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  1. This might be a bit off of the wall, but it could be a nice collectors item. Why not cut the trees up into pieces that could be finished & sanded and a small plaque indicating that it was a part of the Toomer's Corner Trees. Just an idea.
  2. did not know that you were a saints fan. They have been crappy for the past few seasons. Maybe things will get better soon enough.
  3. Essence of "Turd" will be the best selling cologne in west Alabama.
  4. Can anyone tell me where I can find the whirlybird play in the Clemson game? I was in the water parlor at the time and missed this and few other plays that came after. This will be highly appreciated!
  5. I know that we had breakdown of both offense and defense from 1st string down to 2nd, 3d, and so forth for each position on both sides of the ball. Is it possible to get a somewhat rough draft of this? I have looked and cannot seem to find this.
  6. Does this mean that he is leaving Corndog land?
  7. nope
  8. Dabo would come to Auburn and destroy us by having 3-4 ugly seasons and walking away with bucket full of $$$$$$ while walking away with his bammer underwear.
  9. I think that this is pretty much dead on accurate.
  10. how about speed walking?
  11. I think going 15-0 is a reasonable goal for 2017!
  12. You are right my friend! Bubba or Bubba Max is very Smart pup indeed! My wife hates the name Bubba and for good reason. I had totally forgotten that her young brother was called Bubba. He died about 2 years before we met. I think that the name "Goober Bob is most fitting. My wife hates that name as well. There comes a time when a man has got to fight for what he thinks is right! Goober-Bob works for me just fine!
  13. that is it!
  14. I know that I posted about giving him the benefit of doubt. I can say without a doubt that I am ng. After reading a post that pretty much did him in, I am now 110% certain that he is not a good person and fooled folks like me throughout his time at Baylor. It is time for a Briles movement and clean out the sewage he left behind.
  15. State wise, how does Alabama's top 12 FB recruits, match up to Georgia's top 12 recruits? I rated the following states are rated from worst to first in the SEC: 1. Florida has to be the best of the best in the USA with totals of super recruits that blows the mind. 2. Georgia 3. Louisiana 4. Alabama 5. Tennessee 6. Mississippi 7. Arkansas 8. South Carolina 9. Kentucky 10. Mizzou * I left Texas out of the equation in that there are so many recruits that usually sign with teams all over the country. If I did rate TAMU on its own merits. I would have to rate TAMU around 3-5 place. Have at it my friends.