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  1. Since we have landed to WR that Gus seemed to be raving about, can we please now, get our head outta of our butt and recruit other positions with much more need? Geez...….….
  2. Thanks Mc, my patience with Gus is getting a little thin, as daily we fall further behind our competition but we seem to be trying to pick up dimes while $100 bills blow by us, maybe our record does not justify some of the candidates we are pursuing and I am sure AU is not for everyone, but I still believe we should get our fair share but this year it does not appear we have the same intensity as years past, maybe I am wrong. But results usually indicate effort, and it is difficult to see at this point.
  3. Makes you wonder what Gus is smoking, looking for another receiver that we do not need. We need linemen, o & d, and db's can the man not see the forest for the trees? just lost a dt this am because he said he wasn't getting enough love, we when you see all the ink on wr's it is no wonder to me. sounds like Gus wants to get fired and leave the cupboard bear???????
  4. Needed that bigtime...……...…...War Eagle Men...……...Great Job
  5. How in the world did he do this?
  6. CBP effect in place with these gals!!!!! First back-to-back shutouts in SEC Girls Tournament since 2013. Go girls- get that Championship.
  7. Well Saban should go get him some more quarterbacks from across the pond and another hip because with all these 5 stars Dabo will beat him like a drum just like last year for years to come, only positive I can see for us as well is that he beats Saban & Smart every year.
  8. I cannot find anything on him nor Marcus, we are getting 0 information on our recruits as far as visits, leans etc. it is quite concerning as we could not get a transfer from Arkansas(who transferred to Iowa St over us) this is beginning to tell me we are not doing well at all. Just because our name is in the hat means absolutely nothing.
  9. isn't he visiting AU this weekend? seems like I saw this somewhere?
  10. How come the turds have recruits on campus and before they leave they commit? on the other hand when we get recruits on campus, they tell us how high they are on Auburn, making it sound like they are ready to commit. Then they give us some BS story and tell us it will be August of September or whatever? If Gus is slow playing these guys he is a fool, he better get what he can get, can we not seal the deal? what in the heck is going on?
  11. Why are we after so many wide receivers when we have a lot already on scholly? we need OT, LB, DB's but yet every time I read an article we offered another receiver, has GUS lost his mind?
  12. Well done Maverick, excellent posts, like you say WDE and on to next year. Can't wait to see it!
  13. Screw Virginia and the refs too......……. what kind of props you want to give them "Cheater of the Year"?
  14. WE ARE GOING TO THE FINAL 4 ! FIRST TIME IN HISTORY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!