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  1. Great News - OT

    Great news! May God Bless!
  2. One was an OLB - Adam Adamson? Don't know the other Is on front page of Inside AU anyone have any details?
  3. Last AU player from your High School

    Open up the book for some memories.....way back to Freddie Hyatt, Sylacauga
  4. Alabama Post Game- What you saw

    Great win - but more importantly Pearl has been doing some serious teaching & coaching!!!! He is doing a great job with these guys. Proud of all of them!!!!!!!!!!! WAR EAGLE !!!!!
  5. Women vs. Tennessee

    War Eagle Ladies, nice Job Flo!!!
  6. i used to love college basketball

    Thanks for the insult, exactly what I was waiting on, Pearl's ability to coach is tremendous but is he coaching to the best of his ability? Kalipari at Kentucky can take 4 or 5 freshmen and go deep into the NCAA tournament, why can't we? I think it is because we accept mediocrity as acceptable. We accept it from our coaches, not only in basketball but other sports as well. We should push our coaches and players to be their very best. Teaching is part of coaching and values such as teamwork and technique can be taught, but unless we all push for perfection, we shall never reach it. And yes frustration is setting in and is due to my expectation of a winning season is here today, right now. The frustration of other sports is also a factor, we seem to be happy to say we lost, but we played a great game, not acceptable! Well off my soapbox I go, but I am old and waiting to win is just not an option. Cheers
  7. i used to love college basketball

    Our AD Jay Jacobs made the statement that if Bruce Pearl could not win games in the new arena, "I will burn this place to the ground", well after what I saw tonight does anyone have a match to loan him???? No leadership, no defense, and no SEC wins......... Bruce Pearl used to be a great coach, then he came to Auburn...sad, sad, sad.....
  8. Kamryn Pettway update?

    I did not make this up, my daughter worked for Andrews for a short time and he told her to tell me it might help....well it did!
  9. Kamryn Pettway update?

    My tennis elbow was awful pain, and after a few holes I could not even hold a club in my hand, it just fell out, but I used a velco strap about 3 inches below the elbow pulled it extremely tight and was able to make thru 18 holes, it made the pain better too,
  10. Briles as OC

    someone please write a sticky note to Coach Briles....................don't forget the playbook!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Let Franklin run the offense.......
  12. Gus needs to address the fans quickly.

    If he keeps doing it his way, he will join the NFL - not for long!!! If Gus is that stubborn, he needs to be run - off, and I like him, he just does not know what he is doing-
  13. 2016 Fall Camp - Practice 5

    Gus needs to let the quarterbacks go live - if all three can run the offense let'em get hit. Last year was a debacle if one goes down get the next one, even if it gets to Woody. I am tired of this approach - Clemson will not play tag, neither will LSU and A&M. time to get a lot tougher!!!!!!!!!!!!
  14. Jovon Robinson dismissed

    ok Austudent23 spill the beans sounds like you have the DL????
  15. All things Tashawn Manning (Merged)

    Congratulations Tashawn, my 12 year old grand daughter is going through chemo right now for leukemia - I cannot wait for her to read your article and see how you were cured by the hands of the doctors and the will of Jesus Christ. Perhaps when you get enrolled at Auburn I could get you to send me an autographed picture for her. May god bless you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!