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  1. Harsin was in a unique circumstance when he came in because neither he nor any of the coaches in his coaching circle had SEC experience. There is the perception, especially when it comes to recruiting, that "things are just different here." I'm not arguing for or against this view: I'm merely pointing out that this is why he was encouraged to hire SEC-experienced coordinators. If whoever replaces him, such as Aranda or Grimes, already has SEC experience and coaching contacts, this becomes a null point.
  2. Also, keep in mind that his recruiting prowess at Ole Miss was built on cheating. He has no other record of recruiting in the SEC to point to, so there is no reason to believe that he would be a superior recruiter in the current (e.g. NIL) environment.
  3. Give some of these options from the "Candidates no one's talking about" thread a call, I assume.
  4. Hugh Freeze HAD his second chance - at Liberty. He sleazed it up: https://thecomeback.com/ncaa/hugh-freeze-liberty-dm-sexual-assault.html He should be a non-starter.
  5. I would say C+ to B. But specific position groups are holding the overall team back.
  6. An entire separate thread was allowed about Kiffin, and the Deion post wasn't even merged here for people to see.
  7. Robby. And Harsin recruited him to AU. (Also, just a great play by the LSU player.)
  8. Brian Kelly gave his QB the "Saban Slap" there, lol.
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