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  1. Grumpy1345162813

    Ron Stallworth

    Ron is a great guy. He tailgates with us during football season.
  2. Grumpy1345162813

    Loran Carter

    Loran was QB when I was in school and a friend. Sad to hear this news as we had some good times together.
  3. Grumpy1345162813

    Where were you 2 years ago right now?

    Oh, what a time! I was with my wife, two sons and wives, and five grandchildren watching something that I thought I would not see in my lifetime. Flew out on Thursday sitting in First Class with Charles Barkley and plane full of Orange and Blue. Charles was gracious had someone take our picture with him when we landed in Phoenix. Stayed with our son that lives in Scottsdale, our other son and his family flew in later on Thursday, and we had a great, great time. Had club level seats secured by my son that lives in Scottsdale. Pat Sullivan, David Housel, and Jason Campbell were sitting two rows behind us. Had an early morning flight back to ATL via Detroit. Icy in Atlanta, missed connecting flight, rented car and drove 180 miles on ice covered roads. One of my best memories and I still proudly wear my Championship gear! WDE!
  4. Grumpy1345162813

    Why haven't most of our ex coaches been re-hired?

    As an Alum, Chiz brought me something that I never thought I would see in my lifetime - the 2010 NC - and I will always be thankful for that. I wish him nothing but success in whatever he does in the future - coaching or not. WDE!
  5. Grumpy1345162813

    War Eagle Moment

    I travel most every week and on most trips I get at least one War Eagle in the airport or on the plane as I usually have my 2010 National Championship hat on my bald head.
  6. Grumpy1345162813

    Shon Coleman

    An assistant coach was at an alumni meeting last night and said Shon would be playing. He is our23rd signee for 2012. I am looking forward to seeing him in Jordan Haire next fall!
  7. Grumpy1345162813

    Exactly One Year ago tonight...

    Yes, what a night! I was there with wife, both kids, their wives, and families. What a great way to enjoy family, friends, and AU. It's a night I won't forget and look forward to being back there next year.
  8. Grumpy1345162813

    Am I glad I don't live in AL today

    I' m glad I'm in VA this week. I can rub in Chick-fil-a victory. When I get back home to GA, I'm sure it will be worse especially ATL airport. Yes, I will have my 2010 BCS Championship cap on!
  9. Grumpy1345162813

    Am I glad I don't live in AL today

    The Updykes must be out in force today! Anyone had contact with any and gotten tired of hearing thy're the best ever?
  10. Grumpy1345162813

    Iron Bowl Roll Call!

    All in every week! :wedance: :wedance: :zapbama: :zapbama:
  11. Grumpy1345162813

    "WAR EAGLE" Encounters

    I travel weekly and it's not uncommon to get a War Eagle getting on or off the plane or while walking through the airports. Of course, I always have on my BCS National Champions cap or jacket! :wedance: :wedance: :wedance: :wedance:
  12. Grumpy1345162813

    Trooper Taylor

    Yes, Trooper is a fantastic speaker. We had him in Albany, GA for a Southwest Georgia Auburn Club Meeting in February and he was one of the best speakers we have had. I would also hate to have to recruit against him as he is a dynamic individual!
  13. Grumpy1345162813

    Turds in Atlanta Airport

    Wearing my BCS National Champoinship hat as I always do when traveling, two Updyke turds gave me a rammer jammer song as they were exiting the train. I watched as they couldn't figure out which way to go and they saw the smirk on my face as they finally figured out where they were headed. WDE!!!
  14. Grumpy1345162813

    Jessel Curry

    i saw his Dad recently and he is pumped up for 2011. :wedance:
  15. Grumpy1345162813

    More People Making Claims Against Cam?

    On my flight to PHX yesterday, I had the pleasure of meeting Charles as he was sitting in First with my wife and I. He was very gracious and agreed to pictures with my wife and I, welcomed us to AZ and gave us a big War Eagle. He may be outspoken but he loves Auburn and made the beginning og a great few days even better!