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  1. This is my last response to you, so you may enjoy having the final word. I honestly couldn't care less about your opinions, but I'll keep my word. No and no. However, everyone is free to believe as they wish in regards to faith, as long as they don't try and force their beliefs upon others or demonize those who choose to follow other religions or none at all. I've certainly met a lot of very kind, generous people of faith (regardless of the religion), as I have who are agnostic or atheist and of course vice versa.
  2. Why don't you poll them and find out? In fact, gather their signatures while you're at it. Make sure to tell them no current or future funding will be in jeopardy regardless of their answers. LOL. There is no "science of AGW". There is belief, similar to that of a cult as you have just alluded via your verbiage, which you embrace, worshipping knelt at the altar. There are giant leaps of faith, assumptions and unsubstantiated claims that bridge over to the delusion of AGW and CAGW. However, belief isn't science, and neither is consensus even if it swaddles you like a warm blanket. Yes, I am embarrassed by folks, especially pompous, snarky pseudointellectuals who are more driven by ideology than proof. Feel free to happily pay your carbon tithes, enjoy your Beyond Meat smorgasbords (perhaps with a side of bug snacks), and perhaps consider moving to a 15 minute city in the future. None of it will do squat to alter the climate but at least you can continue to virtue signal. That's something. BTW, I could have sworn you were done with your discussions with me. Are you also not a man of your word? That's a shame.
  3. The revered Al "Jazeera" Gore? Manbearpig himself?
  4. Not in any way is that true. I've read articles from skeptical science many times. If you believe that is fact, then you are in fact, completely science illiterate as I figured. It's also a waste of my time to argue actual science with a political ideologue such as yourself. I'd say your kids would benefit from doing a little research themselves and questioning the narrative you cling so fiercely to, but as I recall you were too chicken**** to produce any. So when you find yourself in the hereafter, whichever void that ends up being, take some time and look down upon the world my kids helped improve.
  5. I don't reject science. In fact, my entire livelihood depends upon it, as do my wife and kids. However, I do reject blind coherence to unsubstantiated claims predicated on unverifiable computer models. I'm also ashamed of fellow Auburn grads that hold such a death grip on the narrative as you do. It's quite embarrassing.
  6. Looking forward to hearing Jason, but I'll miss Stan. He and Nix were QB's when I was at Auburn. Put Takeo Spikes on the sidelines and mic him up during the game. I'd listen to that.
  7. Nice! Look forward to hearing Jason this year
  8. I didn't see the game or the incident last night. Geez what a horrible story. Can only hope for the best.
  9. It was moderate from the pics I've seen. Almost healed now. Very uncomfortable for about a week. Couple of rough days when the blistering was at its peak. If you do get it, make sure to get to the doctor and get an anti-viral. Such an odd phenomenon. It follows nerve paths, and only on one side of the body. Luckily mine was confined to C2-C4 and did not affect the face or eyes.
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