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  1. Link to interview with Arizona State Special Teams Coordinator. He will have assistant coaches working with special teams. Not an uncommon practice. One coach cannot handle all the duties.
  2. Here is how the Iowa Hawkeyes handled special teams in 2016 LSU Special Teams for 2017
  3. Why does it matter what other teams do? Is there a right way and wrong way?
  4. Does the offensive coordinator coach all positions on the offense and same with defensive coordinator? Why should special teams be different? Could one guy coach kickers, punt returns, kickoff returns, punt coverage, kickoff coverage? Functions of special teams are too varied to leave to one coach. While the # of plays on special teams are limited, one bad play can be the difference between a win & loss. I like this approach and it brings some accountability. Improvement is coming.
  5. He is not enrolled yet. Be here this summer. crapea's depth chart is for the spring practice.
  6. And this depth chart is crapea opinion alone. In other words total Garbage.
  7. You have an offensive coordinator and position coaches the same on defense. So why wouldn't it make sense to have a special teams coordinator and coaches handling different aspects of the special teams?
  8. The linked article will confirm that Scott Fountain left Auburn after the 2016 season, after 4 seasons as TE and ST coach. Horton took over special teams coordinator for 2017. Marcello did not do his homework in the article. And it's funny that Marcello wrote the article that I linked to Marcello has now corrected his article.
  9. Fountain coached through the 2016 season and Horton took over special teams 2017? There is a mistake in the article.
  10. I would put Rodney Garner above Williams, by a significant amount. Garner's recruiting, coaching and player development is at a higher level than Williams (at this stage of Williams career) Give Williams 5-8 years and see how they compare.
  11. Does anyone consider Lindsey part of the Malzahn coaching seedling? He spent part of a season at Auburn as an offensive analyst.
  13. More clickbait garbage from Thamel. No facts. Personifies sports "journalism".