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  1. jreaves

    Gus on the Dan Patrick Show today

    I love how he responded when asked about Saban. "He's definitely had success at that place." He won't say bama.
  2. jreaves

    Spotlight on Tony Stevens

    Thanks Stat. Your breakdowns of AU football are the best on the web.
  3. jreaves

    For all the Holland haters out there

    When Chizik got here.
  4. jreaves

    Making an "impact" on defense

    We will be much better on defense this season mainly because chizik and that tampa 2 defense are finally gone! And no, i'm not a chizik hater, I just didnt like his coaching and his defenses!! Exactly. The Tampa 2 just isn't effective in today's college game.
  5. jreaves

    2013 5* LB Reuben Foster (Alabama signee)

    Sweet. Good to hear from you.
  6. jreaves

    Weekend visitors 12/14/12

    Thanks for the info E.
  7. jreaves

    Is Gus planning on hiring any recruiters????

    Maybe just maybe, Malzahn is smart enough to know that Auburn truly sells itself. We will possibly lose our top defensive recruits this year but when the dust settles I have no doubt that we will end with a strong class. Besides I'm burnt out on recruiting. I'm ready to see some coaching. WDE.
  8. jreaves

    i think Frazier...

    I'd be surprised if Frazier plays any meaningful snaps in the future.
  9. jreaves

    Check Demetruce McNeal's Twitter

    He be like failing his English class.
  10. jreaves

    Jonathan Wallace

    Don't know much about Wallace, but damn he looked quick out there. Looking forward to seeing him play more.
  11. jreaves

    Tension on sidelines

    This. I think that was our best chance of winning the game. Gotta make that throw.
  12. jreaves

    Mike Blakely

    Is Blakely a good receiver out of the backfield? It seems to me that Omac & Mason are better than him in this regard.
  13. jreaves

    ***AU vs. ULM Game Thread***

    the same guy who completely whiffed on the QB Draw? Brain fart maybe? Yep. Forgot about that one, but besides that he's had a pretty solid game.
  14. jreaves

    ***AU vs. ULM Game Thread***

    D. McNeal is our best safety. Great run support today.