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  1. milehighfan

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs LSU

    This is JMO but I truly believe the players believed everything written about them leading up to the LSU game and felt all they had to do was just show up. On a more positive note my brother was a volunteer coach at Pinson Valley and he told me today Nix is the real deal. He said he went to PV's game Friday night and said Bo had one heck of a great game. Hopefully, dear, old dad can have him ready by the time he steps on campus.
  2. milehighfan

    Sexton dominating our sports administration

    Do you think bama would have been hit with as many PI calls at home, with two or three coming on what proved to be the game winning drive? I think not. Those calls were not the sole reason Auburn lost today. LSU was down by eight on the road and never panicked...or if they did they didn't show it. I guess today's game showed seven million bucks doesn't buy what it used to.
  3. milehighfan

    LSU postgame thread (merged threads)

    I keep hearing how Auburn plays mostly man defense in the secondary. It's obvious these guys can't do it. I know there were some highly questionable PI calls against us but Steele is going to have to bring more pressure on sure passing downs. If not this will not be the last time a situation like this occurs.
  4. milehighfan

    GAME THREAD: Auburn vs. LSU

    This refers gives f...... piece of s... a bad name.
  5. milehighfan


    Wayne County used to have some really good teams I don't know how good they are now.
  6. milehighfan

    Auburn vs. Alabama State Game Thread

    I am trying to find a free app I can download so I can listen to the game.
  7. I hope he is true to his word and sticks with his commitment.
  8. milehighfan

    2019 5* OG/C Clay Webb

    Unless he is a silent commit I'm taking the adage no news is good news.
  9. milehighfan

    Georgia Recruiting

    My sentiments exactly.
  10. I also hope it doesn't affect Pappoe.
  11. milehighfan

    Miami v LSU

    Watching Richt and company on the sideline and they look like can we go home now?
  12. milehighfan

    uat has already won

    I saw the clip where they had highlights of Tuo. He looked good but they were playing Louisville for crying out loud. You would have thought they knocked off the Patriots, albeit they probably cheat more than the Pats.
  13. milehighfan

    Miami v LSU

    I agree with what you said but we don't need to get a double digit lead and say that should do it.
  14. milehighfan

    Things to like about this team

    Just like everyone on this board there were things I liked and things I didn't. The one thing I definitely liked was this team stared adversity in the face and didn't blink.