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  1. For every win Gus has against Saban, he has multiple ridiculous losses to bad teams like this year's USCe, 2016 UGA, the previous UT game, etc...and epic folds or complete failures like the 2017 LSU game, the 2016 Clemson game, the 2017 Clemson game, the 2019 UF game, last year's Minnesota loss, the UCF loss, the 2014 bowl loss to Wisconsin...and of course, the ultimate bonehead loss to FSU after leading by 18 in the first half. Add to that the miserable track record of QB acquisition and development.
  2. I think we'll get boat raced by the Aggies. We might beat MSU, or lose. That's a toss-up right now. If not for a bogus call, we lost to Arkansas and should realistically be 4-4 if not worse right now. So, even if we do end the season with a W, we'd be 6-4 (or actually 5-5). We are stuck in the middle of the pack, while teams other than Bama move up and down the list around us. UF and UGA have risen towards the top. A&M and Ole Miss are moving up. LSU has bounced up and down, but I'll bet they'll be more up than down in the future. Next year won't be special. It'll be more
  3. The Van Tiffin FG comes to mind, and they did have to come back to win in the final minutes in 2009, but nothing like final seconds. Right now, they are just a better program. Better talent recognition and acquisition, better player development and utilization, better strategies and game preparation, better coaching all around with few exceptions, etc... Nothing looks to be changing the situation any time soon apparently. We have to play dang near a perfect game, or rely on them making mistakes, which are fairly rare in order to eke one out. We are mired in the mud of our own making
  4. You are completely FOS, and you've never "debated like an adult" from what I've seen.
  5. If Bama ever knocks off a #1 ranked Auburn, or even top 5 Auburn in a dramatic fashion, they can feel free to name it whatever they wish. Who cares? With Gus still at the helm, that opportunity doesn't look to come around any time soon. We'll be sure to lose a few on the way to the IB to make sure of it.
  6. Don't bet on it, and don't sleep on our inability to stop Leach after that.
  7. Well, TaMU, Ole Miss, Arkansas and to some extent, UK are on the rise. LSU just won a natty, but took a one year hiatus. We'll see how they fare next season. We don't have a very good track record against them lately. UT looks to be treading water, but recruiting has taken a bump upwards. (I personally can't stand Pruitt, but I don't think he is any less of a HC than Malzahn)
  8. Gus isn't going to change. The problem never goes away unless you get rid of it.
  9. Another humiliating loss led by an uninspiring HC, with a predictable offense and tiresome, lackluster play on both sides of the ball. I saw absolutely zero fight put up by our team in every phase of the game. That would be unacceptable in any game, but in an Iron Bowl????? It was nigh unwatchable.
  10. Of course. I'm not talking about the fans. What would be the excuse for keeping Malzahn after the original scenario (which I believe has a much higher probability than the other extreme you offered) from the administration? I disagree that he would be let go, not that he shouldn't be.
  11. Ok, say we not only lose by 3+ TD's in the next two games each, but also lose and look badly doing it against Leach and the boys? What will the excuses be then?
  12. The best offensive player is Najee Harris, and he'll have a field day.
  13. He'll be coaching in one of these on the sidelines...
  14. I would love to eat crow on this next week, but it's not even going to be close. Too many issues on OL and DL. We can't stop the run. We can't run it. They'll bring the house on D, and we won't get any pressure on Jones. Harris will have a field day. North of 200 rushing yards. Jones will have 300+ passing yards. The Freshman QB will be in during the 4th and probably lead a TD drive or two. Bama 50+ Auburn 13-
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