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  1. It has been a while since I posted here, but I see both confidence and lack of confidence from posters. There is justification from both camps. My take is that we are a better team than given credit for if we will go out and prove it. If we can get a solid running game going, we have a great chance to win this game. Talent wise, we are as good or better than the pigs. I think we can pass the ball well against them. I think in the past with early games against the pigs, we have done well. I am going to take the glass half full attitude on this game and say we will win 31-28 in a shoot out.
  2. I try to stay out of controversy if at all possible. I think you will see a major uptick with coaches and players getting vaccinated in the near future and by game 2, we will be at or over 85% vaccinated rate. I think whatever lessons to be learned, have been learned and we will be the better for it.
  3. We are at July 18th and have 5 total recruits. Not saying we at a bad way whatsoever. If all goes well, within the next month we should have 1. RB Alston 2. DL Story 3. WR Fair 4. DB Albert 5. DL Baudoin IV 6. OL Bobo There are likely others that I have forgotten, but with this, we are doubling our recruit totals. Would love to land Perry DL, and maybe Harris on the OL. If we can beat PSU in happy valley, this will go a long way with getting recruits attention and have a better outlook on recruiting.
  4. more like spin the bottle or post office with Saban!
  5. If we could get both Alston & Judkins, we would have likely the best group recruited in the SEC for 2022. Does anyone know of anything concerning this ? Thanks! Doc
  6. I see this in our favor if I am right. With PSU landing Allen, this should open the door back up for us with him. Am I correct with the analysis? Appreciate feedback folks! WDE! Doc
  7. We have got to win this battle for sure. I do not think I can stomach another loss to UCF. It seems all of the crystal balls are pointing our way for him. We land him, this will go a long way to getting things started with landing some big time state recruits. We look to be in good shape with some other recruits as well.
  8. this makes sense now! Thanks Mikey!
  9. I have a question or 2 about transfer portal recruits. We have 9 players gained in the transfer portal, more than any team in the SEC. Does this number take away from the 25 total we have that would leave us with 16 slots left for the 2022 class total. If you take away the 5 commitments we have, this leaves us with 11 available slots to fill. One other question....with the players we lost in the transfer portal, does this open up a potential additional slot for each one? (example...let's say we lost 8 players in the transfer portal, does this open up 8 additional slots we can fill to m
  10. Glad to see that the charges were dropped against this young man. Now he can concentrate on school and football for his last collegiate year. I hope he has a breakout year and gains attention by NFL scouts.
  11. I wonder if Apple Computers will have any NIL for Auburn athletes? Same goes for Yellow Wood. Lot of $$$$$ there folks.
  12. I think Robertson will do fine and will provide a lot of leadership to the young but talented receiver corps we have. I do not expect him to be the top receiver on the team, but will have his fair share of catches. I think the law issue will resolve itself and will be a non-issue come the season. I do not think CBH would have wasted a slot on him if he did not think this will not get resolved. What he did was wrong no doubt, but I think he wants the chance to prove he can still be a competent receiver on our team.
  13. Got to love this image of Harsin. He is ready to do some thievery to make 2021 a special season that a lot of folks have not seen coming. He wants to win now and not down the road. Of course he wants to win down the road as well. I really love this coach and we have not seen anyone quite like him around the football program. I would not be surprised to see us right there with the big dogs in the SEC in 2021. If we have a really strong season, and I see this coming to fruition more and more with each act Harsin performs with precision, this will lift our recruiting efforts to the level we need
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