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  1. Roc was never going to be a contributor at Auburn , he did not posess the toughness or durability.
  2. It is getting pretty loose around here
  3. Hey that's life...and maybe JJ thinks Boom was a prima donna making unreasonable requests....who knows? .....but seems that if JJ and WM had gotten along better then Boom might be at AU instead of UF...and Gus would be at Arky? Playing the "what if" game doesn't get anyone very far....and sometimes people don't know when they are well off. Boom will be just fine whatever happens at UF. He'll either get another year or he'll get bought out with a handsome sum of money. He can go back to being a DC whenever he wishes. He'll have plenty of suitors wanting him for just that. He will ev
  4. Toragirl thank you for that wonderful "RANT" .Many on this board need to print it out and carry it around with them . WAR EAGLE God bless you and yours
  5. Squad -he has been on the team , has never earned a letter .
  6. Shower off?!! Shower off?!! I had to be scalded and scraped like a hog!!! Back in the 50's when I was a young boy my grandfather killed and dressed a hog every year . The scalding and scraping was not a pretty sight , feel sorry that you had to endure that !!!
  7. Usually awarded after two-a-day practice ends WAR EAGLE
  8. Actually, it seems like I read recently that he redshirted last year, which means if he is granted the release he will have four years to play four (I think), and if he's not then he'll have three years to play three after counting the year he sat out against his eligibility. 3 years to play 3
  9. I did not see the posts that many of you are refering to . Evidently many were posting during the game , if this is the case they are more interested in posting than they are in watching the game . As I mentioned in another thread there are many out there that know very little about football but enjoy coming here under an assumed name and demeaning people that are playing or coaching for Auburn University . Very few people understand how many hours and how much work college coaches and players put into preparing for and playing college athletics . However these same people who sit in air
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