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  1. slot canyon

    Softball coming events

    I have no info on Cook other than what is posted here. I believe 4WDR thought she might be used as a base runner. I felt Swindle and Harris had made good progress in the fall but would defer to the impressions of 4WDE. I had a slightly better opinion about Martins hitting but I also was concerned about potential for injury should she be in that role. It has happened before (Rainey Gaffin at Tennessee).
  2. Last years game in Auburn was something of an opposite of this game in that at the half AU was up by 17 points and then got outscored by 14 points in the second half but were winners by 3 points. Thompson played 35 minutes in that game, had 16 points and 9 rebounds. Again we lost the shooting % stats but had 21 points off turnovers while Vandy had 0; defense again won the day in the end.
  3. That was an uncomfortable game to watch. In the first half AU just could not make shots and were down by about 13 at the half. That deficit increased to 20 in Q3. Their guard (Walker) was hitting 3's from everywhere on the court. Vandy clearly had big advantage in offensive stats but the steals and turnovers made the difference in the end. That winning basket by Benton was an ugly off balance shot that some how went in and benefitted from a foul as well. I agree all4AU, all I was thinking during the game was that this could be a terrible loss. Mckay and Alexander seemed to really come through at the end. I thought Thompson looked like she was not 100% even though she played a pretty good game.
  4. slot canyon

    2019 Softball Schedule

    The recently released SEC poll agrees with you. AU ranked 9th in the SEC conference poll Posted on AU Athletics softball.
  5. slot canyon

    2019 Softball Schedule

    A site College Sports Madness , https://collegesportsmadness/softball, does a pre-season projection of top 44 teams each year, revealing one team each day. They just projected AU #25 nationally and #11 conference. Picked Missouri #32 and Ole Miss #36. Last year they picked Oklahoma #1, Fla #2 and Florida State #10. The brief article is free.
  6. slot canyon

    Softball coming events

    My wife and I drove down to the Softball Preseason Banquet. I would estimate about 200 in attendance which included players and support staff. Team appears very fit. Seniors gave short talks. Jennie Finch was guest speaker. Coach Ketlehut gave some comments and I was favorably impressed with him. Said the girls are stronger and ahead of where they were last year.. He is now coaching infield. It was not clear to me if there is a designated hitting coach or if the staff has input. He indicated they had made some changes in the batting approach for some of the players. Veach mentioned that she was helping Nillan and Godwin and pleased with their progress. Recall it has been posted here that Tissier is out for the season. There are some photos and article from the event on the AU Athletics site.
  7. slot canyon

    2019 Softball Schedule

    Presume you are talking about the Sand Dollar Classic. My wife and I should be there. I will be the one with an AU hat and crumbs from an oyster Po' Boy on my shirt. Hope we have reasonable weather.
  8. slot canyon

    2020 Softball Recruiting

    Interesting article on FloSoftball site Jan 10 2019 titled" Millie Roberts Power at the Plate on Display at Auburn Camp". Covers some of commits mentioned above as well as others who committed prior to the new rules taking effect.
  9. slot canyon

    2019 Softball Schedule

    Auburn Softball Twitter page just tweeted "First week of practice in the books".
  10. I know it is early but posters can add to this as any information becomes available. I am aware of 4 committed players; two of whom are highly regarded pitchers. Kelsey Schmidt plays for Beverly Bandits and listed as OF/utility Denver Bryant plays for Georgia Impact listed as SS/OF. She played baseball (varsity) for most of her life and only recently made the switch to softball. Maddie Penta plays for PA Chaos and is RHP. Recently recovered from arm fracture. Shelby Lowe plays for Birmingham Thunderbolts. Pitches in HS for Pickens Academy. LHP. Said to have 6-7 pitches with drop being her best pitch. These are players I am aware of but obviously, things can change between now and signing time. Hopefully our situation is more stable than it has been in recent past in terms of having players bail on their commitment.
  11. slot canyon

    2019 Softball Schedule

    Google Sand Dollar Classic and go to Sand Dollar Classic - Connectt Sports Events. There is a link there for tickets. Discounted until end of this month.
  12. slot canyon

    2019 Softball Schedule

    A recent picture on the softball twitter page showing a group photo of most of the players at a bowling party looks like she has a wrap or brace on right lower leg. Not a good clear view so cannot be for sure. Element of speculation on my part. Also, Godwin, another likely catcher, was out in the fall due to recovery from knee surgery. I believe her injury was 1 year ago this month. I am planning to go to the preseason softball banquet this weekend so maybe I can get some sort of update there.
  13. slot canyon

    2019 Softball Schedule

    There was a discussion on the Robocoach College Softball site about SEC predictions (Whiskey does some good posting there). Most responders put AU in the lower half of the conference this year. Part is due to having the most difficult SOS based on how teams finished in 2018. Our season begins in 1 month at the Sand Dollar Classic in Gulf Shores. I purchased passes in hopes of some decent weather and excuse to get a seafood fix. I am still upset at the news (4WDE) that Tissier is out for this season. About a month ago I asked my wife who were the 2 most important non starters for 2019. We settled on Dowell and Tissier. Dowell has shown great skill at multiple infield positions and could fill or start at 3rd, 2nd or SS. I felt Tissier looked good at catcher last fall and would be good to fill for Veach if needed. Opens door for Nillen who participated in fall.
  14. slot canyon

    Softball Transfer Rules/Oregon Ducks

    a bit off topic but I believe I read an article about Kasey Cooper signing with AU for a very small scholarship so she could have an official signing day picture and announcement. She had been a long time Bama fan but did not get much attention from their staff nor was she heavily recruited. Of course, I suspect she got a full academic scholarship. Would be interesting to have an idea of ho the allowed 12 scholarships are allotted.
  15. slot canyon

    2019 softball recruiting thread

    From what I read there were 4 players from either on team or committed with Bama. Washington I believe had 3 including K. Lynch. Total of 20 players currently.