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  1. This has been such a season of what seems like one of 2 teams. I hope we get our legs and arms back underneath us and come out any play lights out in a regional. Are we a sure bet for a regional or did this hard slump take us out completely? I hope the coaches can figure out what needs to happen to get this team back to where they were prior to the bammer series. You have to feel bad for these young men. They know as well as any of us that they can win and have proved this most of the season until the slump took the wind out of their sails.
  2. I just started keeping up with softball this season, and enjoyed watching this team very much. I would like to know what those of you in the know beyond my limited knowledge of our team, think about 2018? Do you think we have the potential to be better and go the distance again like 2016? I say distance in that we were so close to winning it all. I am now hooked on our softball program and look forward to maybe getting back to the world series as our playoff game unfolds. It would be so sweet to win it all and spank Lsu in the process. I am sick of Lsu and wish they would leave for the Big 12 altogether from the SEC. I would trade them for Univ. of Texas in a NY minute!
  3. Never say never. I have had enough of the corndogs for a long time. I hope our baseball team can get it together and go deep or maybe win the SEC tourney.
  4. Tongue and check my friend! The big Cat will do some serious prowling around in the backfield of our opposition on Saturdays and will break some serious glASS soon!
  5. Corso is great guy and great for college football. I hope he is around for another 10 years.
  6. Loeffler was terrible at Va Tech. I was surprised that Coach Beamer kept him as long as he did. Loeffler might be a decent QB coach, but I would not want him within 50 feet of any or our QBs.
  7. I really pulled hard for the young man in that I thought that there was something there that would rise to the top once he had a good idea of how to run the offense. I wish the best for Woody and hope one day he can be a starter for some college down the road. God Bless and the best to you Woody!
  8. I do not think Byron is leaving after this season whatsoever even if he has a really breakthrough season. He will need a really solid senior season to get on the radar for the NFL draft in the 7 rounds. I love the young man and feel that he will make us proud in 2017 & 2018.
  9. It seems as if FSU is always in the picture. I would love nothing more than to go another route than FSU. It is is FSU, then it is time to shut them down and start a new trend.
  10. Hiring Coach Al Borges was one of the best moves Gus has made and it will show huge dividends next season. I think our QBs will blossom under CAB & CCL of which opposing defensive coordinators fits.
  11. I had no idea your were battling this horrible disease. You have my thoughts and prayers and I know God has you in his hands and will provide a way for you. He is pretty dang good at doing this. I know this disease very well and have no respect for it at all. It is a coward of a disease and cannot man up enough to take down folks like you. It made a huge mistake when it had the audacity of entering your body. Little does it know that it is being kicked like a wet mop and will soon have to leave your body as it is not welcome there whatsoever. Each day you wake up, give thanks to God in knowing that he has your back 110% and will provide healing for you to make you cancer free for the rest of your life. I have seen first hand how God answers prayers and heals folks who trust him totally with their life. I know that your oncologist will be scratching his head trying to figure out how you are winning this battle and soon the war against this disease that does not have any chance of taking you down! God Bless & WDE & WDC!
  12. I am an optimistic person and am so for good reason. I have no close sources that have a direct pulse on the team and honestly, I am glad that I do not. My guess is there are only a handful of folks who know what is going on with Kyle and have a pretty good idea of whether he will be back in the saddle this summer and fall preparing himself for the 2017 season. My gut feelings are that he will be back and ready to have a very successful 2017 season. Yes, I know I am going to be asked what source or anything of that nature how I know this. Sometimes you have to believe in things even if they do not make sense to you and those in your life. Folks, there is mega-plethora of negativity in our world from the distant stars to our own back yard back and forth covering a trillion light years. The minute we wake up each day, we should thank God that we did wake up and did so in our own bed in our own home with our own family present under the same roof. I do not listen or watch the news anymore. My wife does watch it, but I usually go to another room or downstairs and read or play my Music Man Stingray bass through my 500 watt Fender bass amp. I did something a while back that was a challenge from a dear friend who was battling stage 4 cancer to not watch the news for a week and them get back with her. I did this and was amazed with how refreshed I felt and the how much my stress level had dissipated. My friend defied the odds of stage 4 colon and brain cancer to live 3 years beyond her death sentence. The lessons that my friend taught me are worth more than all of Trump's fortunes 1000 times over. Some call it "pumping sunshine" and think that folks like me stick our heads in the sand and cannot handle the real world around them. Maybe there is a bit of truth to this, However, isn't life better lived with as many positives as we can surround ourselves with? I know I have wondered off path a few trillion miles, but I just needed to make my point. Once again, I do totally 110% believe that Kyle Davis will be back this fall, and will have a very successful season. If any of you on the football team read these posts, pass my post on to Kyle if you have contact with him. Kyle needs to know that there are folks like me that care about him and wish him the best in his life. WDE! and of course WDC!
  13. I loved the offense we ran then. It was/is fun to watch. What exact offense was this? I cannot believe how poor the punt coverage was. I looked as if all 11 of our men had a hand on the runner during the trip down the field till the end zone. I would like to see this offense come back in style. I would guess that it could cause a lot of defenses trouble preparing for. If you have a very good passer, the offense could churn up a lot of yardage. GT always played us tough and won their share of games. Overall, we were the better of the 2 teams. I would imagine playing them today would be a tough game and one that we would have to fight hard to gain the victory. If GT was in the SEC under their current coaching staff and offense scheme, they would win their share of games and would upset the big boys enough times to make them a dangerous team to play. They can stay in the ACC forever as far as I am concerned.
  14. cannot seem to get it to show. I will come back soon.