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  1. A second wave of infections is almost a certainty at this point, IMO. That will end any possibilities of a (traditional) football season. Best hope is maybe a delayed start (think late 2020 or early 2021) to the season.
  2. An option to watch the game at home in virtual reality. In 4K, of course.....😉
  3. BIG fan of Josh. Welcome home brother!
  4. Me. I would much rather have Fleck and his discipline, intensity and blue collar work ethic over what we have now. No contest.
  5. Wow. Desperation pass pays off.
  6. Gimmicky offensive play calling and not understanding how momentum affects the outcome of the game.
  7. PJ Fleck is schooling Malzahn.
  8. Does Gustavo understand the importance of momentum in a game like this?
  9. Why can’t we just line up and play fundamental football? So sick of this gimmicky offense..
  10. Stupid a&& trick plays.
  11. Yup. We flew to Chicago back in April for my son’s Navy boot camp PIR and got a War Eagle in the Midway airport within five minutes of getting off the plane.
  12. Burrow is a helluva QB but those LSU receivers are some of the best I have seen in a long, long time. Wish we had receivers that could play like that....
  13. Good point. I don't know, man. Over the last 10+ years at least, for me, receiver has been the most frustrating. I have lost count of the number of wide-outs AU has signed that had mountains of praise heaped on them during their recruitment only to show up at and never amount to anything.....while other teams pick-up guys that we never even considered that go on to break records in the League. Don't guess I will ever understand why this happens.