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  1. The GD Germans ain't got nothing to do with it!!
  2. Shift

    "The Ride"

    It's great to be an Auburn Tiger!! War Eagle!!
  3. Development is key. No matter how talented a high school kid is, some skills will need to be honed to be competitive at the D1 level. Thus far, there is little to no evidence that Gus can do it.
  4. Late round pick. 2-3 years as 2nd or 3rd string and outta the league.
  5. The signs have been there for a L-O-N-G time. Some saw it, most didn't (or refused to admit it) but I am not the least bit surprised at how things have turned out (and how they are going to ultimately end).
  6. Yup. Hoping for the best but this is my worst fear, atm.
  7. +1 And, you can add, "The refs screwed us !!!!!!" to the list of BS sick of hearing that crap. As has been pointed out, other teams overcome youth problems, depth issues, talent deficiencies and bad calls and they rarely ever have the need "to turn things around".
  8. Wow. Professionalism just left the building. In more ways than one.....
  9. Hard to believe. AD will have some egg on his face and some explaining to do if true.
  10. Meh, if we cover the spread, it really doesn't mean anything.
  11. Leon Hutcheson - Did Gus say Theyre probably gonna fire....mp4