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  1. Marquis McClain

    I scream at the TV each week he doesn't get much PT, or NCG hardly gets targeted. Couple that with the fact the we barely see Barrett, Miller or Martin in the backfield other than pre-scripted plays (which I'm sure the opposition had figured out about mid-season), and barely any throws to the TE once again and you have one of the huge sources of fan frustration.
  2. Kerryon Johnson to Enter NFL Draft

    Best of luck to him. He's a baller.
  3. irritation about our fan base

    Every fanbase does this. Every. Single. One. I frequent enough rival boards to say this definitely. Absolutely
  4. Official Postgame thread

    We have too many long-developing plays still in both the running and passing game. JS doesn't look off defenders much, and we don't have enough check downs. We should have been rolling him away from #18 all afternoon when it became evident early on that we had no clue how to contain him.
  5. Official Postgame thread

    It burns me up every time I see a TE like UCF's make an impact in a game. Another part of Malzahn's offense that is frustrating.
  6. Official Postgame thread

    The only reason for that, is Gus struggles to design a decent passing game. If a team loads up to shut down the run, in most situations, it shuts down his offense. He should take a page or 100, out of some other teams' play books and actually figure out how to adapt with reasonable complexity when that happens. Doing it for a handful of games in a 14 game season isn't cutting it. We should be able to line up and blow UCF off the ball. If they load up the box to stop the run, we should be able to make them pay in the passing game. The style of QB should have little bearing on that.
  7. Official Postgame thread

    The lack of nasty attitude likely filters down from the top. Gus doesn't have it. Gotta have someone around to light some fires on the sidelines or in the locker room. Chew some butts occasionally.
  8. Official Postgame thread

    Stidham has the skills, and he has the play makers around him. What he needs is better development and play designs ( and a reasonable OL). Not sure he is gonna get that with Gus and company.
  9. Official Postgame thread

    It's not about losing, it's the lack of preparation, motivation and adjustments. It's the lack of developing and using players. It's the predictable play calling. It's not the players. It's the lack of coaching that's frustrating.
  10. Official Postgame thread

    Don't we play UT tomorrow?
  11. Official Postgame thread

    Not only could we not block, but we started the run on 1st and 2nd down/pass on 3rd mess that usually ends in 3 and outs...and often did. Just embarrassing. Heck, the first offensive play of the game, we sent everyone deep with no check downs...Result? Sack...just like the first few games of the year. It's like Gus hadn't learned anything all season.
  12. Official Postgame thread

    James is slower than molasses at RT. I didn't see much effort at all from any of the OL all day. Pathetic.
  13. Official Postgame thread

    No doubt UCF played a good game...they have much better coaching. The players were well prepared and motivated.
  14. Official Postgame thread

    Gus doesn't need any other QB to be successful. What Auburn needs is Gus to stay the *&^% out of the offense and away from the QB. That, and we need different OL and ST coaches. This is ridiculous.
  15. Official Postgame thread

    I honestly don't see what some of you see in Gus. The team, once again, look ill-prepared and unmotivated in a big game. Clueless offensively for most of the game.