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  1. If he had a choice between the two, I think he would receive better coaching from Freeze and company.
  2. Yep. I think we all had Auburn in the Championship Game, or at least the Elite Eight. 😁
  3. Guess we got our wake up call. I enjoyed the dream while it lasted. War Eagle!!!
  4. Indeed! I expected UTk to make the Elite 8. I hope Bruce and company has us ready.
  5. But not done yet. Some good may come of this, going forward. I certainly hope so.
  6. Well, I guess someone would work that back into the conversation somehow. Congrats.
  7. Great win!!! But this getting out rebounded, and turnovers (though we won that battle tonight) needs to be corrected, like yesterday.
  8. Another overtime ... Hope we get this one.
  9. 9 - 24 State, in the 2nd half in not good.
  10. Doing your part to support the team I see! 👍 Thank you sir, and War Eagle!
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