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  1. The NCAA going to Congress asking for help. That is definitely a case of the blind leading the blind.
  2. Don't sugar coat it, how do you really feel about him?
  3. Ray Ogden returned the second half kickoff for a touchdown and that proved to be the difference.
  4. I was at the IB in 64. Turds won 21-14.
  5. All I saw was a handful of highlights from Saturday but what I saw from Ashford left me impressed. Hopefully, he can build from the spring .
  6. If the OL doesn't drastically improve this year it won't matter much who we have at RB.
  7. I'm not going to get all giddy over the return over OL who, for the most part, haven't blocked anyone the last two years. I'm sorry, JMO.
  8. Ya think? We need alot more talent on the OL
  9. After the less than thrilling end to the football season it was great to take no quarter and win the basketball championship. Hoo-hot damn Tijuana.
  10. I give them credit for cinching it in crunch time and I tip my hat to this team. WDE
  11. 19 point lead in the first half and just like the three previous road games they pissed it away and are playing in overtime. Somehow they have a four point lead.
  12. Auburn has to be one of the dumbest, if not the dumbest teams in college basketball.
  13. We seem to be puking in the second half.
  14. No lead is too big for Auburn...to blow. This is disgusting.
  15. It seems when they are on the road and get a big lead they let off the gas and start checking the from the cheap seats. And all they do is foul.
  16. Along the lines of recruiting, it's nice to read something encouraging instead of, OK passengers, if we could move to the lifeboats in an orderly fashion.
  17. My brother and I were at that game. Punt Bama Punt.
  18. I was always impressed with Little Train. I was there when he made what I thought at the time was game winning 87 yard touchdown run against UGA. RIP Little Train.
  19. Possible but not probable. Highly improbable.
  20. I could be wrong, heaven knows it wouldn't be the first time but I just don't see that many out of state guys wanting to come to Auburn. If these guys are really talented and really have an interest go get them. But right now I'm taking a wait and see.
  21. .Unless the OL can be vastly upgraded, I don't see him coming. As a matter of fact I don't see hardly any extremely talented RB's coming to Auburn. I don't mean to be a wet blanket, JMO.
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