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  1. Shift

    New MNF broadcast team...

    Nah, Joe Tessitore is great announcer. I like him.
  2. Shift

    Harold Joiner sets sights on Heisman

    I like big running backs. Joiner seems to have all the measurables. Looking forward to watching him play.
  3. Shift

    CJ Tolbert

    Yes, Tolbert deserves a shot. Is he the fastest, most gifted RB on the team? No. But he is THICK and gets up the field pretty quick. Sometimes, that is all you need. I say put him into the rotation. Maybe 2nd behind whoever ends up the #1 RB. Let's see what he can do.
  4. Shift

    A-Day thread

    Really struggling to find some positives thus far. Defense: Very good (as expected). Offense: Not sure what to think. Still trying to understand why every declares CGM to be an offensive genius. Over the last 4-5 seasons, the offensive production has been average, at best, in my opinion. I'm afraid this season will just be more of the same...
  5. Woah! Glad to hear this. I was becoming concerned about him. Sounds like he has a great attitude. I hope he light up the boards next season.
  6. Shift

    2018 NFL Combine Snubs

    ^^^This^^.... but FIFY
  7. Shift

    Malik Willis back at work

    On the surface, he sure seems to be very talented. Didn't get to see enough of him this past season to confirm but I feel like he is going to be a good one.
  8. Shift

    Demographic Curiosity

    51 Male Northeast Alabama 1989 - Finance
  9. I was afraid the team would not take UCF seriously. Still hoping I was wrong but at this point, it doesn't look so.
  10. Shift

    Locker Room Renovations

    "Farm to table" approach maybe? After all, we are an agriculture school, amiright?
  11. Shift

    Pettway Out for Peach Bowl

    I wondered the same. Totally forgot about Parks. Was about to say that once gone, players don't come back but Parks was one that did.
  12. Shift

    A little perspective, please

    Law of Diminishing Returns?
  13. Shift

    A little perspective, please

    This guy gets it.
  14. Can we not get a flag for taunting? This Godwin kid is a tool.