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  1. I love running sideways for a punt. Running is the same thing as hang time. It also sets up a fake punt. He's a pretty big guy right?
  3. A guy with the last name Poutasi is one of the Oregon players that is in the hospital from the intense workouts. Anybody know if they are related?
  4. How can anyone press for further restrictions on gun purchases when they won't enforce the laws we already have?
  5. please post article
  6. Deadspin is reporting that the Bong picture was for sale weeks ago. They didn't bite so the seller found another buyer. I wonder who?
  7. http://www.orlandose...0923-story.html article helps
  8. Here's one version of the story.
  9. I remember a recent story about Meyer listing Cam as one of his success stories while recruiting. Cam's response was that Meyer tried to convince Cecil to have Cam change positions. Cecil put the call on speaker and Cam listened without Meyer knowing.
  10. Bobby also wrote a letter asking for leniency in the sentencing of one of his players that shot and raped an FSU student. He doesn't have much room to talk.
  11. The Sun Sentinel is reporting that FSU is the frontrunner.
  12. He is no dumber or sketchier than Ben Roethlisburger and I would draft him in a heartbeat. Half the guys in the NFL are worse than Jameis.
  13. The guy that wrote that book about Bear Bryant at Texas AM just got sent to prison for his 10th DWI. He learned from the best.
  14. The funny thing is how minor the offenses are that got the AU players in trouble. They would not have needed a second chance if they had gone to Bama because their transgressions would have been ignored.