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  1. doc4aday

    Why Bo could be the right QB

    I think Gatewood will be the man this season with Bo in a learning backup role. I think Dilly is going to do wonders with Gatewood and Bo when his time and number is called on. I see Gatewood as a Nick Fitzgerald type of QB but with a stronger and more accurate arm and more speed. I could be wrong and Gatewood could be a bust. However, I just do not see it being that way and will stick with Joey bringing us joy for 2019. I like to pull for players like Gatewood and think he can be something special if properly trained in the nuisances of the spread offense. We will have the receiving corps, and running game in 2019 with the likes of Boobie, worm, MAR and Williams and do not forget Kmart. If the OL can be a few shades better than decent, I like our chances on that side of the ball. We have speed to burn with the talents of the likes of Swartz, Stove, worm and others. I think that Dilly and Caddy might be just enough to make Gus look better than he has in a while. Gus knows he must produce well in 2019 or it might be the end of the line for him. Got to be positive and hope we can win 9 plus games. I hope we go into BR and end that long losing streak to the corndogs. This is one game that I want as bad as the bammer and UGa games. I do not mind being wrong and accept it when it happens, but being right is the right thing to do with this team that I have hope for in 2019.
  2. doc4aday

    Who will be the new leaders in 2019?

    I see Tega and maybe Driskoll on the OL. Boobie is a good option as well. Derrick and Marlon will take care of the defense no doubt. I cannot wait to see how salty our D is going to be in 2019. I think that side of the ball could be the best in the SEC or a top 2-3 defense.
  3. doc4aday

    Trolls & Trolling

    death to the trolls!
  4. großer Mann!for those big men in Germany!
  5. doc4aday

    2019 O Line Recruiting

    I think next season will show whether or not JB is getting it done with our OL. If they keep going in the direction they did with the Purdue game, then we will be in good shape. However, you cannot base everything on one game, but after watching that game multiple times looking at different positions such as the OL and DL, you can see very solid progress. I think out defense is going to be something really special in 2019 and likely beyond. Our defense will put us in a position to win a good deal of games in 2019. If our offense can be pretty good with our D playing lights out, then winning 9 plus games is a reality and not a pipe dream. 2020 is the season I am most concerned about with the loss of the most of the OL starters. Our young DLs that have a wealth of talent will get their chance to show what they can do in 2020. We will need a great defense to carry us through the growing pains on the OL that is certain to happen. We could be looking at a 7-8 win season at best for 2020. Who knows folks.
  6. doc4aday

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    There is an OT from Illini that is worth looking into. He is Larry Boyd. He has is a RS sophomore with nice size 6-6 310 lbs. Is he someone on our radar?
  7. doc4aday

    Sucks To Be A Bama Fan

    bammer is as bammer does!
  8. doc4aday

    Saban may be beginning to tire...

    I see bammer at bit like Rome; Was great for a long time, but the end was inevitable. Rome had the worlds best soldiers, but fell when the cracks in their armor became to great to compensate for. Yes, they tear it up in recruiting, but all good things (bad imho) will come to an end. The Doc is going to add to his stellar prediction list and predict that 2022 will be Saban's final season. It could come in 2021, but 2022 seems like a good year for great things to start happening for Auburn football in that we will start a long and prosperous climb to the top of the football world and will have a long run similar to bammer. Just my take on a rainy Saturday night the the cold mountains of North Carolina. Yes, there are chinks in Saban's armor that are starting to grow larger each passing season.
  9. doc4aday

    Trolls & Trolling

    In honor of all the trolls on this site!
  10. doc4aday

    2019 Transfer Portal Thread

    There are a couple of OTs that seem like possible options. I guess we will have a better idea later on in spring. As far as interior OL, we are in good shape and do not need any there. OT is the greatest need no doubt for 2020. Which of these do you think we need and have the best chance of landing? WDE!! & feed a Corgi today!
  11. doc4aday

    2020 4* RB Tank Bigsby

    I may have missed it, but do you know what coaches are recruiting him?
  12. doc4aday

    I really don’t think we’re a bad team....

    After a win today at Vandy is what this team needed. We need to get hot the next coming games. This is not a bad team whatsoever. A pretty good competitive team, yes; a great team no. Still can make the NCAA with some good wins. Gotta win at least 20 games to have that opportunity. We are still light years better than we were before Bruce came aboard. WDE & play ball with a Corgi today!
  13. doc4aday

    Jordan-Hare Stadium Renovation

    They actually downsized some during their stadium renovation a few years back.
  14. doc4aday

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    you know, getting McGee to come home would be a nice get. I doubt it will happen.
  15. doc4aday

    Greg Brown working on deal to leave AU

    I hope we get McGriff back in the fold. He did a good job and is a solid recruiter. I liked Coach Brown, but if a coach wants to move on, then more power to him!