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  1. You of course mean Malik Willis....Malik "the Masher" Miller will be one of our star RB's this season....
  2. The point about Todd wasn't that he was a great QB, he wasn't. The point was that Gus got more out of Todd and that offense than most people thought was in there in the first place, especially with that surgically repaired shoulder which faded down the stretch.
  3. I'll answer your questions with more questions. 1) Do you think Cam Newton, Nick Marshall, Chris Todd (or now Jarrett Stidham) received all of their "development" somewhere else and just coasted under Malzahn? 2) Does the problem lie more with "development", lack of talent recognition during scouting, or lack of talent acquisition? Perhaps it's a combination of all. I believe the last couple of years Gus did a poor job of putting the QB's in positions to succeed with both play calling and game plans. I also think he swung and missed on a few QB's during the last several years. Maybe it has a something to do with his offense not really evolving with the times, possibly due to getting complacent after Marshall's success with that half dozen plays we ran all year. Who knows? I'm hoping the influence of Lindsey and Borges can help him in all of these areas.
  4. I think it's less a development problem and more of a talent recognition and acquisition problem. Add to that some of the schizophrenic play calling we've seen the last couple of years and you have poor, one dimensional offenses.
  5. Don't forget, we could always go with Cox behind center in some of those spinning Wing T plays... I kid.
  6. If SW isn't back to 100% health, then let him take some time and put Willis in at the #2 spot for now.
  7. Love this old AU MAG cover!

    Ahhh yes. The emergence of Nallsminger 1.0. Ugh.
  8. What questions does Stidham have left to answer?

    If JJ and SW could only have switched bodies. JJ has the physical size and arm strength and SW has the toughness ans awareness.
  9. scrimmage updates?

    How is my man Malik "the Masher" Miller looking out there?
  10. Devan Barrett's 'stock's going up'

    ??? Come on Tom
  11. Jarrett Stidham Film Study

    Perhaps Al "Gorgeous" Borges can provide some valuable input here.
  12. Jarrett Stidham Film Study

    Another one. Some seem to like what they see. BTW, who cares? I'm more interested to see how the offense changes with him in, and if we can make better use of our play makers. He doesn't have to be a world beater.
  13. AU vs UMASS in JHS 2020

  14. National top 50 RB units per Athlon

    "One more point on the subject. We lost our best RB to injury last year, and could not make a first down against GA for an entire half. Alabama loses their best RB, and just plugs in another 5 star. I ain't happy about it, but those are the facts." We haven't been able to land that game changer at RB out of HS in years. Who knows what Robinson might have been? As much as I like the guys we have at the position and look forward to seeing them in action, it would be nice every once in a while to land one of the top guys nationally. No, with the right balance and play calling it isn't necessary, but I miss those days of having multiple big time backs. Having said that, my guy Malik "the Masher" Miller is going to have an impact this season.