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  1. this bunch needs some help, not only next year but next week!
  2. Roos

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Arkansas can only count to 12, 11 is out of the question- cannot keep up with their guys
  3. Roos

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs Arkansas

    Stidham don't know if should be quarterbacking or bowling- he it totally lost tonight
  4. Roos

    Will Stidham Return for 2019 Season?

    If he does not return to Auburn for his senior year, he will probably get drafted but will end up like Daniel Carlson - unemployed!
  5. Roos

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Great idea Bird, now that is using your head for something besides a feather holder,
  6. Roos

    LSU Visitor List & Thread

    Isn't it about time we added another recruit or two? December will be upon us before we know it,
  7. Roos

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    Oh and I am sure that Texas is just overjoyed with Hand, as Maryland whipped them on the OL all day, sure am glad they have him because he is not worth a crap- if Herman keeps him it will be a short tenure as HC.
  8. AU72 hope this one makes you feel better
  9. Roos

    3rd and Goal Run Play

    what the reason we don't go back to plays that work and run plays like the wildcat instead? what are we thinking? that we are going to fake them off?
  10. I think the OL will jell, and while they really were not terrible today they need a lot of improvement, which I think the jelling & improvement will come in time, and our backs could do a little better picking their holes and breaking it outside
  11. Roos

    3rd and Goal Run Play

    if he did not make it, there was the opportunity for a field goal which would have given us the lead, not as good as 21-16, but 18-16, and their field goal man was not great at all.
  12. WAR DAMN EAGLE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! It is great to win the first one against a top 10 opponent. Lot of confidence will evolve from today. It is GREAT TO BE AN AUBURN TIGER...……. plenty to work on but with Ark St coming to town we have some time before LSU
  13. well it sounds like to me JC has stepped on it with a pair of track shoes...…………. it is always about choices, be they good or bad, and for him this was not a good one,
  14. Roos

    Former Texas A&M player says he was given cash

    Hang'em high!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!