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  1. Time left?
  2. Still cracks me up 2 years later.
  3. E's sarcasm reading ability has been rubbing off on a lot of posters lately
  4. Of all people to question someone else's post.
  5. Kareem Canty
  6. Could've paired him up with Tray Matthews then.
  7. Still funny.
  8. Mayor of chillville
  9. How are we perfect on 3rd downs, yet had a 4th down conversion? I think the announcers missed that one.
  10. It's true that E can post some very good info and I personally read and appreciate everything he posts. I think most people's problems with him is the elitist way he comes across on message boards(not just here, another board too). He can be a great poster 9/10 times and then come across like a chick that wants to be put on a pedestal the next. He's probably a great guy in person, but just doesn't come across very well on message boards. He does post really good info and, personally, I'm glad that he's here.
  11. Anyone seen Denson?
  12. Try sportwebz. It's listed there.