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  1. 4WDE, I just post what comes to mind at that moment and would not take what I say as an in depth analysis. I think Greenwood is doing fine and may have been out of the scrimmage as a precaution. Should mention that Joyner seems to be playing well at SS. Likewise, Emily Spain, a junior, has done a nice job at second. Infield wise there are a lot of potential combinations because of players playing multiple positions. 1st Base: Abbott, Snow, Perry, Veach. 2nd Base: McCrackin, Crocker, Spain. SS: Fagan, McCrackin, Joyner, Jordan. 3rd Base: Cooooooper, Veach, Snow. I would suspect the OF will be Whitney Jordan, Draper and Gipson. Behind those it would be pure speculation on my part. Podany is a sophomore as is Fornis. I felt that the freshman Maresette has made a lot of progress. A number of players could be in the mix as "back-up" there. Driving home last Sunday I asked my wife who we might drop if we had to eliminate 3 - 4 players from the squad. Still debating. There could be players who do not travel based on the quality players at their position and not their lack of skill. Some could travel based on their potential as base runners or used as DP's. It would be confusing for me to work out the best combinations so I decided to leave it up to Coach Myers.
  2. Will try to respond based on what I can recall from yesterdays practice. I would estimate that there may have been around 200 family/ fans there. I continue to be impressed with Crocker. She played 2nd only as compared to McCrackin who played some at 2nd and some at SS. Snow played a couple of innings at 1st and one inning at 3rd. I get the sense that Veach may be the back up to Cooper at 3rd. Speaking of Veach, she hit a HR yesterday off of Carlson I believe. The teams were divided as Whites vs Blues. Perry got the start at first for the Blues. Snow for Whites. Perry hit a nice line drive off of her high school team mate (Swindel). Carlee Wallace is her usual competitive self..."bad to the bone". She and Shea picked up where they left off. I do not recall that Guterrez caught any yesterday. I do recall that she batted at least one time. Unless they want to carry more than 3 catchers this year (considering that Veach can also play catcher) it may be difficult to break into that position this year. In regards to Gipson...she is fine. I do not believe Greenwood played yesterday. I noticed that on Saturday that she seemed to have some sort of discomfort in her left lower back area. The only specific I recall regarding Rivera was that she had some sort of collision charging a fly ball in shallow center field. On the play, the CF, RF and SB raced to catch the high fly ball. Victoria was calling for the ball but Rivera seemed to maybe trip over Vic's leg or something.....I did not have a good view. Anyway, Rivera ended up a tad shaken, was attended by staff but appeared OK afterwards. When the practice was over all the players came up to home plate and faced the stands and yelled out "Thanks for Coming".....Nice gesture.
  3. My wife and I drove down to the open practice yesterday. As I may have mentioned before, they are fast paced and have many moving parts which require you to react quickly both on a mental and physical level. The following observations are from a novice softball observer. We were impressed how much so many of the freshman had changed physically; clearly looking more muscular in an athletic sense. Also clearly had improved in performance which may be a results of being more familiar with the fast practice situational drills. I continue to be impressed with KK Crocker. She fielded well at 2nd and is impressive at the plate. Good bunter and slapper and seems to have a real ability at hitting the ball to an open area. She appeared to place one hit beautifully in a hole inside the right field line. V. Draper made a nice over the shoulder catch in center (what's new) and Corey yelled out something to the effect "We've got a golden retriever out there". Whitney covered a lot of ground and ran down a fly ball in right field (she played a tad a SS also). Seems I recall Maresette making a nice grab in the outfield. I feel that Snow is the one to beat out at 1st. I thought Joyner looked good alternating with Fagan and Jordan at SS. Veach playing at both corner infield positions. I know she plays catcher also. Abbott hit 2 or 3 over the fence and Shea hit one out also. Scott Woodard was pitching to the batters during this phase of the practice so no real evaluation of the pitchers yesterday. After practice ended the coaches talked to the team. Corey stated that after tomorrows squad game they would post a 20 member team roster so I expect some reality may set in for some of the gals. The current roster does not include 2 of the freshman who participated in the fall. If you enjoy softball and have an opportunity to attend one of the practices I would encourage you to do so. Good seats, free and gain an appreciation for what one goes through to be an Auburn Softball team member.
  4. Since it is not on the UT campus the tickets may not be through UT ticket office. Don't believe it counts as a conference game. I have made an inquiry to the the AU softball dept. regarding both games and will update when I hear back. We had such a horrible series with the Vols last year. Their fans were very intimidating and our gals seemed to get rattled. Not taking anything away from them. They are a very good team with a lot of good players.
