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  1. Maybe that will allow time for that. Not that I'm rooting against CCM getting his wish to be a HC again. But he's a wealthy man by any reasonable standard, he'll be living in a great small town, and maybe he and Gus will see lasting improvements in their coaching abilities result from their time together. Win win.
  2. And how he uses his personnel.
  3. I remember a Georgia fan on Dawgpost making a determined argument (with statistics to back it up), that the 2004 Tigers were the best team in SEC history. Needless to say, that was before the 2010 AU/UGA game. 😄
  4. And it's the right take. This isn't about hating Gus or punishing Gus. It's about getting the football coach that the University, the players, and the fans deserve.
  5. I lol'd. The rest of your post was great too.
  6. He's not talking about college football. He's talking about Auburn. Relative to what AU is capable of, Gus' results aren't satisfactory. If you don't aspire to better, you don't get better. There's a reason we aren't still living in caves or bowing to kings.
  7. No it doesn't, and Bird gave you the reasons why. Different schools have different standards. Bird listed reasons why our relative standard should be higher than many power 5 schools. Comparing power 5 schools as if being a power 5 school is the only metric, THAT's operating in a vacuum.
  8. Josh was released by Arizona last week: I could swear he started for the Ravens for at least part of a season. He has had a pretty good run in the league.
  9. fredst, I think you should have a special admin role on AUFamily, so that no one can question your outstanding posts. Like a Gifministrator or something.
  10. 10-4. I just wanted to verify that you hadn't changed your long standing policy of not doing percentages.
  11. Hey E, what's that squiggly mark I see at the end there? Sorry for the 10 day old call back but I don't recall seeing one of those strange symbols in your posts before.