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  1. This time, Kentucky visited this kid today at his JC, did we? NOPE coaches also visited his mom in Michigan, read stories to her class(she's a teacher) what did AU do - NOTHING. we were serious or just hopeful? this frustrates the hell out of the fans, because the effort was just not there, hummmmmmmmmmmmm……...……...….
  2. Sounds like we are losing the tweet battle? our chances seem to be sliding downward,
  3. I thought if the assistant transferred to a school, then his son could not go to the same school. Maybe it is a high school assistant and son? E - can you clarify?
  4. ITS GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  5. Prayers are sent for James, as well as your family. I know things are tough for you and your wife, the good Lord will watch over and take care of you all.
  6. Why can't our DB's step in front of receivers to get interception rather than just tackling them quickly? we should be getting more interceptions and we seem to never get one anymore???
  7. Just another Nix special - like Fla and AL with his daddy, We win!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE this is special - beginning of an era!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  8. Felipe Franks needs that tudor that Mullen had at Miss St. the boy is not a good quarterback (2-3 picks) and cannot make a complete sentence, and uses the word "UMMMMMMMMMMM" on each and every one.
  9. Back in '82(I think) a football player named Bo came to Auburn, and he and Pat Dye changed Auburn forever, well it has been a while but I see a Bo and a father Pat(as Pat Nix did) in our future that will once again change Auburn for the better, I was in the stands the day Pat Nix came off the bench without any warm-ups and toss the TD pass to Frank Sanders to beat Alabama, I saw him again make the pass in the Corner of the end zone at Florida to beat the then #1 gators, if Bo just has 75% of what his father had, what a future we all have to look forward to, WDE
  10. Roos


    This is totally awesome, may God continue to bless you & your family!!!
  11. Sign this guy up and put him on the payroll. this would be a great hire!
  12. The only fact that we know for sure is that "one of these guys will start"
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