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  1. I think the 51's are coincidences. According to his ranking history on 247, he was ranked 51st overall in early 2018 by 247 while the composite had him in the low 100s. Now they have him 171 and 229, respectively.
  2. Oh I'm not looking back through your post history, but i specifically remember you stating that alabama worried you because of kira's speed. You even alluded to it in your first reply to me. It's all good though
  3. It's cool. You made a prediction. You were wrong. Everybody misses sometimes. You're probably right more than you're wrong on here. But you'd get a lot more respect if you acknowledged your misses as much as your pats on the back. That's on you though...
  4. You also used Alabama as an example. No big deal. We're all wrong sometimes
  5. Welcome to the bball forum a4e!!!! I can't wait to bask in your bball wisdom
  6. Prayers sent. More will be sent later.
  7. E's sarcasm reading ability has been rubbing off on a lot of posters lately
  8. Of all people to question someone else's post.