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  1. Unless she can crank up her hitting, Rivera may be spending more time on the bench. She has had plenty of opportunities. Seems frustrated. CMD has stated that they want to approach every game as though it is the last game so he will not be able to play someone who is deficient at the plate over a player of equal quality in the field but better numbers at the plate. King has had 7 hits with 18 AB. Rivera 4 hits and 26 AB. Something I thought was interesting was that some of our better hitters also have higher strike out numbers. Godwin 7 SO, Packer 6 SO and Schmidt 5 SO. King, Dowell an
  2. Penta freshman of the week again: https://auburntigers.com/news/2021/3/1/softball-penta-earns-second-sec-freshman-of-the-week-honor.aspx
  3. I like this quote by Maddie Penta after her performance Saturday. "I strive to be great every time I take the mound," said Penta. "I expect that of myself, and I know Coach Dean expects that of me."
  4. Pretty much my thoughts also. I believe the first game Cox played at 2nd she had an error and I was concerned; however since then she has looked smooth. Like yourself, I have been a McCondichie fan. All things being equal, the better hitter likely playes. I would like to see more of Garcia. Bryant seems to have tons of potential but still learning some aspects of the game.
  5. The DH vs IUPIU today now listed on the AU Softball Schedule as "Listen" so you can link it there.
  6. What really impressed me was that after the play at 1st, Lowe did not show any emotion; just went back to work and finished her job Look at this concentration on the catch by Packer. .
  7. Tiger Invite this weekend beginning Thursday at 5 PM vs Jacksonville. We defeated them last weekend 5-1. They are 3 - 4 for the year with losses to AU, Florida, SC and a split loss to South Florida. Radio and live stats. On Friday a double header vs Murray State from Murry, KY. They are currently 2 - 7. Scheduled for SEC+ TV scheduled 2:30 and 5 PM. Also Radio. On Saturday, DH (2:30 and 5 PM) vs IUPIU out of Indianapolis, Indiana. The Tiger Invite is their first competition of the season. They had a record of 5 wins and 15 losses in 2020. No TV or Radio listed; live stats
  8. Thought I would mention Sydney Cox came up to bat I believe in 5th inning and replaced McCondichie at 2nd for 6th and 7th inning. In the 7th inning she reached 1st due to fielding error and eventually scored our last run of the game. From everything I have seen McCondichie has played her position well but at this point is only 1 for 8 at the plate. In the second game with SC, three freshman played ....Schmidt, Cox and Bryant. In the first game with SC 4 freshman played if you include Cox as a base runner. Of course Penta pitched, with the others being again Bryant and Schmidt.
  9. Good to see Lexie throw well. Seemed as though a number of the hits off Yarbrough just fell into no mans land. Garcia made a couple of good plays during her time at 3rd. Get ready for next week Thursday - Saturday. We may have been greedy on those outs at home plate.
  10. estimated start 3:02 They have a pitcher Bilodeau (not the x- au version) who pitched well vs their game with Florida and I would expect we might see her.
  11. So far this season Jacksonville is 2W and 1L. the 2 wins were against Boston College and the loss was vs Florida Gators by score 0 - 1.
  12. The AU Softball schedule from Auburn Athletics site now indicates TV broadcast via UNF All Access.
  13. Schedule now indicates the cancelled games today now both shifted to tomorrow with SC start time 9 AM and Jacksonville game at 2 PM. Then the second game with SC set for Sunday at 9 AM. Refer to schedule link provided by ellitor above. Now no indication of TV.
  14. Games today vs South Carolina (12 noon) and Jacksonville (5 PM) with high probability of some showers and temps in 50's. No radio or tv coverage. If you want to follow game will need to link "live stats" from AU Softball site. Game tomorrow vs SC scheduled for 12 noon. Clear but cooler. Still listed as TV via UNF All Access which can be linked from AU Softball Schedule site.
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