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  1. Dude, I understand your disappointment and frustration, but I don't wish that kind of hit on anyone! Besides, that would get a defender thrown out immediately in today's game. I just hope we can throw the ball up and down the field and beat the Dawgs every year Pickens is there, and then some. WAR EAGLE!!
  2. Will Gus go home, or will he swallow his pride and try to hire Morris as OC? I'm a little conflicted here. Want Gus to go, but the thought of Morris as OC (if he is allowed to make staff changes) is intriguing to me. 🤔
  3. LSU got to respond! Let's see what they can do.
  4. Love LSU's RB Edward-HeLaire! He is fun to watch!
  5. That Pickens crap!!! 😠
  6. What an understatement!!! 😆