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  1. Sloppy. Not sure if offense is intentionally vanilla or if last year’s team is still on the field....
  2. Wait, is this what happens when you hire a quality coach and turn the program over to them? Huh...is that how that works?
  3. Hate to see players leave but, Bye....LOL.
  4. Rich people don’t care what poor people say or want...
  5. What you are seeing tonight is a scheme. A scheme that is vastly different than what we run/ran.
  6. Wish I could know what they were saying to each other (Seth and #1 for State).
  7. Two words. “COVID season” Not saying I buy it cause I don’t but that’s what you will hear. Or some variation of it.
  8. Gus at halftime, “I saw some really good things we can build off of. This is a very good team we are up against...”
  9. On that last pass by Bo, both of his feet were off the ground. SMH...
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