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  1. Roos

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Anybody know what is going on with Diabate & Hall? Diabate is at Auburn High and we have no made no effort to recruit him a 4*, while Hall is a 3 * and is in Gulfport, MS? doesn't make any sense to me any ideas?
  2. Roos

    2019 3* TE Tyler Fromm commits!

    Welcome to the family Tyler.................many good times to come!!!!!!!!!! Thank you WFEB12 for setting it up!!!!!!!!!!!! You are a gentleman and a scholar!!!!!!!!!!
  3. Roos

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    We should give this guy his own thread!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I believe he is a difference maker!!!!!!!
  4. Roos

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I am ready to see us get some OL commitments as I feel this is our biggest weakness without an answer Webb seems gone to BAMA, Morris to TN and so on.. In other words DB & S seem to have answers of 4 star players, as does LB. So how do we fix the weakness because we need it sooner that later.
  5. Roos

    SEC Golf Championship

    How Sweet it is, beat BAMA and win SEC Championship too, WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. Well with the state of Alabama being 49th in the nation in education, and Miss 50th, anybody has got to be better than us. But no it does not mean that Virginians are smarter than us, but I would say there is a better than even chance of it.
  7. Roos

    Heron declares for NBA draft, hires agent

    I wish him nothing but the best for success in the NBA, however I think he is a year away from being able to handle that show. but again I wish him nothing but the best!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Well he is from Virginia so he should have the smarts to call the assignments, if Grimes will slap him around a little bit and make him mean as a junk yard dog we may have a prize here.
  9. Gus & Kristi became grandparents of a 6 lb/5 oz baby boy Anderson James at 4 AM Sunday. See photo's on Inside the Auburn Tigers, down at the bottom of first page. I cannot get it to copy congrats
  10. Roos

    2018 Spring Practice - Day 1

    Will be glad to see any of the backs do well, as this means the o-line is jelling and doing their thing. If this happens and the o-line does well, Gary Walker can run thru the holes. Just think the o-line is the key to our success.
  11. Roos

    2018 Signee Numbers

    like the plumber said "there was a leak"
  12. Roos

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    also in crap-slinging and nuclear weapons
  13. Roos

    ***2018 NSD Thread (Feb 7th)***

    what position does CJ Harris play? as well as ht & wt? thanks
  14. Roos

    2018 4* SDE/DT Malik Langham

    This is good for us as they have 19 signed or committed, so they only have room for 3. If so, Satan is in need of DB's and will take them above others, may be a great opportunity for us, with Langham and possibly Walker
  15. Roos

    AU Target NSD Announcement Schedule

    Let us all stay positive and something good will happen for us!