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  1. What is the key to an IB win?

    Win the game in a manner that leaves no doubt, in the minds of college football voters, pundits, computers and fans who is the best team in Alabama and College Football.
  2. Missouri Coach goes on a rant

    Missouri is 6-5, bowl eligible. Playing Arkansas on Friday. Barry Odum has done an outstanding job bringing Missouri this far, considering his job was on the line after the the beatdowns USCe, Purdue and Auburn put on them early in the season.
  3. Kickoff returns

    Has to be 2014. Blackson was playing. Braden Smith #91. Number he wore as a freshmen when playing TE on the unbalanced line.
  4. Should we try to poach a coach or two?

    Be surprised if Horton is still an the staff next season. If he does leave, would Porter become the RB coach. Then would need a TE/HB coach. Beginning Jan 9, 2018 teams can add a 10th on-field assistant. I believe a dedicated special teams coach would be a great addition.
  5. Next year's team

    Also, Tyrone Truesdell has played effectively this season in a very limited role. Has come a long way since fall camp.
  6. Next year's team

    James III was granted a medical redshirt for last season.
  7. Next year's team

    Can add Daquan Newkirk to your list
  8. Alabama at Mississippi State

    Possibly my eyes were deceiving me, but I saw on numerous occasions uat players hitting MSU runners with forearm shots to head.
  9. Grade Our O Line

    Golson did start the game at LT.
  10. Alabama at Mississippi State

    Defense needs to step up and get the game to overtime.
  11. Alabama at Mississippi State

  12. Alabama at Mississippi State

    Mississippi State 21 turds 69 yd 13 play scoring drive. Fitzgerald takes it in from one yard out.
  13. We have to root for Bama, don’t we?

    No we don't!
  14. Alabama at Mississippi State

    If uat only has one loss to Auburn, they will make the claim they belong in the playoff. I believe they would get the 4th spot. But with two losses and no SEC Championship they only go bowling.