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  1. Thanks for the update.
  2. He has certainly showed a lot of fortitude, battling back from two serious knee injuries. I hope he can avoid the injury bug this year.
  3. So I guess the REC showed Ole Miss what happens when you beat with illegally recruited players. Only is allowed to recruit, sign and play illegally recruited players.
  4. So, Matt Luke gets the unenviable task of leading this team. Didn't he played QB at Ole Miss at one time?
  5. I haven't heard much about DP lately. Anyone have any up to the minute info on where we stand with him?
  6. I believe I read somewhere TJ was very high on Missouri. Does he still feel that way?
  7. I remember when Bill Burgess was head coach at Jacksonville St. saying if you have to make a lot of adjustments at the half you are already in trouble.
  8. Speaking of Zofko I remember him throwing a halfback pass to Alvin Bressler which Btessler took to the house against Clemson in 1970, I believe. I was at that game and I remember Auburn put an industrial strength a$$ kicking on Clemson winning 51-0 I brought this up because I always liked Bressler.
  9. Mikey Zofko. Guy was a tough as nails and mean as a snake RB. Also enjoyed a nice career in the NFL.
  10. I would hate to see SW transfer. While SW has not proven he can stay healthy, neither has Stidham, albeit Stidham has only played one season.
  11. I have a very good friend I grew up with who went to Notre Dame and his wife and kids went to Auburn.
  12. How is he along the lines of pass receiving? Would love to see him as a threat out of the backfield.
  13. Sad to say but true. Probably won't change until there is a new person in charge of the ncaa...without any ties to or bama.
  14. I agree Orgeron is a very good recruiter. But as far as talent from Louisiana who does he have to go up against?
  15. I remember in the IB that year CW had to play FB because about every RB AU had except for Tre Smith was hurt.