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  1. My goodness man, I have been here as long as you, but give it a rest.
  2. One thing we need to learn, is how to lower your head when a defensive player attempts to tackle you. We might could generate a few targeting calls. LOL, IT IS A JOKE. NOT SERIOUS!
  3. Have you ever heard of giving a QB actual game experience, so that he might have some experience throwing it if needed? Meaning no disrespect of course.
  4. Good to see the backups. I want to see JG throw the ball, just for kicks.
  5. WE can't do that. No slants. None. Zero.
  6. That is a blow against TAM. Mental breakdown.
  7. He kind of got pushed into the QB, did he not?
  8. Flex is a former football player himself. I value his opinions and analysis.
  9. I'm surprised we didn't run a fake FG to go with the flea flicker. I'M JUST KIDDING! LOL