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  1. Agreed, one of my go to youtube channels.
  2. He had me at Zebra Cakes...💘
  3. If I could like this a thousand times I would brother!!
  4. Would love to be a fly on the wall in those meetings. Would be very interesting I'm sure
  5. Yes, I am. How did you know? I am rioting while reading this Forum as we speak. Why arent you here? LOL
  6. Ok. I only see 2 in the message above. Didnt look at the actual article though. My bad.
  7. If it had been reversed there would be those saying Harsin is to be hanged from Toomers corner. Think about it. Harsin hires Rocker then 10 days later lets him go to hire someone else that he liked better. Would we be saying, Harsin is making a business decision? Good for Harsin for bettering himself? Not at all. These same people taking up for Rocker bettering himself would be RIoting in the streets. Its a 2 way street.
  8. Wow. That sideline pass while dancing with that DE was a thing of beauty!
  9. I believe the Tracy Rocker for head coach ship has sailed.
  10. Good for Harsin. Got to have guys that buy into your system. If there is success, their payday will come down the road in spades.
  11. Talking about going PRO or not reminds me of the Coach Calipari 30 for 30 on ESPN. He will be totally up front with his players and actually encourage them to go IF they are at their ceiling. I'm sure Bruce is the same way. He knows where some of these kids come from and what benefit it is for them and their family. I used to be against the rule but I feel differently now. I want these kids to be successful in life and get paid for their hard work they have put in. And their parents.
  12. Shes just preparing them for the WNBA. lol
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