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  1. johnnyAU

    Liberty Score Prediction

    Liberty 2 Auburn 0
  2. johnnyAU

    If you could have one Non-Auburn player...

    CJ Mosely would have been nice. However, I think guys like Deshaun Watson, Fournette or Todd Gurley would have made a big impact.
  3. And he seemed like such a nice gentleman too....
  4. johnnyAU


    Gonna be a tough sell after Hillary funded the DNC last election to boot.
  5. johnnyAU

    Finding success in the details

    He is just an average HC, and that's all he'll ever be at this level. That's not good enough for Auburn, and it shouldn't be.
  6. Just a minor technicality... She'll still be an air head when she's eligible.
  7. She'd get crushed in debates, so I'm with you.
  8. Biden, Beto, Harris, Warren and possibly Spartacus would all be better choices for the Dems than Hillary.
  9. johnnyAU

    Deshaun Davis on fake FG

    Total jack@$$ move by Kirby because he felt we tried to pass late with our backups in the game last season. Let's hope he gets his own medicine by someone, preferably in Auburn next year.
  10. Iggy getting blocked 20 yds downfield on the long TD run was pretty frustrating.
  11. johnnyAU

    Upon Further Review -Auburn Passing Game

    Held by Malzahn...not by the D's.
  12. Completely agree. We should have started out this year as a passing team. Instead, we find ourselves at Amen Corner still uncertain as to our identity on offense. No running game to speak of, and 25 passes within 5 yards of the LOS. SMH
  13. johnnyAU


    And I didn't claim they did...nor do I claim that it is.
  14. johnnyAU

    Georgia Game Report Card

    Our lack of pressuring the QB and stopping the run has been particularly disappointing