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  1. Betsy DeVos confirmed Education Secretary 51-50

    Well, I have stepped back and thoughtfully considered how having served in ANY of those positions would necessarily qualify someone for Secretary Of Education and quite honestly I don't think any of them do especially when the role of the Secretary is to serve in executing President's agenda. He has said all along he was for school choice and for charter schools. On that front, I think she is perfect for the job. As an afterthought, I would add that it all boils down to whether or not we believe a President is entitled to assembly a cabinet that reflects his policy positions. If he is, then the democrats argument against her is dishonest.
  2. Betsy DeVos confirmed Education Secretary 51-50

    She is indeed for charter schools which I don't believe is a bad thing especially when you look objectively at the failure rates of inner city public schools. Parents should be afforded a choice especially if their child is captive of a failing public school.
  3. Betsy DeVos confirmed Education Secretary 51-50

    I think that's a matter of interpretation. There was no snark intended but there is one other thing relative to your point that you don't think she's qualified. DeVos has spent a large part of her political life working on educational policy positions which are against what democrats want but that doesn't make her unqualified. It simply makes her a likely target of democrat venom. Its what they like to do. Its similar to them calling Trump supporters racist, white supremacists, homophobes, misogynists and anti-semites but they never produce a shred of evidence to support the accusations. In DeVos' case they say she's unqualified but haven't said why but we all know why..its because she wants education to be under the purview of the states and not a wasteful federal agency. Moreover, the irony of all this venom is that it results from undying loyalty to teacher's unions which cares more about teachers' pay and benefits than anything else.
  4. Betsy DeVos confirmed Education Secretary 51-50

    Bud, why are you so touchy? I answered the question. I wasn't attempting to be a smartass because I DO HOPE they dismantle what, in my view, is a shameless waste of taxpayer's money. Doing away with that Dept is not "wishing upon a star" is a distinct possibility with Trump in the WH.
  5. Betsy DeVos confirmed Education Secretary 51-50

    No but one can hope. You did see I prefaced the comment with the word "hopefully" right.
  6. Betsy DeVos confirmed Education Secretary 51-50

    She's been instated, hopefully, to begin the process of liquidation. I suspect she's qualified to do that.
  7. Betsy DeVos confirmed Education Secretary 51-50

    Its the Secretary of Education. A Dept that really should be completely dismantled. It's a useless Deot that was always a boondoggle. Why does it makes sense that respective states have to pay taxes to Washington which are then returned to the states with stipulations? Do away with the Dept of Education and Dept of Energy as well since neither has any sensible pragmatic function.
  8. and history is made in the process. VP Mike Pence cast the deciding vote breaking a 50 - 50 split. "Senate minority leader Chuck Schumer voiced his displeasure with the vote moments after she was confirmed, tweeting, "Today @VP Mike Pence did something no one else has ever done: cast the tie breaking vote on his own cabinet nominee."
  9. When distrust of the press goes too far

    That's just it, I'm not convinced that he made anything up.
  10. When distrust of the press goes too far

    Well, not surprisingly, I totally disagree. The obvious media bias against this administration is undeniable. I could not possibly care less if the POTUS uses his bully pulpit exposing that bias. The media has become their own worst enemy by pushing fake news stories and exaggerating leaks that have proven to be false. They rarely if ever print a retraction but rather double down and move on to the next opportunity to disparage what they obviously love to hate, DJT and his administration. Love it or hate, all this boils down to is republicans playing the game the way democrats have always played it and it aint for the weak of heart. Trump has never made any pretense about being politically correct so I don't why anyone is clutching their pearls over this.
  11. Australia 🇦🇺-- ally or no?

    I fail to see a connection. Having a relationship based on give and take doesn't necessarily mean the USA has to take on thousands of immigrants Aussies don't want to have to be burdened with. That's ridiculous to even imply.

    That's nice but, aren't you the guy who argued that NPR is non-partisan? I would argue that anyone who would make that claim hardly has any right of accusing others of being so blind they will not see. That's all.

    Amen and its amazing thing to watch but I'd tread lightly using that quotel, if you know what I mean.
  14. An actual US President actually tweeted this

    Hopefully this is sarcasm. I'll assume it is because "epic" is definitely not the word I would've chosen. However, while I may not like all his tweets, I do like how he controls the conversation because the media despises the fact that he is able to speak directly to the people. So, each tweet is sensationalized by the media beyond reason in the most negative way imaginable. I don't know what's been more fun to watch, the media melts or the democrats....both have been quite entertaining.
  15. An actual US President actually tweeted this

    Its a temporary ban but its twitter. Twitter, evidently, really riles some folks up.