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  1. doc4aday

    2019 4* OLB Mohamoud Diabate

    nice pickup for the defense! Give em hell asap!
  2. doc4aday

    2019 4* DB Cam'Ron Kelly

    Down Town Goober Brown!
  3. I hope we start landing some commitments now that we are well into August. I know the talk is that we will wind up in the top 10 and maybe a top 5 spot if the cards fall our way. We are doing exceptionally for our 2020 class and this is great. I just wish we could get things moving a bit faster and start nailing down those 4 star recruits and a 5 here and there for our 2019 class. Don't mind a quality 3 star player here and there!
  4. doc4aday

    JB Grimes- Thoughts?

    I am not going to lose any sleep over whether or not JB is a super recruiter. What he brings to the table with teaching our OL to become a super unit is well worth any shortcomings on the recruiting trail.
  5. doc4aday

    2020 3* DT Damarjhe Lewis commits to AU

    I have often wondered how tall CGM is but now I know!
  6. doc4aday

    Projected depth chart for Week 2 of fall camp

    We need to get our OL set in place soon. This is the area of concern that needs to be resolved sooner than just about any position. I think moving Ashley to guard is a very good thing for us. Everything else is not urgent and will work itself out soon.
  7. doc4aday

    2019 5* OG Clay Webb

    I had a VIP subscription for a few months recently, and found that their information is not that much different than what I can get on this site. Decided to save myself a few $$ and stick to this site for all of my Auburn cravings!
  8. doc4aday

    2018 Depth Chart, Let's Talk

    I thought that Sippos was way ahead of the rest of the pack and would easily win the punting job.
  9. doc4aday

    2018 Season Simulation

    UW will be lucky to score 17 points on our defense. On the other hand, UW will be lucky to keep us from scoring more than 31 points
  10. doc4aday

    2019 Recruiting Thread

    I do not understand why Rivals has us as low as 19 with lesser SEC teams ahead of us in recruiting. Why isn't Pappoe listed as a 5 star recruit? Fromm should be a 4 star recruit. I know once we fill out our recruiting 2019 roster, we should move up several places to the top 10 hopefully.
  11. doc4aday

    Nick Coe is showing out

    I really think that CKS will unleash his beasts on UW's QB early and often and have him playing scared after we have established our D as the supreme force on the field that will not relent until the 60 minutes of game time comes to a merciful end for Browning. This could be a fun game for us to watch unfold and play out. If we shut them down from the get go, it could be a long night for the UW offense. UW will likely not face a defense all season that is formidable as Auburn unless we face them again in the playoffs.
  12. doc4aday

    Nick Coe is showing out

    With the talent along the entire DL, there is little if any drop off from one guy to the next at each position. This is one heck of a good problem that will have us near or at the top of all SEC statistics on the defensive side of the ball. This team could be scary good if some things fall in place like I think they have the full potential to do so. Auburn football is going to become much stronger this season in ways we all have been waiting for since the 2013 season.
  13. doc4aday

    naming OL starters after 1st scrimmage

    I fully think that Ashley will turn out to be a fine guard and a real mauler in run blocking. Playing the guard position will allow him to grow as a pass blocker compared to tackle where the buck pretty much stops with you. Give Ashley a little time, and I feel that he will become an all SEC caliber type of guard. This line has the potential to turn into a very formidable one by mid season or sooner.
  14. doc4aday

    RB order taking shape

    I really think we are going to see RB by committee this season more than in any of Gus's previous seasons. I think that CCL will have more control of the running game over the 2017 season. IF this comes to fruition, then this will be a good thing for our offense. We could be looking at 2 RBs each rushing for over 1000 yards that bodes very well for our rushing game. This is going to be the year that Gus gets it all together offensive wise in both the running and passing game. I guess I am a glass half full kind of guy on this one and hope that I am right. It is time for the break out offensive season we have all been looking to see transpire. 2018 will be the season that will define Gus' ability to be the HC we have all been waiting to see. He came close last season, but missed the target in 4 games that we hope will not repeat in 2019. I am willing to give Gus a full blown 110% chance to get it right in a big way!
  15. doc4aday

    Sandberg practices for first time

    I was wondering what his full name was!