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  1. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    lets put on the full court pressure to get AD Greene to bring home the best swim coach out there that has to be coach Marsh!
  2. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    Thanks! Are you saying that this could go on for a good while before a decision is made? I hate layers of bureaucracy that often bog down the process that results in something short of success. Not upset with you, just that it sounds like this will drag on to the point where we cannot get the person who is the best one for the job by the time all of the unnecessary hoops have been jumped through.
  3. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    I just fired off an email to AD Greene asking him to bring home Coach Marsh. Let's all do this!
  4. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    Does anyone know how to contact the office of AD Greene? We need to contact his office and express our desire for him to reach out to Coach Marsh. It would not hurt I am sure to do this!
  5. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    I hope it is Marsh. I guess we really do not know what the AD is doing. I am sure Marsh has to be on his mind and hopefully has been brought to his attention as to what a super hire this would be. The AD could score some serious points on the "We love the AD meter" if he reaches out to Marsh and tries to make a deal that Marsh cannot refuse. If not Marsh, the coach at the other California school whose name eludes me at the moment, is given strong consideration if the choice is not Marsh. We do need to get this done very soon. One thing about taking this long could mean we have some serious candidates that the AD is reaching out to and will know soon his intentions. I would be curious as to who Jacobs if he was the AD would go after. We know it would not be Marsh! I am glad that we hired AD Greene and have high hopes and expectations from him to hire the best out there in any sport positions that may become available.
  6. baseball vs. Samford

    If Mize can bring us a win (should be able to) We have a chance of taking the series. Gotta keep the bats going though to get there.
  7. Bruce Pearl having "ongoing" contract talks.

    Gotta keep Coach Pearl happy. I want him here for many years to come. He is now getting into a groove that I believe will bring Auburn many championships. One day...a final 4 and who knows!
  8. Fair Catch Kickoff rule proposal

    only if it does not remove the onside kick and it still allows the team to return the ball if they want to. Also, make the receiving team start at the 17.5 yard line except for Auburn and we start at the 40 yard line! Tongue in cheek sort of folks! What are the odds of this happening? Puts me in the mind of the halo rule on punt returns. That rule was much more logical than this one.
  9. Gus is an average coach

    I hope the chemo will do the job and remember that God is always by your side and can heal any disease our bodies become burdened with. You are in my prayers. We may not agree about Gus, but we are all Auburn family and pray that a cure is on its way for you!
  10. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    Berkeley is about as expensive as it gets as far as cost of living. Likely would get a big pay raise and $300,000.00 plus per year at Auburn is close to $700,000.00 in that region of California. I lived there when I was in the USCG and believe me, it is as costly as it gets. Auburn is a great place for NCAA swimming and a great coach will tear it up in a relatively short period of time. Coach Marsh is in a similar costly situation living in the San Diego area. Both coaches would have a much better cost of living situation at Auburn and I am sure the salary will be extremely competitive.
  11. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    I read though that if he came to Auburn he could earn likely $100,000.00 more than he is earning; but you are probably right about this. Who do you like as a candidate? I know Marsh is most folks first choice as is he mine. We need someone who can recruit elite swimmers and coach them up into national championship caliber swimmers. My son was an elite backstroke swimmer through HS, but was burned out on swimming and turned down college offers. Swimming requires an enormous amount of time to be a highly competitive swimmer of which a lot of folks have no idea of the demands of elite level swimming. I remember vividly taking him to 5 am swim practices most of his time from age 10 through 16 until he started driving. He came home one day and sat down at the table and said his swimming days were over and he just wanted to have a life that he did not have as a swimmer.
  12. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    If not Marsh, who do you think would be the best choice? I really like the coach a NC State. I feel that Marsh will get the nod though. I think if he was not interested, he would have made it known by now; so this could bode well for Auburn. I cannot wait till we start beating up on the other SEC teams in the pool like we did during Marsh's tenure. Marsh leaving put a bad taste in my mouth for Jacobs knowing fully well that it was Jacobs who caused Marsh to leave.
  13. Brett Hawke steps down as S&D Coach

    I thought we would have hired a coach by now. Not sure if this is good or bad. I think if Lopez was going to get the nod, it would have happened by now. This time wait could mean we are in negotiations with a head coach with a strong track record aka Marsh or the coach from NC State. Does anyone have any idea yet?
  14. Baseball vs uat Game 3

    These young men deserve the best of the best for sure! Maybe we can add up all of the baseball games and will total our football score over bammer for 2018!
  15. Baseball at uat Game 2

    A sweep would be so nice!