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  1. johnnyAU

    Question about Gus and play design

    I was told there would be candy. ;( I think it is a combination of things. 1) DC's have figured out his tendencies 2) Stubbornness and ego won't allow him to alter those tendencies significantly and evolve the offense to the talent on hand 3) His immediate success with Nick Marshall and the zone read effectiveness has frozen him in time and heavily contributed to #2 above Just my take
  2. johnnyAU

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    I was there in the student section too. I admit to being angry at Nix that we couldn't hit an out route to save our lives to get that FG att closer. It wasn't his fault of course.
  3. johnnyAU

    No Matter What

    Auburn Family. I believe in Auburn and love it....not just the sports teams, but the university, the town, the people, the tradition, the fans, the experiences I had and the everlasting friends I made while attending, etc.....With the good times and the bad, IGTBAAT. It's what the bandwagon houndstooth nation will never understand. My kids proudly wear the T-shirts with Darth Vader saying "Auburn Tiger...Like my Father before me." They've loved the times I took them down to Auburn for the games, and for Bo Bikes Bama. I wish the Sani-Freeze was still at the old spot. I'd take them down next time and get an upside down banana split. WDE
  4. johnnyAU

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    That's why I wouldn't venture a guess on the MSU game until after we play the Hogs. I don't know if we'd be stomped, but we could very well drop that game if we don't play much better than we did last weekend.
  5. johnnyAU

    Arkansas Score Prediction

    Auburn 34 Hogs 17
  6. johnnyAU

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    Hate losing to UGA the most, bar none. Bama second, LSU third. Florida used to be in #3, but LSU overtook them several years back.
  7. johnnyAU

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    Yep. I was there. The last game I watched in person with my Dad.
  8. johnnyAU

    Who do you hate losing to the most?

    I dislike losing. I hate losing if it is because we are unprepared, not playing inspired, making poor decisions on the field or from the sidelines.
  9. johnnyAU

    Things I Think I Saw: Auburn vs LSU

    Whitlow has been a very pleasant surprise, as has Shivers. Love their grit and energy out there.
  11. johnnyAU

    So what's to come?

    I think he is holding his own quite well for a first timer back there.
  12. johnnyAU

    So what's to come?

    How did I say they weren't? I agree, Bo Jackson wasn't getting that 4th down into the teeth of that stacked front either.
  13. johnnyAU

    So what's to come?

    Yeah, I know what the problem is. Many, including me, have stated the problem lies with the OL and HC/OC. In fact, that was the fear leading into the season, and it's played out in the first 3 games. I just simply find it curious why we don't seem able to land many big time RB's out of HS, in a run oriented offense.
  14. johnnyAU

    So what's to come?

    As much as I like Whitlow and Shivers, and as much as I've liked KJ and other RB's over the past several years, I'm curious why can't Gus land the big time 5* RB's out of HS? You can have other schools with a backfield full of 4-5* RB's, such that few of them get much PT, but an offense that relies heavily on the run can't seem to get a Chubb, Gurley, Fournette, etc...Dyer and Robinson were the only two I can remember, but both had their personal problems, and Dyer was before Malzahn was HC.
  15. johnnyAU

    So what's to come?

    CA should definitely be getting some playing time