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  1. Would it be wrong to suggest using a cheese grater?
  2. How did we beat A&M last year you ask? Jimbo out-Gussed Gus. It doesn't happen often. Well, that and Iggy made a late heads-up play for the pick.
  3. I look forward to Worm showcasing some of that speed early and often this year
  4. People these days just want to be outraged at something. Jumping to conclusions after reading the headlines rather than waiting for the full story to emerge. It has become ridiculous, but the media loves it as it gets those clicks and comments.
  5. He may be the POTUS most often called a racist, but that doesn't make him racist. By the end, I'm sure he'll top most any of these lists.
  6. I think this considerably more nationalist than racist, and I'm not a Trump supporter. Blown way out of proportion like most everything he says or tweets.
  7. No kidding, I am hoping for some weight loss and extra hops to go with it. A few folks I'd like to dunk on. 😁 I know you get that I was referring to magnetic fields and poles and not geographic poles or gravitational fields, but I'll state it just in case others might have not.
  8. The political spectrum is definitely moving outward towards more craziness, on both sides. We are in the lowest solar activity in the last 200 years. The next cycle may be similar, or possibly lower. The Earth's magnetic field has been weakening and its magnetic poles have been moving rapidly over the past few decades. There are more effects from than simply TSI as the sun-Earth connection is very complex, as are the dynamics within the sun itself. It will be interesting to see how this plays out over the next few decades.
  9. The race, religion or gender of the NBA franchise owners shouldn't matter in the least. The owners are technically owners of the business itself. They pay the salaries and negotiate the contracts of their employees just like a normal business. Yes, they make a ton of money. So do the players. The difference is, the owners also own the risk and are responsible for the franchise making money, or tanking. Most of the world would change roles with any of the participants in a heartbeat and wouldn't give a rat's &&^ what the owners were called. The whole notion is incredibly stupid.
  10. Absolutely ridiculous. They own the business, not the individuals. "Governor of the team"? Really?! The dumbing down of the world continues.
  11. I'm concerned mostly about that A&M game with MSU and UF following.
  12. Actually, it was the same day, only moments after. Look again. Posted June 2 My apologies to Bailey
  13. That's why I followed up that post with this one. I had typed Baker instead.