  5. I hope Tannon continues to slam the ball like she did in the fall. I found one of her home run balls in my back yard when we drove back to B'ham after one of the fall games. I know pitchers are very selective when Cooper is at bat but she appears to be so good at selecting pitches. Her base on balls last year was 79 which more than doubles second place (Wallace with 32) while hitting 422.
  6. Recent Phillip Marshall Article AUBURN, Ala. – For Auburn’s softball team, the mission is clear. And it won’t change. As Clint Myers heads into his fourth seasons as Auburn’s head coach, getting to Oklahoma City for the Women’s College World Series has come to be expected. Winning it is the driving force as the Tigers begin preseason practice today. On June 8 of last year, Auburn and Oklahoma met in a winner-take-all showdown for the national championship. Oklahoma won 2-1, and the sting of that loss remains to this day. To take the next step, to win the national championship, the Tigers will have to replace three All-Americans - second baseman Emily Carosone, first baseman Jade Rhodes and left fielder Tiffany Howard. There’ll be youth in key areas, but there is talent aplenty, led by the likes senior All-America third baseman Kasey Cooper, senior shortstop Haley Fagan, junior catcher Carlee Wallace, senior outfielder Victoria Draper, sophomore pitcher Makayla Martin and junior pitcher Kaylee Carlson. And then there is a glittering freshman class. Casey Myers, the revered hitting coach who spent last season with the San Diego Padres is back, along with pitching coach Corey Myers. “I think every team is a work in progress,” Clint Myers said. “We did much teaching in the fall. We still have a few things to put in. It’s the refining of those skills, establishing a great mindset.” The competition for playing time will be fierce. “We’ve got some pretty good athletes,” Clint Myers said. “We tell them all the time that it’s the mental side of the game. It’s not all talent. If we can’t trust you are going to make the right play, you might not be out there. You have to show you understand the game.” The Tigers will be tested early and often. They open the season on Feb. 9 in the Triple Crown Tournament in Puerto Vallarta, Mexico. The first game will be a national championship rematch against Oklahoma, which returns last season’s team almost intact. Games against Washington, expected to be ranked in the nation’s top five, and Nebraska, also expected to be a national contender, come next before a game against Brigham Young, also expected to be ranked. Southeastern Conference play will begin March 10 at home against LSU, the team Auburn beat to win the SEC Tournament and a WCWS semifinalist last season. Replacing the leadership of the departed seniors, particularly Carosone, will be a key. “Coop has done a real good job,” Clint Myers said. “Carlson has really stepped up, even though she’s a junior. Victoria Draper has been great even though she was hurt. They understand the game. They have a great knowledge of the game. They are great examples off the field. Carlee Wallace has been great. Haley has done a tremendous job.” Myers sees some similarities between where his team is and where Oklahoma was at the start of last season. “Oklahoma struggled early with their young team las year,” Myers said. “We have to keep getting better and having a better understanding of who we are and what our capabilities are every day. “When we get into the SEC, then you start getting ready for postseason. Every weekend is like a super regional. The goal is to win two out of three every weekend. If we can win three, that’s kind of like getting an extra dessert.” A position-by-position look: PITCHERS Martin dominated Oklahoma hitters in the championship game last season, giving up only two unearned runs in the first inning. Carlson was mainstay over the course of the season. And they were outstanding in fall exhibition games. “Katie Carlson pitched 16 innings, struck out 22 and didn’t walk a hitter,” Myers said. “She got herself in trouble with walks a couple of times last year. That didn’t happen in the fall. Makayla pitched 16 innings and struck out 16. Both of them are throwing in the high 60s, better than where they finished in the spring last year.” Freshman right-hander Ashlee Swindle is the likely No. 3 pitcher in the rotation. Senior left-hander Jenna Abbott, who also will likely get her chances to hit, will try to fill the shoes of departed Rachael Walters out of the bullpen. Walk-on freshman left-hander Alexa Nemeth also could be in the mix. FIRST BASE Washington transfer Tannon Snow was a dominating hitter in the fall, leading the team in batting average and hitting four home runs. She will compete with sophomore Kendall Veach, who can play any infield position or even catch. Justus Perry, a highly touted freshman, also will compete for playing time at first base. “She’s extremely talented,” Myers said. “She just has to stop getting herself out. She doesn’t take many pitches. She’s gotten better defensively.” SECOND BASE Sophomore Casey McCrackin and freshman KK Cooper, one of the hitting stars of the fall, are locked in a tight race. Junior Emily Spain is in the competition, too. “McCrackin is ahead of Crocker defensively, but KK hit .529 in the fall,” Myers said. “It’s the ability to understand how we play defense. Emily didn’t have the fall we thought she could have, but she’s really smart. She’s done a really good job of teaching those other, too.” SHORTSTOP Fagan missed most of last season after undergoing knee surgery. She returned for the postseason, but only as the designated player. She’s full-speed and eager for final season, Myers said. “She had a great fall,” Myers said. “She’s in