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  1. There were a couple of things I took from this game. One was Jabari didn't crawl into a shell even though he had a down night offensively. And second, while the offense sputtered, the defense took up the slack. Hopefully, the whole team learned a huge lesson from this.
  2. Are all, if not most of our prospective OL coming from the portal?
  3. Anybody remember the movie "Necessary Roughness where they only had two coaches on the staff?. That's what this feels like.
  4. I don't know who will get the starting nod buI do feel whoever it is better be mobile.
  5. I remember we used to be able to not sign OL but good Ol. Now we can't get them to come if we paid them.....which we can. ...
  6. I still remember going to Tuscaloosa to watch him play the turds in the now defunct freshman game. I have to admit I wasn't too giddy with Auburn trailing 27-0. But my opinion changed in the second half. The last score came on a bomb to Beasley. The final. Auburn 35. Turds 27 Just as God intended.
  7. The Cardinals loss lady night to the Rams means Arizona's season is over which means we wouldn't have to wait on Zona's season to end which makes him fair game, right?
  8. I really hate Pegues is leaving. Maybe he will change his mind.
  9. It wasn't all that long ago when Auburn's basketball program gave bad a bad name
  10. What a great win. Not only did they beat bama and the refs but they did it on the road.
  11. These refs don't have a clue about the rules.
  12. These dip s--t.officials are doing everything they can to see the turds win. Pisses me off.
  13. Like I've said many times, my two favorite teams in college football are Auburn and whoever plays bama.
  14. The only thing that brings me down about bama losing, is who won it.
  15. Thank you so much. Although she was from Mississippi I can gladly say I turned her into an Auburn fan.
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