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  1. The issue is that out of 28 four-star+ offensive recruits (only accounting draft eligible), only six players have been drafted while being recruited by Malzahn and playing for him for their full college tenure: Kerryon Johnson, Braden Smith, Chandler Cox, Darius Slayton, Prince Tega, and Schwartz. Seth Williams will likely make it seven, which would put Galzahn at a 25% rate. That is slightly higher than national average, but expectations at Auburn are much higher than national average. “Solid” isn’t good enough here.
  2. Seems to have a similar running style as Jovon Robinson. If he can fix his pad level I would expect similar results.. when JR was actually on the field
  3. This took too long to happen and isn't going to be a big enough splash to pull off the late timing
  4. Gotcha. I agree as of now he is being recredited as a LB, but a miss on Bryant and I think he is the next attainable recruit for the buck.
  5. Jarez Parks isn't much of an option for us now
  6. I believe Taylor is being recruited for the buck if we miss out on Bryant
  7. Williams played more than mop up duty and made some big plays this year
  8. PJ Fleck will be at a power 5 school soon enough
  9. You couldn't be any more right about their running game. I have yet to see a freeze team built to sustain a tenable lead.
  10. I'm sure I could certainly come up with a scenario in which Alabama gets in with two or less undefeated teams but Auburn would also be in the playoffs as well which was my point overall.
  11. Yeah they should have had it. Special teams and protection problems cost them that one.
  12. Very similar. Potent offense and atrocious defense.
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