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  1. What would your opinion be if Auburn's D held Bama and all those 5* players to 21 pts or less and Auburn's O mustered 14 pts or less to a team that LSU just dropped 46 pts on and realistically could have scored 50+?
  2. Is lost a Malzahn family member or something? Gus has had an elite defense for 2 seasons. Something he's always wanted. The fans have been waiting for it for years too. Last season he also had an NFL caliber QB and WR. What has he done with it? He sure beat the pants of Purdue. I'll tell you that. Otherwise, not much of anything. In fact, I think in his 7th year as HC, we have one of the worst offenses since 2012. Gus has no clue what this team's identity is on that side of the ball. He couldn't run Bo Nix as much as he should have against one of his biggest rivals in a huge game last weekend. Why? Because he couldn't afford for him to get injured. Why? Because 2 of his very serviceable backup QB's left the team due to horrendous mismanagement of the the OC/HC!!!!! It's not the players.
  3. Most folks are fully supportive of the players, and always have been. There are some knuckleheads who do nothing but badmouth anything, everything that doesn't go according to their plan. You know the dude in the stands that's always yelling at the players during the game. There's probably one in every other section. They're loud, obnoxious and vocal, but they only represent a small percentage of the fan base, as do those message board bemoaners. These young men are 18-22 year olds for the most part and they are doing the best they can. The coaches are getting paid more money that many of our families will collectively make in their lifetimes. They should be held to a different standard, and I see no reason why folks can't express their opinions about their performance, or lack thereof.
  4. We could make Gus an ambassador for student culture like Matthew McConaughey for Texas.
  5. My son has been an Auburn fan for his entire life. He wants to be a Mechanical Engineer and graduate from Auburn like his old man. He has great resume of academics, sports, and extracurricular activities. We took our campus visit over the Summer. He loved it. He applied to Auburn as early as he possibly could. But he STILL hasn't heard anything back from the university admissions. We checked on his application status and he's had everything complete for months. It's been very frustrating for him as he watches other letters of acceptance come in. Hopefully they are just behind in admissions and others are having the same issues. If this inaction ends up driving him to another school I'm going to be extremely disappointed with my alma mater. Just curious if anyone is having similar problems. Thanks.
  6. 1. Pat Dye/Terry Bowden...I changed during the transition I think. 2. I came to Auburn as a lowly Bammer. As a student, I realized I had just been a bandwagon fan from a young age because of my friends and family...who also were bandwagoners. I loved the town, the people, the university, the culture, the sports,....everything about Auburn. Why the Hell was I a Bama fan again? Oh yeah. Because some folks said I should be. I changed immediately and never looked back. WDE 3. Graduating from Auburn is #1. However, the 1992 Auburn/UGA game is special to me because it was the last game I was able to attend with my Dad (even though we lost in heartbreaking style). God rest his soul. I wish I could have just one more day with him. He never got the chance to meet my sweet kids. Also, the 1993 IB was pretty cool. It remains as the only IB I've ever attended. It is also the famous Pat Nix 4th down toss in the 4th Quarter to win the game.
  7. My heart stopped for a second you bastid.
  8. 10 games into next season, our offense will still be a "work in progress".
  9. He might survive, but he should no longer be gainfully employed.
  10. No, we couldn't do that to him, but the thought of it does give me smile a bit.
  11. Why wait a day? Have an Uber ready to escort him from the stadium to the airport.
  12. Dude. Bama's D isn't nearly as good as it has been in the past. Our D should be able to keep them under 30 pts. HOWEVER, with Carlson at what 40% in FG's this year, we might not even score. What a shame too. We have the D to beat Bama with Tua 100% healthy. We have an O that would struggle against Vandy. Our fans and stadium will be rocking. The players will play their hearts out. Our HC will still be clueless and predictable. Advantage? Opponent.
  13. Getting beaten at home again by a Bama team whose D allowed 46 pts to LSU, QB'ed by Mac Jones and Tua's little brother oughta be enough to hand Gus his walking papers before he leaves Pat Dye Field.