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  1. Me too. I just hope he’s closer to 280 than the 264 that was listed by Auburn. 264 lbs at 6’6” would be fine for a freshman but not for a guy that we need to come in and play right away.
  2. First I’ve heard of us recruiting Dallas Walker. DT is the most important position in this recruiting class IMO. Does this new development mean anything for the recruitment of Omari Thomas, McKinnley Jackson, or Josiah Hayes? Who is top priority out of this group?
  3. Rivals says he is a December graduate and enrolls at Auburn in January. 247 says he graduates in the spring. Do we know which is correct?
  4. Awesome! Who is the host? I saw where another recruit said the Family Feud host was really good.
  5. Do we know Newkirk's current weight? Rivals has him at 290 & 247 has him at 282. On signing day the AU Football account tweeted out 260. Big difference that could determine how much of an impact he makes next season and at what position.
  6. What happened with his recruitment between March 31st and now?
  7. Nov 8, 2014 - #3 Auburn hosts Texas A&M as a 23 point favorite. A&M is reeling after the Johnny Manziel era and comes in having lost 3 straight SEC games. They decide to start a true freshman QB. A&M wins 41-38. Sep 12, 2015 - #6 Auburn hosts powerhouse Jacksonville State as a 41 point favorite. Auburn wins 27-20 in OT Nov 12, 2016 - #8 Auburn goes to Athens to take on a 5-4 UGA team. AU is favored by 9.5. UGA has lost to Ole Miss, Tenn, UF, Vandy and are coming off a hard-fought 27-24 win over Kentucky. Georgia wins 13-7 Auburn la
  8. Our last defensive back to come from Michigan worked out great. Countess was a baller. Might as well try it again.
  9. I'm curious to know if this is still your position after the Mercer game today. I agree with you that what you described is what has happened in the past. That said, struggling with Mercer today and any margin of victory at Missouri (who got beat down by Purdue today) will not help Gus one bit if he loses to MSU at home. At a certain point the beating of inferior teams and losing to equal-talent teams catches up with him.
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