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  1. Josh was released by Arizona last week: I could swear he started for the Ravens for at least part of a season. He has had a pretty good run in the league.
  2. fredst, I think you should have a special admin role on AUFamily, so that no one can question your outstanding posts. Like a Gifministrator or something.
  3. 10-4. I just wanted to verify that you hadn't changed your long standing policy of not doing percentages.
  4. Hey E, what's that squiggly mark I see at the end there? Sorry for the 10 day old call back but I don't recall seeing one of those strange symbols in your posts before.
  5. No way his mom let's him take that job AND keep his paper route. Something's gotta give!
  6. No joke. DirecTV thinks Auburn is in Georgia.
  7. Pretty sure he means me.
  8. Why, yes I did. Didn't see any mention of Gus being in trouble over screwing up Asa's redshirt. WTH does that have to do with my comment?
  9. well durn that just negated my entire post
  10. With his inability to adjust in game, I don't even think he can be an OC anymore. At the college level I think he at best could be an off-field offensive analyst, designing plays for someone else to call.
  11. Totally agree. It's the stupid extension that makes AU look bad, not getting out from under it.
  12. None of this matters. Firing gus will make Auburn "look bad".
  13. You do see the irony here, right?