That really needs improvement. Our team fielding % is currently second from the bottom in the conference. Swindle has made some very nice fielding plays where as it is a challenge for Handley. Thought Handley had much better control last night.
  12. The main reason I am posting this is the mention KK Dismukes.
  13. I had attempted to post a new topic regarding this game but apparently did not submit. In short, UCLA, no surprise, has good hitters and a lot of team speed on the bases. Unfortunately, we gave up 4 unearned runs in inning 1 due to a infield error. Their pitcher was had good control and did not walk a batter. Auburn had 20 at bats and only 3 strike outs. 4 left on base. We made contact but could not place the ball in useful spots. Feel like the playing time will benefit a number of the young players. I did not feel we played a bad game, just a vastly superior team.
  14. Neither the stats nor my memory (not totally reliable) indicate McCondichie participated. Like yourself, I was encouraged by our composure and play. Went back to look at replay of the hit and steal by AZ in 3rd inning (resulted in later score). Left hitting slapper hit one of those infield high bouncers to Snow with no time to get the runner at 1st. Runner about 2 strides past the base by the time the throw arrived. I believe CMD maybe questioned if batter in the box on contact and my review shows she executed a legal hit. On her steal Tissier made a perfect throw from her knees and Koepke was in perfect position to make the catch and tag the runner sliding into 2nd for the out. However, Koepke's glove went under the sliding runners left arm and the ball came out of her glove and rolled about 15 feet past 2nd base. The runner seamlessly came to her feet and slid into 3rd ahead of the throw from Dowell who quickly recovered the ball. Good play by all concerned and I don't know that Koepke deserved an error on that play. I suppose technically she dropped the ball but the left arm of the sliding runner came down on her forearm and the ball came out. A little "color": When AU goes from offense to defense, Coach Rojas goes from the 1st base coaching position out to the pitchers mound to pick up the ball for the AU pitcher and appears to rub off the dirt as well as say a couple of words or give a high five. Interesting to watch Mr Perry as he tends to get up and walk around about every 5 minutes or so. He does the same at AU home games. Very nice guy when we have spoken. Not sure what my composure would be if I had a daughter playing. Ms Perry stays put pretty much the entire game.
  15. AU got runners on 1st and 2nd with no outs but Dowell hit soft line drive to SS who threw to first and caught runner off base. Intentional walked Snow then Godwin grounded out to infield for final out. Final score AZ 2 AU 0. I really felt Auburn played overall a good game. They did not look intimidated playing the #5 team.