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  1. It's year 8 of his coaching administration. You can't really blame this on anyone except Gus. He went away from his roots which is the HUNH offense. I think if he implemented it more he would have more success. He tries to be to cute sometimes and his plays look to predictable. To me it's being stubborn and lazy. You have to make adjustments and he keeps pushing the same ole stuff out there on the field ....
  2. Muschamps going to want to put the smack down in his former team and get a signature win this season to keep his job. I hope I'm wrong but if we played like we did in the last two games it's going to be a long day...
  3. https://www.espn.com/college-football/story/_/id/30127636/alabama-coach-nick-saban-negative-covid-19-test Hmmm now he isn't infected... glad to hear he is better if true but something smells fishy here..
  4. Does that mean he will be yelling at his assistant coaches from the couch at his home when they play this weekend?
  5. The teams that have beaten LSU can throw the ball so we have no chance.
  6. Wait we still run the HUNH ? Haven't seen that since NM was here.
  7. Dang somebody turned on the no talent button on our defense...
  8. Wow! FSU looks like a dumpster fire. They absolutely have no will to win. Miami on the other hand is clicking on all cylinders. Rhett has that offense looking good. They might be a serious threat in the ACC to Clemson this year.
  9. 502 yards passing so far at the start of the 4th quarter for the miss st QB. Making DBU look bad.
  10. I think what has really happened is that Death Valley is silent and that has always been sort of a 12 th man for them.
  11. Me too! I knew LSU would regress on offense but they aren't looking hot out there.
  12. LSU looking like a team that did a 180 from last year. Only 34 yards of offense in the first half so far. MSU giving them all they can handle.
  13. How is that even going to work with the playoffs if they play 8 games when everybody else will be playing 10. If we are 8-2 at the end of the year and one of their teams are 8-0 then they shouldn't even be in the talk about playoffs. Just doesn't seem fair...
  14. First of all let me say thanks for trying to see things from my perspective. Many people are quick to jump the gun ( no pun intended ) and just want to argue without seeing things from different angles. That being said, if this same couple exerted the same form of behavior in public, for instance at an outdoor mall, and were in the same situation I would be inclined to agree with you. They could most likely vacate the area in a safe manner. Under the circumstances though this was their home. This is supposed to be their safe haven in which they are to go if they feel unsafe. That safety was br
  15. I agree with most that waving the barrel of a gun at people is highly irresponsible if you are a gun owner but somethings to keep in mind about the situation: A. St. Louis is a very dangerous city. I know I was born there. It has been the murder capital of our country for a couple of years now. B. Just a couple of days earlier mobs beat up unarmed Catholics praying in a public park. If you saw mobs break down an iron gate to your private neighborhood, chanting, beating drums, knowing that violence in the city is high, no cops will come to your aid, them telling you that they ar
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