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  1. Tennessee's sales tax is high, but they don't have a state income tax on top of that.
  2. No kidding. It's almost unbelievable the change in just a couple of decades. I'll have both kids in college in a few months. The panic is starting to set in.
  3. Both of these clowns not only believe the ridiculous notion that republicans, conservatives, libertarians, etc...approve racism or white supremacy, their collective blind ideology demands they parrot the BS daily.
  4. That's about as boneheaded and inaccurate as saying the Democrat party is simply where the murderers, pedophiles and rapists feel comfortable and welcomed.
  5. Haidt has some upsetting information on the impact of social media on teenagers since the dawn of the smart phone.
  6. Some moderation of content is ok as long it isn't the blatantly biased moderation it has been. He has stated that he intends to make the far left and far right equally angry. Stupid folks are going to say stupid things...just like in here. Hopefully it won't be the free-for-all some people are concerned about and the dangerous stuff will be culled regardless of what political side it's coming from. Reasonable folks see through the BS.
  7. The funniest thing about Elon is his effect on the idiots melting down over his recent purchase.
  8. Anyone tried Severance or Outer Range? Severance kept me watching, but it can be a bit weird. Outer Range looks pretty good so far. Josh Brolin is great in most everything I've seen him in.
  9. Cue the comments attacking both Loury and McWhorter by the usual suspects.
  10. Pelosi probably mic'd up directly to that bunny's ear buds. "Get him outta there now!"
  11. Yeah, it had become a dump. Probably should have been torn down years earlier. I miss it too though. It was always our last stop on a weekend in college.
  12. Only because the other guy was Trump...She polarized her own voting base
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