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  1. https://auburntigers.com/news/2021/7/4/softball-emily-carosone-named-to-italys-softball-olympic-roster.aspx
  2. Article about Coach Harris and a lot of her philosophy regarding program development. https://auburntigers.com/news/2021/7/6/womens-basketball-we-re-going-to-do-it-again-auburn-womens-basketballs-johnnie-harris-pursues-rings.aspx
  3. Article about starting to getting out and evaluating players and summary of current new additions. https://247sports.com/Article/Auburn-womens-basketball-coaches-ready-to-hit-the-recruiting-trail-in-July-167223834/
  4. There were times when Oklahoma hitters got home runs that were in the "honey spot" about waist high in the middle of the plate but like you pointed out there were a number of times of times they got a pitch about knee level (or even a bit lower) and were able to "golf" it out; especially Alo. Not that I know anything about hitting, but these good hitters are rooted to the ground when they strike the ball and transfer power from their legs, hips and torso as well as having their head down tracking ball to bat. I know any number of times this is not the case with AU hitters. They did a visua
  5. Seems unfair Oklahoma gets to play the WCWS in their back yard. Appears they call time out during tense moments to allow their players to pour out of the dugout and juice up the fans and intimidate the visiting team. Guess not much difference than the advantage a home team has in football but they seem to me to be the "bullies" of the softball world. Can you tell I prefer to cheer for the underdog? Agree with Whiskey.......not likely FSU can counter the Sooners pitching depth and hitting power throughout the line up.
  6. AU Podcast with WBB Associate HC Bob Starkey. Very well done and extremely insightful. Interesting stories about how he was inspired to get into coaching, his early jobs where a portion of his salary was a dorm room and a meal ticket, coaching both men's and women's BB, turning away from a chance to become HC of LSU WBB, stories about Shaquille O'Neal, things he admires about Coach Harris and so forth. He mentions the coaches and players promoting the program with the fans and community and they may do some things like dinners and open practice. I can assure you that after listening to the
  7. After I posted I realized I had forgotten to mention Coach Glasco and his brief stay. Also failed to include that LaPorte was an assistant with CMD for his last 3 seasons at Radford prior to his accepting the JMU position.
  8. Looking back on the hiring of Coach Dean I would have to say it was met with overall very favorable approval. He was a head coach with long record of success at a competitive program. None of his assistant coaches joined him and remained at JMU and filled the pitching coach position with Libby Morris. They have been very successful. Coach Dean hired Eddie Ketelhut as hitting coach and Annie Smith as his other assistant. They left after 2 seasons. Ketelhut now has a training business for hitting and fielding while Smith is a volunteer assistant at Arkansas. They were replaced by Eug
  9. What really impressed me was how she recovered and immediately turned her attention to the on field base runners.
  10. This video of Coach Dye reinforces something I feel we are missing in our softball program. Inspirational leadership.
  11. This is the part that applies to AU Softball: NO SURPRISES ON AUBURN SOFTBALL ROSTER Auburn’s softball exit interviews are over, and I am told there were no surprises. Third baseman Maddison Koepke doesn’t plan to continue here college softball career. As announced previously, shortstop Makenna Dowell and pitcher Lexie Handley have earned their degrees and will look to be graduate transfers. Other than those three, no Auburn players with eligibility remaining have indicated that they are considering transferring. --Freshman third baseman Denver Bryant played sparingly the second
  12. Watching the play in Regionals and Super Regionals makes me realize how much we need to improve before we reach that level.
  13. Agree, I was alluding to that in the OP. I believe it was in the Georgia vs Florida game that the TV camera crew had on masks in contrast to all the fans and players without face coverings.
  14. That was a fun game except for the irritating, attention seeking fan behind home plate. I believe he had a relative who played softball at LSU. He attends many of the LSU sporting events and frequently gets positioned in camera view. He is a distraction from the vast majority of the well behaved enthusiastic fans in attendance there. VT played UCLA close in second game loss 2-0. Agree, the Georgia/Florida outcome was a surprise. Notice James Madison won in extras over Missouri.
  15. Interesting watching portions of the Super Regionals Thursday night. First of all the contrast of numbers of fans due to restrictions in California. The UCLA/Virginia Tech game listed 256 attendance while the LSU/Florida State game listed over 2,000. Could be all that Cajun food has a protective effect against COVID. The FSU pitcher, Sandercork (24 – 2) held LSU to 2 hits while Sansuri gave up only 6 hits. Seminole run came on sacrifice fly in top of 6th inning for only score of game. The UCLA/VT game was interesting mainly because I have not followed either team to any extent duri
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