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  1. AU70

    Was Stidham hurt?

    Yes, they did kick the Tiger crap out of us. But, I will say we were doing quite nicely up by 7 and in the red zone again poised to go up 14 when they piled on KJ's right shoulder after the play was down. Should have been flagged. In the video it looked intentional.
  2. AU70

    Upon Further Review - Auburn

    Totally agree with your assessment. I was upset that we did not keep running the ball on 2nd and 6 at the 14 and up by 7 in the 2nd quarter. Our line was controlling the LOS and Kam Martin was doing a nice job finding the crease. We go up by 14 there and maybe we have a different outcome. Instead we went cute and fumbled away the opportunity to put points on the board. On another note would love to see what this team could have done with a healthy Pettway and healthy KJ. I do think we were suffering from Iron Bowl fatigue.
  3. AU70

    Rodney Garner

    Rodney Garner deserves a lot of love. Kudos to him for recruiting in and coaching up what is probably the best D line in the nation right now. Those guys are giving everything they have to dominate and disrupt the line of scrimmage. Absolutely Love watching them play.
  4. AU70

    Auburn #2 in latest CFP rankings

    Their way of creating space for Bama to slip in underneath us.
  5. Don't know if Stat would be interested in doing this but it would be intersting to know if Gus passed more on first down when he had a QB he trusted to do that - IE Cam, Nick or the 2009 guy [ can't think of his name at the moment ]. Also it would be fascinating to scout our offensive formations and personel to see what our tendencies are from that formation and personel group. In other words how much information are we telegraphing [tweating in todays terms] the defense by the way we line up.
  6. AU70

    Opining all things Gus (Merged)

    Quick, let's hire this guy! Ex-Citadel coach Mike Houston's formula working again at James Madison The Post and Courier · 17 hours ago Ex-Citadel coach Mike Houston leads JMU to national title The Post and Courier · 36 mins ago How JMU ended North Dakota State’s streak and reached the title game in a new coach’s first year SB Nation
  7. AU70

    Staff Changes

    This is the guy that I would love to see us bring in. Randy Shannon is a Co D coordinator at Florida and is making 400,000$. He is a great recruiter and has great contacts with the Florida high school coaches. His defenses at Miami and now Florida speak for themselves. In 2001, Miami Hurricanes head coach Larry Coker hired Shannon to be the Canes' defensive coordinator. That year Miami won the BCS National Championship, and Shannon received the Broyles Award recognizing him as the best assistant coach in college football. The Hurricanes' 2001 national championship team is widely considered to be one of the greatest college football teams of all time. During Shannon's six years as the Hurricanes defensive coordinator, his defenses consistently finished among the best in the nation: 2001 – 6th 2002 – 7th 2003 – 2nd 2004 – 28th 2005 – 4th 2006 – 7th
  8. AU70

    Staff Changes

    Getting ugly now!
  9. AU70

    Staff Changes

    Every D coordinator in the country that runs a 4 man front runs some version of the nickel, or 4-2-5 as some call it. With the spread packages of the day you have to have more DB's on the field. Otherwise you have matchup problems. Looks like they are running a lot of 5 under 2 deep. They are not tackling very well which is scary.
  10. AU70


    Would love to see them bring in Randy Shannon. Lots of upside.
  11. AU70

    I love Malzahn...BUT

    And it is also possible we don't make it. What then? Gus made the proper call.
  12. Yea, look for it to come out about the week of the Iron Bowl. Anything to get an edge for the crimson ripple.
  13. AU70

    Talent Level

    Yep! I have thought all along that we are looking at 2 more recruiting cycles to bring us up to speed. When our current younguns are juniors and seniors backed up by a couple top 10 classes it will make all the difference. These kids are learning every week what it takes to be a warrior in the world of SEC football. They are getting there and will carry that mentality into spring and fall. Incoming freshmen will be impacted and learn very fast what it is going to take for them to compete and get on the field. I for one am excited about our future. We just need to hold on and get behind these kids and coaches and get them into a good bowl game . Those extra days of practice will go a long way toward getting us prepared for the next year.
  14. AU70

    Most impressed/Least impressed

    The biggest problem on defense to me was the confusion. Confusion breeds people trying to figure out what to do instead of reacting and doing it. That will get you killed. U S did a good job of taking advantage of our inexperience, creating confusion and getting us out of position. We also lost outside leverage on several critical plays - the QB run for a TD. Tackling needs some work. L B's struggled at times but hung in and did some good things as well. They were determined to make us throw to win but we did not take advantage and throw on first down. On the positive side special teams really looked good and played a huge part in giving us a chance to win at the end. The Mason return was huge and made up for some loss on offense. Obviously the onside kick was perfectly executed and was a game changer. They could not defend our receivers and it showed at the end. We did not give up, even though a lot of people were leaving. And obviously the team was well prepared to execute the things that they had to do at the end to pull out the win. That is a Gene Chizik trade mark!
  15. AU70

    Not 2 day baby!!

    Ugly but I will take it. Give the puppies a chance to grow up. PS - Sorry but thought the offensive play calling was killing us until the last 4 minutes of the game. It was obvious they could not defend our receivers. We needed to be throwing the ball.