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  1. I didn't know about Cam Tony leaving. I wish him well, no matter where he ends up.
  2. I know his dad, George from his days coaching at Meridian Community College. He was a good guy and a good coach. If his son has the same get her done attitude his father has he should do well at UNC.
  3. I feel our offense under CCL and with either JS or SW at QB will look far different than the past few years. Now, defenses will have to game plan for our passing game. But before I worry about OM I want us ready for Georgia State and then Clemson.
  4. I also wouldn't mind seeing Stover on KOR's. Also wouldn't mind seeing Kam Martin back. Let's utilike these speed guys we have instead of waiting until we're up by 100 over some patsy.
  5. Bama never took their foot off the gas against us until they had driven us six feet under, if not further.
  6. Yeah, that IB I 2005 was one we could have beaten bama as bad as we wanted to. Unfortunately, Tubervile didn't want to beat them that bad.
  7. I definitely think Sean has the mental makeup for the NFL. BUT he won't have the stats to make up what he lacks on the physical side to get drafted. The only way I see him making it is as an undrafted free agent. And even then it would have to be the perfect storm.
  8. Again preacherman, like with Bo, I hope you're right.
  9. I was just trying to give him some credit for the way he performed during his first two years. I live in Colorado where maijuana is legal. Legal or not it's still smoking dope. It's like you're charged with negligent homicide. I'm sorry I shot him in the head, I meant to shoot him in the arm. I just wasn't thinking clearly. It must have been the maijuana I smoked.
  10. Shades of Pedro Cerrano.
  11. I'very said it before, bama slanted sports media, I mean the state sports media probably believe his diluted or failed drug test feel it stems from the Auburn tattoo on his forearm.
  12. I would really hate for us to lose this guy to an out of state SEC rival. I hope coaches Horton and Lindsey can work their magic with dear, old mom, who in turn can work her magic with Asa.
  13. I guess you could say after his first two years Dyer had a nagging injury, from the neck up.
  14. I remember during Dye's days as head coach signing big time DL was the norm, not the exception. I hope CRG gets his way.
  15. I just read Patrick's affiliation with Auburn will not have any idea influence on Bo's decision. I, for one, hope it does. I have it on good authority from another member on this board Bo signing with a school, other than Auburn, ain't gonna happen. Oh, I hope he's right.