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  1. I don't know just how hot Gus' seat is but I would imagine it's at least on the tepid side. I think Jones, Sumlin, and more than likely, Freeze might want to call the Fire Marshall if things go south in a hurry
  2. No offense, but i'm glad that happened to you. I thought it was just me it happened to, and just recently, I might add.
  3. Here, here. This will be the first time in a long time we have had an OC who can debvelopen our QB's and have them game ready.
  4. I don't know for a fact that we are. I was just going by the posters before me talking about Clemson coming into the picture. I always get antsy when schools from Power 5 conferences come calling.
  5. Say all that real fast three times.
  6. Why do we seem to have such trouble with legacies?
  7. I totally agree with yòu.
  8. What about Jauntavious Johnson. He should or at least I hope he will be ready to go.
  9. One name I saw mentioned is Dan Mullen. I don't think Mullen is any kind of trouble. Look what he did with that team last year. After a horrible start they turned it around and went to a bowl game. Lastly, who would state get who would be any better?
  10. Obviously, to graduate from Hueytown HS your IQ can be lower than 2 buthe needs to be higher than 0.
  11. I don't think we'll have to worry about him going to Ole Miss.
  12. I hope he wants Auburn as much as Auburn wants him.
  13. More like the Hubbell (I'm not sure I spelled that right) telescope. And that's not to mention the Finebaum's and other media outlets taking target practice on your arse.
  14. After letting Miami, which I thought would get the death penalty and UNC with their academic fraud and their basketball coach getting away unscathed, at least up to this point, I didn't think their penalties would be anything serious. I guess I was wrong.
  15. Hard to believe any SEC team could be worse than a Barbie coached team but LSU has done just that.