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  1. If you zoom out, you might see Tony Franklin running away with a gas can....
  2. I spent some time in August in Montana, Wyoming, Yellowstone one year. Absolutely stunning. Perfect time of year to visit. Not sure I could stand the 8+ months of snow, but it was undeniably beautiful.
  3. Heck, I am probably more of a college football fan because I grew up in a state with no NFL, NBA or MLB teams like many of us. Attending a school where football was king, in a state where football was king, and which also happened to be where Bo Jackson played didn't hurt. I still watch the professional sports occasionally just to see the best of the best go at it. I'll pull for the local teams like the Titans and Preds, but also the teams of the players I liked in college ended up because I'm a freakin' homer. College sports is a little more special to me because of those things, and because I played a little college baseball and have an appreciation for how much effort it takes to handle the commitments of playing ball while simultaneously working towards a degree. It's dang tough, and a contact sport like football is considerably more difficult.
  4. Race relations were much worse before cable TV. They SEEM worse now...they aren't. A lot of that is due to lack of adequate journalism, and the appetite for sensationalism. Some cable TV and internet access has helped the situation through education, but most of that isn't coming via news outlets or message boards.
  5. Yes, that is painting a picture that isn't necessarily reflective of reality. It's not really "reporting news" as much as it is competing against other media outlets. With more and more players in the field over the past decade, and more ease of access, the higher the emphasis on hyperbole and sensationalism to separate yourself from the pack. The result, which no longer shows an accurate depiction of the complete story, ends up stirring up anger and discord. In the end, it does much more harm than good. Which was my point in the first place.
  6. No, when it concerns anyone. The good that will hopefully come in reforms of police recruiting, training and disciplinary actions. No, we aren't still talking about the video of Floyd's murder. It is the constant race-baiting from the media, as stories that invoke emotions such as anger, fear and outrage will always garner more views, hits and clicks than any positive or feel-good versions. Similar with stories about athletes/celebrities getting in trouble during the off seasons. You'll see 10:1 news articles/videos of athletes getting arrested for various reasons over any action they might do to help the communities. The media paints the picture that best helps their own pocketbook. Negativity, hyperbole and gloom attract viewers and sell ads. Positivity and optimism, not so much. Things have gotten better, but they aren't where they should be and may never be perfect.
  7. I haven't seen anything like the media portrayal reflected in current real life interactions. I've seen race relations in general get much better as a whole in my lifetime thankfully. It was pretty tense in the 70's where I was growing up. Social media and 24-7 access to just about everything, coupled with hundreds of millions more people has made the landscape more difficult to navigate. The rise in mob mentality and lack of individual accountability has me concerned.
  8. Perhaps on the bright side, if there is one, we can hope that either choice will only be in the WH for 4 yrs. Maybe the country will finally take note and put 2 worthy candidates in the final running next time. It's sad that in a country of 300+ million folks, we end up with a couple of clowns as our best choices to run it.
  9. Which is one of the driving forces behind Trump winning. Enthusiasm in beating Hillary, and possibly tiring of career politicians in general. Biden probably would have won 4 years ago, although I'm also not a big fan of his either. (That quote was from AUDub, not bigbird)
  10. What does "liberal" mean today? Certainly not all conservatives are fans of DJT as not all liberals are fans of all "liberal" candidates. Many conservatives, classical liberals, libertarians could be lumped together as "centrists".
  11. I would say the push from the progressive left gave rise to a Trump presidency in the first place, not the other way around.
  12. Can't imagine what you and your family are going through. Prayers and thoughts are with you.
  13. Not as volatile as Bruce Banner
  14. The world could use more folks like Tony Dungy. In general, not just because of what he is saying about this particular incident. He is just a good dude and a heck of a role model for young men of all races, religions, etc...