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  1. AU with 12 point lead at half then finish with only a two point victory 66 - 64. Thompson had a double-double but that is about the only positive I can take from the game. I did not watch the game which was played at Auburn.
  2. All-white has been a team-favorite for years now, usually paired with white belts & socks. This look will be slightly different for the upcoming season with new orange belts & socks.
  3. I have never been to one of the Equestrian competitions, but after watching one of the AU videos it looks like something I would enjoy attending. Unfortunate having the limitations on attendance this year or I would like to have driven down from B'ham.
  4. https://justinsworldsb.com/2020/11/13/a-candid-sitdown-with-gerry-glasco/ This is some additional stuff about Glasco and the Ragin' Cajuns program. Mentions how they are able to "supplement" some of the out of state players if they maintain certain academic standards. Notice he also mentions the rabid fan base. Maybe we need another thread titled "Other Softball Programs".
  5. Volleyball early signing: https://auburntigers.com/news/2020/11/11/volleyball-crouch-adds-four-during-fall-signing-period.aspx
  6. Blaine and Ellis were the final two to sign so that completes the class. Couple of high ranked catchers in this class. Congratulations to the athletes and to the staff. I had seen a recent article saying that Blaine had moved to Missouri last month. I know she had taken a recruiting trip there a couple of years ago prior to committing to AU and I believe her Mom is from Missouri so I was keeping my fingers crossed that there would not be a late "defection". I believe part of the reason for the move relates to the strict shut down restrictions in California as it relates to high school at
  7. Don't think on AU site yet but this was posted by Bri Ellis about an hour ago.
  8. Some more reading material to keep us occupied. To perk your interest there is a photo in a scanty two piece bathing suit, https://extrainningsoftball.com/signing-day-spotlight-2021-extra-elite-100-outfielder-kenadie-cooper-auburn-bound-since-birth/
  9. The NLI's are now showing up on the softball twitter page. Lisenby was the most recent at this time. Others who have signed are Rose Roach, Rylie Moody and Kenadie Cooper.
  10. Article from Auburn Undercover. Really nothing new but it is something to read while we wait for the NLI's to arrive. https://247sports.com/college/auburn/Article/Rising-Tigers-expect-another-top-5-softball-recruiting-haul-154586651/
  11. I believe they also got a couple of Georgia transfers; one added this week. Their stadium capacity is about 2.800 which includes 4 bleacher sections in the outfield. They also added an indoor batting facility about 4 years ago. They do seem to love their softball. They were 18 - 6 in the shortened 2020 season which included a 2 out of 3 win over the Gators and split with LSU, Texas and Oklahoma State.
  12. Our conference record last year was 1 - 17. Of the 18 matches played we were 0 - 3 in 12 of those matches. Kentucky and Florida were picked preseason #1 and #2 so not exactly the teams you would like to play if you are trying to build some confidence. AU was picked last in preseason. Our final match will be against the Vols who are 2-4. If we could win a set I would consider it progress. Yes we clearly have a lot of work to do.
  13. i did not get to watch the two matches with South Carolina on Wednesday and Thursday but reading from the AU site it sounds as though we were "competitive" in the second match and actually won the second set 25 - 21 (lost match 3-1). Apparently, they had a AU record number of blocks for a 4 set match with 17. In the first match on Wednesday AU lost with set point totals of 15-16-20. Glad to see the team win a set and play with some grit in the second match. We will be way over matched in next game with Kentucky but currently, the objective is to continue to improve.
  14. Thanks for the info on Snow. Feel bad for her. I had seen a photo and video showing someone with crutches and right leg in "cast" but could not definitely identify the player. Also someone also had left arm in a sling. The little I watched the scrimmages I also got the impression that Lowe was throwing well. Yarbrough has so much movement on the ball but appears to be having trouble hitting her target. Penta has such a smooth pitching motion. Would be great if Handley could have a good senior season. I understand she has had some "back issues" in the past.
  15. I have tried to watch this Facebook viewing and find the very limited field view and difficulty determining the player numbers is way to frustrating. Wish there was something they could do to upgrade the presentation.
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