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  1. Appears Harrell does not have left guard locked down.
  2. The forecast, as of today, is sunny and 76 degrees. This forecast is subject to change daily.
  3. Cottondale, an unincorporated area in East Tuscaloosa County, does not have a High School. Students from Cotttondale go to Holt High School. Bryant High's mail is delivered from the Cottondale Post Office, but is located within the City Limits of Tuscaloosa. Derrick Graves, class of 2000 recruit, graduated from Holt.
  7. Got a good laugh from this tweet.
  8. Conviction overturned, Court ruled he should have a new trial.
  9. Saw where Dan Werner was hired as a Offensive Analyst.
  10. The New President of Auburn University is Dr. Steven Leath