great shape. I think she has a chance to be an All-American. The numbers could be that good for her.” McCrackin and freshman Laney Joiner are behind Fagan. Whitney Jordan, who played shortstop in Fagan’s absence last season, has returned to her natural position in the outfield. THIRD BASE Cooper is the reigning ESPNW Player of the Year. She traveled the world with the U.S. National Team. She is among the favorites to be Player of the Year again. “She didn’t play much fall,” Myers said. “We wanted to give her a little bit of a break. Veach and McCrackin can play third. We have some bodies we can throw over there if needed.” CATCHER Wallace will be the starter, but she will likely share time with junior Courtney Shea much like last season. “Carlee Wallace had a good fall,” Myers said. “She hit .600. She’s really getting consistent. Courtney is a great hitter and she’s improved defensively.” OUTFIELD Draper, who missed fall practice after undergoing knee surgery, is expected to start in centerfield for the second consecutive season. Jordan also is likely to be a starter. Beyond that, the competition is going to bear watching as the season nears. Junior Maddie Gipson, last season’s starting right fielder, also missed fall practice. She’ll be in the competition along with sophomore Morgan Podany, sophomore Bree Fornis and freshman Alyssa Rivera will compete for the third starting position. Author Phillip Marshall @Auburn247 Also some good video on the Auburn Athletics site as well as the softball twitter site. From what I saw in the fall I would have to agree with what was said about Fagan. She plays with a lot of effort and really attacks the ball when hit her way. Hope her knees will be kind to her. This was her second knee surgery. Just the thought of not seeing Carasone at 2nd makes me sad. I know someone will step up. KK Crocker looks to me like a smaller version of Emily and was a very good hitter in fall ball. She will probably compete with McCracken for that position. I think Veach has really improved and is versitle. I believe I have seen her at a couple of infield positions as well as catcher. These gals really put in the work and I look forward to getting to see them develop this year.
  7. Info regarding the 2018 class up on the Auburn Athletics site and the Auburn Softball Twitter site. Stated to be the #2 class. Good infusion of talent to go with the excellent 2017 class.
  8. Steeleagle I had wondered the same. At the last fall softball game I sat with a family member of one of our players and asked if she knew or could say anything about just that situation. She politely avoided answering but suggested I Google Richard Shea and read the article that was in College and Magnolia titled "Auburn Eyeing ASU's Clint Myers for Softball". I believe it may some light on the situation. I also found it interesting that Courtney was originally committed to Missouri.
  9. Nice article about Haley Fagan in Inside the Auburn Tigers last week by Michael Giddens. Sorry I do not know how to provide the link. I was not aware that this was her second surgery. I thought she played very well in fall ball and hit the longest home run I have seen in person at a softball game.
  10. Info per a family member of a player is that Draper should be good to go next season. The repair was an injury that she played with during last season. She is at the games with what appears to be some sort of compression brace on her leg. No Crutches. Same source regarding Gipson states toe surgery. I see her at the games and she appears totally normal walking around with no medical hardware.
  11. Appreciate the kind comments about my wife. If she allows me to hang around another 2 months we will celebrate our 44th anniversary. We went down to the games yesterday. It was kind of a blur but some of the things that stuck with me ......We had a big lead going into the final inning or so in the Northwest Florida State game but ended up winning by only a couple of runs I believe. Got the impression the coach wanted to put a "strain" on some of the new players to see how they would react. I believe it was during the last inning of that game Snow (at 3rd) and McCracken (at SS) collided going after a ground ball hit between them. Both were on the ground for about 3 minutes and then were assisted off the field by the training staff. McCracken played in game 2 but Snow did not and I do not recall seeing her in the dugout. Also, Fagan did not play and I did not see her. Cooper did not play but was there and at times served as 1st base coach as did Draper and Gipson. Wallace had a good day at the plate as did Kaitlyn Crocker. She seems to be what I would call a "power slapper" batting style with a short run toward the pitch but hits a lot of line drive type shots through the infield. Seems Tiffany used to hit a lot of balls hard into the ground that would bounce up high enough and allow her to beat the throw to first base. Crocker also did a really nice bunt. She has a lot of speed. With the absence of Snow in game two, time at 1st base was divided between Perry and Abbott. I thought Perry looked more comfortable and confident than she had in the past. I sat next to the grandmother of one of our players and had some interesting conversations. At one point I mentioned a few players that might be redshirts because they were just not getting the playing time currently. She mentioned that when they begin selecting the players who make the travel team for away games the reality of the situation will really begin to set in for some of the players. OlderWhiskey, we may have to talk later.......I am considering driving up for the Tennessee and Middle Tennessee games. Don't know if tickets can be purchased in advance.
