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  1. milehighfan

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    I seem to remember Searels not being very interested in coming to Auburn. If so what seems to be the problem?
  2. milehighfan

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Can't argue with that logic.
  3. milehighfan

    Next Year's LBs

    I think what could really help the LB,s is for the offense to control the ball and keep the LB's and the entire defense off the field.
  4. milehighfan

    Prayers Needed

    I wouldn't even begin to know how to deal with the situation you and your family are going through. I have prayed and God knows what is best but I have found trusting in Him will hopefully bring you peace.
  5. milehighfan

    Kendall Simmons joining staff

    If that is the case, I hope he picks up the recruiting part of it real quick.
  6. milehighfan

    Horton reassigned to off field role

    I'm sure we're recruiting them but they keep telling us no.
  7. milehighfan

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    I would love to see it too. I just don't see it happening while not so slick nick is around.
  8. milehighfan

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

  9. milehighfan

    Bammers vs Clemson - 2019 edition

    I am not able to watch the game because we don't have cable. I was keeping up with it on's live updates. Don't you know those panty-waist bammers at who have to post these updates are seeing their rear ends pucker up over this.
  10. milehighfan

    Coaching Staff Changes?

    Can't argue with that logic.
  11. milehighfan

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I don't understand why so many people want to move Gatewood to TE, a position that is harely utilized in Gus' offense.
  12. milehighfan

    remaining 9 or so slots to fill

    I would love it if DB comes back, along with MD.
  13. milehighfan

    Florida vs. Michigan

    I don't know how all of them have fared but it the two I know of it appears they got it stuck in them and broken off.
  14. milehighfan

    Florida vs. Michigan

    Let's hope he stays that sharp when they play Auburn.