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  1. Do you think we have enough depth along the D line in case of injuries? This worries me. Thanks my friend and Chop On!! That grand slam today was awesome to say the least!
  2. 1. we will end the lsu curse and win in a big way.........35-17 old Ed is on the road to being SEC dead 2. We will go 11-1(lose to UF in a close games 3. We will beat Uga by 17 points 4. will beat the turds by 13 points 5. Will win the west and make it to the play offs 6. beyond this...who really knows BTW....Vandy goes 8-5 & Kentucky goes 8-5 as well. Will (UK) give UGA a rough time and win by 10 points....The moon will turn orange and blue the night we beat LSU!!!
  3. I do not think Webb will be going to guess is that it will come down to us and the turds. Who knows though
  4. Good to see you are a fellow Brave's fan! The Nats need to go on a huge losing streak for some breathing room!
  5. If you had to take a ballpark guess....who do you think will be the players we could finish with to meet the 24 -25 total signees we could have? I know this is a shot in the dark sort of, but if anyone could give us this insight, it would have to be you! WDE & thanks for all the information you give to us gumshoes!
  6. Hey Ellitor! Hope you had a great weekend! I would love to sign this young man. How are our chances with landing him? Thanks! & WDE
  7. I really love both QBs, but have to come down on the side of Gatewood if not for the first few games. I think both QBs will play and will play a lot. I love the fact that Joey can run over folks at will. This is going to be a very interesting QB battle no doubt. We could be a 2 QB system for a while and if this works then maybe for the long term. It would be fun to see us win 10 plus games with each QB getting a lot of reps each week. Time will tell though and we all wait with baited breath!
  8. I would say that RG is one of the top 10 DL coaches in all of college FB based on his performance over the many seasons he has coached. This is comprised of his recruiting prowess and how his line performs in the trenches.
  9. Do you feel that we have a good chance with Boykin? I heard he has us as his leader.
  10. my bad...the worm is a very important part of our offensive punch!
  11. I really hope we can get him. He would be a great addition to the class. I am not sure what it will take to break into the top 5 even it is really possible. Anyhow, I am most happy we are in 6th place of which is a good thing!
  12. We will have a stable some of the best backs in the country. Maybe even the best in the land. I think we will be in great shape this season as far a RBs go. Get Mr. Williams well and MAR in gear to go along with Boobee, we will run down defenses throats this season and beyond. I hope we go to LSU and run for 275 yards and pass for another 250 and beat those corndogs in BR. A win there is long overdue and I have a good feeling it will happen this season.
  13. I really think if we become consistent in making the regionals, super regionals, and Omaha, we will see some changes that are sorely needed for baseball. We should never be outdone by MSU, Ole Miss and others with regard to baseball. I do think if we build it, they will come.
  14. I think some of us who have been Auburn fans dating back to the 60s and earlier grew up with a level of tradition that has served us well over the years and we are loyal that way and we take our tradition to heart. The Auburn emblem is a sacred part of deep Auburn tradition to us. I am not saying our younger fans disrespect tradition whatsoever, but us old guys just do not want certain things that have been able to stand up through the ages changed. I understand change when it is needed, and there are a lot of changes we all want with respect to our Auburn teams such as a new football facility, and getting JHS updates that are sorely needed. The end zone that looks like a drunken 90 year old's attempt with legos is needed to make us look nice like a lot of our SEC foes have. Maybe we can get attendance up and show that stadium expansion is needed to get us up or slightly over the 90,000 threshold. Things like these are the changes we need. Not to forget, the updates to the baseball park that should have been started on in May. Changes that are all on the table that need to be off of the table and into production asap.
  15. The bottom left one is the best of the new ones. That said, can we please somehow squash this whole idea and chalk it up to a waste of funds that could have been better spent. We got the Tank so I guess all is good in our world!