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  1. I watched him win over a bunch of skepticle Auburn people in a one hour introduction. I believe that same gifting will do the same with recruits. They are going to want to play for this guy! And as a parent I would be thrilled for my son to be a student athlete under his leadership. At least that was my first impression. As someone said, “first impressions go a long way”.
  2. Tom Allen at Indiana should get a strong look. He has turned that program around in both recruiting and wins. And his players love him. I think he would be a great fit at Auburn.
  3. Praying for you and your family Brother! Our God is a healer.
  4. Totally agree with the previous post. He makes the right call we would have won the title. No excuse. He was looking right at it.
  5. If I were Gus I would take some of that 7 Million a year and go find the best recruiting, best fundamentals, best motivational offensesive line coach in America. Pay him whatever he requires to come to AU and turn him loose.
  6. LSU in a similar situation went for the 3 early. In the end it gave them a chance to win the game.
  7. LSU wins with defense. You gotta take the points. The one we missed was a bad snap. Probably threw off his timing enough to result in a miss.
  8. The bad snap on the field goal try didn’t help. We needed those 3 points.
  9. I knew not taking the 3 in the first half would come back to haunt us. IMO you always take the points early in the game. And I thought the 4th down play call had no chance against a defense like LSU. They were totally expecting that call. I put the whole thing in the bone Head category. In the end taking the early field goal would have change the game.
  10. Yes, they did kick the Tiger crap out of us. But, I will say we were doing quite nicely up by 7 and in the red zone again poised to go up 14 when they piled on KJ's right shoulder after the play was down. Should have been flagged. In the video it looked intentional.
  11. Totally agree with your assessment. I was upset that we did not keep running the ball on 2nd and 6 at the 14 and up by 7 in the 2nd quarter. Our line was controlling the LOS and Kam Martin was doing a nice job finding the crease. We go up by 14 there and maybe we have a different outcome. Instead we went cute and fumbled away the opportunity to put points on the board. On another note would love to see what this team could have done with a healthy Pettway and healthy KJ. I do think we were suffering from Iron Bowl fatigue.
  12. Rodney Garner deserves a lot of love. Kudos to him for recruiting in and coaching up what is probably the best D line in the nation right now. Those guys are giving everything they have to dominate and disrupt the line of scrimmage. Absolutely Love watching them play.
  13. Their way of creating space for Bama to slip in underneath us.
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