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  1. just a hunch my friend! I would rather lose to TAMU & Florida than the other ones. I would rather lose 0 games as far as that goes! Take care and WDE!! Gotta remember than I predicted UK to win 10 games in 2018 and that we would beat Purdue 70-14. Got that one right in that Gatewood scored on his long run near the end of the game and it was missed. . I have actually gotten 4 out of 5 lottery numbers this past year and was one number off from getting all 5 right. My wife tells me that I have the gift of prophecy! Not sure about that though! I just guess good once in a while!
  2. I will make a "Doc to the rescue" prediction.....10-2 with a very nice bowl game is on tap for 2019. Not sure what 2 teams we will lose to as long as they are not Lsu & bammer...or Uga. I am going to pick our 2 loses to be Florida & TAMU. We will win the rest!
  3. That is why I drive a 2014 Club Cart golf cart! Gave up driving due to fantastic financial investments! (lol.....just retired and living on a fixed income!) My angel of a wife does all of the driving in our family!
  4. A Tank in the tank will get it done! If we land him, we will have quite likely the best backfield in the SEC with speed and power. Even without him, our backfield is still very formidable. USCe is not going anywhere fast, and our chances of winning titles are much more likely than USCe.
  5. At the end of the day, this project will come together and will move forward. I do not think things are anywhere as bad as they are being made out to be. I believe in 3 years, this dream will be a reality. This comes from the heart and not the head. I could be dead on wrong, partially right, dead on right, or just plain dead!
  6. Moose was a Canadian shot put thrower back in yesteryear! (lol just messing with you!) I should have known he was a wrestler!
  7. my bad! Thanks for the correction. I like to get things right and appreciate this my friend!
  8. out of curiosity the picture in your verified member bios that of Moose Cowznavinsky? WDE!!
  9. Question....on a player to player comparison star rating Simpson....9733 /4 star... Riley.....8942 / 4 star Robinson...8976 / 4 star... Kennedy 9629 / 4 star pretty much an even trade as far as star rating factors go.. Not saying we went backwards, but we held our own with these recruitments. Not a bad swap whatsoever!
  10. I really hope we sign him. This will take some of the sting of losing out to the turds on Robinson and Kennedy. He will be a huge get no doubt.
  11. I think he will be back. Was kind of payback tonight when Louisville came back to beat MSU. Almost a replicate of what happened to us against MSU. I was pulling for Louisville to give MSU at taste of their own medicine. I think Vandy will be the team to win it all though.
  12. I would think that Louisville does not have another pitcher of the caliber as the one who pitches tonight. This delay could very well be what the doctor ordered for us to come back and win the game. I see this negatively effecting Louisville more than us in that they likely do not have another pitcher who can replicate what the one on the mound did tonight.
  13. I pray that this young man will have a full recovery and back on his feet soon.
  14. too bad! I would think that each team will have a different pitcher on the mound being that each pitcher tonight has pitched a high pitch count.
  15. I get to watch them on DirecTV on channels 646 or 649. Been fun to watch this season so far. I think adding Dallas Keuchel will solidify the starting rotation. The Braves though need to go out and spend some $$$$ to get a verified closer who can get the job done. Jackson and Minter are very inconsistent and have cost us some games we should have won. If we could get a proven closer, this team would walk away with the NL East. I am not sure who is out there who could fill this role. However, with the right amount of $$$$ we should be able to get a proven closer. I would love to get deGrom from the Mets! Doubt this will happen, but a nice thought! DeGrom is pitching tonight and is doing a masterful job of shutting down the Braves. We are not that far from having a really super team from top to bottom that can win the NL East and beyond. The Dodgers are the team to beat though.