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  1. Yes Channel 42 when I was growing up and at the Monday Night Cards at Boutwell.
  2. The two hour window for a basketball game is ridiculous. Very few games finish in under 2:15 these days.
  3. He died a few months back at 90 years of age.
  4. Yes he was in Birmingham
  5. Anyone here remember Sterling Brewer?
  6. Wednesday Practice Analyst for Tony Stevens Wednesday Practice Analyst for Alex Kozan
  7. Explanation from Phil Savage why Lawson not eligible to participate.
  8. Has Johnson had two knee surgeries? 2015 while in High School and then again last August?
  9. Jeff Scott would fit that scenario.
  10. Was Gus prepared for the first game of the 2016 Season?
  11. See where Auburn is a 7.5 favorite.