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  1. sort of looks like my Corgi Maxwell when he is chasing down my next door neighbors cat before his leash brings him back to reality!
  2. Looks like Mississippi is open for business with Auburn! Hiring Woodson was a very smart move for sure. Now that the door has been blown off of its hinges, lets keep the talent flowing east from Mississippi to Auburn. Recruiting is fun for sure especially when we get the big guns our way!
  3. It is just a matter of time before Butch has us in Omaha. I am a happy camper and give kudos to AD Greene. I was getting worried but can sleep well knowing our baseball program will compete for championships in the coming seasons. I have enjoyed watching baseball this season once I got my computer working correctly! Next season should be a very good one for sure with CBT leading the way. I guess we will know the details of the contract soon. I would imagine Butch is getting the goodies he deserves!
  4. Thanks my friend! I now can put up the Tums and break out the champagne (non alcoholic that is!) This is awesome news!!
  5. A4E.........How good of shape would you say we are with getting a contract deal done with CBT? Do you think there is a very real chance we could lose Butch? I think a lot of us just want to hear something with how things are moving with this process. It sounded like when AD Greene announced on June 8th that contract negotiations would start soon and that this would get done very soon. As time passes, folks like me are getting nervous with the silence and what seems like lack of urgency to get this done. Maybe things are going on fine and a deal looks to be done soon. Folks just want to know what is going on.
  6. Far too many years and far too many mediocre and sub par coaches until Butch came to town. Close to 20 years since CHB left.
  7. You are probably right. I tend to get aggravated easily at times and just want to make sure the the AD gives it all that he has got to keep Butch. It is that Butch has gotten the program up and running like the days of Coach Hal Baird. Baird gave us many years of success on a very high level. Butch can do this if he stays the course. There are many good coaches out there that could come in and do well. If Butch wants to leave, he is going to leave. I just want AD Greene to give it his all to keep Butch and not leave anything on the table that could have kept Butch in the promised land. AD Greene has done some good things so far in his tenure, but the contract deal with the ladies BB coach still has me scratching my head. Butch is deserving at least what Coach Flo is making or something very close and maybe more.
  8. Get it done ASAP AD Greene! I feel pretty sure we will keep Butch, but the longer it sits out there the longer MSU has to put together a package to lure Butch away. Has Butch made any comments with regard to a new contract with Auburn? I have not heard anything whatsoever about this from Butch or anyone representing him. If I was in AD Greene's shoes, I would have already locked Butch down to a contract that would make Butch happy and keep him at Auburn till he grows old and gray with a dozen CWS under his belt. Greene needs to act yesterday to make this happen. Maybe there are negotiations going on in the background that we do not know of. The suspense is killing the Doc! If we lose Butch, my love for AD Greene will go out the window and down the toilet. Maybe JJ was not so bad after all if this goes down the toilet and we lose Butch. Sorry to rant, but this is rough on the Doc's nerves!
  9. doc4aday

    2019 4* DE Curtis Fann

    He would be an awesome get for us. With the other 2 studs on board, this would give us a super DL group of recruits.
  10. AD Greene needs to speak up now and let Butch know he is ready to give Butch all that he needs to stay aboard. I do not think he is going anywhere, but this needs to be taken care of asap and not put off until the end of the CWS. The longer Greene waits the more the mutts can get a foot in the door. I guess I am too impatient, but we finally have a coach who can provide Auburn with a long term commitment of championship caliber baseball. Gotta get it done asap AD Greene.
  11. doc4aday

    NCAA Baseball Tournament Thread

    OSU up 2-0 over the heels at the bottom of the 2nd. NC needs to get some runs soon or they might be heading home in the morning. I really want the heels to win being from NC. I am still upset with us not beating the reptiles, but have to pull for our SEC teams. OSU just missed tagging out the runner on 1st base. I hate to see a runner get tagged out.
  12. I hate to even think about it, but if we lose Butch, who do we go for? Go for Henderson & Gautreax his hitting coach? Casey Dunn at Samford, Steve Smith, our current pitching coach. Gage Gross? Tadlock from Texas Tech. Nick Mengione from UK. I hope this is just thinking out loud and nothing to be concerned with. AD Greene needs to get going asap. You know that MSU at this point has Butch on their Radar but to what degree?
  13. With MSU winning game 2, they are looking more and more like destiny is in their back pocket for the CWS. It is hard to understand why the MSU AD would not give the nod to Henderson. If he wins it all, I could not begin to understand why he would not be named the permanent HC for state. I guess time will tell very soon.
  14. I just hope it is with us. He needs to say something to the effect that he is staying at Auburn and hopes to have a new deal in the not too distant future. August 1 is a long time and I hope MSU has their coach in tact soon and one that is not Butch. We need to be serious about keeping Butch and paying him good money and giving him what he wants facility wise. Every time they mention that MSU has not made any movement towards Henderson, it makes me nervous.
  15. It has been over a week since any news pertaining to Butch's contract extension has been written about. I am getting a bit nervous. Does anyone have any information about what is going on ? I hope this will get done asap. I appreciate any information with regard to this.