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  1. A 7 mil coach shouldn't have to be questioned so often, concerning his strategy and tendencies. The man is nuts some time.
  2. Man, I haven't heard that name in years.
  3. Orgeron learned his lessons well. Now he is reaping the benefit. He hired a good, competent staff, and let them coach. I wish we had that on offense.
  4. We aren't as smart as you, of course, but I think he might have been Ole Miss' coach. Is that correct? LOL
  5. Our offense didn't execute those stellar game plans.
  6. I am speaking in terms of being Auburn's football coach, not death, although that is true.
  7. I can assure you that I am apathetic. I know the difference.
  8. If he doesn't change, he is toast, eventually.
  9. You betcha. He is so Gus Miles type, it is pitiful.
  10. Just think of the talent that we have wasted. Gus is sorta "Les Miles", type.