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  1. Someone needs to buy that ref in the background some glasses. Isn't he the one that was looking right at the double dribble and didn't call it?
  2. IT is a good thing that I don't curse. LOL
  3. It was still a great run. Calls should be able to be reviewed in basketball.
  4. ROBBED! That is why I hate basketball referees. They largely determine who wins in a close game.
  5. My respect for Muskrat went down tremendously, after reading that.
  6. None of your business. I am probably older than you.
  7. I count it an honor to offend someone as arrogant as you are. You intolerance of anyone who doesn't agree with you shows your immaturity. I can assure you that I am not offended by your comments to me, personally. You illustrate perfectly, the attitude of the left these days.
  8. Your hatred is coming through. You qualify what you post from liberal sources. I could go to RedState Watcher, or The Liberty Daily, and get the exact opposite or a refutation of just about everything you cut and paste from liberal articles.
  9. I just gave you another one, just to gripe you. LOL
  10. Washington Post was as far as I got. Nothing but a left wing rag, for a newspaper.
  11. He was actually a Jew. Jews are from Shem, not Japheth. Shemites aren't white.