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  1. I love that video intro from him on the jumbotron. He's a good dude and loves Auburn. WDE!
  2. Emory Blake didn't have the break-away speed but I always thought he had great hands.
  3. Those poor UCF fans thought there was no way their HC could choke away a lead like that in the 4th to a subpar 0-3 team. Imagine that.
  4. He's a rolling ball of butcher knives and hate. Glad he plays for the good guys! So happy for him. He put on a show last night.
  5. Besides his obvious wizardry on those few plays, his throws to Worm in the flats were darts that mostly hit him in stride. Worm took those and made the most of them. He had a great game too.
  6. https://www.saturdaydownsouth.com/sports/gus-malzahn-torched-on-social-media-after-ucf-loses-to-0-3-navy/ Auburn fans response to UCF fans...
  7. I hardly ever eat corndogs in the first place. However, I might do it during the game just for some mojo. I'll try anything since nothing else has worked for the last 20 years.
  8. Was watching the game alone at home in the ATL.
  9. Came to me out of the blue...
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