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  1. Well, at least he didn't say we had "formed an alliance with the Republic of North Korea...and it is an alliance which is strong and enduring".
  2. Huh? I saw Mizzou lose that game 3 different times, but I never saw Auburn beat them.
  3. I haven't seen 2 teams more undeserving of a win since Auburn/MSU 3-2.
  4. WDE! Let's get back to dominating the run game.
  5. Have you ever wondered how many posters here are actually fans of rival schools?
  6. There's enough crazy around to share. https://www.grandforksherald.com/news/north-dakota/police-driver-admitted-to-intentionally-killing-teen-at-north-dakota-street-dance-after-political-dispute
  7. Now, you know there are a ton of folks on here (and everywhere else in the blogosphere) that are so enamored with hearing themselves blather on and hurl insults at each other, that they'll never accept the advice to simply STFU for awhile.
  8. Yes, and years before it actually happened. Auburn should definitely reach out to Deion, who I'm sure either has already or will be contacted by other P5 teams in the near future. It doesn't mean he'd accept an offer, but it might take someone of his confidence to take on this job. We've had more than a dozen years of roller coasters and revolving doors/buyouts. It's a risky bet.
  9. Not in the least. Clemson's D wasn't that stellar in 2016 but our offense was just as discombobulated. It had no idea what it was or was trying to be. Couldn't execute the simplest plays and struggled in all phases. Similar to what we saw today. Our OL might be the worst we've seen in more than a decade. They were getting consistent pressure by rushing 3. You don't need an NC caliber DL to do that with our OL.
  10. You can compare them indeed. Our D held Clemson at bay for the majority of that game. Our offense did jack squat with all of the opportunities given. Rotating QB's in an act of desperation.
  11. We rotated 3x subpar QB's in a system of complete offensive clownery, including the old spinning Cox-cat for negative yardage. Had we put forth any semblance of logical game plan, we might well have taken down the eventual NC's due to the superior play of the D that night. We don't have that D to fall back on now, and it shows. Also reminds me of Gus and the 2016 offensive debacle vs a terrible UGA team in Kirby's first season.
  12. The team looks unprepared on both sides of the ball. It may have even gotten worse over the 3 game span. It just looks like they don't collectively know what to do. We can't execute the simplest of plays most of the time.
  13. No, but Gus certainly did that very thing vs Clemson, and other times during is tenure.
  14. I guess they are afraid to play Calzada because our OL would help him reinjure that shoulder. Better get a long snapper and put Robby in a 10 yard shotgun so he can get off a pass once in a while.
  15. Peterson was a helluva coach and built that program. I like Harsin's attitude, but right now the product he's putting product on the field that would struggle to take 2 out of 3 from Vanderbilt. They have no offensive identity, can't protect the QB and can't pressure the opponent's QB. Lots of long days ahead.
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