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  1. WarEagleIn2010

    Prayers Needed

    Prayers sent. More will be sent later.
  2. WarEagleIn2010

    Men vs. Dayton Game thread

  3. WarEagleIn2010

    Norfolk State- Season Opener

    Up 30 at the under 12 timeout
  4. WarEagleIn2010

    Norfolk State- Season Opener

    Auburn up 66 to 41. 15 to go
  5. WarEagleIn2010

    Men at Kentucky - Game Thread

    Time left?
  6. WarEagleIn2010

    ***2017 4* JUCO QB Jarrett Stidham Signs with AU!!! (12/14/16)

    Still cracks me up 2 years later.
  7. WarEagleIn2010

    Former AU WR Nate Craig-Myers Transfers to Colorado St.

    E's sarcasm reading ability has been rubbing off on a lot of posters lately
  8. WarEagleIn2010

    4* CB Shyheim Carter

    Of all people to question someone else's post.
  9. WarEagleIn2010

    Men vs. Texas A&M - Post-Game Thread

    Kareem Canty
  10. WarEagleIn2010

    Who will be the first to commit this weekend?

    Could've paired him up with Tray Matthews then.
  11. WarEagleIn2010

    2015 4* LB Darrell Williams commits to AU!

    Still funny.
  12. WarEagleIn2010

    2014 5* DE Rashaan Evans (Alabama signee)

    Mayor of chillville