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  1. From reading this article, I doubt he would have the nerve to consider if we offeredl https://www.montgomeryadvertiser.com/story/sports/college/auburn/2019/12/11/4-star-central-phenix-city-offensive-tackle-javion-cohen-flips-commitment-auburn-alabama-recruiting/4404231002/
  2. Two SEC teams remain to play in the regionals. Seven of Saturday’s 10 NCAA Tournament matches were sweeps. There were no upsets, Penn State and Oregon won in four, and Houston is back in the round of 16 for the first time since 1994. And not surprisingly, all of the participants are the top-ranked remaining RPI teams. In other words, there are no surprise teams, statisically, in the final 16. The next round of matches is Thursday. The four regional finals will be Saturday, all on ESPNU (all times Eastern): At Louisville Nebraska (26-5) vs. Oregon (25-5), 11 a.m., ESPNU Louisville (28-2) vs. Baylor (25-6), 30 minutes after, ESPNU At Texas Ohio State (21-9) vs. Minnesota (22-8), noon, ESPN2 Texas (24-1) vs. Marquette (29-3), 30 minutes after, ESPN2 At Wisconsin Florida (25-5) vs. Pittsburgh (29-3), 3:30 p.m., ESPNU Wisconsin (27-3) vs. Penn State (26-7), 30 minutes after, ESPNU At Stanford Kentucky (22-7) vs. San Diego (29-1), 8 p.m., ESPNU Houston (30-3) vs. Stanford (26-4), 30 minutes after, ESPNU
  3. At this time, I believe the SEC has 5 teams remaining in the tournament. Tennessee lost 1st round match and Georgia lost to #1 Texas in 2nd round match. Remaining are KY, Ark, Fla, LSU and AU. They all play today. LSU plays Stanford and the winner plays the winner of the AU - Houston contest. The regionals are played Dec. 8th and 10th.
  4. Sometimes it will open by selecting a second or third time. Otherwise try to Google "Creighton Volleyball" and the link should pop up that will likely allow access.
  5. Last 5 minutes of the match. Interesting at the end seeing the excited AU fans vs the subdued Crighton fans.
  6. Noticed on stats that a couple of differences seemed to be in Blocks AU 14 - CU 6 and Errors AU 20 - CU 31. Creighton was without their All American setter who got injured a week ago. Giving credit where credit is due, they had an outstanding match from outside hitter (Norah Sis) who had 30 kills and 13 digs. I sometimes like to look at a "hometown" newspaper article. Article from Omaha World-Herald: https://omaha.com/sports/college/creighton/no-4-seed-creighton-volleyball-shocked-by-auburn-in-opening-round/article_73e253de-71d5-11ed-9e1f-2f5dbe5cae40.html
  7. Heck, I was excited when we won the 2nd set. I figured if we won a set that would be an accomplishment. Then then to win the match in 5 sets....wow. Proud of you ladies.
  8. That would be my thinking also. For instance, if he was considering another Liberty coach as defensive coordinator, there are actually 2 coaches listed as co-defensive coordinator. One is currently serving as interim head coach. Sometimes these coaches remain in case they might be offered the HC job. I suspect Coach Freeze has known for a while who it will be but current circumstances prevent any announcement.
  9. Good interview at Liberty this year.
  10. Denis Dodd article. Don't know if previously posted: https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/ncaafb/hugh-freeze-in-position-to-succeed-quickly-at-auburn-amid-modern-college-football-landscape/ar-AA14FrY3?
  11. I saw that video yesterday and was impressed with his ability to communicate which should go a long way with the players. Agree, his wife could have "cut bait" but they worked to resolve the issue.
  12. If offered the job, we have no idea what the terms might be. He does not seem to be ego driven and might pay AU to let him be HC 😄. What would we look for in a HC? Someone who helps the team improve. Someone who is a motivator. Someone who has imagination putting together a game plan. Sounds a lot like the guy currently in charge. Fantastic job of keeping this team and staff focused on the mission.
  13. Summary article from AU Athletics- Softball on 2023 recruiting class. https://auburntigers.com/news/2022/11/14/softball-dean-softball-complete-2023-signing-class.aspx
  14. A road win in Oxford, Mississippi. Current conference record 10 - 5 with 3 matches remaining; one on the road vs South Carolina and two matches at home vs Arkansas. https://auburntigers.com/news/2022/11/11/auburn-volleyball-delivers-in-oxford-returns-to-the-plains-with-another-win.aspx
  15. Jad0003, thanks for staying on top of this stuff and taking the time to keep us updated. Much appreciated.
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