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  1. ANY thing that indicates he is working, recruiting comes to mind, and I am sure there are several more things if he prioritized,
  2. I am glad Gus got to sit on his butt this weekend while CBP won the SEC Championship, CBT swept Tenn in baseball and the women swept Texas A&M in softball, meanwhile no news at all for football- way to Gus you duma**!
  3. Golf, I think if Tiger Woods drank a beer a hole as you do, you could take him down by 3 strokes, what do you think?
  4. thanks I kinda thought transfer players would have to stay where they were if they didn't get an offer from someone else and of course accept it.
  5. Any word on Omari Porter, DB, I think is Larry Porters son? is he a take?
  6. which brings to mind Calvin Ashley, what if nobody wants him? what then?
  7. Hope he has some friends in Kansas that play OL that might want to come with him!
  8. I think we should be looking hard at the Illini, they have some kids that look pretty good on paper, are in the transfer portal and ready to go.
  9. I was looking at the Transfer Portal and Illinois has 3 or 4 very large OT and a center looks like, are we taking interest in these guys, 2 just completed their F season another with his Soph season, and the center his jr season. E- you heard anything on these guys?
  10. I would hope he hurries up and decommits, something to give us more hope as signing day is quickly approaching.
  11. From what I read Henry is FSU bound, don't know about Bell but it would not surprise me.
  12. I bet Trey Sanders from IMG that signed with Alabama is running around kicking his self in the butt
  13. He will be all right if just speaks to the recruits from his heart, and the upgrade from Horton is off the scale.