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  1. We need SW and I think he knows this. He is a gamer and can do a pretty good job when healthy of which is better than some other SEC schools can say. I hope when he plays, and I know he will, he will help us to have the kind of season we are all excited about. We are blessed to have SW, JS, and Mr. Willis at the QB position.
  2. I think we are in for something totally different than we have seen since Gus came here of which is a balanced offense. Gus does not want to be fired and knows this probably as well as he ever has had to face in his coaching career. This is pretty much what it all boils down to for 2017. If Gus will evolve like a good coach should throughout his career, we will see a team that will beat a lot of folks and will be the turning point in Gus' career in the right direction. If not, look for some young gun slinger to step in as our new HC in 2018. Either way, we will be a better program for the long haul.
  3. Just take the whole team and be done with it!
  4. Amen Mikey! My stomach turned when we lost Coach Marsh. Saban is beyond difficult to manage and bammer knows and will nuke Fort Knox if that is what it would take to keep him. I know swimming and football are not in the same ballpark, but winning NCs on a regular basis in swimming only improves our image as a school that is making honest strides to compete on the national level in as many sports as possible. JJ has never set well with me. I know we can do so much better with regard to the AD position. JJ has managed to back into some good hires with Bruce Pearl being near the top. Gus could be there and it is my most sincere prayer and wish that he does. I think he is micro-evolving in the right direction. He has done some nice hires with his assistant coaches of late and this should pay off dividends in the near future. Bring Coach Marsh back asap JJ. Do this, and my respect level for you will go up several notches. I hope that Butch Thompson will put it together next year and not fold down the stretch. Our Softball program is in super hands no doubt. Do not let those corndog alligator turds beat us next year in any games. Same goes for baseball, football, and any sports against those purple and gold cornies. Send Lsu to the Big 12 or any conference that will take them. Today is my anti-Lsu day and I am going to celebrate it all day and bring out my roll of toilet paper that has LSU all over it. Seriously folks....I have this and was given to me a long while ago by a friend who found these at a flea market.
  5. I have a brilliant idea.....Fire Jacobs and bring in Marsh for AD. Championships will come in droves if this is done. I am not just talking about swimming but all Auburn sports.
  6. I love Hosley's take on this. Why not? Confidence breeds confidence and I see this in this context. Confidence is knowing to be humble enough to in your own heart that you can be better than the other guy on the other team you are dealing with throughout the game without being a total horses a$$. Hit them hard each time so that they will remember the last hit you gave them, and they will try another approach with another team mate who will hit them as hard as the guy who just rang their bell very loudly. This is the mindset the defense must have, and I think they fully understand this and will take it to heart on each play in each game for 2017.
  7. I am confident we will be Uga and the Turds in 2017. The same for Dabo & Coach Ogre and any other team that gets in our way. Take this to the bank and make a huge deposit!
  8. Got to go to bed now. I will wake up with us rallying to win this one 13-7. I am willing all of the negative energy out there towards FSU and this should get it done!
  9. I am so sick of FSU. We need to dig in deep and stop losing to them and put them away. Our guys need to get the bats hot and make some runs and keep the nulls out of the super. If we have to go to the next game to get it done, will this be tomorrow and what time? I hope that we will not have to go there and get it over with tonight.
  10. If I was in med school all over again as a young MD ready to make my mark and make many, many, millions of dollars over a 5 plus year stretch of time, I would become a psychiatrist in the Birmingham area starting the year Saban retired and the following years that bammer football rapidly plunges into the netherworld of mediocrity. The price of Prozac in the state of Alabama will climb into $$$$$$ range!
  11. This is a very odd hire. You would think that the turds would go after someone with a lot of HC experience. I guess all of the money they are paying Saban is putting them in a bind.
  12. shouldn't Coach Porter be more than capable of picking up any recruiting slack and then some? I thought that Coach Porter was a superior recruiter over Fountain
  13. Stay well Jarrett, the rest will take care of itself.
  14. This has been such a season of what seems like one of 2 teams. I hope we get our legs and arms back underneath us and come out any play lights out in a regional. Are we a sure bet for a regional or did this hard slump take us out completely? I hope the coaches can figure out what needs to happen to get this team back to where they were prior to the bammer series. You have to feel bad for these young men. They know as well as any of us that they can win and have proved this most of the season until the slump took the wind out of their sails.