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  1. Thanks. You are good at this. Sincerely, Farmer Brown.
  2. Deion Sanders is a glory hound. He may have some other good attributes, but that one is glaring. I know I'll be blasted for saying that, but I don't care.
  3. Now I remember why I don't read these threads much.
  4. His brother is Tyrone Nix. Family of good athletes. Both of them are good coaches. They know Caddy from Attalla, Etowah High School.
  5. Join the Nest for $50. Go to the Antifreeze thread, and have at it.
  6. You are entitled to your opinion, welsh corgi. LOL
  7. You are insufferable. If this happened he would be in jail. Please take a break. Form your own thread.
  8. No comparison. Inform yourself. You are showing your ignorance.
  9. Have you noticed everyone has literally left this thread. Please don't come to the pay side. How does it feel to be irrelevant?
  10. The Karen's are used to Twitter or Reddit. They won't leave anyone alone, to actually read people's thoughts on staff etc. They are almost harassing anyone who doesn't agree with them, trying to hijack the thread. SMH
  11. Then change teams, or go to a thread designed for complaining.
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