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  1. slot canyon

    AU professor sues school for retaliation

    I have felt much the same about this issue. It moves us away from the real purpose of the University.
  2. slot canyon

    2018 fall softball practice starts

    Looking at the 8 sec video on Twitter it appeared that the Snow sisters were starters on the left side of the infield with Crack and Veach on the right side. Tissier behind the plate with Martin on the mound. At that point, I suspect Perry was DP. Could not make out the starting outfielders....suspect Crocker, Podany and Rivera. Apparently multiple combinations during used the night. Just being my grumpy self I thought the Twitter "updates" for the game were basically of no use. Could have used some creative journalism at the end of each inning like "end of first inning score 0-0." (I'll be less sarcastic after my second cup of coffee).
  3. slot canyon

    2018 fall softball practice starts

    Noticed Gutierrez not listed. How many games does your daughters team play in the fall....just curious? What age did she develop an interest in softball? How much have you spent for gas and buying SB equipment?....just kidding; but from parents I have talked to at games it seems to be big commitment for the players and family. I respect anyone who can stick to something like this the way these ladies do.
  4. slot canyon

    2018 fall softball practice starts

    Our opponent tomorrow Wallace State Dothan. They play 16 games in their fall schedule. They will have played 2 double headers prior to playing Auburn. Their fall schedule goes from 9/4 - 10/27 when the finish in some Birmingham Southern Tournament.
  5. slot canyon

    2018 fall softball practice starts

    My wife and I may go down for the Sunday double header. There was a discussion topic on Robo Coach about fall ball. Someone there indicated that teams have rules about players not missing classes for fall softball games and that is why they tend to play near by community college teams/smaller instate teams. Wonder if we could arrange to play someone like Samford. Of course if they come to your field they have travel expenses. edit: Just looked at Samford fall schedule. They begin 9/28. play 2 inter-squad games and play Enterprise CC, Wallace Hanceville and Central Alabama CC. Seems they might be limited on inter-squad games as I believe their roster last year was 16 players. Alabama fall schedule includes AUM, West Alabama, Wallace State, Marion Military, and Shelton State.
  6. According to AU softball twitter page softball practice started yesterday. There were a few pictures; one was of the 4 pitchers in the dugout. I did not realize that the transfer pitcher, Lexie Handley was that tall. Looked at her Akron page and she was listed as 6'1". She was their primary pitcher her freshman year and threw in excess of 200 innings. Do not know the nature of the injury that had her sitting out last year. Maybe we will be getting some practice updates in the near future.
  7. slot canyon

    softball 2018 Fall schedule

    I am going to add this here as part of the "fall ball" topic though not directly related to the fall schedule. I received an email from Coach Dean relating some recent improvements and soliciting donations to the On Deck Club (softball support) through Tigers Unlimited. Apparently the team room has had some improvements with addition of some cabinets and a desk area as well as new paint and carpet and furniture upgrades. One thing that was interesting was the batting cage getting new turf and renovated to make it lighting proof so it can be used during inclement weather. also looking at a way to replace and modify netting which would allow them to practice defense in that area. I thought the Board had allocated funds for an indoor facility that would do just that......this may be a temporary approach until the new facility comes to fruition. Plans this year to replace outfield padding as well as adding padding along the bullpens. Looking at future plans to resurface the field and locker room improvements. I feel these gals work hard and deserve any upgrades the athletic department can provide to make them more comfortable and safer.
  8. Now up on Auburn Athletics site. Begins September 21. Last game October 18. Total 8 games all at Auburn and all free admission. Seems we should be hearing about practice starting soon.
  9. slot canyon

    D1 Softball Head Coach Changes

    Thanks for catching that Whiskey....I cleaned it up. Maybe that is why I let my wife balance the checkbook.
  10. slot canyon

