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  1. augolf1716 approves this message.
  2. lurtz

    2019 4* OG/OT William Putnam

    It's encouraging to see this thread has picked up somewhat. Will Putnam: if you stop by here, don't be offended. 'Snot unheard of for a recruiting thread to get derailed a little in the summer time.
  3. lurtz

    2019 4* Buck Derick Hall

    AU Recruiting Forum aka "Nightmare Alley" Thank goodness it wasn't a gif <*shivers*>
  4. Whatsa ... never mind.
  5. Careful! Too much of that will make you go blind.
  6. Thanks bigbird. Golf is still far and away my favorite mod but you made up a little ground here. Figured you would want to know. Hey look at that, I'm verified! Only took 8 years.
  7. Bird is that just because of the quality available in this class, or because of coaching or recruiting? I guess I am asking what you think of the defensive coaches individually.
  8. lurtz

    Auburn vs. Vanderbilt - TV Announcers

    Sorry to threadjack but I can't start topics yet. For any DirecTV customers: if you are missing channels or getting an error message about your receiver not updating the schedule guide, DO NOT reset your receiver. The reset will not complete and you won't have any tv at all. DTV is apparently having severe technical issues with no ETA on a fix. Hopefully they are back up before game time tomorrow. And I wouldn't bother phoning customer service - I tried 3 times and got disconnected by their automated system each time before speaking to anyone. Even the chat feature on the DTV website errors out. I've seen online where some folks are still able to get the low def equivalent of their missing HD channels - that may be a work around. We now return to your previous conversation.
  9. I know it was weak. But after almost six long years I'm within sight of verified member status and I will ruthlessly exploit any opportunity to get there. At this rate I think I can make it before the 2017 season kicks off! Thanks for the assist btw!
  10. Yes you should a4ellitor.
  11. lurtz

    Maybe it's a good thing Will Muschamp left

    Where (who) did that characteristic come from and are you concerned it might creep back into the D without a personality like Muschamp's to keep it at bay? That's my only regret/concern about Muschamp leaving.
  12. lurtz

    2017 4* C Cesar Ruiz

    There is a premium article on Scout from 7/9 to the effect that AU is back in it with Ruiz thanks to Coach Hand. Link is to the teaser post on the football forum.
  13. This is helpful. Thank you Ellitor.
  14. lurtz

    Happy Birthday...

    Happy Birthday to the best moderator in the history of the interwebs and the best poster on this forum. Hope it was great!
  15. lurtz

    Glorified Scrimmage