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  1. Where's Al Borges these days?
  2. He's trying the Hillary Clinton route for buying the nomination. His idiotic comments about skills needed for farming and working in a machine shop show how far he is removed from working class America. Maybe it will come back and bite him in the arse.
  3. I believe we went over that thoroughly when it happened. The reason I brought the other incident up, was that it just recently occurred. 🙄
  4. I believe my soul would be as empty inside as Hillary Clinton if I didn't get at least one face palm or thumbs down from icanthearyou each day. 😁
  5. I'm no wood worker, just a DIY hack who wants to be one when he grows up. I bought the DW618PKB 2-1/4 HP EVS Fixed Base / Plunge Router Combo Kit with Soft Start from Home Depot last year. I haven't done a lot with it so far, but I do like it. I plan on making a DIY router table and installing the fixed base in it, but that'll have to be later. I've had the corded Rigid circular saw for a while, and I'd give it a thumbs up. Also, I got a cordless Ryobi drill/impact driver set a few years back...and later got a Ryobi multi-tool and hammer drill, that all use the same batteries. They are pretty handy. If you don't have an impact driver ....get one. I have no idea why I had never gotten one all these years. I still use an old Dewalt compound miter saw that's about 25 years old. Still kickin'.
  6. I haven't defended Trump's actions in the least. Just commenting on Avenatti.
  7. You'd have to be blind not to see this guy was a slime ball the first time he hit the media limelight.
  8. Bloomberg would definitely be putting himself on the dreaded list....
  9. Well, she bought the DNC last time and he's trying to do it this time.
  10. Politics continues to become more polarized as the fringes on each side get more and more irrational.
  11. Ignorant parents lacking parenting skills rather. How about TDS causing possibly rational people to act irrationally and violent? the woman who attacked a former NYPD cop in a bar in Nashville recently. Guy was celebrating his birthday with friends. He was wearing a red cap that said "Make 50 Great Again". She mistook it for the obvious, and spun him around and clocked him, saying "How dare you!"
  12. Voting for (or not voting for) a candidate solely on their race, religion, gender, sexual orientation, etc... rather than their stance on key political obviously ridiculous. We are all flawed humans though, and some won't be able to overcome their respective biases.
  13. Ridiculous. It's not like it would make any deferens.... My b***s, my choice.
  14. I had never even heard of Rudi Johnson. He came out in that Wyoming game like a rolling ball of butcher knives. Heck of a year for that guy.