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  1. Never2Yield

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    Was that Gus I saw on the Clemson sideline?
  2. Never2Yield

    Music City Bowl Check- In

    Not surprised by those numbers. The hotel I stayed in, in Nashville was very heavily Purdue.
  3. Never2Yield

    **Georgia Game thread***

    WAR EAGLE!! Hoping for a shocking win by Auburn, tonight!
  4. Never2Yield

    Asa Martin (update transferring)

    To add to your list, I think Clint Mosley was too ...
  5. Never2Yield

    Miss. State @ LSU

    They are nice! Wish Auburn would do that, once every couple of years.
  6. Never2Yield

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Bad call on 4th Down.
  7. Never2Yield

    ** Ole Miss Game Thread **

    Very bad series by the O.
  8. Never2Yield

    The first time I worried about Gus as our HC...

    More like spread eagle...
  9. Never2Yield

    A&M vs. Arkansas

    So maybe our offense is not as bad as it seems. Don't get me wrong there are issues, but perhaps Arky contributed to those issues, as well.
  10. Never2Yield

    Leaving Early

    Agreed, but he would definitely improve the QB issues.
  11. Never2Yield

    Leaving Early

    Good to know! ?