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  1. Plays you want to see...

    Kam Martin in the wildcat with KJ lined up beside him. Run this play a couple of times with Kam getting it one time and KJ the next. I would love to see Slayton run the jet sweep at least once in the game. Heck, line up Stove in the wildcat and see what happens.
  2. Auburn might have a back up plan

    I see you are a big fan of Justin Fuentes. If Gus heads for manure strewn pastures of Arkansas as in the grass is greener on the other side, then Fuentes would make a fine hire for us.

    1. I think our LB play is the key on defense. They need to keep in their lanes in a controlled but aggressive state of mind. 2. Mr. Holland needs to shadow Hurts period and make bammer expend 2 or more blockers to keep him contained. This will free up the likes of Mr. Coe and Mr. Davidson. Those 2 can create a lot of havoc and combined with Mr. Holland, can be a force that will devastate Mr. Hurts ability to hurt us. We take Hurts out of the game, we win big. 3. Our O line should be ready to move their D line around enough to create running lanes for KJ & KM. Mr. Martin showed me a lot of speed and slashing ability that opens a whole new offensive scheme to our already uber potent running game. I think he has been way under used this season and bringing him into the game early on should make KJ's running more dangerous. 4. We need to focus more on mid and shorter passing routes before starting the long vertical routes so that the long vertical routes will become far more potent. 5. Our offense needs to be creative and bring in a few wrinkles that no one has seen this season, but nothing stupid as has happened in the past. Play creative, aggressive, but controlled.
  4. Quoting Gabe Gross

    I think we will run for 300 yards against them and pass for 245 yards. The turds will run for 165 and pass for 175. Take this to the bank
  5. Auburn might have a back up plan

    I think Ron Zook is Arky's back up plan when Lou Tepper turns them down for the DC position that will come open at Lsu when Aranda takes the HC job at MSU when Mullen leaves for Florida Atlantic when Kiffen becomes the HC at UT once again. The Vol's want a 2nd dose of old Lane Si Kiffen. Does anyone know what happened to Bo Pelini? Nebraska should have never fired him. Nebraska should have never fired Frank Solich in the first place.
  6. Auburn might have a back up plan

    Arky will try to hire Norvell from Memphis. I think this is likely who will take the Arky job. Heck if Gus did leave, I would be all over Mr. Norvell, or Matt Campbell, or PJ Fleck, or Justin Fuentes, or Jeff Bhromm. There are some very good coaches out there that would walk to Auburn to take that job. Auburn is a top 10 job in all of college football. One coach whose name has not been mentioned, but who has turned around one of the worst programs in college football is C Right you are!
  7. Bama Injury Update

    No matter how bad or close we beat them, excuses will rain from the sky like 500 flocks of Geese crapping on BDS the minute the game is over. They are such babies when they lose.
  8. Sign in 1st Heaven points to AU

    Indeed a sign from Heaven!
  9. 2020 DE Andy Boykin COMMITS TO AU!!!

    my bad.....I did not read close enough about the year of his class. I thought he was a part of the 2018 class. This old codger needs to read closer.
  10. Bama Injury Update

    How about the rise and fall of the turds at JHS Saturday Nov 25?
  11. Bama Injury Update

    That would make for some strange tee shirts! All is good as we count down to the IB massacre of bammer. We will win and I know this in my heart of hearts!
  12. 2020 DE Andy Boykin COMMITS TO AU!!!

    I did not see any ratings on him. If there is any on him, let us know. As always, thanks Ellitor for keeping us up to date on recruit commitments.
  13. Bama Injury Update

    just funning should know the Doc better ! You are right though in that it should be in the forum and not in the Rivals section.
  14. Bama Injury Update

    Maybe half their team will get a 48 hour stomach bug this Friday and will see the toilet instead of the field! Just kidding folks. I wonder if something like this has ever happened to a team that rendered them ill and nowhere near full speed. The name "Turds" would then take on a new meaning!
  15. Arkansas wants Gus

    back in 2010, the REC went ballistic and did everything to try to rob us of our joy of our National Championship by going after Cam and trying to make us look like we were doing some really bad things that the NCAA was just a breath away from giving us the death penalty and taking our NC away. The Updykes of bammerville were in such a bad way with us winning the NC that they did not know how remotely accept that fact that we won the NC and earned every win we had to achieve to be National Champions. Beating their dear turd team Saturday will all but guarantee a ballistic campaign with an all out assault on Auburn with news of Gus leaving and that JHS was gassed with some mystery substance that only affected bammer players causing them to play bad thus resulting in a big win for us. Mark my word, this will happen.