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  1. doc4aday

    Dream Conference Realignment

    I would be willing to bet good money that if UT could get out of playing bammer every year they would welcome this!
  2. doc4aday

    Dream Conference Realignment

    If I am correct, Auburn should be in the top 15 total revenue. This is where we stand: UBURN, Ala. - Auburn Athletics' NCAA Financial Report for Fiscal Year 2016-2017, ending on June 30, shows record revenues of $147.5 million and an operating surplus of $14.6 million.
  3. doc4aday

    Dream Conference Realignment

    This is what needs to happen asap. Keep bammer as our west regular and let the rest stay put. Clemson needs to stay in the ACC and Memphis just is not ready for the SEC.
  4. doc4aday

    CGM contract not changed!!!

    The truth is out there. I am not sure we will ever know it. I tend to think PM is the better of all of the journalists who cover Auburn football. The other ones do leave a bit to be desired.
  5. doc4aday

    Malik Willis

    Gatewood is a diamond in the rough just waiting to be polished up and really shine.
  6. doc4aday

    Malik Willis

    what is there not to like about this young man! I hope KD (new OC) can work with him and get him on the field. If Gus wants is job bad enough, he should give Mr. Gatewood a shot at running the O.
  7. doc4aday

    Malik Willis

    I do not think Malik is the answer for the 2019 season and it will fall on Bo, Joey, or Cord. I would love to see the new OC take Gatewood under his wings and see if he can blossom into the QB a lot of us on this site want for him.
  8. doc4aday

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    We might very well be looking at a young Lincoln Riley with Dillingham. This would be awesome. I think Gus may have realized the writing on the wall and he knows this. We might see the old Gus of 2013 & 14. Gus knows his rear end is hanging in the balance and hopefully will show us what he is capable of. I have a good feeling about KD and think he will bring more to the table that has not been presented in a long time. I am sort of looking forward to our bowl game now and hope we see an aggressive Gus and one that will put the pedal to the metal all 60 minutes of the bowl game and not let off.
  9. doc4aday

    Which Players are Leaving?

    I think with our new OC, Dilly, Gatewood might stay to see how he could really develop under a QB coach and get playing time in 2019. I think there is a lot more to Gatewood that we have not seen and now we might have a chance to see what he can do.
  10. doc4aday

    Open Letter From AD Greene To The AU Fans

    It is too bad that Leath does not have the guts to answer the many questions we all have addressed to him like AD Greene. I think when things get hot, Leath runs off to some business meeting in Pocatello Idaho.
  11. doc4aday

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    hey bird...we now have the OC from Memphis on staff. This is a great hire. I wonder how much Gus had to promise him to get him here. Maybe Gus has had a "Come to Jesus football moment" and is ready to let go of the offense in order to prove he can do this and save his neck. I would be as shocked though if I woke up in the morning with my head sewed to the carpet if Guster did this.
  12. doc4aday

    New OC Hired Kenny Dillingham

    Wow!!!! maybe this is a sign that after next season we will have Mike Norvell as our new HC!
  13. doc4aday

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    hey Bird...any chance we get an OC besides Gus? I like Dearmon from Bethel Univ. or Fedora. Any shot at either?
  14. doc4aday

    2019 5* WR Jadon Haselwood

    I hope you are wrong Bird....somehow I think you will be right though!
  15. doc4aday

    Who replaces Chip?

    hey nutspan, who do you think is going to be the new OC? I am curious as to why you gave me a down sign. All is good and fine my friend!