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  1. Do not forget the 1972 class ever!
  2. I think we are going to see the 5 star wrecking crew that we all thought we would see last year and the one before. Moving inside will bring out his strengths that are every bit as good as his 5 star billing when he came about in 2015. I understand issues of the appendix and know that they can start out very subtle weeks before they actually developing into a full blown often sometimes fatal condition. I had the misfortune of having by appendix to burst when I was 17 during a karate tournament after haven studied the martial arts for 4 years, I hit the mat after about 4 minutes of sparing and did not come to until I cam out of surgery. Prior to my appendix rupturing, I was not performing at a level that was expected of me in order to move on to the next belt level that was a black belt. At first my sensei thought that I was not giving my best and was slacking off in my studies. I was having to do all kinds of extra physical exercises prescribed me to get my mind and body back to working on my quest of earning my black belt in a Japanese style Karate. This went on for a little over a month. I noticed that I was having periodic spells of throwing up everything I ate and would wind up taking a couple of Phenergan to ease this somewhat. This kept getting worse with what seemed no end in sight with overcoming this serious dilemma. I know I have gone on a bit further than intended, but wanted to bring this each of your attention. It could have been very likely that Byron was having the early stages of appendicitis that was effecting his play significantly after the Arkansas game. After reading about his very solid performance against the hogs, and watching him go down thereafter leading up to his appendix rupture, this makes a lot of valid sense. I know I covered a lot of information about this, but I feel it is important for folks to understand this illness and how it can really do a number of someone. I lost a friend in college who had his appendix to rupture and could not get the antibiotics to work to save his life. I am 110% more than willing to give BC the benefit of doubt and just have that feeling that he is about to blossom into a super tough defensive tackle with a chip on his shoulder just waiting for some OL to plow over and have a lot of fun spending time in the opponents backfields!
  3. I hope that he can get everything together and have a great fall. I feel that he can gain back his confidence both on and off the field and have a successful career at Auburn.
  4. My brain has gone into overload! Thanks for bringing this to the forefront.
  5. I kind of thought the same thing. But after thinking for a bit, I understand his desire to play cornerback and feel like having him playing the position he can excel at, he can better contribute to the team and make game changing plays that he might not have at the safety.
  6. I actually think that Coach Porter will become our best recruiter for offensive players. Hand has proven he can get the job done of no doubt. Coach Hand and Coach Porter no doubt are a lethal combination that will bring home some of the best players in all of college football. I cannot wait to see all of the talent that these coaches bring in starting now. WDE & WDC! Colonel Maximillian, King of the Corgis, cannot wait until the 2017 season starts. He has promised me that we will have a 10-2 record or even better, and might be treated to a run at the NC.
  7. Nice to know this! I do not think Lsu should be rated no where near as high as they are. I could see them being rated around 15th through 20th place. I think they got it right with us being 14th place. I do think we will rise above 14th place as the season progresses. I am not so sure about the overall ratings. Clemson should be rated at 1st place until they lose a game. It is a lack of respect not rating the team number 1 who won the NC the year before.
  8. Thanks for the info! What decade did the Carlson brothers play football for Auburn?
  9. Hey War Tiger.....Please use another color than the light rust color you chose to highlight with. How about red? Not the turd red color, but maybe a deeper red than our across state rival.
  10. Thanks! I often get the Irons brothers confused. The Irons brothers were no doubt one of the best brother team mates in all of Auburn Football as far back as I can remember. I would love to know about any other brother combination that contributed to us winning games. Another brother team is the Rocker brothers. Those two helped us to win some key games during their time at Auburn. I would love to know if there are any other brothers who wore the orange and blue.
  11. Thanks WT! Didn't David Irons leap over a defender on a huge run? Not sure of this, but I seem to thank he did. I loved watching him run. He kind of reminded me of Ronnie Brown.
  12. We have a good problem on our hands. We have some very good talent on hand at the QB position. I feel much better now knowing that we have the talent on hand that if one goes down, we can feel that next one can come in and give us a chance to win.
  13. I rarely ever try to talk about anything of a medical nature and often try to come across as an average Joe who barely made it out of HS when it pertains to things of a medical nature being a former MD many moons ago. I believe that nutrition is playing a much larger role as a factor in cancers developing in the late teen years and early twenties. Genomic testing will start becoming more common as a tool in determining those who are at higher risks for a variety of illnesses. This will likely revolutionize how we treat various illnesses with the ability to have a preemptive approach with dealing with the disease instead of discovering the illness when it has invaded the body and has already started damaging the body. With this being said, I will hang my dusty diploma on the wall for the next 20 or so years.
  14. What if hurdling is made illegal for even ball carriers? This would have a dramatic effect on the entire game. Just think about the ripple effect this would have on the game. I know this is never going to happen. But what if? I have always thought that it would be fun to see American football to take a play out of the CFL by having a running back or receiver in full speed motion when they get the ball. Gus would have a field day with this that would have devastating effects on defenses. This will never happen, but what if? Then what about hurling on the field?
  15. Wow! I did not realize we had this many world class speed on our roster. Rudy will do well in the NFL no doubt. I would not be surprised if he is a 1st or 2nd round pick. I would love to see a team by team breakdown of all SEC teams of how many sub 4.40 times that each team has on the rosters.