    D1 Softball Head Coach Changes

    Sorry in advance but I was not able to get the link to work.....Oregon released terms of contract with new coach Melyssa Lombardi. 5 year deal starting salary $325K with $10K increase each year plus performance incentives -ie $25K if win PAC 12. Usual medical and life insurance and retirement plan as well as car and country club membership. Thie is nearly $100K more than they were paying Coach White but clearly less than his current base by about $175K I believe. Still makes me wonder if they had reasons they did not want to negotiate with Coach White or they could not compete with the offer from Texas. It will be interesting to see how this plays out regarding the 3 schools impacted...Texas, Oregon and OU.
  11. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Whiskey, the 5/17/18 news article on the AU Athletic site indicated that Emily would be there for 2 years to include 2019 as volunteer assistant. I had forgotten what a good article that was about her coaching aspirations and her love of softball. She says she considers herself a player with average skills. If that is true I would like to have a team full of players with her level of "average skills" not to mention her infectious smile.
  12. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    Good point 4WDE. Also let's hope Greenwood comes off her shoulder surgery in good form, having to sit last year during recovery. I feel it will be important to keep Crocker "infield ready" as we seem to only have 4 middle infielders. Taylon Snow - SS Dowell - 2nd, SS & 3rd KK Crocker - 2nd, LF McCrackin - 2nd, SS (I believe she has played 3rd sparingly) At this point, if McCrackin got injured then Crocker might replace her leaving Snow and Dowell in place. If Crocker in outfield things might get interesting. Now if Tannon Snow were able to increase her participation and play one of the corner infield positions that would free up Dowell (who has played well in my opinion) Another moving part would be wheat happens at the catcher position. Will Veach take over, Tissier, a freshman???Will Perry settle in at 1st and free up Veach for 3rd or catcher. Looking forward to some fall ball to get a hint about where some of these players stand position wise. Maybe we will have some players transfer in who might help with some of the depth rotation issues. Also, should not overlook Maresette and Fornis, since both could compete for playing time in the outfield.
  13. slot canyon

    D1 Softball Head Coach Changes

    Wonder if she felt that she would never get the OU job. Last year she got a raise to $185K. Seems the ducks would need to offer her more than what White was making to get her to make the move. Good for her. She was another coach I would have been OK with to take the AU last year.
  14. This does not have direct connection to AU softball but may have higher visibility for folks who follow softball and might not check the "Non-AU sports" forum. Mods will move it as they see fit. The big news is that HC Mike White has left Oregon for Texas. From what I can extract he had a salary about $237.500 last year but also earned a "performance bonus of $90,000. He has 3 years remaining on his Oregon contract which Texas will have to buy so that is a fair size commitment right there. It sounds like Coach White tried to negotiate a new contract at Oregon but in the end he was quoted.."opportunity to provide his family with financial security…". Recall as posted that one of the Oregon assistants, Jimmy Kolaitis, recently departed to be HC at UAB. One name mentioned for the vacated Oregon HC position is Rachael Lawson currently at Kentucky. She currently makes about $230K. I was frankly surprised that Coach White was not compensated at a higher level considering the success and visibility of the Oregon program. He as a overall winning record of about 79.5% since starting there. He is now in Big 12 with the likes of Baylor and Oklahoma so this shakes up that league a bit. It will be interesting to see how this all plays out in terms of new coach for Oregon, assistants, salaries and potential player transfers. I believe Texas has committed to facilities upgrades.
  15. Recent interview on sports section (6/22) with Vandy AD indicates no plans to institute a softball program in spite of success of the 13 other sister SEC schools. Major obstacle is that land and parking largely controlled by medical center so significant expense to purchase a site as well as build a facility. They would likely field a volleyball team before a softball team since they could use existing facilities for games/practice. I have often wondered why they did not have a team but can sympathize with their situation. Softball currently enjoys a lot of visibility and increased popularity in the SEC and nationally (my opinion). A number of SEC schools are doing upgrades on facilities. I can appreciate that it would be difficult to commit the necessary financial resources to a new program at this point in time and go through a long period of "catch up".