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  1. johnnyAU

    Freshmen could contribute

    Let's just cross our fingers that maybe this season Gus won't take one RB and ride him into ground before season's end, and rather utilize the whole group, even integrating them into the passing game..and I'm not talking about bringing one RB into the game for one specific, very telegraphed screen play occasionally...cough, Devan Barrett cough.
  2. johnnyAU

    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    I do look forward to Shivers in action early. Get him the &^%$% ball! Nod to Keyshawn.
  3. johnnyAU

    Stidham interview at Manning Camp

    I must have missed the nicknames. Which player is Worm?
  4. johnnyAU

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    How did we lose to UGA in 2016? Why are we never prepared for the 1st game of the season, but our opponent somehow is? How did my 10 yr old daughter know what play Gus was gonna run on every first down?....and why does she still know it will be the same play 4 years later? I wouldn't mind Chris Peterson or Gary Patterson as long as we are throwing names around in a fictitious scenario. ~
  5. johnnyAU

    What was your first Auburn game?

    Just as a nod to Father's Day, my last game with my Dad was in 1992 at home vs UGA. Unfortunately that game ended with a L as the seconds ticked away as we were about to snap it on the 1 yd line or so going in for the W. I'll never forget that one. Man I hate UGA.
  6. johnnyAU

    the X's and O's of Malzahn's Offense

    All offensive minds need to adapt to the game, the skill set of the players and to what defenses are doing to try and stop them. I'd love to see this offense evolve a more sophisticated passing game this year. Of course, I've said that for the past several seasons too. We'll just have to see.
  7. johnnyAU

    13 new guys- heights, weights & numbers

    I look forward to seeing the scatback Shivers take one to the house.
  8. johnnyAU

    2017 AU Football Man Crush

    If so....I gotta choose Boobie.
  9. johnnyAU

    2017 AU Football Man Crush

    We gonna have a 2018 version?
  10. johnnyAU

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    Just more places I'll never get to physically see in person in the stadium. Doesn't look too bad, but I agree about the renderings.
  11. johnnyAU

    What was your first Auburn game?

    All this talk of the 70s/80s and sports heroes, and now I see Dwight Clark has passed at age 61.
  12. johnnyAU

    What was your first Auburn game?

    Yep, I had Super Toe as well. Also, the Evel Knievel Stunt Cycle that you wound up from the side, and the plastic rocket that you poured water into and pumped in air with a small pump. Hours of fun.
  13. johnnyAU

    What was your first Auburn game?

    I grew up in the 70s. You were either a fan of the Cowboys or the Steelers, the Jedi or the Dark Side, Auburn or Alabama, the Celtics or the Lakers, etc.... We still had those 3 TV stations that you had to locate by going outside to spin the antenna until someone said the picture came in clearly. We had Stretch Armstrong (toy), Evel Knievel, The Incredible Hulk, The 6 Million Dollar Man, Mash, and those little electronic football games with the red dots that went across the screen. Mine was before the passing. You could only run the ball, but if you could remember a few moves, you could score a TD every single time. (Edit: Sorry, that quote was misplaced. I cut it out of another post.)
  14. johnnyAU

    What was your first Auburn game?

    I think mine was Nov 10, 1984 vs Cinncinati.... W 60-0
  15. johnnyAU

    RBU Auburn University

    We haven't been getting many Ronnie Browns and Cadillac Williamses in the last 10 years. They'd flourish in this offense if we did. Having said that, Gus has shown a great deal of stubbornness with his lack of rotating the RB's during much of his tenure. He has to break his tendencies if he wants to build a true RB stable. The #1's are definitely getting the lion's share of the carries. It is painful watching a team like Bama or UGA showing little or no drop off from the #1 to #4 RB. We have to both recruit the position better, AND utilize them more effectively. Two fold problem.