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  1. Thank you sir. This is so much better than the average cut and paste articles from Al.com, that have dominated the threads, lately.
  2. Ammoseek. Check it daily. You can find ammo, at times. You had better buy it quick. Also, the Sellier& Ballot ammo, is really quality ammo. Before the shortage, you could buy 6.5 creedmor, 140 grain sp, hunting ammo, for less than $14.00 for a 20 round box. It is now $39.00. It is good, quality, and seems more available than domestic stuff. It is made in the Czech Republic, and they have been in business for over 100 years. They supply military ammo to many countries, so I am told. I use it in my hunting rifles.
  3. I know a few other qb's, that have made head coaches look really good. They even helped them get rich.
  4. They are very successful. What is amazing, is that Gus could beat him at times.
  5. It is a proven fact, that the Clinton campaign, along with complicit government agencies, set up a false narrative, of Russian collusion, against the Trump campaign. They spied on American citizens, weaponized the FBI, and national intelligence agencies, to overthrow a democratically, elected president. We spent almost 4 years dealing with this mess, with a complicit news media. The Hunter Biden corruption, was swept under the rug, and you all know these things are true. Now, call we what you like, but you can't dispute these facts. If it were not for ballot harvesting, Biden would not be pres
  6. There is ample evidence on twitter, where others from the other side of the political spectrum, are allowed to do these very things, yet, they aren't restricted.
  7. Derrick Henry has been pretty much shut down, by the Ravens defense. They can't buy a TD, right now.
  8. They shouldn't have section 230 protections, if they are private, if I understand that correctly.
  9. Then these platforms shouldn't have the protection that they do. Also, Trump didn't tell those people to storm the capitol. You are a little misinformed on that.
  10. Lord willing, I will contribute on a regular basis.
  11. This is an honest question. Do you all see the ban of conservatives, from social media platforms, as the restricting of free speech. Good ole Tim Cook, is part of it also. Apple, Google, Twitter, Facebook, are all complicit in censorship. Whether we agree or not, I wouldn't restrict your right of expression, and freedom of speech, for a minute.
  12. Caddy is from my home town. He played for the Etowah Blue Devils, my high school. I am glad that he is being retained.
  13. A snag less sally works good with pork rind. Bass love it.
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