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  1. Good post indeed.
  2. I think that if we had beaten UGA with a healthy SW and Bubba who knows with the turds. The Iron Bowl could been much tighter with these guys healthy. If we had finished 9-3 for the regular season and 6-2 in conference play, why on God's green planet would folks complain over this. We did improve a lot from last season with going 5-3 in the SEC. Yes, the UGA was ugly, but crucifying everyone who played or coached for Auburn this past season, does not make much sense folks.
  3. At this point, no one has a clue!
  4. I think the comparison to Arky is like comparing prunes to Exlax. Both can make you crap but have different tastes.
  5. You will win 3000 rolls of toilet paper and a free trip to the tomb of the unknown turd
  6. I agree with you for the most of what you have shared with us. I try to take a positive outlook on things that are all Auburn. I do like to poke fun hear and there about issues such as what we have going on. We did have a nice season of which gives me hope that things will continue into 2017. I think once we have an OC in place, things will improve, and all will be forgiven. I think we will have a super season in 2017 and all of this banter will be a distant memory.
  7. Golf is one of my favorite Mods. I like him Ellitor, Bigbird, RunninRed , and the rest of the zebras that keep this site the best for all of Auburn's sports. I do not think we really have any bad Mods in that each one has a lot to bring to the table. My thanks to all of you Mods for doing an excellent job with keeping this site the best there is in all of the SEC. I am not blowing smoke but telling it like it is.
  8. I agree with you 99.9% My point is that he has the skill set and talent to be a good SEC caliber QB. I just wanted to make sure all of you understand what I mean. If we get an OC that can develop QBs that we have not had in a good while, this could be what Woody needs to get where I know he wants to be.
  9. I have seen this before and do know that Woody has a lot to prove before he can ever get on the field. I think that if he will hit the film room and take his classroom studies more seriously, he will make us proud.
  10. I think if he could have enrolled in the past Spring, he could have had a better feel for what he needs to do to be a successful SEC QB. I am confident that when he has a good spring and conditioning, he will blossom. I think his upside is excellent. Maybe he can learn from JS & SW. Other than SW, he has not really had any QB of quality that could have helped him He has the skills & talent to be a very QB of which most of you will agree with. Let's give the young man a chance to develop and show what he can do. I think if he will buckle down with his classroom obligation and spend a lot of time in the film room, I am confident he will become a QB that we all could be comfortable with when he enters the game. If SW does not recover for 2017, Woody will need to be ready.
  11. If you will go back to the first of the season, Woody had some very good film on his ability. One thing that I will do will be to ask Ellitor what he thinks of Woody. I have always trusted his information. Most of the mods on this site have a good assessment of Woody. I have not seen anything that is proof positive that Woody is a bust. I think he is talented and can be a nice backup for 2017. He is a talent in work no doubt. I have just not seen or read anything to indicate he is a bust.
  12. very serious. Woody is a much better QB that you think he is. Sure he needs more work to get to where he needs to be, but the talent is there. I have not heard anything that indicates that he is as bad as you are making him to be. Give him a solid spring and a better understanding of this offense, and he will show the talent he has. I do think he will be 3rd in the pecking order behind SW and JS. However, if injuries happen, I think he could be a good backup that can come in and play. He is better than JFIII without a doubt.
  13. I think Woody will press for playing time in 2017. Giving him a redshirt was a hard decision to make, but a good one. From everything I have seen of him is that he is a hard worker and has a lot of upside that will show up in 2017. Gus will have his best group of QBs probably in his tenure as coach. Cam was great, but if had gotten seriously injured, we could have had a big problem. With JS, SW, and Woody, we have 3 good to excellent QBs. I think Gus will use JFIII in various ways next season to add an extra threat to the offense. We have enough offensive talent for 2017 to be significantly better than 2014, 2015, and 2016. There is a lot to be positive for 2017 on both sides of the ball. I am not pumping sunshine, but just stepping back and trying to objectively take a look at what could happen in 2017. If we stay reasonably healthy all season, we will likely win 10 or more games.