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  1. If this is true and Saban were to read it he would probably be beating his head against a brick wall and be asking himself, "How the hell diI lose to this guy, not once, not twice but three times?
  2. Thank you, but it was supposed to read sung
  3. Sounds like the title to a country song "Wasted Years and Wasted Talent". dung by Gus and the Goobers.
  4. I truly feel Auburn could be leading by 100 at the half and still lose...at home.
  5. I can remember the not too distant past where shooting like this against Kentucky to open the game and It would have been over midway through the first half. Instead, Auburn hung tough and picked up the win.
  6. Golf, I would have to agree with your disagreement.
  7. I would say I can't believe that but I can't.
  8. Was Gus so arrogant he thought he could plug just any player into his system and this kid would become the greatest thing since sliced bread?
  9. When I watched Freddy play at Emma Samson I thought, man, this guy is some kind of good. When I found out he wanted to come to Auburn I thought he was some kind of great...and he was.
  10. Don't sugar coat it, how do you really feel?.I agree. Dye and even Tuberville came away quality OL. I guess Gus didn't get that memo.
  11. I remember when Dye first got to Auburn let it be known when he was at bama they knew as much about Auburn's business as Auburn.
  12. That's what happened the last time he was on the Auburn staff and It wouldn't surprise me if he did it again.
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