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  1. What are our chances of finding a quality RT in the transfer portal, assuming Zierer can step up and start next year?
  2. Some people here couldn't make it all the way through a first viewing. You're a brave man, Golf. A brave man...
  3. Based on A-Day Recollections: Left Tackle Austin Troxell (Senior) Alex Jackson (Senior) - did not play in A-Day Kilian Zierer (Junior) Left Guard Tashawn Manning (Senior) Tate Johnson (Sophomore) Center Nick Brahms (Senior) Jalil Irvin (Junior) Avery Jernigan (R.Freshman) ? Right Guard Keiondre Jones (Sophomore) Kam Stutts (Junior) Right Tackle Bro Hamm (Senior) Brenden Coffey (Senior) Returning from Injury: Brandon Council (Senior) Incoming Freshman: Garner Langlo, Colby Smith TL;DR
  4. I found JGT's discussion of the structure and organization for recruiting much more enlightening. 2 to 2.5 times the off-field staff associated with recruiting! That get's me excited for the future!
  5. Following the departure of Prince Michael Sammons, am I correct that we now finally have more Non-Senior OL (8) than Senior OL (7)? Seniors: Nick Brahms, Brenden Coffey, Brandon Council, Brodarious Hamm, Alec Jackson, Tashawn Manning, and Austin Troxell Non-Seniors: Jalil Irvin, Kameron Stutts, Kilian Zierer, Keiondre Jones, Tate Johnson, Avery Jernigan, Garner Langlo, and Colby Smith
  6. Hopefully, Hunter and Donovan get a shot at returning kick-offs.
  7. Well, they did target him in the A-day game, going up the side-line after faking a WR screen. Unfortunately, he was held by Kamal Hadden, so we didn't get to see him attempt the catch.
  8. I know he caught at least one slant from Bo.
  9. On the upside, we'd get a great joke setup when counting his catches...
  10. I was going by the listed metrics from the Auburn Football Roster: - Sean White: 6' 190 lbs (https://auburntigers.com/sports/football/roster/2016) - Bo Nix: 6'3" 214 lbs (https://auburntigers.com/sports/football/roster) I'm a fan of Sean, and would have loved to see what he could do under, for instance, the current coaches. I see now that part of what you're saying relates to their intangibles, "will to win", etc. I think that's a good point. I still don't think their physical skills (i.e. accuracy, arm strength, athleticism) are similar, but we can agree to disagree.
  11. An interesting take. If you were able to successfully read that from the initial comment, I can only salute you. Continuing with your line of thinking, what about Stidham? Or Nick Marshall, ignoring any moments you might argue he was game-breaking? In other words, are the quarterbacks themselves similar, or are some of these features of an offensive system built around the running game and long, low-percentage throws down the field?
  12. Help me out with your assertion that Bo Nix and Sean White are similar QBs. I'm not seeing it... Type of QB: - Sean White: Pro-Style - Bo Nix: Dual-Threat Stature/Size: - Sean White: Adequate - Bo Nix: Prototypical Athleticism: - Sean White: Adequate - Bo Nix: Very Good Arm Strength: - Sean White: Adequate - Bo Nix: Very Good Key On-Field Attributes: - Sean White: Anticipation, Accuracy - Bo Nix: Athleticism, Arm Talent Off the Field: - Sean White: Lost job due to problems here, very sad - Bo Nix: No known issues
  13. I thought Simpson was at outside corner. Do you mean Pritchett?
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