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  1. CO2 does not trap heat. It absorbs IR in a very narrow band, and only by about 4.1 molecules/10,000 in the atmosphere. Besides, the oceans (which cover over 70% of the planet) do not only transfer heat via radiation, but also by convection, conduction and evaporation. I argue against speculation and unverifiable claims, not physics.
  2. No it isn't. We have cooled for the last 3 years since the Super El Nino of 2015-2016. The climate has never been simple or static, and isn't driven by CO2 levels now, or at any time in the past.
  3. I'm not concerned about her. I'm concerned that she represents the naivete and lack of perspective of her age group and younger. This coupled with the intolerance for free speech and true debate in our colleges and universities across the country, makes me sick to my stomach about our education system.
  4. Nobody is frightened of AOC. She is a young, extremely naive version of Bernie. She is just the train wreck neither side can look away from at the moment.
  5. And hers aren't one of those by any stretch
  6. She isn't changing any game. Idiots have been elected to congress long before her. One of them thought Guam was in danger of capsizing and tipping over not long ago.
  7. What I'd like to see instead is another Cadillac or Ronnie Brown at RB. If he can do that, I'm all for him.
  8. This dude doesn't sound like he's feeling the Bern anymore.
  9. Trump is just helping Pelosi reduce her carbon footprint.....
  10. No, rather you and your ideology inferred that, and it doesn't surprise anyone. My reference is was to a public and very recent tragedy, and also points to a prime example of misguided racial profiling. It was a situation, like the example that started this thread, where belief was overriding anecdotal evidence. Assumed guilty until proven innocent.
  11. Did I say it did? You again read what you'd like to read.
  12. Reminds me of what recently happened with the shooting of the Jazmine Barnes. It was dubbed a hate crime and an OWM was arrested because he fit the description and the scene. There was plenty of outrage at the racial injustice, until it was later found that it indeed was a pair of YBM instead.
  13. Some are so ingrained in narcissism they anoint themselves the moral and intellectual high ground. All contrary opinions need not even be discussed. Confirmation bias is amplified by watching/listening to /reading only selective media sources and any and all action taken in support of the narrative becomes fully justified in this new, delusional paradigm. Yes, this craziness happens on both sides.