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  1. Sark to falcons as their new OC

    If I were other SEC coaches I would be using this as fuel for recruiting. "Oh you thinking about going to Bama? Well just know you might not have your position coach or coordinator there after a month."
  2. Sark to falcons as their new OC

    He left for booger greener pastures....
  3. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    I kind of have a feeling Cristobal was hired at Oregon for one thing and one thing only...recruiting. He has never been an offensive coordinator anywhere before. Sure he was the head coach at FIU but your or I could probably be position coaches down there. I think co-offensive coordinator was just a title to get him to come to Oregon. Either that or he was tired of working for the short one.
  4. Christobal leaving UA.

    Well it's official now. He has gone to Oregon to become a co-offensive coordinator under Taggert. I would say that's a major blow to Bamas recruiting but as long as Dodge Chargers are still being made they won't have a problem.
  5. Rhett leaves AU / New OC discussion (Merged)

    Scott Loeffler!!!
  6. Vandy postgame thread

    Granted our team is young but from what I have seen this year we don't play as a team. I am no coach but from what I have seen our players like to hog the ball and don't pass it around
  7. Birmingham Bowl

    South Cackilaky looking bad.
  8. Briles could possibly join Kiffin at FAU

    Well I'm glad we got Stidham when we did. On the other hand though I doubt he would have went to FAU considering the other schools he could have chosen. Would have been a waste of talent.
  9. Welcome Sooner Fans to the Board

    I absolutely agree with you SoonerMike. I was always taught growing up never to hit a woman. No matter how much she provokes you, pushes you, and gets in your face the best thing to do is walk away. The only time I could see a man having to get physical with a woman is if you were having to restrain her from causing bodily harm to you or someone else. Even then there should be some sort of limit involved.
  10. this is alarming to me

    You guys do realize that Saban is a Bellichick disciple. The man perfected winning by stealing other teams plays. I don't put anything by these two.
  11. Helfrich fired at Oregon

    Here is an article stating that UF's Jim McElwain might be interested in the job. Personally I would have thought UF was a better job than Oregon but it might be easier for him to win at Oregon than at UF. I dont think UF fans would care much if he took the job since the offense isnt really clicking down in Gainsville.
  12. Texas Fourm

    I would never ask for another Christmas present again if this were to happen.
  13. Swag Kelly something something

    What no weed mask?? Laremy Tunsil would be disappointed.
  14. Texas lost to Kansas today .... in Football!

    Does Strong have a high buyout of his contract? Doubt it would make a difference since UT prints its own money basically.
  15. Ole MIss vs. LSU

    Brent Musberger is an idiot. He needs to go the way of the dodo just like Verne and Gary.