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  1. Yeah, Ryan Smith was a solid player. He was good depth and had a couple of big moments for the defense/special teams. Would be nice to see this Cordova product achieve as much or more as Smith. Welcome to the family, Kolbi!
  2. Well that sucks. Maybe we'll get Bryant...
  3. Darrell Williams Jaylon Denson, Ryan Pugh
  4. I think drops are worthwhile to keep up with. Miss St had a lot of drops that helped us out a bit in the first half.
  5. Is this ranked by season total quantity or per game avg? Just curious since we have played 3 power-5 teams and I'm sure many teams have only played 2 so far. Very positive stat either way.
  6. Sean threw an interception in what I think was his first trip to the red zone last year. It sure seems like Gus can't let that go. He needs to realize that Sean was a redshirt freshman and he can learn from that mistake. Coach him up and he'll learn to throw it away if it's not there. Let Sean prove that he can adjust.
  7. Those clips make me wonder if he is nursing some sort of injury. I've seen no indication that he is except for the lack of physicality in his play.
  8. Free guess by Rivals [PRIOR TO OFFICIAL BEING RELEASED - OP UPDATED] Projected Depth Chart: Offense Jay G. Tate | Publisher CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS ITERATION: 1.) Promoted Ryan Davis to starter at WR over Jason Smith. 2.) Promoted Kam Pettway to starter at RB over Kerryon Johnson. 3.) Promoted Marquel Harrell to 2nd-team LG over Tyler Carr. 4.) Promoted Jeremy Johnson to 2nd-team QB.Consolidated H and TE, which moves Landon Rice on the depth chart. NOTES/THINGS TO CONSIDER: 1.) Some Bunker members can't handle having more than 11 starters named despite Auburn having more than 11 positions when you take differentiations like "small 3" vs. "big 3" into account. As such, we have to scramble the wideouts more than we'd like. We're intentionally being nebulous about which WR spot is 9, 2, 5 and instead we're focusing on who runs with 1st, 2nd, 3rd units. Slayton, for example, plays a different position than Tony Stevens yet works more with the 2nd-team offense. Eli Stove also plays ahead of Stanton Truitt outside, but Truitt plays a specialized position (small 3) and we can't list that as a true position. 2.) The RBs are interchangeable for the most part, but we think Pettway is 1 and Kerryon Johnson is 1a. 3.) Mike Horton probably is the first guy off the bench at LT, LG, RG, RT. Projected Depth Chart: Defense Jay G. Tate | Publisher CHANGES FROM PREVIOUS ITERATION: 1.) Removed DE Raashed Kennion. (quit the team) 2.) Removed CB Jamel Dean. (knee injury) 3.) Removed S Stephen Roberts. (disciplinary) 4.) Promoted Josh Holsey to starter at safety. 5.) Promoted Derrick Brown to 2nd-team defense. 6.) Promoted Marlon Davidson to 2nd-team defense. 7.) Removed (brackets) for Marshall Taylor since he's now practicing. NOTES/THINGS TO CONSIDER: 1.) We're struggling to nail down at a depth chart at SDE. All three guys will play. 2.) Bryan and I are split on Holsey starting at safety with Roberts out, but Holsey's experience is too much to ignore for a game against Clemson. 3.) Darrell Williams is playing with the first-team defense as often as T.J. Neal in practice, so both of those guys look like potential starters. We're going with Neal purely due to the experience factor. Williams will play a lot. Also look for him as a blitzer. 4.) Roberts was arrested last week for possession of an unlicensed firearm and eluding police. We anticipate some type of suspension to be handed down.
  9. Auburn released the Depth Chart released for Saturday's game against Clemson ... via @AUBlog
  10. You can all blame me for the Texas A&M loss in 2014. I took my girlfriend to that game with a ring tucked away in my jacket with plans to propose at Toomer's Corner after the win. We were favored by over three touchdowns, A&M came in looking bad, everyone still believed in Auburn, and Gus was undefeated at home up to that point. I assumed we would win so of course it was a heartbreaking loss and I postponed the proposal til the next day when we were back home.
  11. Turtles I believe Hm interesting. Do we know why? Sry, I haven't been following all season.
  12. What do the green ribbons represent that our girls are wearing?
  13. I was very happy about the great improvement in penalties. The 2014 team constantly made it harder on ourselves. That's something that can be controlled and I think it says a lot about the coaching staff that we did so much better this year.