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  1. Ahh...Phoebe. It appears that some of us are of similar age. 😁
  2. I'm just using a Pit Boss vertical smoker. Nothing fancy.
  3. He says a lot of things he wouldn't be able to get away with.
  4. I was lukewarm on the Talking Heads early on, but I appreciate them more now. Same thing with Pink Floyd. Gilmour's Comfortably Numb live from Pompeii 2016 is a thing of beauty.
  5. I'm half surprised they didn't select Bryce Young as Honorable Mention and put him before Nix.
  6. It also usually only lasts for a few hours (not months), and normally doesn't involve intentionally torching businesses and government buildings, attacking people on the street or in vehicles or the police. Every time it has escalated to overturning cars or setting them on fire, breaking and entering stores, or someone getting hurt, there are folks rounded up and prosecuted and it is condemned by local and sometimes national media. I can't think of one time where it was just regarded as a nuisance. Maybe folks partying and getting a bit toasty, but once it becomes criminal behavior, the law
  7. When is it celebrated? It is condemned on the news whenever I see it.
  8. Well, we do condemn the burning, looting and rioting after winning or losing a game. It's ridiculous, stupid, damaging, dangerous and downright irresponsible behavior no matter the impetus.
  9. I was only part kidding when I said we'd run the "Hide the Worm" play with Shivers hiding behind the LOS at the snap, but I look for it to happen in the first half. He's gonna score on it. Book it. (Ok, I have no idea, but it sounds good)
  10. Tigers 34 'Cats 10 (17-10 at half time)
  11. I ran a version of that in HS. Averaged about a 2 yard loss and a broken chin strap over the season.
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