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  1. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    summary article now posted on Auburn Athletics softball news site.
  2. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Thanks auburnphan and Whiskey.....I'm feeling a lot better about our direction with these players.
  3. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Just saw that Flosoftball released their rankings on the 2019 class. Actually AU was listed #15. In the SEC teams ranked above AU Tennessee ( #1), Florida, LSU, Kentucky, Texas A&M. The article does not require a subscription so you can go to the site and read.
  4. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    The following is not intended to represent "crying over spilt milk" but I think it does indicate that there has been "a disturbance in the force". In mid 2016 one of the ranking services at that time showed that AU had commitments from the #2, #10 and #15 players. Well, #2 (Lynch) became #1 in a lot of peoples eyes and signed with Washington. # 10, Macy Simmons, a catcher decommitted some time ago and signed with ASU. # 15 was Madison Koepke an infielder and we have no word on her to date. I wonder if Engelkes is intended to take that slot. McCondichie is also listed as infielder. I would suspect that the recent turmoil in the program and necessity to make a change in the coaching staff has put the new staff at a temporary disadvantage that may well impact us for several years. Hopeful that our staff can work a little magic and have the team perform at a high level over this transition period. They will sure have my support. War Eagle.
  5. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Yes I was aware about Lynch and I had just wondered if it would have any effect on Madison Koepke since they were on the same travel team. I was not aware of the pitcher Dismukes from the Wetumpka area nor infielder Engelkes from South Dakota but apparently they both committed about 1 year ago.
  6. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Still looking for Jaylin Calvert (OF) and Madison Koepke (middle infield). Both were on a list from earlier this year. Madison played on same travel team as Kelley Lynch but I have not heard any change in her commitment.
  7. slot canyon

    Softball coming events

    play TA&M in Auburn March 15-17. Kentucky in Lexington April 20-22.
  8. slot canyon

    Softball coming events

    We play UCLA the following day. Sorry I do not have the complete Judy Garmin Classic schedule; I am having to put this together bit by bit.
  9. slot canyon

    Softball coming events

    Playing Oregon in the Judy Garmin Classic (Fullerton, California) March 1 at 10 AM. We play Washington same day at 12:30.
  10. slot canyon

    ESPN story, Myers, Chinese team

    Justin's World of Softball has a 10/29 article stating that apparently the Myers deal was canned and they have hired a staff that includes Michael Lotief the former Louisana-Lafayette coach who was forced out amid various allegations at that school. This of course had an impact on AU due to Coach Glasco taking the job. Article does not state the location where the coaching/practices will occur.
  11. slot canyon

    Softball coming events

    Florida Gator schedule is published. We play them April 26,27 and 28 in Auburn. They play Bama the week before AU and Mississippi State the week after; both at Fla.
  12. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    There is an article about her on the Extra Inning softball site from Oct. 28. She was selected #1 of their "elite 100". No mention about recruiting or where she plans to attend college where as she had been a commit to AU but as AUProud noted above, any reference to Auburn was removed from her Twitter page. I know I had read of visits to Washington and UF and would be natural for Georgia to be in the mix. She will be a great addition for some soon to be determined team.
  13. slot canyon

    jenna abbott article

    htpps:// hope that helps. edit: I tried to copy and paste the above and did not get anywhere. Did another google search on "jenna abbott" and it came up as the number two topic.
  14. slot canyon

    Softball coming events

    When CCM was hired I believe I recall him making a statement to the effect that he wanted Coach Murphy to dread playing Auburn. Along the lines of what you stated they played a game in Montgomery 2014 which AU won 6-2. Bama returned the favor in the SEC tournament that year winning 4-8. At quick glance I believe our record during Myers tenure was 5 wins and 4 losses. In the 4 years prior to that we were 1 win and 9 losses. A neutral site game during non SEC scheduled series would be fun and maybe could have a mini-tournament to include the likes of UAB and Troy?
  15. There is an interesting article about Jenna that I found on a google search from Oct 2018. As your get into the article there is some insight into the last year or two of CCM. I was not successful trying to paste the link but the article was titled Jenna Abbott: Overcoming Collegiate Adversities. It comes from a publication of the school of communication of journalism - college of liberal arts.