  12. My wife and I drove down to the open practice yesterday and if you have not attended one you may find it interesting; we did. Just a couple of observations....I don't know if 1st base is settled but I thought Snow was ahead in handling the position. During the batting practice session she blasted (and I mean blasted) a bunch of balls over the fence. Jenna Abbott also comes to mind as knocking a lot of balls out of the park. Justus Perry also hit a bunch over the fence but seems less sure of herself at the 1st base position at this point. I still do not have a sense of who may end up at second base. Kaitlyn Crocker's stature and build remind me a lot of Emily. She also appears to be very fast. She had some bright spots but then seemed to have a spell where she mishandled several balls. McCrackin may have a slight edge there currently. In the batting drills, although 5' 9" , she has what I would call a petite build compared to a lot of the other gals. However, when she gets her swings down she can really hit some long shots also. Cooper saw limited action in some of the fielding drills and I do not recall her participating in batting drills that I saw. Regarding the practice, once they got into the "situational drills" it very fast paced. A lot of moving parts. If coach called out "less than 2 strikes runner on 1st" they would have runners on the other bases getting practice base running and not just sitting around watching. I know that part of practice went on for over an hour. I would guess the actual games would seem slow compared to these "situational drills". I could hear some of the post practice talk delivered by Corey Myers. He was very blunt that if some of the gals did not pick up their level of play they would be staying with him in the dugout during the games and stay at home during road games. No "safe zones" at the AU softball field.....if you are worried about getting your feelings hurt you may want to stay at home. There also appeared to be some "tough love" going on so it likely balances out. My wife and I had debated the logic of a 4+ hour round trip drive to watch a 3 hour softball practice but in the end we found that we both enjoyed it and have a feel of what goes on at the practice. We look forward to attending the games this weekend.
  13. I was going by information Phillip Marshall stated in his article. I have seen both Draper and Gipson at the games. Draper has some type of knee support but not Gipson. Both appeared to be moving well.
  14. My wife and I noticed there were several freshman who played in the intra-squad game who did not play this past weekend. Could be related to a quote by coach Myers in article by Phillip Marshall (Auburn Undercover Oct. 17) "People are starting to understand we mean what we say,” Myers said. “We got everybody in the games this weekend. As we get closer and depending on what we see at practice this week, there might be more people that don’t play. You are going to have to earn that right. That may be a hard lesson for a couple of them.” I know he has stated in the past that they expect the freshman to meet the team expectations at practice. I take from this they do not hold any "remedial classes" and practices are for moving forward not backwards. The article also indicated that Veach was the probable starter at 2nd. I wonder if that was a misprint because I don't recall her inserted at that position this weekend. I saw her play on both corners and at catcher. Also he indicated that Podany and Jordan would be on either side of Draper in the outfield. I wonder where this would leave Madi Gipson who was in right field last year and is currently recovering from toe surgery. She started 67 games last year and had a batting average .239. Her fielding % was the lowest of our outfielders at .919 but keep in mind we are comparing her to Tiff and Victoria. It may come down to who is swinging the bat the best. Be curious to see how some positions shape up over the next couple of weeks. On Sunday, between game 1 and 2, Tiffany was in the stands and came down to the fence to talk to Carlee Wallace. After a few minutes Carlee started back toward the dugout. At about the same time a mother brought 3 small girls down and apparently told Tiff that she had wanted to get a photo with Carlee. Tiff called out to Carlee and she immediately returned and came up to the fence for a nice picture with the girls and spent some time talking with one of them. Kind of nice to see.
  15. Abbott and Snow have played 1st also. I'm thinking we may see Snow at first when al is said and done. In these Fall Ball games with several players not available, there are a lot of moving parts in terms of a lot of players getting a look at multiple positions. You are right about Swindle and likelihood of an appearance at the plate. I am thinking we may not be quite as good as last year because we lost a lot of senior talent but in 2018 we will have a lot of maturity on the team at key positions. Of course we have to replace some great talent on the left side of the infield then. We have a great coaching staff and talented players. Will be interesting to see the season unfold starting early next February. That Triple Crown tournament in Mexico should put some urgency in the off season workouts and early practices.