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  1. Sean White dismissed

    seriously......if SW can get it together, than maybe Kiffin can use a QB that has potential when his head is on straight. just hope this is not a Johnny Manziel issue with SW having the same kind of mental illness. This is such as sad situation.
  2. Sean White arrested

    so sad. I am sure Gus will do the right thing. I think at least another 3-4 game suspension at minimum plus some serious work to get himself back in playing condition (mentally and spiritually) I am not ready to give up on SW, but he must earn his way back. We all know he can play when his head is right. This could be many college kids in this situation. I am glad and relieved that no one was injured or worse due to his poor judgment decision. We shall see soon what happens. If he is out for good, our walk on QB needs to get some serious reps in practice along with JS & MW. This team is at a crossroad as well as the coaching staff. I hope we get on a roll and start winning some key games. Looking at MSU & LSU, we have our work cut out, but those games are winnable if JS gets it together or MW steps in and we find lightning in a bottle asap.
  3. Upon Further Review - Mercer Game

    who is the fastest player on the team? This should be an easy fix with getting whoever is the fastest player return kicks. If we turn the ball over this many times, we are going to have a hard time with just about all of our SEC games. I did like the improvement of JS, but he has a long way to go to be able to win in the SEC consistently. I think he can be a solid QB for us if he keeps on improving and making good decisions on the fly.
  4. Ole Miss- Cal Game Thread

    I think UGA is getting too much praise. ND was a nice win for the muts, but ND is not the team that UGA can use as a measuring stick. I think UGA goes 9-3 or even 8-4. The whole East division is pretty much up for grabs. The west is an interesting mix of teams that will play out in November.
  5. MSU vs LSU

    I think they are about the same in the dislike scheme of things in the Doc's school of dislikes!
  6. MSU vs LSU

    I have always liked Mullen and Grantham. I know they can be horses rear ends at times, but geeze, I did not see this coming! Gotta love MSU though beating up on the corndogs. Lsu is my least liked team except for the turds. I would go like this for my teams I dislike: 1. Bammer 2. LSU 3. UGA after these teams, I really have no teams I dislike anywhere to the degree of these teams. I would have no problem bringing Mullen over to Camelot. Pay him $4.5 million with a chance to make more with various incentives. I do not think MSU could outbid us for him. He would win 9 plus games and beat the teams he needs to in order to be a very successful coach.
  7. ***FINAL: Auburn 24 Mercer 10***

    I remember well that so many people wanted Tubs gone. Sure he had some bad games, but geeze, he beat the turds 6 or 7 seasons in a row. The Chizik hire was baffling, but we got a NC out of the time he was coach so I guess that was worth it at that time. We all know when his coaching imploded and ended his career at Auburn. It looks like Gus is following in Chizik's footsteps. If we lose to Mizzou, MSU, LSU & Ole Miss then he needs to let go mid season.
  8. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I hope you are right very much. I just do not want this season to fall apart. We need a good showing today. So far it is not going the way it should but it is early on in the season.
  9. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I hate this as much as anyone and want JS to kick it in and be the man we all want him to be and win big.
  10. A few thoughts on M. Willis....

    I was watching USF & Illini this evening and USF runs a lot of stuff that we do. It reminded me of Willis (Flowers USF QB) If JS comes out and craps up the field against Mizzou for the first half of the game and we are behind at half (6-3) with our defense playing lights out again, Gus better give serious consideration to pulling JS and either replacing him with SW or MW. We know SW can run this offense and at this point better than JS in game pressure situation. If SW struggles, let MW take over the ship. Who knows folks, he could be the savior QB we are looking for. My heart hurts for JS and it is my most sincere wish for the young man to have to light come on and start playing with confidence and just having fun slinging it all over the field. I do think he was pushing hard in the Clemson game to make something happen out of nothing. However, watching Gus' offense has become almost painful to watch knowing what is going to happen. I am liking this offense less and less and wish we could have a system much different than what we have. I would love to see us run something like OU with Lincoln Riley's style of offense. I like what Gundy runs at OSU. We need to be the first true air raid offense in the SEC and just sling it around for 350 yards in the air a small but productive 150-180 yards on the ground. Heck I would be happy with 275 air miles and 200 rushing as well. We need to become the air raid offense of the SEC much like Spurrier in his days at UF. This Delaware Wing T stuff has run its course and the thrill is probably gone. Do not get me wrong, if we get things cranking again, I will be glad to eat crow!
  11. Four Players Out For Mercer.

    What other SEC teams are having issues with running backs being injured this early in the season? I would like to know along with others I would think. It seems we should have at least 5 RBs on scholarship that can play when called on. We lose KP & KJ for too many games, we are in trouble once SEC schedule kicks in full force. Mizzou is the only game we can still be able to get some guys healthy without putting them back on the field too soon. I have an 80 year old friend with the same foot issue as KP and she is in a world of pain with it. I would imagine a young man such as KP should heal much faster than an older person. I hope they hold KP and KJ maybe until MSU. 2 weeks should get them hopefully back to a reasonable health.
  12. Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    forgot about that one. You know though, his assessment is not too far off base. I do think if we lose 3-4 more games and lose to UGA & turds, we better have a new HC for 2018, and one who can right the ship. I do think JJ will be in a situation where he better make a solid hire and one that can do the job.
  13. Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    hey Golf, how did you make out with the storm? I know you live in the sunshine state, and hope all is well with your family.
  14. Who is holding Gus to the fire?

    I do know that Danny Sheridan, a Vegas Odds maker and someone in the know, came out saying that if Gus does loses 3-4 more games and loses to UGA & bammer, he will be fired. Not sure where Sheridan gets his information, but I do not think he would say this if there was not something of validity behind it. I saw this on for what it is worth.
  15. Four Players Out For Mercer.

    Do you think these players will be ready for Mizzou? I hope this is the case. However, I would not want to rush things and feel that having the ready for MSU is more important than Mizzou. But....we cannot take Mizzou for granted as a W without at least some of the key players back in that game.