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  1. I thought the call at the end of the half was that the booth decided to review the clock (probably at CGM's urging) and determined that there was indeed 1 second left when Whitlow went down. The time it took to review the clock gave us time to line up and be ready for the FG as soon as the official declared the ball ready for play (blew the whistle). At least that's how I understood it. If so, it had nothing to do with UAT being on or off the field after that last run by Whitlow.
  2. Nah, been around a long time and witnessed too much JABA......unfortunately.
  3. Gus pulls 3 or 4 never before seen plays/formations from up his sleeve and we get up 14-0 on them at the half. Gus plays safe in the 3rd quarter and Bama scores on a 79 yard busted coverage pass late in the 3rd quarter. 14-7 Auburn Gus continues to call plays trying not to lose in the 4th quarter and all we are able to muster is one FG by Carlson to go up 17-7. Momentum shifts midway through the 4th quarter. Bama puts together a long drive and scores with 3 minutes to go narrowing the score to 17-14. Auburn goes 3 and out on the next drive and punts to Bama with 2 minutes left in the game. Bama gets 2 bulls**t PI/Defensive Holding calls to set them up at our 15 yard line with 45 seconds to go. Defense is frustrated and Bama breaks a big run on an OBVIOUS hold against D. Brown to take the lead with :05 seconds left. Final Score Bama - 21 Auburn 17
  4. Joiner should be our starting RB
  5. Two turnovers and we are only up 7-0 at the end of first quarter. Disgusting.
  6. Another lackluster start for our offensive genius.
  7. Spot on. I have nearly lost my voice screaming at the TV countless times over the last six or seven years at this very thing. Put you best players in and run the offense. Mano a mano, mas macho. If the players can't run it, find some that can. As has been pointed out, CGM's offense was innovative eight or nine years ago but every defensive coordinator in the League knows exactly what to do to counter it by now. The razzale dazzle trick plays are old and tired and remind me of plays I can see at most any pee-wee football game on Saturday morning throughout the state. Enough already!!
  8. It was a “moral victory” 😂
  9. Relax. Gus is still learning on the job. 😂
  10. Is it even possible that we come back?