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  1. First crystal ball to AU. From Austin Massey with Texas Tech 247.
  2. From Wikipedia, so about as official as it gets lol.... Austin Davis (born June 2, 1989) is an American football coach and former quarterback who is currently the offensive coordinator for Auburn University.
  3. Parking lot and lines were ridiculous. Biggest morning turnout I've ever seen. Easily 85%+ Trump
  4. Probably not, but we still have better than a puncher's chance. Obviously have to play lights out in lexington, but if we pull that off, we would be in a good position to split the title. Kentucky could feasibly lose any of their remaining games. We've just got to win out. Hopefully the last 15 minutes of the last game is the start of a hot run
  5. You're overthinking it. It shows where our current players and signees will be through the 2022 season. Thanks boomstick. Very handy spreadsheet.
  6. I think the 51's are coincidences. According to his ranking history on 247, he was ranked 51st overall in early 2018 by 247 while the composite had him in the low 100s. Now they have him 171 and 229, respectively.
  7. Oh I'm not looking back through your post history, but i specifically remember you stating that alabama worried you because of kira's speed. You even alluded to it in your first reply to me. It's all good though
  8. It's cool. You made a prediction. You were wrong. Everybody misses sometimes. You're probably right more than you're wrong on here. But you'd get a lot more respect if you acknowledged your misses as much as your pats on the back. That's on you though...
  9. You also used Alabama as an example. No big deal. We're all wrong sometimes
  10. Welcome to the bball forum a4e!!!! I can't wait to bask in your bball wisdom
  11. Prayers sent. More will be sent later.
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