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  1. There are more than that if you go back to 2010-2011. But a very true statement.
  2. We will have to battle Gus for this one unfortunately... lol
  3. I would be surprised if he doesnt end up at a Pro bama school before his senior year. Even if he does commit to us verbally early on.
  4. Honestly, I would be also. The portal giveth, the portal taketh away. They've had their fair share of both.
  5. Primary recruiter is Caddy. He's going up against the big boys on this kid. Errbody lining up for this kid. 2025 class
  6. The important question, Is Mom good with it? lol
  7. One site says there is a family tie to Arkansas. WHo is the family connection? Sounds like it might be hard to pull from Arky. But early playing time is huge.
  8. I think Robbie MAY have made 5 elite throws this past season. Maybe... The norm was- too low, too high, too far in front, too far behind, etc. If RA is QB1 going into the season, will we be better? No doubt. Will we be great? Highly doubt it.
  9. I mean, how do you think Bird made it....am I right???
  10. Here you go. "bobadibit" Its a unique word and will help you stand out above the crowd when you use it giving you much needed street cred.
  11. Totally agree with you. How do you get this far and have those issues??? Blows my mind. I mean you are in front of 80 something thousand fans every weekend, are in charge of managing a huge Program, kids, other adults, and you get a job like that. How do they not get vetted out before it even gets this far. Unreal.....
  12. I hope Freeze asked him NOT to vist tuscaloserville this weekend....and I hope he said Yes sir.
  13. Same with my wife @ellitor!! She walked into Jordan-Hare a bama fan, left an Auburn fan and has been ever since.
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