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  1. Or JFIII is fast....he'll push him.
  2. Doesn't matter how many drills the WR's do if they don't get used in the passing game regularly in practices and games. Here's to hoping the addition of Stidham and Lindsey will open up that part of our offense like we assume it will be. We have the most talented group of WR's since 2004, and possibly better. Gotta get 'em involved early and often.
  3. Still love Craig and would love to have him back, as unreasonable as that is currently. Never understood why he was working with WR's instead of QB's though, at any of his stops.
  4. Come on, errbody's an "insider" during rumor time.
  5. Tubs may take over as AD, then hire his new HC and maybe contemplate keeping Gus as a consultant.
  6. I think Tubs can hear my thoughts.
  7. Got to learn to rebound.
  8. This is unwatchable.
  9. This conversation has become tiresome. Let's get somebody in here already.
  10. I don't mind the idea of getting the OC of a pass heavy offense, if we can meet somewhere in the middle and merge it with Malzahn's run heavy attack. We have to get more sophisticated in the passing game some how, some way. We have too much talent to waste it with the same game plan we've used the last 2 seasons.
  11. We're gonna pull another genius move and wait until after NSD to hire the new OC. :)~
  12. I don't understand how we could be this bad for this many years in FT shooting. It's beyond imagination.
  13. I've just personally sent goons to both of your doors just for mentioning those names again.