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  1. The offenses today are much more dynamic. Roof's defense would get broken on nearly every drive by some of these offenses. But that's just my opinion.
  2. This is turning into an interesting game! Nice pick by UTk.
  3. I hear you, but that was a different era.
  4. Those dam homophones have struck again!
  5. Both good stats. Hope we can sustain, and build on those.
  6. Yeah, kudos to Saban for getting the right coaches to change their identity. Best move he ever made. Can't wait for their reign of terror to be over.
  7. I think that Pittman quote was just coach speak. They ran all over us, and prevented us from running.
  8. We need Friend to get the same results out of the Online and the ground game.
  9. Hence their success in moving the ball against our defense. ☹️
  10. Agree, but need more consistency when winning in the AM. This is definitely a great start!
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