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  1. I hear you, but you have to remember ... "Past performance is not indicative of future results." Not sure who said the above quote, but it's true.
  2. Yes, solid/strong win on the road!
  3. I live in AL, so it has been as bad for me the last two years. My heart goes out to you. Just put your blinders on and ear plugs in, and keep moving.
  4. Hate that UGA is going to get another championship, let alone back-to-back championships. 😡
  5. Nasty hit! I'm surprised they picked that flag up. But you're right, it definitely changed the game in UGA's favor.
  6. Dude I was going to post a Herschel Walker meme, but decided that wouldn't be nice.
  7. @RunInRedThanks to you and all the mods for what y'all do for us. I greatly appreciate it. WAR EAGLE!!!
  8. This is one heck of a game! Just saw USCe get a 100+ yard pick six to tie the game!
  9. Then no doubt, it is a conspiracy.
  10. He trusted his analytics ... Such a Kiffin move.
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