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  1. I'm hoping Cowart can ramp it up from his new DT position. I hope everyone on defense can ramp it up in 2017.
  2. I wonder if playing another position was offered and he said thanks, but no thanks?
  3. I read an article on their new head coach and he appears to be the type guy who is not afraid of facing adversity. He'll be staring straight down a double barrel full of it in Waco.
  4. Maybe you're right. It would explain why a player who was so good in high school is suddenly not a year good. I hope he has recovered and is ready up his play a notch or two.
  5. Won't we all.
  6. I'may very interested to see how Woody fares this spring. You know he is going to be torqued.
  7. Yep, you're right. This latest incident is very sad and very tragic. It remains to be seen just how the football program will be affected. I would imagine there could be some dear sweet moms who don't want their little darlings anywhere near Waco.
  8. This doesn't have anything to do with Baylor'a current legal problems but how many of you remember the legal circuus back in the late 90,' I believe? A player from their basketball team went missing and was later found murdered. I bring this up because Showtime will have a documentary on it next month, I believe. O
  9. Watching his hilights he looks like a collision looking for a place to happen. And heaven forbid if you happen to be there when he gets there.
  10. I know he likes GT because of their engineering program but I hope he is aware of Auburn's engineering school and decides hey, this is the school for me.
  11. Its great to see the Tigers ranked in several polls and to pull off a sweep against the Gators. Here's hoping they don't take a step back to take a look at their work.
  12. Thanks for bringing that game up. I remember Auburn going for it fourth down. Richard Plegge had a good hole to run through, unfortunately he slipped making his cut. Of course that was the game where the bama player (I don't remember his name) tackled, not held, tackled Gusty Yearout, allowing Stabler to make that run in the mud. By the way, I said it was fourth down, at least I think it was fourth down. Anyway didn't have a warm and fuzzy feeling after that game.
  13. You are so right, Carl. I stand corrected.
  14. Wasn't the Outback Bowl the last time we played Penn St.? If I remember correctly the Nittany Lions spent the whole game ripping us a new one.
  15. I thought it was a complete waste of time on something is not and will not happen.