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  1. It'll take a few years to get to where most of us would like to be, but I'm glad to finally get started in a different direction. The Malzahn era went stale years ago for me and it was never going to change. Harsin at least has a honeymoon period where he'll get a bit of a pass from all but the hard core crowd. I hope nobody expects him to come in and realistically pull a 1993 or 2013 type of season out of the hat. I think we are in for the late 90's Auburn until he is able to build the program the way he wants it.
  2. Yeah, I see that often. It's an eyesore even just from an art perspective.
  3. I love that he had purchased his own body cam. Dude should be given an award.
  4. My wife and I have spent our entire careers in STEM fields. It's a shame it isn't emphasized more at early ages. There are some good programs like FIRST Robotics and Destination Imagination that would be beneficial, but many places/schools don't advertise or promote them adequately. Of course, there are still some myths in existence that you have to fit into a certain stereotypical personality group to be successful or face extreme ridicule. It's unfortunate. The world needs scientists, engineers, technicians, welders, fabricators, etc...as much as it needs any other professions. Start 'em
  5. Regardless of feelings about wearing masks or if the Governor has removed the mandates for the respective counties, you should still respect the wishes of the individual establishments. A lot of places provide free masks if you forget yours. It isn't that big of an inconvenience. If you don't like it, don't shop there. On the other hand, if the store doesn't require masks and you are adamant everyone should be wearing one...you also don't have to shop there.
  6. Agreed, but I didn't allude to otherwise. Just saying that everything will eventually be a fetish at some point. If you can imagine it, someone will likely be obsessed with it. There really are no bounds.
  7. Duggar aside, I've long since figured that if it exists at all, there will be some folks that will develop a fetish about it.
  8. Some folks are just taking their time and not rushing out to get it. The opportunity has only been open to some of us over the last few weeks. Everybody isn't a conspiracy theorist like some wish to believe.
  9. Keep telling yourself those statements were about personal health. He's already vaccinated, and not in harm's way if vacationing around some folks who might not be. If you haven't gotten your shots yet, you should...and when you do, feel free to continue to be an arse, deflect and grandstand. It's your right.
  10. Being an arse is always a personal choice. You aren't putting anyone in harm's way, and they aren't putting you in harm's way. It's an elitist mentality, and a lot of grandstanding but you do you. It's your freedom to do so, as it is anyone else's freedom to comment on it.
  11. Yeah, we had 3/days for a couple of weeks in hot L.A. Summers (that's Lower Alabama) too. Drank warm, rust-colored water of a worn out garden hose and was glad to have it. I still love the scent of smelling salts in the morning..."Get up, you ain't hurt!" Good times.
  12. It's your choice to get the vaccine or not. By now most have had their opportunities. By mid-year, nearly half the country will likely have been vaccinated. Hopefully that group will include the majority of the higher risk population. Choosing to not associate with non-vaccinated groups while you are vaccinated is dumbassery. People sitting alone in the same room, spaced 10 feet apart, wearing masks, while fully vaccinated isn't sending any useful message. It's theater.
  13. LOL, when you get there, remember to double-mask and social distance, especially when outside. I hear it's the best way to virtue signal these days.
  14. Can't do it. I can appreciate Pat's impact, but never personally saw those teams play. On the other hand, Nick exceeded all of my expectations and was lightning to watch. It wasn't his fault he didn't take home the trophy.
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