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  1. This guy canamed not only take a lickin and keep on tickin but he dish out a lickin and...well, you get the idea.
  2. OK, I'll get back on topic. If Auburn wins 10 or more games this season with one of those wins coming against uga does that move Hill closer to Auburn, Alabama or does he still head to Athens, Georgia!
  3. It wouldn't matter if you did. Even if you provided the ncaa video evidence about all that would happen is the turds would get a slap on the wrist.
  4. I really hate it for the guy. He has been committed for so long. Hopefully, he will get his academic act together and be a RB or WR for the Tigers in the not too distant future.
  5. I agree that probably had something to do with our showing in 2011. I also think the biggest factor in our showing in 2011 was the fact we didn't have Cam Newton at QB.
  6. OK, whose idea was it to scrap the game plan and come up with a new one two days before the game? That's the person who needs to have his A$$ hung over the fire. Also, you didn't need to be Dr. Andrews to see Sean was hurt.
  7. I guess all the media in this state will get a boner now that he seem to be headed to turdland.
  8. I would love for Clemson to take us lightly but I don't see that happening.
  9. I hope Gus never comes close to defeat ever again while at Auburn but last year was not the first Gus and company got screwed by the pooch. If not for the "Prayer at Jordan-Hare, Gus still wouldn't have a win against uga.
  10. Well, that awful uga team put a whoopin' on Auburn last year, especially in the second half.
  11. Recruits? I would imagine there are several PTB who have said the same thing.
  12. A name not mentioned but a RB who got more than his share of tough and I mean tough yards was Terry Henley. When it was third and short, everybody and I mean everybody knew who was going to get it but rarely did he dissappoint. I know he didn't have the numbers of the others mentioned but he was a key player for the 72 Amazins.
  13. I just wonder if WB's lack of playing time in the spring game was determined before the game?
  14. I know Auburn would love to have both but if they had their druthers which one would they druthers have?
  15. I was going to add Bubba's name to that list.