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  1. johnnyAU

    Take That Pelosi

    Trump is just helping Pelosi reduce her carbon footprint.....
  2. johnnyAU

    Political Reality in 2019...

    No, rather you and your ideology inferred that, and it doesn't surprise anyone. My reference is was to a public and very recent tragedy, and also points to a prime example of misguided racial profiling. It was a situation, like the example that started this thread, where belief was overriding anecdotal evidence. Assumed guilty until proven innocent.
  3. johnnyAU

    Political Reality in 2019...

    Did I say it did? You again read what you'd like to read.
  4. johnnyAU

    Political Reality in 2019...

    Reminds me of what recently happened with the shooting of the Jazmine Barnes. It was dubbed a hate crime and an OWM was arrested because he fit the description and the scene. There was plenty of outrage at the racial injustice, until it was later found that it indeed was a pair of YBM instead.
  5. Some are so ingrained in narcissism they anoint themselves the moral and intellectual high ground. All contrary opinions need not even be discussed. Confirmation bias is amplified by watching/listening to /reading only selective media sources and any and all action taken in support of the narrative becomes fully justified in this new, delusional paradigm. Yes, this craziness happens on both sides.
  6. Some of what is seen as "acceptance" of Trump is actually relief that HRC didn't become POTUS.
  7. Nobody is concerned about AOC. She is just a young, naive, dumber version of Bernie. Makes Sarah Palin look sound like an intellectual.
  8. johnnyAU

    The Beginning of the End?

    I see predominantly political polarization actually. It's been happening since well before Trump. It's just being exacerbated now. There are groups that seem to be moving toward the center, away from the extremism on both sides and that looks promising. I am hopeful this movement gains momentum as more and more logical folks tire of the constant craziness and find themselves seeking a common ground and rational discussion/forward progress.
  9. johnnyAU

    The Beginning of the End?

    Yeah. Though we have become such a massively polarized society politically it is difficult to believe that has any realistic shot of occurring unfortunately.
  10. johnnyAU

    Bama GT QB Jalen Hurts Picks OU

    I'm sure UT and Pruitt wouldn't mind having him around
  11. Even the most ardent Never Trumpers could never stomach electing HRC in his place.
  12. johnnyAU

    The Beginning of the End?

    She's an old woman trying feverishly and fruitlessly to connect with a younger voting base. I bet she isn't even ....1/1024 drunk.
  13. Funny you should bring up 1930s Germany, as it is tied more closely to socialism and the desire to mandate/controll free speech. You don't have to listen to one side of media to see how the media is feasting on anything and everything Trump related. However, when nigh 100% of one's posts are Trump comments, Trump articles, or responding to Trump comments, then one would probably be considered obsessed with Trump. There are many in the Republican party who see and have seen Trump for who he is, and many were/are Never-Trumpers from the get go. The majority of Republicans support a Republican POTUS and that is what is reflected in the polls. He has and never will BECOME the Republican party, but that is the narrative you wish to believe, like it or not.
  14. The only thing wrong with the statement was not adding you as the prime example. The two of you are completely obsessed with everything Trump have convinced yourselves that everything you've read in predominantly biased media sources applies to the majority of the opposing party. That's blind ideology in a nutshell.
  15. Therein lies true political ideology. Now own it.