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  1. I thought Simpson was at outside corner. Do you mean Pritchett?
  2. I was looking at the SEC rankings and found it quite interesting. Some highlights: Alabama and Georgia are well out in front of everyone else (not surprising, I know) However, the following 5 schools (including AU) are all within ~40 pts of one another (may contradict some misconceptions that LSU and TAMU are dramatically more loaded than we are) Ole Miss is about as far below AU in talent as we are below UAT South Carolina is in a strange tweener position
  3. Looks like he's a Guard, though. Can he play Center or Tackle?
  4. Maybe he'll want to get away from home?
  5. Yes, I believe he got hurt early in the Spring. Not sure what the extent of the injury was, though...
  6. I also would have liked to see more of the other QBs. My intuition is that Loy can command more of the new offense at this moment. The coaches appear to be favoring the ability to run more plays and get good reps for the other guys on the field for the time being, which probably makes sense in the Spring. Unfortunately, Loy appears to be wildly inaccurate, making him unsuitable in the longer term as the backup QB. I see D. Davis passing him up either during the fall camp or early in the season as the #2, although if Bo stays healthy they'll have an interesting decision to make concerning
  7. Clearly he's been working hard on his pocket presence and footwork. Hopefully, he can set good habits in stone over the summer, and by fall he can sustain this against a first-team defense that can tackle, etc. I feel good about his progress under the new staff. Great video!
  8. Sad to hear about ACL injury to Jeremiah Wright. ☹️
  9. I think Nix will be seen as having taken a step forward next year. Specifically, I think there are three factors that will contribute to an increase in his completion percentage of 6% or more (cumulatively). This won't put him at the top of the league in that stat, sure, but it will be the sign of progress that we've all been waiting to see. Better coaching on QB fundamentals: I expect, conservatively, a 2%+ increase in overall accuracy based in improved fundamentals. (In other words, on 2 out of every 100 passes he throws, improved QB fundamentals will lead to a completed pass, rather
  10. Any information on Percy Lewis, OT from Mississippi Gulf Coast Community College? How much interest does AU have?
  11. I'm sticking with my long shots: Off.: Keiondre Jones Def.: Jeremiah Wright
  12. Reminds me more of Ben Tate, I think. A little smaller, though.
  13. That's true. I'm amazed at the traction AE can get out of the 'proper' counting of the players at each position (e.g. LB, OL).
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