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  1. I hope Derrick Crawford won't be the next one selected, the VP of Hearing Operations. He has a BA in political science and Juris Doctor from Alabama. Don't want the Gumps having another buddy buddy at the top over at the NCAA.
  2. Growing up in NW FL in the 90's I was surrounded by Gator fans. I was constantly reminded how Spurrier teams kicked the dog poop out of Auburn. One year in particular was 1996... This is when my hate for UF started. Hilliard torched us for 156 yards in that game... Now you are saying I have to like the guy!! Dangit.. well I am glad he is one of the good guys now. Congrats Coach and welcome aboard! Looking forward to seeing what you can do with our WR corps.
  3. This is what I am thinking. That young and so good at what he does and he steps away.. Although, nowadays I don't think anyone should be afraid of the NCAA. They have no teeth, the head person in charge is incompetent, and they never really get around to doing anything about rule breakers in the first place, i.e. Louisville Basketball.
  4. Wonder if Bama recruiting will dip now...
  5. LOL spoken like a true litigator!
  6. Not sure if its been talked about but if so please forgive my post. I had a question though for all you legal beagles out there. I saw two things that raised an eyebrow. First: The law firm that is investigating Harsin is the Birmingham based firm Lightfoot, Franklin, & White. Elizabeth Huntley, who is a current member of the BoT at Auburn, is a senior attorney at the firm. Second: Ron Burgess, Executive Vice President of Auburn, who recently set up camp in the athletics department is also on the Board of Trustees of Great Southern Wood. Great Southern Wood is Jimmy Ranes company who also serves on Auburn BoT and is one of it's biggest boosters. To me this could be a case of conflicting interest and in some cases nepotism. This whole thing feels like a witch hunt and if Harsin is let go for cause do you feel this could come up if he were to fight this in court?
  7. Have to agree Goo. Players are the most to win and lose in this situation. I feel Nick wants real answers and likes the way the program is heading under Harsin. Nothing wrong with fighting for something that you want and believe in.
  8. Some folks are good at doing one thing and should stick to their lane. This is a good example of that. I wonder how the Turd faithful will respond to this.
  9. You and me both. Anywhere but the SEC.
  10. Watching the Ole Miss vs Baylor game right now. If Ole Miss doesn't get a QB next season I don't feel they will repeat what they did this season. You can tell Matt Corral is the heart and soul of that team.
  11. First game up for the Ducks next year is UGA… and he thought he was going to get away from the SEC defenses.
  12. Feels like we should get Sarah McLachlan to write us a song and ask for donations on tv. “With your 10 dollar a month donation you can help sponsor an Auburn Offensive Lineman in need”
  13. I really hope Dee gets to show out in the bowl. Just from seeing him in limited time during the A day game I was surprised by his talent. It also says a lot about him knocking all these rumors about him transferring. It makes me think that people are afraid to go up against him given his amazing HS record in Texas. Win or lose it will be exciting to see him on the field.
  14. Wonder if some AD will take a chance on him or is his reputation so tarnished that he might just hang it up. Either way he might be the worst college coach to turn NFL coach in history by not even lasting the whole season.
  15. bootskii


    LOL yah I was thinking the same thing. He just hosed his own Alma Mater and might get a few angry looks if he ever attends any alumni athletic events. I didn't know the kid was getting a million.... WOW!! I would probably do the same thing if I was in his shoes. The funny thing is if Deon ever gets a Power 5 job I am sure that kid will transfer with him.
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