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  1. Yes, we are still seeing some players who committed prior to enactment of the new rules not allowing contact and official visits prior to their junior year of high school. As regards pitching, Dismukes this year is highly regarded and two highly ranked pitchers are "scheduled" to sign this November for next years class so I am hopeful we will be developing some quality depth at that point. If someone in this years class steps up all the better. Jessie Blaine, listed above, has had some interesting articles and one caught my eye. It is lengthy so I will post the link only:
  2. Since this is part of what goes on in the fall: AUBURN, Ala. - The Auburn University softball team will be holding walk-on tryouts for currently enrolled, full-time students on Wednesday, Sept. 25. The tryout will be held at 6 p.m. CT at Jane B. Moore Field.
  3. Recent post on the 2020 SB recruiting topic. I will add players I have on a list from earlier this year. As far as I can tell they are still committed. 2021 1B/3B Bri Ellis just committed to Auburn. She was a former Texas A&M commit. From the info I could find on her, in her two years and 60 total games of H.S. softball she has a BA of .414, 25 HR’s, and 82 RBI’s. Also one 2018 FloSoftball article said that Ellis hit 7 home runs in 10 games at the 2018 Tulsa Elite Shootout. My Additions: Abbey Smith, utility Aubrey Barnhart, C/3B Aubrie Lisenby, C (Thunderbolts) Jessie Blaine, C keri Munn, P Riley McNemar 2B/1B Rose Roach, SS/utility Rylie Moody, SS/2B
  4. As stated about 6 posts above, I would guess KK Dismukes based on her #89 ranking by Softball America and a very good career at Holtville HS. She is enrolled in the School of Engineering so hats off to her. I would be delighted to see any of the new players step up and provide some quality innings. I know they all work hard and have put in the effort for many years and now that they are at Auburn I am pulling for all of them.
  5. Did you mean Chardonnay Harris? At this point, going into fall, you might presume the primary pitchers could be Swindle, Handley and Dismukes. If some of the others can provide some innings or get into the starting rotation, I'm all for it.
  6. We do have some quantity but at this point we don't know about the quality. I would like to think that the staff feels these new pitchers (excluding Dismukes since she was a signee in Nov. 2018) have the potential to help the team. Next years class currently has 2 highly rated pitchers committed.
  7. Not much floating out there about her. Seen her listed as RHP and 1st base. 6 ft tall. I believe that gives us 6 players trying out for positions on the pitching rotation;.
  8. Regarding Salaries, I did find where Arkansas assistant SB coaches were compensated at $88,205 and $70,700 in FY 2018. Regarding the La Tech coach going to Maryland I read a post on Robo Coach forum that La Tech graduated their 2 starting pitchers and their entire infield as well as best hitter. He may not have a good situation at Maryland but he will have a grace period.
  9. That of course was at Maryland and I have since been informed that the salary quoted for the prior HC was actually more like $100,000. There was another instructor staff member with the same name (Julie Wright) and her salary had been incorrectly put instead of the softball Julie Wright.
  10. A new player name has appeared on the AU softball roster page; Madi Perry a 5' 7" infielder from Loganville, Georgia. She was 5A 1st team all state. From what I gather she signed November 2018.
  11. From AU softball twitter page a link to summary of Softball America top 25 recruiting classes:
  12. Regarding the discussion regarding salaries I did find a printed reference regarding University of Maryland softball staff from 2017. Julie Wright - (SOFTBALL) - $160,000 ? Assistant - Lisa Carey - $61,000 ? Assistant - Lisa Norris - $57,000 Total Softball Coach's Salaries: $278,000 / Total Assistant Salaries: $118,000 / Avg. Assistant Salaries: $59,000 As an aside,The HC, Julie Wright, was let go about a month ago and as of yesterday they did not have a new coach.
  13. That list on the AU Athletic site is a work in progress. There are 11 new players. They are listed on my post from July27 under the topic "Softball Fall Ball 2019".
  14. In addition to the start of formal practice later this month, the beginning of September is when coaches can begin to contact high school juniors. A portion of article from Softball America from August 29: With the 2019-2020 academic year off and running at most colleges and universities around the country, fall softball recruiting is just around the corner. Before the official end of summer after Labor Day and the start of fall ball, take some time to digest the dates that prospective student-athletes (PSAs) and Division I softball coaches should keep in mind this fall. September 1 This is the heralded date for Division I softball coaches and PSAs alike. For high school juniors, this is the date that recruiting communication is able to commence with Division I coaches. On Sept. 1, softball PSAs are able to speak over the phone and via email with college coaches about recruiting, begin taking official and unofficial visits to college campuses and have conversations about recruiting at college camps and clinics. Before Sept. 1, however, Division I softball coaches are only able to express their interest in PSAs by simply telling travel ball coaches or team liaisons that they are interested. Any additional communication before Sept. 1 between PSAs and Division I coaches is prohibited by the NCAA.