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  1. May give that a look soon. I've enjoyed just about everything Morgan Freeman or Matt Damon have done, and both seem to be reasonable and likeable dudes offscreen to boot.
  2. Well when it ends up at mostly name-calling, which happens often on message boards, one side of the debate or discussion has pretty much conceded. It's then morphed into just playground immaturity and has no value like McLoofus stated. Some light-hearted jabs aren't too bad though.
  3. Glad to see some retro places come back in style. There have been in recent years some full blown combo arcades with video games and pinball, combined with beer, food and other games like cornhole, etc... Sometimes the video games are free and the pinball games use tokens (usually $1, games take 1-2 tokens). Good times.
  4. Pong...then Space Invaders, Asteroids. My jam back in the day was Galaga. Still can't pass one up and not play today. Saved up money to buy the Atari 2600 when I was 13 or so and spent waaaay too much time on it. Played lots of Super Nintendo later on, but never owned one. I played baseball a bit in college and I remember as Freshman playing mini tournaments with the Super Nintendo baseball game with the team. Looking at the graphics now it's hard to believe we were that into it. I was also in college when Wolfenstein kicked off the 1st person shooter craze which led to
  5. True. And not far down the list at #3 sits the 2016 loss to a crappy UGA team that squeaked by at home against Nicholls State 26-24.
  6. I don't forgive Gus yet for that ridiculous 2017 loss.
  7. One of my all time favorites is John Cleese. He has always cracked me up. I particularly like his statement from about 1:20-1:30 in this clip with Bill Maher, especially given the ridiculousness of social media platforms that are so abundant these days. (Language warning: There are one or two profanities in this clip, but not in the portion I mentioned)
  8. How many of you guys have paid attention to the ridiculous first half of the season for Shohei Ohtani of the Angels? I've never seen anyone with his combined skill set in baseball. Astonishing. I hope he can stay healthy. He has a genuine love and respect for the game and seems like a fine young man.
  9. It is your choice whether or not to get vaccinated. I respect that freedom of choice. At this point the vast majority of folks (especially the one's in harm's way) have had the opportunity and choice to get the vaccine. There are folks fully vaccinated still testing positive for Covid. It can still be passed. If you had the opportunity to get the vaccine, chose not to get it and then got very ill from it...it isn't the fault of the person from whom you acquired it. It's your own.
  10. My family is fully vaxxed, but I'd love for them to try that at my house so I could give them a few words.
  11. It was a joke man. Remember, it was all a conspiracy theory at first. No way could the virus have been from a Chinese lab right? In fact it was...
  12. What Bo has is a new staff with Harsin, Bobo and Mason. He'll have Tank and Worm in the backfield and some talent at WR and TE. Hopefully he'll be more suited to this style of offense and get some decent QB coaching from Bobo. No, it isn't the same scenario nor does he have the level of talent that '04 team had across the board, including OL. However, perhaps the new regime and scheme change will be what the doctor ordered. Just from the Spring alone, we finally saw RB's and TE's featured in the passing game. Wish that could have started years ago.
  13. Jason was lights out better his Senior year, but how much of that was his development vs the system change to the "Gulf Coast Offense" and the addition of Borges? Who knows? Maybe something similar will happen to Bo.
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