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  1. We lease from John Hancock. We have had the place for several years. Mostly family. 1000 acres.
  2. 😄 Actually, this is a good place for just seeing deer. Mostly doe, come to this greenfield and feeder. We were meat hunting for my son's large family. My grandchildren love venison. They always come out on the right and make a beeline for the corn. I didn't mean to hijack the thread. I am like Fredst. I am usually just a watcher. I don't like killing stuff, unless I can eat it.
  3. Tallapoosa County. New Site.
  4. I was meat hunting with my youngest son, who is 38. We both saw doe, but they had yearlings, so we let them walk. He has 6 kids and they eat 5 or 6 deer a year. We get them early, and buck hunt from Christmas till February. Sorry to depart from the topic, but it has slowed down, looks like.
  5. I learned that lesson years ago. It's OK to not know something. Lol.
  6. Sitting in the woods laughing, as I read this thread.
  7. Who told you that? Let me guess, inside source?
  8. This thread is done, now. Bobo has been fired. Lol
  9. Nutsburg. Aught loves to hear himself. Check the number of posts he has in his own thread. I bet he checks it every few minutes.
  10. Gus' play would have been either a dive play for no gain, a wide receiver screen of some sort, that would have been blown up, or an attempt at a 50 yard bomb, in which Finley would have been sacked. Maybe the Cox cat, more commonly known as the whirly bird, would also have been an option, in which we would have lost yardage. All of this would have been full of "eye candy", and pre-snap movements, to try and deceive the bammer defense, on something they have seen for 7 years, because the personnel package would have been an instant give-away. And, it would have all been done real fast, or NASCA
  11. Bro. John, what is a pkay? LOL Just kidding you.
  12. This was us during Gus' last few years.....My all time favorite....
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