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  1. First post in many moons but should we choose to move on, I say Dan Mullen. Besides Jimbo Fisher, I think he is one of the best at developing QB's. Give him AU's roster and resources, plus I would like to see us keep the defensive staff . I'm also not basing this off of last week....he has HC experience and does not have any ties to AU, things that should be criteria for the next time we hire. Of the best CFB coaches in this era, I would say all but Dabo and Jimbo came to their respective programs with successful HC experience at a major conference school (short one, Meyer, Franklin, Harbaugh, Peterson) and both of them spent multiple years as assistants.
  2. +1 yeah, maybe Gus's job? sorry couldn't help myself. Yeah hopefully not. I actually think we will be really good next year
  3. Not as disappointed as I normally would be...just missed in a couple plays that could have won the game. One more chance to play this year, I expect AU will be playing for a lot more around this time of the year next year
  4. Sooooo winnable. Have to take advantage of the breaks. Bammer will ride henry in the second half ...I think we need one TO and at least 10 points to win
  5. Love the chippiness send em home packing. #GusBus time
  6. That looked like the Gus Bus!!!! Even though I'm listening on the radio
  7. BOOM!!!! Great way to finish! War Eagle Drew Will!!!!
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