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  1. I can't imagine what you and your family are going through. I am more than glad to send prayers your way.
  2. The only thing I question is why doesn't get more playing time?
  3. I saw Matthew Hill in the game early but then heard the CBS sideline reporter say he had an undisclosed injury and was out for the rest of the game. Anybody have any info?
  4. More importantly lets find some OL who can block for him.
  5. I think it's apparent Bo doesn't use good footwork but I think alot that has to do with his lack of confidence in his offensive line.
  6. Who is the guy who played OL for Auburn and later with the steelers and had returned as a GA I believe?
  7. I have this feeling if LR were OC Gus would not be head coach.
  8. Has Hill even been playing WR since Gus had his melt down?
  9. It's no secret Auburn's OL is a dumpster fire and I just don't see it getting a whole lot better next year. What we have to hope is Bo maybe pack it jp and find a team with.a far better OL to play behind.
  10. I told my brother this two weeks ago, Schwartz has super hero speed.
  11. I really look forward to your observations. I thought a real critical point in the game was the 69 yard drive which not only put points on tbe board but took valuable time off the clock. It was a real take that move by Auburn. Way yo go Tigers. Keep up the good work.
  12. Man, we are in trouble when we play a team with a really good defense. On second thought we will be in trouble when we play a team with a half decent defense.
  13. I wonder if Cristobal now knows its Auburn University?
  14. I'm not complaining but did any of the other RB get any carries?
  15. After having seen something like that go against us, it was such a good jolt to see it go our dway
  16. Good grief we settle for another FG.
  17. Finally, got a stop but a penalty on the return.
  18. Just go out and rip them a new one and he'll damn sure remember it from then on.
  19. KN's article talked about Auburn needed some DL signees but I saw only one or two recruits mentioned. Hopefully, there are more we don't know about.
  20. While we are on the subject of players flipping, I believe the year was 1972 when Richard Todd flipped to Bama.
  21. That's where I would put my money.