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  1. I'm happy that I 99% quit using FB several years ago. The only thing I respond to are occasional messages from friends I trust, but that is a rarity these days. I never willingly log on and check anyone's status. I saw how it was monopolizing too many people's time and it was causing so many issues with friends and family over things they would never argue about in person. Now it, along with others like Twitter and Youtube have become so politicized it becomes a weapon. We live in a very strange time.
  2. He came out of the gate so well that it is disappointing that he is in this position now. He looked sharp in his first Spring game, but of course that just doesn't paint a correct picture. It's just a faux snapshot combined with fans' hopes covered on top like icing.
  3. Best of luck to Willis. I'm sure he'll find a place that can use him. I just don't think he was going to crack that 2 deep rotation with Joey and Bo.
  4. No doubt. I'm not letting my multi decadal string of horrendously erroneous prognostications for college sports come to end this season. I'm on a freakin' roll!
  5. 99%? That number seems a bit low to me.
  6. To save time, I'll go ahead and name Gatewood the starter now. You are welcome.
  7. The increasing attack on free speech on our college campuses over the last decade or more is alarming. I wonder if there are parents now who send their kids off to school in bubble wrap and ear muffs.
  8. Gus should have had 1 if not 2 NC's since he arrived as HC (definitely 1 more SECC). He had the talent and the league was ripe, with the exception of the other state school. On one hand you have to give him kudos for getting close, on the other, he has failed miserably in preparation or adjustments when he has arrived. It's a conundrum. He can't seem to bring in that 5* RB, even though his offense depends on the running game. When he does bring in talented WR's and QB's, he can't figure out how to use them effectively. He has no clue how to use the TE. I personally think he has occasional flashes of brilliance offensively, but overall is just a mediocre coach and recruiter. He is very frustrating to watch from a fan's perspective. Good guy, but will never be more than has been...a 7-8 win coach.
  9. Stidham has all the tools he needs, but pocket presence and anticipation. Hopefully with some time behind Brady he can get some quality mentoring. He'll have some weapons to work with. Maybe Davis can be his go to guy again.
  10. An egregious hold on that KO return too, but I digress. The lack of being prepared for an obvious fake punt when we were up 18 points in the first half was the killer for me.
  11. Gonna miss that dude something fierce.
  12. Malzhan's offense should be able to adapt to talent like Stidham's, which doesn't come around very often. It didn't, other than maybe on the way out against a team like Purdue, but that's too little too late. Gus has not only the tendency to rely too heavily on a handful of players, but he exacerbates that problem by bringing in certain players in specific situations to run specific plays and only those plays. It doesn't take long for everyone (opposing players, DC's, fans, etc...) to get a good idea of what is about to be run. He's either oblivious, or just plain stubborn and believes he'll be successful despite it.