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  1. That's where I would put my money.
  2. Well, Mikey, they probably got it from
  3. I hope this team learns from this type of play they exhibited today against Tennessee. I also hope they don't go in thinking their you know what doesn't stink WDE
  4. I didn't get to watch but I am certainly glad Auburn came away with the win. There are still some games left so don't let air out of the balls just yet.
  5. Don't sugar coat it, how do you really feel? Actually, I totally agree with you.
  6. Malzahn, Dillingham or whoever should burning the life of many light bulbs coming up with ways to get AS the ball alot more times than 49. I was never good at math but that comes to less than five times a game...less than FIVE TIMES A GAME. Please don't correct me if my math is wrong, you get the point.
  7. Golf, I remember the game, not the year so much but the game was played at Vandy and Auburn only got to take two foul shot... two f.....g foul shots for the ENTIRE game. By the way, Auburn lost that game.
  8. Main problem with Gus is he doesn't seem to recruit to needs.
  9. Well, so far he hasn’t been able to beat bama. And unless things change, like Saban stepping down, it doesn't appear it will happen very often.
  10. Speaking of Ashley, does anyone know if he is coming back and more importantly, is he coming back with a new attitude?
  11. As Rocky Balboa would say, Absolutely!
  12. I had kind of a bad feeling when he didn't sign in December. Oh well, to heck with him if he didn't want to come to Auburn.
  13. What does it look like for us to get Henry and Brothers?