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  1. TJ is done. Coaches have to see the poor guy can't play on that ankle! Put D. Davis in and run the inside zone!
  2. Do you think Gary demanded to cover this game b/c he is hoping to see UAT beat AU at Jordon-Hare?
  3. Just so we're clear, dual-possession by an offensive and defensive player goes to the offense, right?
  4. I've never seen such an obvious case of the Refs trying to insert themselves into a game, repeatedly, and decide the outcome. There is no way that is forcible contact to the head.
  5. Mason's player rotation philosophy is going to lose us a lot of games.
  6. That was NOT a first down. Refs are really working against us here.
  7. Mason apparently has decided that defensive line rotations are for sissies. Great plan.
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