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  1. Sorry for dumb question...I do not see the video feed when I go to the AU Softball face book page. Any ideas where I might be using the wrong approach?
  2. Reality will set in when the hogs play the elephants this weekend in Tuscaloosa. It seems I recall that the state of Arkansas was "late" in converting to fast pitch softball so this put them behind in terms of developing local talent. I do think their current resume is heavily "padded".
  3. Thanks for reminding me. I really like Alexa and hope she can develop into a contributor. When I have seen her at some early practices she appeared to have some good ball movement but clearly #5 in the pitching lineup. Her speed is below the others. I have a lot of respect for her effort and spunk. Older Whiskey, presuming Tannon Snow is back next year, it could potentially give us two very good players at the infield corner positions. Also, Perry is developing with experience. She made a terrific catch this past weekend reaching over the visitor dougout.
  4. To date, I do not believe we have seen Laney Joyner (SS) or Gutierrez (C). Earlier I saw both in practices and I thought both gave a good account of themselves. I can see that unless we have some injuries at these positions there would not be meaningful playing time for these two players and I expect to see them both working into the line up next year. Also, next years class has another catcher (Tissier) and 3 middle infielders. Also hopeful (as coach stated) Tannon Snow gets medically stable and returns. I feel next years team could be special, especially if we get some quality depth at pitcher (development of Swindle and 2 pitchers in the class next year. This years team has been better than I expected. So many positions are getting "crowded" with quality players.
  5. Draper, to me, seems a lot like Tiffany Howard last year. Good speed, good bunter/slapper with good on base percentage. I could see her first in the order. If Crocker can get back to form she might be good in the #9 spot and move Draper to #1. Yesterday, Crocker had some sort of compression sleeve on her knee but removed it later. She was not dressed out. Walking without defect. I spoke to her briefly after the game and got the impression she would be back soon. Spain has done a very good job at second. McCrackin likely back soon. However, from what I have seen, Crocker is more effective with the bat in her hand. I believe that yesterday was some of the best bunting I have seen from Auburn softball. The one by Fagan really caught Mercer off guard. Also glad to see a couple of stolen bases.
  6. No TV that I am aware of. Have to give Nebraska credit today for playing two tough opponents ( I hope AU is a tough opponent) back to back today with very little break between games.
  7. Just happened to look at the Nebraska Athletic site and it appears that they have a radio broadcast of their games in Mexico. There is a radio button(the softball team site) you can link. It seems to work as I listened to a few minutes of the game with Oklahoma in progress now. May be better than the GameTracker when they play Auburn later today.
  8. GBAU83 in regards to lineup I believe coach said that Wallace would catch game 1 for Martin and Shea would be behind plate in game 2. Linayus, regarding Snow and from what I know when she was out last fall ....not a sports related injury..
  9. According to PM @ Auburn Undercover (non-premium) Snow missed last week due to medical issues (I suspect related to issues she had in the fall) and Veach is supposed to get the start against Oklahoma. Snow expected back at practice this next week but has not had the reps. Perry and Abbott will be back-ups. Fortunate to have such a quality player to step in and play. Feel bad for Tannon Snow but priority should be her health.
  10. At practices I have attended Veach has played/rotated at the corner infield positions. Last week seems she was more dedicated at 3rd. As I stated in previous post, it could be she is being groomed to replace Cooper at 3rd next year. I believe the talent level has been elevated to the point that a number of very good players will have to wait their turn. I doubt I will be able to make the scrimmage tomorrow but maybe someone can and report back to the forum.
  11. Totally in line with your projections ellitor. Saw a couple of practices last week. Thought Joyner was looking more comfortable as potential back up at SS. Of course, McCrackin can sub at SS and second base. During one of the simulations Cooper did practice a round at second but vast majority of time at third. I feel Veach is being groomed to take over at third after this year. She is valuable since can play both corner positions. I may have said it in previous post but the new players seemed to have improved so much since the fall that it has caused me to raise my expectations for the team this year. Will be quite an accomplishment if the true freshman Crocker starts at second. If so, can you imagine her first regular season start being against the defending champs?
  12. The Auburn softball twitter page has links to recent articles related to the team. Good recent feature on the outfield. From what I have seen, this should be a very strong position for now and the future. On that same twitter page is the terrific photo of Draper mid air laying out for a catch. If you enjoy the softball program you might want to check the twitter site on a regular basis.
  13. The Auburn softball twitter page has links to recent articles related to the team. Good recent feature on the outfield. From what I have seen, this should be a very strong position for now and the future. On that same twitter page is the terrific photo of Draper mid air laying out for a catch. If you enjoy the softball program you might want to check the twitter site on a regular basis.
  14. 4WDE, I just post what comes to mind at that moment and would not take what I say as an in depth analysis. I think Greenwood is doing fine and may have been out of the scrimmage as a precaution. Should mention that Joyner seems to be playing well at SS. Likewise, Emily Spain, a junior, has done a nice job at second. Infield wise there are a lot of potential combinations because of players playing multiple positions. 1st Base: Abbott, Snow, Perry, Veach. 2nd Base: McCrackin, Crocker, Spain. SS: Fagan, McCrackin, Joyner, Jordan. 3rd Base: Cooooooper, Veach, Snow. I would suspect the OF will be Whitney Jordan, Draper and Gipson. Behind those it would be pure speculation on my part. Podany is a sophomore as is Fornis. I felt that the freshman Maresette has made a lot of progress. A number of players could be in the mix as "back-up" there. Driving home last Sunday I asked my wife who we might drop if we had to eliminate 3 - 4 players from the squad. Still debating. There could be players who do not travel based on the quality players at their position and not their lack of skill. Some could travel based on their potential as base runners or used as DP's. It would be confusing for me to work out the best combinations so I decided to leave it up to Coach Myers.
  15. Will try to respond based on what I can recall from yesterdays practice. I would estimate that there may have been around 200 family/ fans there. I continue to be impressed with Crocker. She played 2nd only as compared to McCrackin who played some at 2nd and some at SS. Snow played a couple of innings at 1st and one inning at 3rd. I get the sense that Veach may be the back up to Cooper at 3rd. Speaking of Veach, she hit a HR yesterday off of Carlson I believe. The teams were divided as Whites vs Blues. Perry got the start at first for the Blues. Snow for Whites. Perry hit a nice line drive off of her high school team mate (Swindel). Carlee Wallace is her usual competitive self..."bad to the bone". She and Shea picked up where they left off. I do not recall that Guterrez caught any yesterday. I do recall that she batted at least one time. Unless they want to carry more than 3 catchers this year (considering that Veach can also play catcher) it may be difficult to break into that position this year. In regards to Gipson...she is fine. I do not believe Greenwood played yesterday. I noticed that on Saturday that she seemed to have some sort of discomfort in her left lower back area. The only specific I recall regarding Rivera was that she had some sort of collision charging a fly ball in shallow center field. On the play, the CF, RF and SB raced to catch the high fly ball. Victoria was calling for the ball but Rivera seemed to maybe trip over Vic's leg or something.....I did not have a good view. Anyway, Rivera ended up a tad shaken, was attended by staff but appeared OK afterwards. When the practice was over all the players came up to home plate and faced the stands and yelled out "Thanks for Coming".....Nice gesture.