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  1. ^^This^^ I will never understand WHY, when your team has all the momentum, has been playing lights out and you have the chance to put the game away, WHY, WHY, WHY don't you line up, best on best, and be determined to whip the man in front of you and cram the ball right down their throat? Making a first down on that 3rd and 2 wins the game. Plain and simple. That was the game right there.
  2. So you expected us to win how many games? Eight? Nine? Ten? More? If so, you must be unable to see the glaring weaknesses of this team. Those being a C- (grade) offensive line, a C receiver corp, a C+ QB stable, a C+ defensive line and a B- defensive backfield. Combine those factors with a new head coach that has no SEC coaching experience and you get a 50% to 60% win percentage. Oh, and a strong contender doesn't almost get blown out by Georgia State at home... Yes, the season went pretty much how I expected. I predicted a 7-5 season with losses to LSU (got that one wrong), Georgia, A&M, One of the Mississippi teams and Bammer. I missed one but finishing 6-6 is just slightly below expectation. IMO, expecting much more than this was unrealistic; given the current makeup of the team.
  3. We are resigned to it. For most, including myself, the season has gone pretty much as expected. So, what else is there to discuss?
  4. I doubt this is true. Bad calls, yes but the game was not rigged. However, good teams should be able to overcome bad calls. Bottom line, we just ain’t a good team.
  5. D-line is getting blown up every play. Terrible effort at the moment.
  6. We taking a time out so they can rule a fumble by us? WTF?
  7. Excuses. That's all this really is. And, frankly, I am tired of hearing excuses. Other teams have true freshman that come in and contribute right away. Not sure what is the difference between other teams and us but it's the same thing, year after year after year. "We are young and maybe next year we will insert goal for next year here." Blah, blah, blah.
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