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  1. It will be fun watching fall camp unfold to see who is going to toss and carry the rock for 2019. My gut goes with Joey at least the first few games and who knows. This could turn into a really good problem if handled correctly could see both QBs making some noise. I cannot lie in that I am a team Gatewood fan, but will welcome Bo if he is the one called on to the starter.
  2. We have not had this many capable RBs in the corral in a while maybe since Petway and KJ. It would be nice to have 2 or 3 backs that could each rush for 800 or more yards each. If Joey gets the nod, I see a QB similar to Nick Fitzgerald at MSU the past few seasons of which was a very good thing. We could and should be in the top 5 rushing offenses in the SEC if all bodes will for us.
  3. Hi momma worm! I am looking forward to seeing Worm do his thing on the gridiron this fall. We will be absolutely loaded with the backs we have this coming fall. I can see Joey handing it off to Worm for big yardage gains. I wish more parents of players would do what you do for your son. I know we have many great parents out there for our team, but know there are some kids who do not have a good home environment like you provide for your son.
  4. During spring ball, it was mentioned that he was back at full strength and playing well. Remember, he is cancer free and has fought his way back to the playing field.
  5. I do not want to give up on this team and look to next year. I remember when our basketball team was at a crossroads and a lot of us including Doc was ready to give up and look to 2020. Those young men turned things around in ways non of us could have imagined. Does this baseball team have the same constitution as the basketball team? I think they do and will hope and pray that this uptick in good fortune is just around the corner for our boys of summer!
  6. Hey you think I could pick up a copy of the Master's Green Jacket at a 2nd hand store and sleep in it the night before I hit the links so my score will go down ?😇 (no disrespect for Tiger...he played one of the greatest games in his career and my hat goes off to him with great respect)
  7. I really thought that this year we would be a dominating team. Like the basketball team, good things still could happen!
  8. It was past midnight when I was online and saw the 16th on the bottom of my computer screen. For whatever bone-headed thinking on my behalf I got the dates confused. Thanks for pointing this out to me! 😄
  9. anyone know this score? Been looking and cannot find it anywhere. Update......Got the 15th confused for the bad folks (lol)😎
  10. That young man could jump over the Tennessee River!
  11. I like our chances! What happened to UGA? I thought they were in it. Come on home Robby to the good guys!
  12. doc4aday


    You give me hope 72! God will take care of us and we will be here for some time to come and will see Auburn win another NC!