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  1. Never2Yield

    Dan Enos to uat as QB coach

    Would not mind having Enos as QB coach at Auburn, just saying. I certainly think we need one, and good one at that.
  2. Never2Yield

    Wr's believe 2017 "was just the beginning"

    @Timeslider 6 If history is an indication of future performance, you hesitancy is justified.
  3. Never2Yield

    JB Grimes Returns to Auburn

    Not a comforting nor confidence building statement.
  4. Never2Yield

    Hugh Freeze

    Maybe ...
  5. Never2Yield

    Gus Malzahn at the AFCA Convention - Quotes

    Part of our problem is, Gus sees no difference between high school and college football.
  6. Never2Yield

    Jacob Eason to Transfer

    We knew it was coming ...
  7. Never2Yield

    Saban or Bear

    No contest, it's Saban.
  8. Never2Yield

    Bama vs Georgia

    I've gotten good practice over the last 10 years, , learning to ignore the Bams.
  9. Never2Yield

    Bama vs Georgia

    Bama was a no-brainer pick, the safest pick. But yes, they look pretty smart.
  10. Never2Yield

    UCF Claims National Championship

    They have an @$$ kickin' coming, but I should have known that Bama would get some help (refs called offsides on a blocked punt by UGA - that clealy was not) to avoid an embarrassing lost. To their credit (Bama made the required on field changes to get the win) they changed the projected outcome and won the game. Bama plays like a true champion.
  11. Never2Yield

    Bama vs Georgia

    Not sure, but the QB position will be up for grabs this spring, and it should be.
  12. Never2Yield

    Spuat or Thuga

    Auburn ... SEC West Champs UGA ... SEC Champs Bama ... National Champs (again)
  13. Never2Yield

    Bama vs Georgia

    Our designed routes could use some work.
  14. Never2Yield

    Bama vs Georgia

    Probably not.