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  1. Shut Jordan. When I got old enough to understand the bama fans in our family. Kick 6.
  2. Does this man look afraid? JUST KIDDING! Great post. OP
  3. Why doesn't he implement the offense of the fourth quarter, in the first quarter. That fourth quarter offense was desperation, and it worked. It was the only chance we had. WE need to start that way with bammer.
  4. Almost. That is the Gus Malzahn era.
  5. I don't give Gus any credit for this somewhat of a comeback. Where has this been all game? Nuts
  6. I don't give Gus credit for this at all. The sheer grit of these players is great.
  7. What a game. I give these players credit.
  8. Great defense. Thank goodness for KS.