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  1. AUtigers2324

    Underrated prospects

    Do we know Newkirk's current weight? Rivals has him at 290 & 247 has him at 282. On signing day the AU Football account tweeted out 260. Big difference that could determine how much of an impact he makes next season and at what position.
  2. AUtigers2324

    2018 4* OT Richard Gouraige (Florida)

    What happened with his recruitment between March 31st and now?
  3. AUtigers2324

    AU in the Top 10 Under Gus

    Nov 8, 2014 - #3 Auburn hosts Texas A&M as a 23 point favorite. A&M is reeling after the Johnny Manziel era and comes in having lost 3 straight SEC games. They decide to start a true freshman QB. A&M wins 41-38. Sep 12, 2015 - #6 Auburn hosts powerhouse Jacksonville State as a 41 point favorite. Auburn wins 27-20 in OT Nov 12, 2016 - #8 Auburn goes to Athens to take on a 5-4 UGA team. AU is favored by 9.5. UGA has lost to Ole Miss, Tenn, UF, Vandy and are coming off a hard-fought 27-24 win over Kentucky. Georgia wins 13-7 Auburn last won in Baton Rouge in 1999. 0-8 since. If we can win this one and look good doing it we will have a great season. If we lose, another mediocre 8-4 or 7-5 season.
  4. AUtigers2324

    Keith Washington-Former Michigan CB

    Our last defensive back to come from Michigan worked out great. Countess was a baller. Might as well try it again.
  5. AUtigers2324

    Score Prediction - Mississippi State

    23-13 AU 14-13 going into the 4th qtr.
  6. AUtigers2324

    Roll call Mizzou

    4 of us, section 8!
  7. AUtigers2324

    Auburn vs. Missouri Prediction

    Pretty close...30-13 Auburn
  8. I'm curious to know if this is still your position after the Mercer game today. I agree with you that what you described is what has happened in the past. That said, struggling with Mercer today and any margin of victory at Missouri (who got beat down by Purdue today) will not help Gus one bit if he loses to MSU at home. At a certain point the beating of inferior teams and losing to equal-talent teams catches up with him.
  9. AUtigers2324

    Wildcat QB

    Scrap it
  10. A handful of Auburn players were released in the final roster cuts for NFL teams to trim their rosters to 53. Also, Sammie Coates was traded from the Steelers to the Browns. The roster casualties are: K Cody Parkey - Browns DL DaVonte Lambert - Bucs DL Maurice Swain - Chiefs OL Avery Young - Dolphins DL Gabe Wright - Eagles LB Gimel President - Texans DL Angelo Blackson - Titans
  11. AUtigers2324

    Daniel Carlson 1st team AP All-American

    Congrats Daniel! He is such a great weapon to have on the team. I see that Braden Smith made 2nd team and Clemson DT's are 1st & 2nd team all-Americans. Should be a great battle in the trenches next week. Hopefully we can draw up some plays to minimize their tackles' impact on the game.
  12. AUtigers2324

    Braden Smith

    Idk, I think being completely solid would be more effective
  13. AUtigers2324

    2017 Fall Camp - Sat, Aug 19 (Scrimmage #3)

    Happens most years. If the previous season was poor to mediocre the fan base slowly puts that behind them over the course of the spring and summer. If the previous season was great the fan base comes to expect the same regardless of great players that are gone. Excitement and enthusiasm builds each time a big play is made in A-Day or a preseason scrimmage. Expectations peak the day before the season starts because we all know our 1st, 2nd, and 3rd teams by name, height, weight, and bench press. No one has thrown an Int or dropped a pass or missed a tackle. People say things like "our backups could finish 3rd in the SEC."
  14. AUtigers2324

    SI CFB Preview - Auburn

    This article mentions something I've wondered about. They list Marlon Davidson at 282 lbs and Cowart at 283. Also, I think Coe is in that same range now. I wonder if having players this size is detrimental to getting to the QB. I typically think of the best ends as anywhere from 240-270 and tackles from maybe 295-310. Now I know there are examples of great players at any size, but do you think we would have more success rushing the passer with more prototypical-sized d-linemen? Lawson and Adams were more traditional sizes. Obviously I'm basing production off of last year and I hope they get tons of sacks and hurries this year.
  15. AUtigers2324

    2018 3* S Kolbi Fuqua (AU 4/8/17)

    Yeah, Ryan Smith was a solid player. He was good depth and had a couple of big moments for the defense/special teams. Would be nice to see this Cordova product achieve as much or more as Smith. Welcome to the family, Kolbi!