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  1. I think it is a matter of time before Brooks is a Tiger. It is a shame that UT will not go ahead and grant the young man what he wants. Hopefully it will be a few days before it happens. This will put us around the 20th spot in the recruiting for 2021. Not a bad jump for the 40s to the 20th spot in the recruiting ratings. I think Harsin will recruit well at Auburn and will win a lot of games for us. I really like Harsin and think he is going to make an excellent coach in due time.
  2. I think this is in name only. Look for Mason to be with us for more than 1 or 2 seasons. Mason is a great DC but the HC part will take a few years to get there again. Smeddling was Co-DC at BSU as well. If Mason does a good job as DC, the $$$$ will come to keep him around. Not sure Mason wants another HC for lesser pay. I hope Mason is with us for the long haul (4 years or more) Time will tell the story though.
  3. Hey Zeek & Bird...you are right on Danielson. I went and did some research on the BSU site, and they spoke very highly of him as being one of the rising stars that we would be proud of. Put him under Mason's teaching, and we will have a very good core of defensive coaches to build our defense starting in 2021 with.
  4. hey Bird...who do you think we might get as coordinators?
  5. Good to be back!! I hope you have a blessed and Happy New Year with a lot of good Auburn things coming our way.
  6. sounds like CBH is taking steps to make sure he can run his program the way he sees fit without all of the foolishness that a coach has to put up with. I am excited to see the coaches that CBH will hire. I expect to start seeing a steady stream of coaches coming aboard this week.
  7. I know you cannot judge a coordinator by one game, but Iowa State is taking it to Oregon in the Fiesta Bowl.
  8. Hey ellitor....who do you think we might hire for DC & OC? THanks!
  9. Corgis are fine as wine! Max hates feet and will bite you on the foot with a wrong move! Just a loving bite with no blood!! Glad to be back. I am excited with CBH and think he will do great things at Auburn!
  10. What about Jeff Grimes who is the BYU OC? BYU ran up a ton of yardage on a good UCF team. For DC, what about Andy Avalos from Oregon or Marcus Freeman from Cincy? Any thoughts on these? Thanks & WDE!
  11. I read an article by a staff member that said that Steele's future has not been decided. This was after what Cubelic said. Not sure what to make of it. Maybe some know more accurate information on this. I hope we can get Andy Avalos or Marcus Freeman from Cincinnati .
  12. I think James Franklin would come here in a heart beat. Having a rough season at Penn State this year, he could become available at season's end. Napier is an excellent choice as well. We will not have a problem luring a good coach to come here. We have everything here for a very good coach to become a great coach. Joe Brady would be an excellent choice as well. Fleck would fit the bill as well. There are a lot of very good coaches out there that would jump at the chance to come here.
  13. Doing fine with Corgis as always. Best breed of dog on the planet! Thanks & WDE!!
  14. Tigers 34 baby cats 14 not close all game! Morris' offense will light it up.
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