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  1. Cadillac was crazy good in traffic. Seriously though, every time he looked like he was bottled up, he somehow squirted out another 5-10 yards.
  2. I absolutely love it. Big fan of Big Al Borges, as a coach and a person. Great to have him back on the Plains.
  3. Now let's get rid of the "hide the little guy" behind the guard play.
  4. Whatever expectation anyone is putting on Jarrett, or even if he is doing it himself, it's obvious his skill set and upside are superior to any other QB on the current roster, or that has been on the roster for a while. He may or may not pan out, but he gives this offense the best shot at opening up the play book and using the entire field. I'll take that.
  5. No more Cox Cat you say?
  6. If we never ran the wildcat formation again in my lifetime, I wouldn't at all be saddened.
  7. I look forward to seeing Stidham and Barrett in action at the Spring game, but I mostly look forward to seeing what Lindsey can install prior to the first game. That vanilla, predictable, one dimensional offense was hard to watch for a couple of years there, regardless of how many factors were involved in its utter ineptitude.
  8. I saw a couple a little over a week ago at a pub here in Mid TN. They both came in using walkers and sat down together at the bar. I was with my daughter and happened to notice the gentleman left an Auburn cap on his walker seat. Of course, as most of us would, I commented on how nice I thought that hat was. We spoke briefly about our relative time spent at the loveliest village on the plains. Just a genuinely nice man and his lovely wife having a beer and glass of wine on a beautiful Sunday afternoon. He graduated with a business degree from Auburn in 1954! I was proud to have met them, discuss our love of Auburn and exchange War Eagles.
  9. I really want Malik Miller to come into his own this year. He'd be a good bridge between Pettway and KJ IMO.
  10. What the heck is Hastings doing losing weight? Get that boy some grub.
  11. Dang. As much as I look forward to watching the young guys in Spring practice, I hate hearing about losing players, for whatever reason.
  12. Could McClain get into the mix?
  13. Regardless of which QB gets the nod, can we just agree on teaching them how to slide or get out of bounds instead of running full steam into defenders? That would be nice.
  14. Or JFIII is fast....he'll push him.
  15. Doesn't matter how many drills the WR's do if they don't get used in the passing game regularly in practices and games. Here's to hoping the addition of Stidham and Lindsey will open up that part of our offense like we assume it will be. We have the most talented group of WR's since 2004, and possibly better. Gotta get 'em involved early and often.