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  1. I hope that with losing woodson, our Mississippi talent does not dry up. We have done well there the past few years. BTW...who handles Mississippi on our staff? Georgia seems to be teeming with lots of quality talent to draw from even with Kriby taking his fill. I am not too concerned about where we get our talent as long as well get the talent we need. We need to solve the OT recruiting dilemma though and very soon.
  2. This has been very hard to watch slowly unfold over the past years. I thought the new coaching staff would yield better results. Tough pill to keep swallowing.
  3. It seems that only Auburn recruits are the only ones getting their star ratings negatively effected.
  4. We really must get some high quality OTs this round without a doubt. This position is one of the most questionable we have even with the OTs we signed this past cycle.
  5. think this is an excellent choice for this position. I hope time will tell a great story for sure.
  6. Does anyone have any news as to if he will play in the UGA game? Thanks & WDE
  7. I think the overall team for 2020 will feature more new starters and overall new players than we have seen in a some years. Hopefully this will be a good thing and the the 2021 team will be super if Gus will get out and stay out of CCM's way and let him have the same autonomy as Coach Steele has on defense.
  8. good game indeed! How can a keep up with the game like the rest of you do? Can you get it on radio.
  9. prayers sent. May God bless and comfort him and his family.
  10. got it! After I posted my response, it hit me. Sometimes I am slow on the uptake!
  11. I do not see LSU beating UK. UK does their business, LSU falls down the line further.
  12. not sure I am following your english on this one my friend! We need to beat the crap out of the turds when they come to the Jungle and have already did the deed for UK. We could be 23-0 right now with a bit of better playing and coaching. Do not get the Doc wrong, 21-2 is nothing to sneeze at either! This team could very well win it all this season!