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  1. I think Bo's improvement will depend on how the new OL comes together.
  2. I don't care who you have at QB, RB, or WR, if you don't have a good OL, it's all for naught
  3. I'm surprised they didn't call him for targeting.
  4. Hope the am guys at jox don't get wind of this. If they do they will try to turn it to bama s favor.
  5. It's been apparent all season they can't throw one in the ocean in regards to three point shooting. I kept thinking why not get it inside to Wylie? I guess they think if they shoot enough threes. eventually, they will start to drop. But it hasn't happened yet and I wouldn't count on it changing any time soon.
  6. I knew Auburn would struggle on the road without IO but this is ridiculous. If he is one and done as they are saying, what is Auburn going to do after he leaves?
  7. Well, he can do that and then I will let you know how I feel.
  8. The only way this team gets better offensively is if the OL gets better and I mean alot better.
  9. I have wondered the same thing the past two seasons.
  10. I can't imagine what you and your family are going through. I am more than glad to send prayers your way.
  11. The only thing I question is why doesn't get more playing time?
  12. I saw Matthew Hill in the game early but then heard the CBS sideline reporter say he had an undisclosed injury and was out for the rest of the game. Anybody have any info?
  13. More importantly lets find some OL who can block for him.
  14. I think it's apparent Bo doesn't use good footwork but I think alot that has to do with his lack of confidence in his offensive line.
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