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  1. All LSU majorette's dress is corndogs!
  2. What is your opinion of us landing him? Do you think he could become at DT down the road? Put on 20 or so lbs and he would be in the Derrick Brown range size wise.
  3. Odom would make a great DC for a school. He could make a good HC at a smaller school. If Norvell leaves Memphis, Odom could be a good hire.
  4. doc4aday

    Matt Luke

    This idea crossed my mind as well after I found out he was fired. We would have to pay him over $500,000 to get him. I do like this idea very much my friend!
  5. I think unless Muschamp has a solid winning season next year. He will be gone. Geeze.....I have never seen so many coaching changes in one year.
  6. doc4aday

    Matt Luke

    who knows..we have 2 teams in the SEC who now need a new HC. Arkansas and Old Piss. I see a wild card pick with them offering Joe Brady at LSU the job. Heck, why not? They do not have the money we have and will have to depend on a young and up and coming coach. THey could even offer the job to Gus, but just do not have the money to lure him away. Freeze will not be back at OM. He did too much damage to hire for a 2nd term. Could offer Mark Stoops as well from UK. I do not see them being able to pay more than 3.5 million a season. I think Arky will pay more than OM imho.
  7. Gus coached a better game by far than he did the Lsu, UF, and Uga games. With some better play calling, we could have won one or 2 of those games. Florida was the game that we just fell short and with a little better coaching, we could have won this one. If we would have played a better game against Lsu & Uga, those could have been wins as well. Just win the bowl game and all will be close to being forgiven imho.
  8. after the Iron Bowl, my opinion of Gus has shifted some. He has earned the right for another year. Next season will make or break him. We could surprise everyone and win 8-10 games or we could flounder around with a 6 -6 record. TAMU is in worse shape than we are by far. They literally emptied most of the bank to get Jimbo away from FSU. If I had to pick between Jimbo and Gus, I would have to go with Gus at the moment. If we had lost to Lsu 48-7 and pretty much everyone else on their schedule that they lost to, Gus would be on the street corner looking for a new job currently. If he can win the bowl game with a 10-3 season, he deserves the 2020 season. I have not been a huge Gus fan for the past years, but a win over bammer does shed a new light on the situation. I want Auburn to win every game we play in the worst sort of way regardless who is on the sideline coaching the game. If I had to give Gus a letter grade for the 2019 season, I would give him a C+. If you would have told me that we would have scored 48 points against bammer, I would say you were crazy. We did it and that deserves my respect for the team and coaching staff. Gus outcoached little Nicky on several occasions and this surprised the heck out of me.
  9. Super Sully brought me tons of joy and excitement during his time at Auburn. I will always remember the comeback game his junior season with the win over bammer. A true gentleman on and off the field. You will be missed and I know one day our paths will cross and we can sit down and discuss Auburn football for a good while. May God bless your family number "7"
  10. The Worm is made of steel and granite, and I feel sorry for any defender that gets in his way! His 175 lbs packs more punch than a 6-3 250 fullback. I look forward to seeing him in the bowl game and next season. The young man is a joy to watch indeed! Keep up the great work and great things will happen in the future for both mom and son! WDE! Doc
  11. As always, you are dead on right with your assessment of the game. You break things down very well for football novices such as me! I look forward to your bowl game assessment of which I know will be dead on accurate. I hope will win the bowl game and have our 2nd 10 win season in 2 out of 3 past seasons. To win 8 to 10 games next season will require a lot of discipline and dedication from the coaches and players. Thanks & WDE Doc