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  1. I agree with you about the bubble screens. We should bring the receiver about 2-3 yards closer to the QB of which should pretty much eliminate throwing pics. We need to run quick slants more often with the receivers we have in the stable. We have a superb receiving crew that I think Gus has yet to find a steady way to use them more often in games. I think Gus gets gas when he has to pass the ball. Running the ball is great as long as it gets you 5-6 yards per carry. I see us having around 230 yards on the ground, and around 220 in the air against the piggies. I see a score of 49-21 our favor. Arky can move the ball and has done so at times this season. Never take this team for granted. I think we will win, but it could be close till after the half. I would love to see a 35-6 score at the half with another 14-21 in the 2nd half. We should win this game, but should not take the piggies for granted since we are playing in the land of the pig pen!
  2. Prayers sent my friend! May God provide true healing.
  3. Good news that the new logo is being scrapped and the one near and dear to us will remain!
  4. I am glad that you did not encounter any problems. I used to live in South Louisiana for about 15 years, and went to several games at LSU. The problems that I saw were during night games. Day games are milder no doubt.
  5. fixed it! being; being. My grammar can be bad at times; but it is what it is!
  6. This is really not a laughing matter. If you had experienced what I did, you would have a different take on the situation. Baton Rouge night games can be dangerous for opposing fans. One Auburn fan had his car set on fire by some LSU fans and pretty much lost it and had to get a new one. Stuff like this is common there; especially night games when 40% of the fans are drunker than Cooter Brown. I saw an older Auburn couple literally get knocked to the ground and were injured. A couple of big men who were Auburn fans including me helped the couple up and took them to there car. We were going to run down those fans, but they got out of there and blended in with the rest of the puke. I asked the older couple to give me their phone number, and the lady wound up with a fractured elbow bone from her being pushed down. Do not get me wrong, there are good LSU fans who treat opposing fans with respect. It is that they have a higher number than likely all SEC teams of rouge fans who behave like criminals at tiger stadium and know that can get by with this. I have seen this on multiple occasions there over the years I went to games there. Sorry to come down so hard, but you need to understand just how dangerous that place can be during night games and day games to a lesser extent. I am one of the fans who think alcohol should be banned at all SEC games. You are asking for trouble with this. College football games are intended for folks to have a good time and not be concerned about their well being; being violated.
  7. Thanks...I did not realize they had knocked out the Dodgers. I think the Braves could have beaten the nats if they could have gotten by the cards. They blew that series big time (braves that is)
  8. Just when I think Gus has become a new coach, he suddenly becomes Gus again and falls into a pattern of predictability. The Florida game was like this. I think if he would have involved Schwartz more in that game, we could have had a good chance of winning it. Gus needs to become unpredictable in a good way the rest of the season and maybe we can win. I do hope we have a great passing game against the piggies and have a coming out party for DJ Williams Saturday.
  9. I wish Keith Jackson was still with us and doing games. He would be awesome for this game. Whoa Nellie! Loved it when he said that. I am glad it is a day game. I have been to some night games in Baton Rouge when we played them, and it was down right dangerous. I had fans throwing stuff at me and kids with their parents saying the F word multiple times with the parent laughing. LSU is worse than Florida on any day of the week with regard to obnoxious and nasty fans. It will still be rough but not as bad as night games. I wish they would ban LSU from playing night games with the way they criminally behave. The last game I attended their was when Damien Craig pulled the game out against them. I was really concerned about getting out of there safely. I am not kidding. The SEC should implement some punishment to teams whose fan base behaves like certified criminals. Maybe give them a 15 yard penalty each quarter of the game! I am just having some fun with this and know there are other teams who behave rudely. A good friend of mine who happens to be an LSU fan went with me every year for about 10 years to Baton Rouge and Auburn who was actually a well behaved fan who was sickened by some of the LSU fan's down right terrible behavior. He complemented how well he was treated at Auburn by Auburn fans. He said that he wished LSU fans had the same level of class we have.
  10. will do! Our Braves broke our hearts with the cardinals. We should have won either the 1st or the next to the last game with the cards. I hope the nationals win the series and then get spanked by the Dodgers. I think we might see a Dodger vs Yankees series when it comes to that.
  11. No doubt about it, our OL will likely be of lesser quality than 2019 with the loss of all of the senior linemen for 2020 season. We will likely take some hits with overall blocking than what we have this season. It takes most OL a year or 2 to become seasoned enough to be good SEC linemen. I do not see 2020 being a better season with win totals than what we will have this year. I do not want to sound overly negative, but there is always a chance we could lose to Arkansas and Ole Miss. Nothing is a sure thing. I think we will win those games and maybe more, but you never know in the SEC except maybe Vandy this season. If the Good Lord forbid and we lose 6 games and wind up 6-6, then Gus would in all likelihood be replaced. If this happens, I love Matt Ruhle at Baylor and PJ Fleck at Minnesota. Those are young coaches who are proving themselves as winners at their current schools. I know this is very premature, but it is something we should have in the back of our minds. I do think we have a solid chance of going anywhere from 8-4 to 9-3 or maybe a win more. Go 9-3 and win a bowl game would be a nice season no doubt. Even going 9-4 with a bowl win would be nice and enough to keep Gus around another year. If we go 6-6 things could get ugly coaching wise.
  12. If Gus could start forming game plans along the line of the MSU game with DJ Williams as the feature back with Martin and Worm spelling him some, this could maybe put us back on the fast track of winning. Granted, we have some monsters coming up on our schedule and a couple of teams that could make things interesting. However, if Gus would take advantage of the weapons he has, we could win some of the games against the monsters on the schedule. I think we will learn a lot during the Arky game of what we have to work with the rest of the season. We should beat them easily, but that is what I said about Tennessee last year. Never take any SEC team for granted as a win or a loss. Do this, and we could have a very interesting last 6 games on our schedule.
  13. I have no idea what Gus is going to do. Most likely though will put his hat on Martin. Kam has had some good games, but he is a cut below Boobee on any given day. I hope Gus will utilize Joiner & WIlliams as much as Martin. I hope he will give Worm at least 4-5 carries each game to see what he can do. I honestly think Worm could be a very pleasant surprise if used the right way. The mind of Gus is a terrible thing to lose or better figure out! If I was Gus, I would go more air raid than in the past in that we have some excellent receivers that are chomping at the bit to show their skills.