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  1. @Cole and @jwgreDeux Thanks for all that the two of you bring to the basketball forum. @Cole liking the new you. Continue the growth.
  2. Hey Cole keep up the good work. Always enjoy your valuable insight on things in basketball. Just do not get why so many on here give you such a hard time.
  3. Longtime member that does not post very often but appreciates the insight. Cole keep up the good work!!!
  4. Out of sight out of mind. Move to rivals please. War Eagle!!!
  5. A bird in the hand is better than two in the bush. Seems like we are always waiting for tomorrow and it never comes. War Eagle !!!
  6. Wow, thought this was a thread about Coach Hand. Guess not.
  7. Looking at our roster we have 13 LB's 18 DL and 20 DB's. Looking at the numbers that leaves very little room to miss on your LB recruiting.War Eagle!!!
  8. Wow! No love for Murray...... War Eagle!!!
  9. Wow not one 1st place vote.... I am a little shocked.... War Eagle!!!
  10. A tip of the hat to the Michigan State Spartans!!!!!!! War Damn Sparty!!!!!!